Bosch Rexroth VFC - World-Class Speed Adjuster

Bosch Rexroth VFC3610 is a high-quality custom tool you can get for your bowl vibratory finishing machine. It alters with your finishing machine's motor speed, therefore, offering better flexibility in your finishing process.

Unique Neatly-Fitted Design


Relatively Easy to Comprehend and Operate

  • Standard LED display for your operational panel. You can choose to have a customized LCD.
  • Ideal for remote connection, beautiful quickstart menu, and easily debuggable.
  • Easy removal of the cooling fan
  • Well-built for exceptionally long finishing operations
  • It is pluggable for I/O to cater for easy installation and less complicated maintenance.


Powerful Functions

  • It can work with both heavy or light loads
  • The machine can speed track. It also suppresses oscillation
  • Efficient – designed to save energy
  • Secure software update through a USB port
  • Dynamic voltage setting for all parts of the world


Bosch Rexroth Speed Converter Installation Details

Bosch Rexroth Speed converter installation details


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