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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Deburring Tumbler Machine Manufacturer from China

Inovatec machinery is the leader in the manufacturing of high quality tumbler machines, including the barrel tumbler and the vibratory tumbler. These are easy to operate industrial tumbler machines that are best suited for deburring parts. The tumble deburring process can be run in an efficient and productive manner with minimal labor support.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) vibratory finishing machine is very useful for deburring workpieces, and it makes use of the vibratory force for deburring parts. A clearing gate is provided in this machine to make the process of separating the parts from the deburring tumbler media easy.


The rotary metal parts tumbler is useful for gentle deburring of workpieces.


The desktop vibratory tumbler is a good solution if the quantity of parts to deburr is less. It is a compact mass finishing machine that occupies very little space.


The economic vibratory industrial tumbler machine will come with few features than the standard vibratory tumblers. It is a cost effective solution for small scale businesses who are looking for a mass finishing machine to deburr parts.

Optional Design & Setting

The prominent dosing pump ensures that the compound is fed into the vibratory tumbler in the right amount.

The Bosch Rexroth variable speed controller helps the user to vary the vibration amplitude of the vibratory finishing machine.

The sound proof cover is very useful to reduce the noise produced by the vibratory finisher machine, and it helps to reduce the noise by at least 20 dB.

The manual separation handle can be used to separate the media and the parts after processing. The part size must be larger than the media size for the separator handle to work properly.

The automatic separation of the parts from the media after processing can be done with the help of the pneumatic separation gate.

If the size of the media is larger than the part size, you can make use of the reverse separation fitting for easy separation.

Tumbling Media

The right vibratory tumbling media will help you to get the right type of results. Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of tumbling media that can deburr parts made of different kinds of materials. Some of the commonly used vibratory tumbling media for deburring include the ceramic tumbling media, silicon carbide media, and plastic tumbling media. All these media varieties are available in different shapes and sizes.

The application of vibratory tumbler media includes tumbler media for brass, tumbler media for aluminum and best tumbler media for rust removal,

Inovatec Machinery - Leader in Manufacturing and Supply of Deburring Tumbler from China
  • Rotary tumblers and vibratory rock tumblers
  • Efficient and Speedy processing with consistent results
  • Different customization options at a reasonable price
  • Provides mass finishing machine, tumbling media, and compounds
Frequently Asked Question
What Is The Typical Lead Time for Deburring Tumblers?

The time taken for production will vary between 15 to 25 days.

It depends on the capacity of the machine and the additional fitting requirements.

The shipping time to your location is calculated based on your address.

How Much Is The Typical Deburring Time?

The deburring time will vary for different types of machines.

It will also depend on the material of the part and the finish requirement.

It will take around one to two hours for deburring stainless steel parts in a vibratory tumbler or a barrel tumbler.

For soft metal parts made of aluminum or brass, the finishing time will be around 30 to 60 minutes.

What Is The Life Of Inovatec Tumbler Machines?

Our tumbler designs are very rugged.

You can easily use the machines for more than five years if you run the machine 8 hours a day, provided you don’t use very sharp parts or highly aggressive tumbling media for finishing.

What Are The Payment Conditions?

You need to pay 30 percent of the amount in advance after booking.

The rest of the amount can be paid any time before the shipment.

Which Is The Port Nearest To You?

The nearest port is Yiwu and Shanghai, Ningbo.

It is also possible for us to ship the tumbler from other ports of your preference too.

Deburring Tumbler – FAQ Guide

Are you involved in the process of manufacturing metal parts?

If yes, then you will also be involved in the process of deburring these parts.

If you are using manual methods for deburring your parts, you must consider looking into the machine based deburring process.

It will help you to save money as well as time.



Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality deburring tumblers and deburring media that can handle almost all types of parts.

So, we will have a look at the various solutions provided by Inovatec machinery for deburring parts.

We will also learn about the advantage of using industrial deburring tumblers for deburring parts.


1. What Does Deburring Do?

Any manufactured part will have some unwanted deposit of materials on them.

They are known as burrs.

The process of eliminating the burrs from the manufactured part is known as deburring.

The burrs can be seen as sharp and rough edges in the corners and sides of the parts.


2. What Does A Deburring Tumbler Do?

The machine which is designed to do the deburring process is called as the deburring tumbler.

It will help to remove the burrs from workpieces with minimum labor intervention.

The vibratory tumbler machine and the rotary tumbler machine are the two commonly used tumblers for deburring parts.


2.1 Vibratory Tumbler

The vibratory deburring tumbler is the most commonly used deburring tumbler in many industries.

It will have a large bowl on the top of the machine, which is open.

This bowl rests on s network of springs at the bottom.

There is a motor in the bottom connected to this bowl, and it is the vibration on the bowl that is created with the help of this motor.



2.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbler

The barrel tumblers come with a barrel that is connected to the motor.

The motor gets connected to the central axis of the barrel.

The number of barrels in a rotary barrel finisher machine will vary for different models.



3. Can You Explain The Working Of A Deburring Tumbler Machine?

Let us have a look at the working of both vibratory tumblers as well as the rotary barrel tumblers.


3.1 Working of a Vibratory Deburring Tumbler

First, you need to feed the vibratory deburring tumbler with the parts and the matching vibratory tumbler rocks.

Once you power on the machine, then the motor will make the tumbler vibrate.

So, the vibratory force of the tumbler will make the parts rub with the vibratory tumbler media.

This frictional force between the parts and media will help to remove the burrs from the part.

There will be an additional pressure exerted on the parts and the media if the bowl is a circular one.

The amplitude of vibration of the tumbler bowl can be varied by the user.


3.2 Working of a Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

First, you need to load the barrel of the machine with the parts and the appropriate media.

Once you power on the machine, then the motor will make the barrel rotate through its central axis.

So, the parts will slide along with the media inside the barrel.

So, the rotary motion will get converted to the frictional force between the workpieces and the abrasive media.

Thus, the material is removed from the surface of the part for deburring.

The speed of rotation of the tumbler can be varied by the user.


4. What Are The Various Benefits Of Using A Deburring Tumbler For Deburring Parts?

So, we will list the various advantages of using a deburring tumbler machine when compared to the manual deburring methods.

These benefits will make you understand the value of using a deburring tumbler in any business.


 4.1 For Efficient Deburring

If you are into the manufacturing part business, then it is essential to ensure that the final workpiece should not have any burrs.

If you are using a manual method for deburring, then the finish consistency will not be there across all the parts.

It is because the manual deburring process is prone to human error.

You can get perfectly deburred parts if you use any of the vibratory deburring tumblers from Inovatec machinery.



4.2 Cost Effective Solution

The operational cost is something that all the business owners wanted to bring down.

The manual method of deburring process demands for lots of labor.

So, it is a labor intensive process.

You need to also invest in annual deburring tools and compounds.

Proper training needs to be given to the laborers for burr removal.

You need only a one time investment on the machine based solution.

You can select the deburring media so that it can be used many times for many years.

Next comes the maintenance part.



Simple hand tools are only required for the maintenance activities of a deburring tumbler from Inovatec machinery.

So, you don’t have to invest anything extra for the maintenance.

So, the process of deburring using the deburring tumblers from Inovatec machinery is a cost effective solution.


4.3 Time Saver

The manual process of deburring will take lots of time.

You can save this time if you make use of any of the deburring tumblers from Inovatec.

The machines are capable of deburring large quantities of parts at a time.

So, you can save your valuable time and increase the finishing yield.


4.4 Enhance the Durability and Lifespan of parts

The manufactured parts will have burrs, which are weak spots in part.

So, it will have an impact on the life and durability of the workpieces.

So, the proper removal of burrs from the part will help to enhance the life and durability of the part.

The deburring tumbler helps to remove the burrs from the part in an efficient manner and thereby helps to improve the life of the parts.



4.5 Avoids collision between parts

The use of tumbling media in the deburring tumbler helps to avoid the collision between the parts inside the machine.

The tumbling media ensures that there is no contact between two parts.

So, it helps to prevent the part damage due to part to part collisions.



4.6 Enhance Tumbling Performance

The deburring tumblers are designed in such a way that it ensures that the media and the parts are in contact all the time.

So, the frictional force between the media and parts will always be present during the operation of the machine.

So, it enhances tumbling performance.


4.7 Batch processing capability

The deburring tumblers from Inovatec come with the batch processing capability.

It allows you to finish different types of parts at the same time in batches.

So, your productivity will be better.



5. What Are The Various Varieties Of Deburring Tumbler Machines Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of deburring tumblers in various capacities.

All the deburring tumblers from Inovatec can handle the wet deburring process as well as the dry deburring process.

The list of Inovatec deburring tumblers is given below.


5.1 VBS(B) Vibratory Deburring Tumbler

The VBS(B) is the ideal choice for deburring parts that are small or medium size/

The bowl of this deburring tumbler has a straight wall structure.

The vibratory deburring tumblers are available in different capacities.

So, it is capable of managing a large number of parts at a time.



5.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

You can get rotary barrel tumbler machines of various capacities from Inovatec machinery.

It supports the deburring of most of the parts that are manufactured using different processes.

The number of barrels also varies for different machines.

The maximum number of barrels supported is eight in one of the models.



5.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

If your business deal with small parts, then the desktop vibratory tumbler from Inovatec will be the perfect choice for deburring.

It is a compact deburring machine that can support only parts in small quantities.

It occupies very little space when compared to other deburring tumblers.

They are available in various capacities.


5.4 Economic Vibratory tumbler

If you are looking for a low cost deburring solution, then the economic vibratory tumbler from Inovatec machinery is for you.

It is mainly targeted toward small workshops and also for rock tumbling purposes.

They will not have many features that are present in the other deburring tumblers.

You can get these tumblers in different capacities and power.



6. What Do You Mean By Dry Deburring And Wet Deburring?

If you use only the media or along with a dry compound, then the deburring process is called as the dry deburring.

If you add any liquid along with media, parts, and compound, then the process is said to be a wet deburring.

Usually, tap water is added for the wet deburring process.

You need to check the pH level of water and ensure that it is suitable for the wet deburring process.

Sometimes, you will have to add a rust inhibiting compound for the wet deburring process.

It is to avoid the corrosive effect of water on metals.

Drying of parts is essential after the wet deburring process.

If you don’t dry it, then the part may get corroded, or a layer of oxide will be formed on the part surface.


7. Which Deburring Media Type Is Recommended By Inovatec For Using With The Deburring Tumblers?

The substances that are added along with the parts for deburring purpose in a deburring tumbler is called the deburring media.

Inovatec manufactures different varieties of deburring media.

The list of different deburring media that you can use along with the deburring tumblers are given below.

7.1 Plastic Media

Plastic media is a light deburring media.

So, we recommend to use it with soft metal parts that are made up of aluminum or brass.

They are infused mixture of synthetic resins with abrasives.



7.2 Ceramic Media

Ceramic media is the most popular choice of media when it comes to deburring.

They are useful for deburring strong metals like titanium, stainless steel, and many other metals.

Aluminum oxide, along with abrasives, is combined together to form the ceramic deburring media.

They are very aggressive media and known for their aggressive material removal capabilities.

It will also act as the carrier of the compounds and thus makes the deburring process more effective.



7.3 Silicon Carbide Media

If you are planning to deburr magnetic parts, then the silicon carbide media is a perfect choice.

Silicon carbide media is a hard deburring media.

So, the cutting action of this media is very powerful.

Thus, it will help to bring down the finishing time.

You must use it very carefully.

It also comes with a very good lifespan.

So, you can reuse it many times for many years.


8. What To Consider While Choosing The Right Deburring Media For Deburring?

The deburring media offered by Inovatec comes in different sizes, shapes, and abrasiveness.

If you have any custom size or shape requirement for media, then you can get it done by placing a request with us.

You need to consider the following factors while choosing the deburring media.


8.1 Media Shape

Inovatec manufactures deburring media of different shapes.

It includes the pyramid, cone, ball, tristar, cylinder, and many more.

You can also get the angle cut version and straight cut versions of the spherical shapes.

So, the choices are plenty.

If you have a part that has holes or slots, then you will have to select a pyramid shape or tristar shape deburring media.

If the parts have a flat surface, then you can use the cylinder or ball shape media.

It will help you to deburr the parts efficiently.



8.2 Media Size

Inovatec manufactures all these media shapes in various sizes.

So, you can quickly get the size required for your parts.

The size of the media is selected in such a way that it must be able to reach all the parts of the surface.

It should not get stuck in the slots or crevices of the parts.

It is recommended to choose a size that is at least one third the smallest hole size in the workpiece.

Otherwise, there will be lodging issues during deburring, and the efficiency of the deburring process will be compromised.

The size selection is essential to ensure that it is easy to separate the parts from the media at the end of the process.



8.3 Cutting Grades of The Media

Inovatec manufactures deburring media of different cutting grades.

The higher cutting grade media is used to remove more material from the parts.

The lower cutting grade media is used for light deburring.

You will also get medium cutting grade media for medium deburring.

So, choose accordingly.


9. What Are The Various Varieties Of Parts That Can Be Used In a Deburring Tumbler?

The deburring tumblers from Inovatec machinery support most of the parts that are manufactured using different processes and different materials.

The list of types of parts supported is given below.


9.1 Deburring of Steel Laser Cut Parts

Different industries like medical, mechanical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and many others use laser cut steel parts in their products.



9.2 Deburring of Aluminum Machined Parts

The aluminum machined parts are also used in many industries because of its lightweight feature.



9.3 Deburring of 3d Printed Parts

The 3d printed parts will have a rough surface and demand heavy deburring to get the final finished part.



9.4 Deflashing of Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Industries like automotive, electronics, mechanical, and medical sectors make use of injection molded plastic parts.



9.5 Zamak Die Casting Parts

The low cost zamak die casting parts are getting popular nowadays.



10. How Different Is Vibratory Deburring From Barrel Deburring?

We will have a look at the differences between the barrel and vibratory deburring processes.


10.1 Load Capacity

The load capacity of the barrel tumbler machines will be less when compared to the vibratory deburring machines.

So, if you have a large number of parts, then the vibratory deburring tumblers would be a preferred choice because of its higher capacity.


10.2 Noise Factor

The barrel tumbler machines are less noisy when compared to the vibratory deburring tumblers.

You can make use of the additional acoustic sound proof cove for the vibratory deburring machine to reduce the noise levels.


10.3 Time For Finishing

The rotary tumbler machines will take more time to process the parts when compared to the vibratory ones.

So, vibratory tumblers are faster than the rotary ones.


10.4 Cost Factor

The rotary barrel tumblers will cost less when compared to the vibratory deburring tumblers.


10.5 Deburring Aggressiveness

The rotary barrel tumblers are known for their aggressive material removal features.

So, if you have tough metal parts that require heavy deburring, then the rotary barrel tumblers will be a perfect choice.


10.6 Abrasive Action

The cutting action will be greater with the vibratory tumblers.

It is because you can tumble the parts at higher speeds in a vibratory tumbler.

The cutting action is only limited to the sliding section in the case of the rotary barrel tumblers.

So, the time taken for deburring will be more.

Rotary deburring tumblers are suitable for edge rounding of parts.

The vibratory deburring tumblers are food to remove material from the flat sides.


11. Can You Share Some Tips TO Increase The Life Of A Deburring Tumbler Machine?

You can make use of the following tips to increase the life of a deburring tumbler.


11.1 Don’t Overload the machine

All deburring tumblers come with a specified capacity.

So, you should not try to overload the machine beyond this specified limit.

So, always makes sure that the weight of the media and parts is within this range.

If you operate the machine above this limit, then the life of the tumbler will be affected.


11.2 Maintenance at regular intervals.

You must ensure that the deburring tumbler receives proper maintenance at regular intervals.

You must read the operator manual and understand the different maintenance activities that need to be done for that particular model of the deburring tumbler machine.

It will ensure the smooth operation of the machine all the time.


11.3 Operate the tumbler within the specified range

All tumblers will come with a specified range for frequency, voltage, and amplitude.

You will get the provision to vary the amplitude and frequency of operation.

There will be maximum and minimum limits for these parameters.

So, make sure that these parameters are set within this specified limit.

Otherwise, it may result in unnecessary accidents like spillage and outbursts.


12. What Are The Different Things To Check While Purchasing The Deburring Tumbler?

You need to check certain parameters before investing in a deburring tumbler.

The checklist of things to check is given below.


12.1 Input Power Supply requirements

You must check with your vendor or manufacturer for the input power supply requirements of the machine.

The input power grid specification will vary for different countries.

It will be 220V, 50Hz supply for countries in Asia or Europe.

It will be 110V, 60Hz for America.

So, you need to make sure that the machine comes with the same input power supply specifications.

The deburring tumblers also demand 3 phase supply for safe operation.


12.2 Capacity of the deburring tumbler

You must calculate and find out the required capacity to satisfy your finishing needs.

It will help you to invest in the right machine with appropriate capacity.


12.3 Deburring tumbler cost

The cost of the machine is one of the vital factors while choosing the machine.

Inovatec manufactures tumblers in different prices.

So, you can quickly get one within your budget.

The price will go up for machines that come with more features.


12.4 Operating Principle

There are two types of deburring tumblers from Inovatec.

They are the vibratory deburring tumbler and the rotary deburring tumbler.

So, you can invest in any of these types based on your requirement.


12.5 Deburring Media Price

You must also consider the deburring media price.

You can get different varieties of deburring media in the different price range from Inovatec.

The cost depends on the media shape, abrasiveness, size, and material type.

So, you need to finalize the media based on these factors.


12.6 Deburring Media Life

The life of the media will also vary for different varieties of deburring media.

Bid size media will have more life than the small size ones.

Media with simple shapes like a ball, cylinder will have more life than shapes like a pyramid, tristar, etc.

So, try to select a media that has more life so that you can use it many times.


12.7 Deburring tumbler processing time

The time taken for the deburring process is another vital factor to consider.

You must always purchase a media that will help you get the desired finish on the parts in the lowest possible time.

So, you can deburr more parts at the same time.


12.8 Machine Maintenance

You need to check with the vendor for the maintenance requirements of the machine.

Try to select a deburring tumbler that requires less maintenance activities that can be done easily.

You need to make sure that you are not spending more on maintenance tools and activities.

If the machine requires more maintenance, then better not to invest in such tumblers for deburring.


12.9 Easy to operate machine

You must choose a deburring tumbler that can be operated easily.

If the machine needs you to follow a complex set of instructions for its operation, then avoid such machines.

Try to make the whole process as simple as possible.


12.10 Part size requirement

Some businesses deal with large parts, whereas others deal with small parts.

So, choose your machine in such a way that it can handle your part size.

Inovatec tumbling machines are capable of handling parts of all sizes.


13. Can You Share Some Tips To Increase The Efficiency OF The Deburring Using A Deburring Tumbler Machine?

In any business, you want to achieve the maximum possible productivity.

So, to get this maximum productivity, you need to ensure that you are running the deburring tumbler machine efficiently.

So, let us see the different factors that will help to improve the efficiency of the deburring tumbler machine.


13.1 Media to Part ratio

The media to part ratio is a critical parameter that decides the efficiency of the whole deburring process.

You must make sure that you use 3:1 media to part ratio for our deburring process.

The amount of media must not go lower than this value.

This ratio will ensure that there is no part to part contact inside the machine.

Thus, the chance of parts getting collided can be avoided.



13.2 Load Factor

Inovatec machinery recommends operating the machine with a load of 80 to 90 percent to attain maximum efficiency.

Don’t run the machine beyond the 100 percent of its capacity.

13.3 Quantity of Liquid For Wet Deburring

You must always ensure that you use the right amount of liquid for the wet deburring process.

If the amount is more or less, then the efficiency of the process will be less.

So, try to match the amount with the media to part ratio.


13.4 Speed and Amplitude Factor

Inovatec recommends using a high amplitude of vibration for removing heavy burrs.

You can also reduce the finishing time by running the machine at higher speeds.

For small parts, you can run the machine at small amplitudes I high speed.

Make sure that the speed and amplitude are within the limits of the machine.


14. What Would Be The Processing Time Required For The Deburring Tumbler Machines?

The finishing time for deburring tumblers will depend on different parameters like the type of the machine, part strength, and the deburring media type.

You can process soft metal parts that are made of aluminum or brass in less than one hour using any of these deburring tumblers.

If you have strong metal parts like stainless steel parts, then the deburring process may take up to 2 hours.

For parts stronger than the stainless steel, the finishing time will go beyond two hours.



Now m you will have a clear picture of different deburring tumbler solutions from Inovatec machinery.

So, you can invest in any of these deburring tumblers to improve the productivity and efficiency of the deburring process in your business.

It will help you take your business to new heights with the help of high quality finished parts.

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