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  • Supports parts made of steel, aluminum, and plastic
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  • Consistent Surface Finish Across All Parts
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Inovatec Machinery Your Top Quality Laser Cut Parts Deburring, Cleaning, Scale Removal Solution Provider

Inovatec machinery manufactures mass finishing machines that can be used for finishing laser cut parts, waterjet cut parts, plasma cut parts, and flame cut metal parts. These machines will help you to deburr the parts according to your choice. It can handle both thick parts as well as thin parts. Burrs of all intensity can be removed using these machines. The high quality finish result is guaranteed with Inovatec machines in a cost effective manner.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The vibratory finishing machine is the most commonly used mass finishing machine for deburring laser cut parts. It is capable of handling both medium size parts as well as small size parts.


The rotary barrel tumbling machine can be used to finish big size laser cut parts. It is very good for edge rounding of parts.


The bentch top vibratory tumbler finishing machine is the compact version of the vibratory tumbler. It is suitable for small scale workshops. It can deburr small laser cut parts in large quantities.


The economic Vibratory tumbler is a cost effective solution for finishing laser cut parts. It can handle both small and medium size laser cut parts.


The CD centrifugal disc finishing machines are best suited for the deburring of laser cut parts at a fast rate.


The VA series centrifugal disc finisher is good for deburring small and fragile laser cut parts.

You can use it for parts with a thickness of 0.1mm to 0.5mm.

Materials For Laser Cut Parts Deburring

The ceramic tumbling media can be used for deburring steel laser cut parts. It will ensure that the geometry of the part remains the same.

The plastic tumbling media is good for deburring aluminum laser cut parts. Aluminum is a soft metal, so hard tumbling media cannot be used for aluminum parts.

The brass laser cut parts will need plastic media for deburring and finishing. The plastic tumbling media also help to remove the oxide layer from the brass part surface.

The porcelain tumbling media can be used to deburr and finish plastic laser cut parts. Porcelain media will not have any abrasives. So, it will not scratch the plastic surface.

The sheet laser cut parts will need a high cutting grade ceramic media for efficient burr removal and edge rounding. You can also use the anti sticking compounds to ensure that the parts do not get stuck to each other during the deburring process.

Angle cut triangle tumbling media can be used to remove burrs from bent laser cut parts.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

Inovatec provides different varieties of vibratory tumbling media. They are available in different cutting grades and different shapes and sizes. You can go for higher cutting grades for heavy deburring and lower cutting grades for light deburring. So, you can easily find media that will satisfy your deburring needs.

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Frequently Asked Question
Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Mass Finishing Machines?

The minimum order quantity for the surface finishing machine is one piece.

How Is The Packaging Done For Mass Finishing Machines From Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec makes use of the wooden box for packing the mass finishing machines. It is to ensure that no damages are going to happen to the machine during the shipment.

What Are The Payment Terms For Inovatec?

You will have to pay 30 percent of the payment amount in advance after placing the order. The balance payment needs to be done before shipping.

What Is The Typical Lead Time For Manufacturing Surface Finishing Machines?

The typical time taken for manufacturing the machine will be between 20 to 25 days. We can also reduce this time in the case of emergency orders.

Which Port Is Nearest For Inovatec?

The two nearest ports are Yiwu and Shanghai, Ningbo. We can also ship the machine from other ports of your choice.

Custom Deburring Machine For Best Quality Edge Rounding and Deburring

The two main processes that happen in a mass finishing industry are deburring and edge rounding of parts.

The deburring process demands hard and strong media that is capable of removing the excess material from the part surface.

The edge rounding process demands a delicate media that requires more precision.

The laser cut parts and plasma cut parts demand a high level of precision after finishing.

So, you cannot use any machine for deburring these parts.

This is where the Inovatec machine is going to be useful for you.

The mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are designed in such a way that they can deburr the parts with a high level of precision.


Edge Rounding

The process of removal of sharp edges from the parts is called edge rounding.

But, you must ensure that the process does not deform the dimensions of the part.

So, you need to make sure that you use the right type of media for a perfect edge rounding process.

It will help to avoid the damage of parts.

It will also make the coating and painting process easy on the parts.



The process of removing burrs from the parts is called deburring.

The type of burrs will vary depending on the manufacturing process of the parts.

Some parts will have light burrs, whereas others will have heavy burrs.

So, select the right media to ensure that the burrs are removed in an efficient manner.


 Surface Finish

The laser cut manufacturing process will make the part surface rough.

So, proper deburring is needed to enhance the surface of the parts.

The deburring process will help remove the unwanted material from the part surface, thereby giving a smooth surface.


Oxide Removal

The oxide layer formation is common for the laser cut process, which employs CO2 laser.

The oxide layer is formed due to the oxygen present in the process.

You can easily remove the oxide layer from parts with the help of proper deburring.


Deburring Laser Cut Parts- Definitive Guide

Different types of products used in various sectors make use of laser cut parts.

So, does your business involve the manufacturing of laser cut parts?

If yes, then you will also have to do the deburring of the laser cut parts.

So, you will find this guide useful.

The process of deburring laser cut parts using different types of Inovatec mass finishing machines will be explained in detail in this guide.

The solutions offered by Inovatec machinery for deburring laser cut parts are one of the best in the market.


1. What Is A Laser Cut Part?

The parts that are manufactured using the laser cutting process are called laser cut parts.

These parts are used by many industries for their products.



2. Why Is It Necessary To Deburr Laser Cut Parts?

You must deburr the laser cut parts after manufacturing.

The advantages of deburring laser cut parts are given below.


2.1 For Oxide Layer Removal

The laser cutting process makes use of oxygen or CO2 as the assist gases.

So, these gases will make an oxide layer on the part surface during the process.

It may make the part to corrode or rust.

So, you must deburr the parts to remove the oxide layer completely.


2.2 For Best Appearance

The quality of the part can be easily judged by its appearance.

So, if your business involves parts, then the appearance of the parts matters a lot.

The deburring process can help to give a good appearance to part by giving a uniform finish across all parts.


2.3 Consistency in Surface Finish

There will be lots of imperfections in the laser cut parts after manufacturing.

So, these imperfections need to be removed to give the part an excellent finish.

You can make use of the deburring process to give the parts a consistent finish.


2.4 For Edge Rounding.

Unnecessary sharp edges and corners in part can harm the user handling it.

It will also affect the durability and reliability of the part.

The deburring will help you remove these sharp areas of the part, and it will smoothen the corners and edges of the parts.

2.5 To Get Matte Finish

Certain products demand matte finish on the parts.

The deburring process will help give a matte finish on the parts with the help of the right tumbling media.


2.6 For Safety

The raised flashes, sharp edges, and corners in part will harm the user using the part.

So, it must be removed from the laser cut parts.

These imperfections are due to the manufacturing process.


3. Can You Explain The Manual Method Of Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

The process of removing sharp edges and burrs from a part is called deburring.

The manual method of deburring is the traditional way of deburring parts.

It can be done in two ways.

Hand deburring tools are used in one method.

Many deburring bits will come along with these hand tools.

So, you can select the appropriate bits according to the material type of the part and surface finish requirements.

The other method makes use of motorized deburring wheels.

So, you will have to fix the laser cut parts tightly in some place.

The machine will be moved on top of the parts for deburring.

So, these are the two methods used for deburring in the early days.


4. What Do You Mean By A Laser Cut Parts Deburring Machine?

A deburring machine that is capable of handling laser cut parts is called a laser cut parts deburring machine.

You will have to feed the machine with laser cut parts and the appropriate tumbling media.

The machine will give you deburred parts at the end of the process.

So, less human intervention will be required in this process.


5. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Machine For Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

The laser cut parts deburring machine comes with lots of benefits.

The advantages are listed below.


5.1 Cost Effective Option

The manual method of deburring parts will demand lots of labor and tools.

You will need only a one-time investment on the deburring machine for laser cut parts from Inovatec along with the appropriate reusable media.

So, the machine based solution will be a cost effective one.


5.2 Time Saver

Machine based deburring process swill allows you to process more parts at a time.

So, your productivity and efficiency will increase.

It will take lots of time if the same job is done manually using hand tools.


5.3 Damage Free Deburring

If you sue the right type of tumbling media, then the machine based deburring is a damage free process.

The manual deburring method involves human labor.

So, it is prone to human errors.

So, the damage rate will be more in the case of the manual method.


5.4 For Best Finish

The final finish quality matters in a business.

The quality of the finish may not be consistent when you use many laborers for deburring parts.

But, the machine will ensure that the parts will have the perfect finish after the deburring process.

The finish will be consistent across all the batches of the parts.


5.5 Labor Saving

The manual method of deburring is a labor intensive process.

So, you need to employ lots of laborers to achieve a good yield.

The deburring machine will need only one person to run the machine, and it can deburr more parts at the same time.


5.6 Batch Processing Feature

Inovatec mass finishing machine comes with a batch processing feature.

So, you can tumble different sets of laser cut parts at the same time.


5.7 Low maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of the machines can be a worrisome factor for the business owners.

The deburring machine for laser cut parts from the Inovatec machine requires very little maintenance.

All the maintenance work can be easily done with the help of basic hand tools.

No special tools are required.


5.8 No Skilled Labor Dependency

The quality of the manual method of deburring depends on the skill of the labor.

So, you will have to train the laborers properly.

There is no dependency on the labor for an Inovatec deburring machine.

The machine will do all the processing once the operator feeds the part and necessary media into it.


5.9 Working Environment Safety

The manufactured parts will have sharp edges that can harm the laborers if proper care is not taken.

The material pieces can go into the eyes or other sensitive areas of the person while manual deburring.

So, it can get dangerous if you don’t use any protective gear.

Working environment safety is ensured with the help of the deburring machine for laser parts.


5.10 Better Adhesion of Paint/Powder Coating

Some of the parts demand painting or coating in the final stage.

So, if you manually deburr and finish the parts, the surface may not be uniform across all the parts.

So, the paint or the coating may not stick properly.

The deburring process using a machine will ensure that the surface is properly prepared for the coating purpose.

So, proper adhesion is guaranteed.


6. Which Are The Different Varieties Of Machines Manufactured By Inovatec For Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of mass finishing machines.

Out of these, six types of machines are suitable for deburring laser cut parts.

These machines support deburring laser cut parts of different shapes and sizes.

So, you can choose any of these machines based on your deburring requirements.

All these machines are capable of removing burrs of any intensity.


6.1 Vibratory Tumbler Finishing Machine

The vibratory finishing machine is the most popular machine used for deburring laser cut parts.

It makes use of the vibratory force to remove the burrs from the parts.

You can use it for medium size laser cut parts.


6.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Finishing Machine

The rotary barrel tumbling finishing machine makes use of the rotational force to deburr the parts.

It is best suited for large size parts.

It does a good job of edge rounding the parts.



6.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler Machines

If you are looking for a small and compact solution for your deburring needs, then the desktop vibratory tumbler is for you.

It can handle the deburring of small parts.

It is mainly targeted towards small scale workshops and hobbyists.

It is an economical solution also.

It is good for deburring, rust removal, surface smoothening, and edge refining.



6.4 Economic Vibratory Tumbler

If you are looking for an economical solution for deburring laser cut parts, then Inovatec recommends to use the economic vibratory tumbler machines.

Many features that are present in the standard vibratory machine will not be there in this model.



6.5 CD Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

The CD series centrifugal disc finishing machine is a good choice for deburring laser cut parts if you are looking for aggressive deburring options.

It is capable of doing the deburring process 30 times faster than the standard vibratory finishing machine.

You will also get different types of automation options in this machine.



6.6 VA Series Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

The VA series centrifugal disc finisher machine is good for deburring small and thin laser cut parts.

It is very good for delicate and fragile laser cut parts.



7. Which Are The Different Tumbling Media Options From Inovatec Machinery For Deburring Lase Cut Parts?

The materials that are mixed with laser cut parts in a tumbling machine is called a vibratory tumbling media.

Inovatec machinery produces different varieties of vibratory tumbling media.

High quality tumbling media is guaranteed by Inovatec through the strict quality measures in manufacturing.

We use high quality tested raw materials for manufacturing tumbling media.

You can use the following varieties of mass finishing media for deburring laser cut parts.


7.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

The ceramic media is the best option for deburring laser cut parts.

It is best suited for hard metal and metal alloy parts.

It will also act as a carrier of the compound.

It also helps to prevent part to part contact while tumbling.

You can use it for large size parts and small size parts.

The different shapes offered by Inovatec include the cone, tristar, cylinder, triangle, ball, ellipse, pyramid, sphere, etc.

You can get all these shapes in different sizes.

Inovatec also manufactures ceramic media in different cutting rates.

The higher cutting grades are suitable for aggressive material removal, and the low cutting grades are suitable for surface smoothening.

So, the options are plenty.


7.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

The plastic tumbling media can be used for deburring laser cut parts made of light metals like aluminum.

It is a fused mixture of resins with abrasives.

It can be used for brass and plastic parts deburring also.

The different plastic tumbling media shapes offered by Inovatec include the cone, pyramid, triangle, tristar, and many more.

They are also available in multiple cutting grades.

The different grades will have a different percentage of abrasive content.



8. What Are The Various Varieties Of Materials Supported By Deburring Machines For Laser Cut Parts?

The deburring machines from Inovatec support different types of laser cut parts.

It includes the laser cut parts made of different materials.

The List of supported parts is given below.


8.1 Stainless Steel Laser Cut Parts

The stainless steel laser cut parts are the most popular ones.

They are used in various industries like healthcare, automotive, electronics, mechanical, etc.



8.2 Aluminum Laser Cut Parts

The aluminum laser cut parts are also used in many sectors.


8.3 Brass Laser Cut Parts

The soft metal brass is also used to create parts using the laser cutting process.

The deburring process is a must for these parts as they are more prone to oxidation.



 8.4 Plastic Laser Cut Parts

Plastic laser cut parts are used in various sectors like medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, etc.



8.5 Sheet Metal Laser Cut Parts

The deburring of laser cut parts is a must as the manufactured part will have sharp edges.

The ceramic deburring media is the preferred choice for sheet metal deburring.



8.6 Bent Laser Cut Parts

The triangle tumbling media can be used to deburr bent laser cut parts.


8.7 Acrylic Laser Cut Parts

The acrylic laser cut parts are used in many sectors, like architecture, mechanical, etc.



8.8 Carbon Fiber Laser Cut Parts

The laser cutting is very popular for carbon fiber parts.

It is because the laser cutting process will ensure that the part edges are not damaged when compared to the machine cutting process.



8.9 Mild Steel Laser Cut Parts

Laser cut parts of mild steel are also used in many products.



8.10 Steel Alloy Laser Cut Parts

Many steel alloy laser cut parts are available in the market, including chromium steel, manganese steel, and tungsten steel.



8.11 Carbon Steel Laser Cut Parts

It is easy to manufacture carbon steel parts using the laser cutting process.


8.12 Titanium Laser Cut Parts

Titanium is used for making parts that require high strength and durability.




So, now you will have a clear idea o the use of machines for deburring laser cut parts.

There are many benefits of using a deburring machine for finishing laser cut parts.

The solutions offered by Inovatec machinery for deburring laser cut parts are plenty.

So, you can invest in one of these solutions to improve the quality and finish of your laser cut parts.

We have been manufacturing mass finishing machines for the past 20 years.

Inovatec ensures high quality machine, media, and compounds through our strict measures in the manufacturing process.

So, you can buy from us with confidence.

It will help you to take your business to the next level.

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