Acoustic Cover for Vibratory Finishing Machines

The acoustic cover provides significant noise reduction when the finishing process is in play. It also curbs water or finishing compounds spillage from the vibratory finishing machine.

Noise-Reduction Cover for Vibratory Finishing Machines

This acoustic lid is also called a noise-enclosing or a noise abatement lid.

Not only is it useful in noise reduction when the finishing process is in play, but it also plays a significant role in curbing water and finishing compounds spillage. The lid is designed to absorb the maximum amount of noise possible.

You have to understand that different factors affect the generation of noise when the finishing process is in play.

Even so, the unique design does not negatively affect the finishing process. It enhances the process. It creates a friendly working environment for both finishing media, parts, and finishing compounds.

You certainly would not like to have a noisy workshop with its floor spilled with finishing compounds. This lid reduces noise emissions to less than 80 decibels.

vibration finishing complete sound proof enclosure

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Airtec pnumatic cylinder for soundproof cover pneumatic cylinder techhnical specifications

Well, to lift your acoustic lid, you’ll require a pneumatic cylinder. Inovatec uses Airtec Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinder. They are highly effective and do not break down.

Airtec pneumatic cylinder rod pistons are:

  • Narrow-sized and robust acoustic lid equipment
  • High-quality in terms of finishing
  • Highly polished

Primary Functions for the Acoustic Cover

  • It curbs water and finishing compounds from sputtering
  • Prevents ear damages by reducing noise significantly.


Acoustic Cover Details

1.   Stainless Steel Basement Structure:

  • An exceptionally robust base made from 2mm stainless steel structure
  • A precision structure which has been laser cut, with plasma welding

vibratory polishing machine with sound cover


2.   Noise Absorption Wave Form Foam

The cover’s inside has a PU layer. The PU layer has a convex-concave design. Its primary purpose is to reduce as much noise as possible when the process is in play.

This PU layer is highly effective and efficient. It transforms the noise produced to heat energy, which enhances the process.

noise absorption PU foam


Check out some of its key features:

  • The cover’s inside layer is made using PU sponge – an exceptionally robust polymer.
  • Effective in reducing noise when the finishing process is in play
  • The PU inner layer has a unique shape – a concave-convex shape, which makes the layer incredibly efficient.
  • Highly efficient by converting sound energy to heat energy which enhances the finishing process
  • The PU inner layer is designed to take in significant amounts of sound energy to reduce noise.


3.   Pneumatic German Airtec Cylinder Design:

  • A renowned crucial acoustic lid equipment from Airtec Brand
  • Clamps the cover with or without gas supply – thus preventing the lid from falling and injuring people
  • Offers outstanding after-sale support globally
  • Ideal for cramped environments – it has a noise protection cover as well as a noise protection apron.
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