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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Tumbling Machine Manufacturer from China

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of tumbling machines. The most popular ones among these tumbling machines are the vibratory tumbling machine and the rotary barrel tumbling machine. Inovatec also offers different additional fitting options along with various levels of automation. High quality tumbling machines are guaranteed from Inovatec with the help of strict quality measures taken in the manufacturing process.

Tumble deburring machine also called deburring tumbler, vibratory deburring machine. Tumble deburring machine widely used for laser cutting parts deburring, metal parts deburring, die casting parts finishing, etc.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) vibratory deburring machine from Inovatec is one of the most popular deburring machines. The simple design and easy to use features make it user friendly. You can deburr a large number of parts in the machine with the help of the straight wall design.


Rotary barrel tumbler machines make use of the barrels that rotate with the help of high power motors for the finishing process. The barrels come in different shapes and sizes. The common shapes include the hexagon, round, and the octagon. The shape can be selected according to your polishing needs. It is a highly economical mass finishing solution.


The Bentch Top vibratory tumblers are small compact versions of the standard vibratory machines. It is an ideal solution for finishing small and medium size parts in small quantities. It is mainly targeted towards hobbyists and small scale workshops.

VBS(A) vibratory finishing machine

The VBS(A) series vibratory deburring machine comes with a curved wall tumbler design. It is ideal for finishing and polishing of parts with complex shapes. It does an excellent job of deburring parts without damaging the parts.

VB(B) vibratory finishing machine

The VB(B) vibratory deburring machine comes with an open top design. This design allows to load and unload the parts easily. It is capable of deburring parts of all sizes and shapes.

VB(A) vibratory finishing machine

The VB(A) vibratory deburring machine is almost similar to the VB(B) version. The only difference is that this model comes with a curved wall design. The open top design makes this machine a versatile one for mass finishing parts.


The TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine is capable of tumbling and finishing large parts like connecting rods, defense parts, exhaust pipes, etc. The rectangular tub with curved walls allows you to clean and polish large parts.


The TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine is almost similar to the TVB(A) version. The critical difference is the rectangular tub comes with straight wall design. It also comes with the chamber separator option to do the batch processing of parts. So, you can also finish part individually in each of these chambers. It will prevent the parts from hitting against each other.

Optional Design & Setting

You will also get the option to install the chemical pump in the mass finishing machine. It allows you to feed compounds and chemicals into the working bowl of the machine automatically in the correct dosage. Thus, it will help you to increase the speed of processing.

The variable speed controller from Bosch can be used to vary the speed of the mass finishing machine. Thus, it will help to set the right amount of speed for tumbling.

The acoustic sound cover is a good option to bring down the noise generated by the vibratory finishing machine. It will also help to avoid the spilling of water and media from the working bowl. It helps to provide a safe working environment for the operator.

The manual separation handle can be installed on the mass finishing machine to make the process of separation of media from the parts easy. It can be a time-consuming process if you use your hands to separate the parts from the media. So, we strongly recommend to use this fitting.

If you are looking for an automatic way of separating the media and parts, the pneumatic separation gate will be a good choice. It is a gas powered separation technique that will happen automatically after the finishing process.

The reverse separator feature can be used if the size of the media is larger then the size of the parts.

Parts Deburring Machine Media

The abrasive media is a must for deburring parts inside a tumble deburring machine. You cannot complete the process without using the right type of media. The cutting rate of the media will depend on the abrasive content in it. The media with higher abrasive content will have a higher cutting rate. The ceramic media is the most popular deburring media. Plastic media is also used on soft metal parts.

Inovatec Machinery- Leader in Manufacturing And Supply Of Tumble Deburring Machine from China
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  • Huge collection of deburring media
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Frequently Asked Question
Which Tumble Deburring Machine is Right For Me?

The type of tumbler deburring requirement will depend on things like your part type and the finish requirement. If you find it difficult to choose one, you can always contact us for help. We will help you to select the right tumble deburring machine.

How Inovatec Assures the Quality Of Tumble Deburring Machines?

We use high quality and reliable materials for the production of our mass finishing machines. We also follow strict quality measures during the manufacturing process. You can send your sample parts, and we will finish it for you. The finished parts will be shipped back to you to get a better idea about the quality of our tumble deburring machine.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Tumble Deburring Machine?

Yes, the minim order quantity for a tumble deburring machine is one piece.

How Much Time Will It Take To Ship The Tumble Deburring Machine?

The manufacturing of the machine will take 15 to 25 days. So, we will ship the machine after this time frame. All basic tests will be done on the machine to ensure its proper working before shipping.

Is There Any Input Power Supply Requirements For the Tumble Deburring Machine?

Yes, there is an input power supply requirement for all the tumble deburring machines. All Inovatec mass finishing machines will come with 380 – 480V 3 phase supply inputs. If you need a 230V 3 phase input, then you need to specify the same while placing the order. Please don’t go for a single phase supply as the machine needs a large amount of current.

Tumble Deburring Machine – The Definitive Guide

The mass finishing machines have made the deburring process so popular these days.

Now, almost all industries make use of tumble deburring machine for deburring their parts in large quantities.

But, you will have a tough time if you don’t understand the working of these machines properly.

If you learn it, then it will help to increase the overall efficiency of the whole process.

We will learn the following things with the help of this guide.

  1. What a tumble deburring system is capable of doing
  2. How to efficiently operate a mass tumbling machine
  3. the various advantages of using a tumble deburring machine for the mass finishing process.

So, keep reading this guide to get a better understanding.



1. What Does A Tumble Deburring Machine Do?

A tumble deburring machine is an equipment that is capable of removing burrs and other imperfections from the parts.

It is capable of processing a large number of parts at a time.

You will need only one person to control all the operations of the machine.

Thus, it will help you to reduce the finishing cost to a great extent.

There are two varieties of tumble deburring machines.

They are the vibratory tumbler finishing machine and the rotary barrel finishing machine.


If you want to use these machines properly, then you need to have a clear understanding of the working of these machines.

The deburring motion is gentle for a tumble deburring machine if you compare it with the centrifugal mass finishing machines.

It supports batch processing feature.

So, it is an ideal solution for finishing parts in large batches.

The tumble deburring machines are used in industries because of the burrs in parts.

The burrs are unwanted, raised materials from the manufactured parts that need to be removed from the part to get the final finished part.

The tumble deburring helps to remove the heavy burrs from the manufactured parts.

The burrs will make the parts look ugly.

It will also make you incur more costs if you use the parts directly on the final product.

It is because the burrs alter the dimension of the part, and the part will be more prone to wear and tear because of its weak structure.

So, the removal of burrs is essential to produce a strong and durable part.


2. What Are The Different Varieties Of Tumble Deburring Machines Available In the Market?

There are two types of tumble deburring machines in the market.

So, you can invest in any of these machines to deburr your parts.

The first type if the vibratory finishing machine, and the second type is the rotary barrel tumbler machine.

The vibratory finishing machine is the most popular one in the market.

Both of these machine does a god job od deburring parts when used with the right media.

But, the operating principle is different for each of these machine types.



You can get a vibratory tumbler finisher machine with different features and capacities.

You can get a small and compact version of the vibratory finisher machine.

It is good for deburring and polishing of small parts like nuts and bolts.

If you want to deburr and polish large parts in large quantities, you can invest in the standard industrial vibratory tumbler machines.

There are many high end versions of the vibratory finishing machines available in the market.

These machines are best suited for deburring and finishing of complex and delicate parts that need special care.

Such parts cannot be used in the normal vibratory tumblers since there is a chance that the part may get broken or damaged.

These parts need to be polished separately to avoid the part to part contact.



The batch processing feature of the tumble deburring machine will help to do this job.

These tumblers have completely revolutionized the surface enhancement of workpieces.

The other type of the tumble deburring machine is the industrial rotary barrel tumbler machines.

It consists of a horizontal rotary barrel.

You need to load the media, parts, compound, and water in the barrel to the deburring process.

You can set the rotational speed as well as the direction of rotation through the user control section.

So, you need to run it at appropriate speeds to deburr the parts efficiently.


3. Is It Costly To Invest In A Tumble Deburring Machine?

The high popularity of tumble deburring machines has made it less expensive nowadays.

You can get tumble deburring machines at different price ranges.

The operational cost of the machine will depend on how you are planning to run it.

There are many other factors like the media type, compound, and the finish requirement of the part.

These factors will decide your operational cost, along with the machine cost.



You need to have a fundamental knowledge of different types of tumble deburring machines in the market.

It will help you to choose the right machine for the best price.

It will also help you to run your finishing process efficiently.

The tumbling media is a critical parameter that decides the quality of the final finish.

The machine also comes with many additional settings that can be used to improve the tumbling performance.

For example, you can make use of the chemical pump to ensure that the right amount of compound is used for the tumbling process.

So, the operational cost of the tumbling machine is not an expensive one.

It will fully depend on how you handle the whole finishing process.


4. Which Is The Best Mass Finishing Media That Can Be Used With Tumble Deburring Machines?

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of mass finishing media.

You can use any of these mass finishing media with a tumble deburring machine.

The most popular mass finishing media used for deburring is the ceramic media.

The ceramic deburring media comes with high abrasive content.

It is a robust media and supports the deburring of many metals and metal alloy parts.

Inovatec machinery also manufactures ceramic media in different shapes and sizes.



For an efficient deburring process, you must ensure that the tumbling media matches the part.

If you select the right ceramic media size, then it can even reach the tough to reach areas in part and do an efficient deburring process.

You can also get the ceramic media with lower abrasive content, which is good for providing nice surface finish to the parts.

You don’t have to stick to ceramic deburring media alone for deburring.

You can use other types of media also to achieve the desired results.

Plastic media is another tumbling media that can be sued on soft metals like aluminum.

But, the plastic media will not help to give a shiny look to the part surface.



It can only help to give a matte finish to the part.

Plastic media apply less pressure on the parts for finishing.

So, if you cannot use ceramic media on parts due to its higher strength, plastic media is a good choice.



You can even use the plastic media after tumbling with ceramic media.

It will help to make the parts cleaner.

But, it will incur more cost since you have to invest in two types of media.

Stainless steel tumbling media is another popular finishing media.

It comes in different shapes and sizes.



It is ideal for burnishing and brightening part surfaces.

The high density media is another type of media used for a light deburring purpose.

You can also make use of grinding and polishing compounds to enhance the deburring and polishing purposes.

The tumbling media supports both dry tumbling and wet tumbling processes.



5. Is It Possible To Use Compounds In Tumble Deburring Machine For Helping The Deburring Process?

Yes, you can add deburring compounds into the work bowl to enhance the deburring process.

The use of compounds helps to increase the grinding rate and thus will help to bring down the overall processing time.

You can get different types of compounds for tumbling in the market.

Each compound is used for a specific purpose.

There are rust inhibitor compounds that will prevent parts from rusting during the wet tumbling process.

You will also get polishing compounds that help to bring the extra shine on the parts in less time.

There are grinding compounds that accelerate the grinding capability of the media.

You will also find cleaning compounds that will help to remove the dirt, dust, grease, and oil from the part surface.

If you are planning to do only dry polishing, then the polishing paste can be used as the compound.

It supports dry polishing of parts inside the tumbler.

Even though you have the option to use different types of compounds in a tumbling process, you need to ensure that the compound is compatible with the media and the parts.

Otherwise, the compound may react with parts or media and damage them.

You must also use the compound in the correct ratio as specified by the manufacturer.

If you apply more compound by thinking that you can accelerate the process, then you may end up in poorly finished parts.

So, use it properly with compatible parts.


6. Is It Possible To Add Custom Features On The Tumble Deburring Machine to Increase The Efficiency Of My Process Of Deburring Metal Parts?

Yes, Inovatec provides additional settings and features for all types of tumble deburring machines.

The number of features available will vary with the type of machines.

So, some machines will come with more feature options than others.

You can make your work easy with the help of these additional settings.

For example, the sound proof cover helps to reduce the ambient noise and also make sure that the media, compound, and water does not spill out from the tumbler.



The dosing pump help to inject the compound automatically in the correct dosage for the finishing process.

Inovatec machinery offers different types of separator options for separating parts from the media.

So, you can select any of these options based on your finishing process.

The different separator options are listed below.

  1. Manual Separator Handle
  2. Pneumatic Separation Fitting
  3. Reverse Separation Option

You can also invest in the variable speed controller from Bosch to vary the speed of tumbling.

It will help you to fine tune your process to get the right finish on the parts.

It will give you better control over the machine.


7. Can You Explain The Working Of The Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine?

The rotary barrel tumbling machine comes with a horizontal barrel for tumbling.

The deburring process will happen inside this barrel.

So, you need to feed the barrel with parts, media, compound, and water for tumbling.

Once you power on the machine, then the barrel will start rotating.

It will either rotate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

The provision is provided for the user to select the direction of rotation.

It will make the parts slide with the tumbling media.



So, the frictional force between the parts and media will help to remove material from the parts.

The new models of the machine do not come with round barrels.

The barrel will be either a hexagonal one or an octagonal one.

The design has been modified to the new shapes to improve the tumbling effect.

This shape ensures that the sliding of the parts and the media is not restricted to the bottom of the barrel.

So, the deburring process will be more effective.

The deburring compounds can also be added to the barrel to enhance the deburring process.

It will help to reduce the finishing time.

You need to ensure that you use the compound in the right quantities.

If you use more compound, then the compound will splash out from the barrel during the tumbling process.

You need to set the appropriate speed to ensure that the tumbling process is completed correctly.

The rotary tumbling machine will take more time to deburr parts when compared to the vibratory finishing machines.

The part to part contact can also happen inside the rotary tumbler due to its sliding feature.

So, you must be very careful if you are planning to use fragile parts in the rotary tumbling machine.


8. Can You Explain The Working Of A Vibratory Tumble Deburring Machine?

A vibratory tumbler finishing machine works by creating a tumbling effect on the parts by shaking the working bowl vigorously.

It works on the principle of vibratory force.

This vibratory force is further converted to the frictional force between the parts and the media.

The unique design of the tumbling bowl helps to do this conversion.


The bowl will have a curve structure at the bottom that will help to increase the pressure on parts that are at the bottom of the bowl through the media.

This pressure helps to improve the tumbling performance of the machine by generating more frictional force once the tumbler starts shaking.

You can also invest in the optional acoustic sound proof cover option.

It will help to reduce the noise produced by the machine.

It will also prevent the parts and compound spillage from the tumbler.

So, it will help to ensure the safety of the operator also.

The user can input various settings in the control panel to vary and set the various parameters of a typical vibratory mass finishing process.

You will have the option to set the speed of the vibratory process and also the time duration for which the part has to undergo the deburring process.

Both wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling can be done using the vibratory tumble deburring machine.

We recommend to use the compounds in the correct dose.

If you add more, then it will not help to accelerate the deburring process.

It will make the whole process inefficient and uneconomical.

So, avoid over usage.

The noise produced by the vibratory tumbler finishing machine is greater than that of the rotary barrel tumbler machine.

But, the speed of processing is fast for a vibratory finishing machine when compared to the rotary tumbler.

So, if you are looking for a faster solution than the rotary tumblers, vibratory machines can be the right choice.

The vibratory process also ensures that there is no part to part contact if you maintain the right part to media ratio.

Inovatec machinery recommends maintaining a part to media ratio of 1:3.

You can even increase the media amount if needed.

So, no damage will happen to the parts if you make use of the right media.

You can also tumble complex part shapes in a vibratory finishing machine if you use the right kind of media with the correct vibration amplitude.


9. Do Vibratory tumble deburring machine damage fragile parts during the deburring process?

No, vibratory tumbler machines will not damage fragile parts.

You can use it for deburring fragile parts without any issues.

Its ability to support almost all types of part makes vibratory finishing machines popular in the market.

You need to make use of the dedicated vibratory finishing machine that is capable of handling fragile parts.

It will have a tub like structure which comes with the option to divide the tub into small chambers with the help of separators.

These separators will ensure that there is no part to part contact during the tumbling process.



So, multiple delicate parts can be deburred at a time.

The tub comes in a rectangular shape.

It will also help to polish fragile parts perfectly.

The principle of operation remains the same for the tub shaped vibratory finishing machine.

The only difference is in the working bowl shape and the separator design.


10. What Are The Various Benefits Of Vibratory tumble deburring machine over the rotary barrel tumbler finisher machine?

The main advantage of the vibratory tumble deburring machine is its processing speed.

It is faster than the standard rotary barrel tumbler machines.

The rotary tumblers will take more time to finish parts.

Another advantage of using the vibratory tumbler machine is that it will help to avoid part to part contact to an extent.

The rotary tumbler will make the barrel rotate, and the sliding of parts and media will help to do the finishing process.

So, the part to part contact will happen, and the chances of parts getting dented due to this contact are more.

So, better part protection is there in the vibratory finishing process.

The other advantage is the number of features.

The vibratory finishers will give you lots of additional feature options, which will help you to automate the whole process to an extent.

The number of additional fitting options are less in the case of rotary barrel tumblers.

The major disadvantage of using a vibratory deburring tumbler machine is its cost.

The vibratory tumblers are costlier than the rotary barrel tumblers.

You may find the vibratory tumblers to be more complicated than the rotary ones.

The vibratory tumblers have the ability to handle fragile parts that are absent in the rotary tumbler machines.

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