Vibratory Deburring Machine: Model VBS(B)

Vibratory Deburring Machine: Model VBS(B)

Looking to buy vibratory deburring machines? Our products range from 100L to 600L. We're leading supplier of mass finishing equipment & consumables, get your free quote now.

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Our vibratory deburring machines VBS (B) are suitable for deburring and edge radiusing of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and iron workpieces such as machined parts, injection molding parts, stamping parts, and die casting parts.

In the vibratory deburring process, a container consisting of the workpieces and tumbling media is subjected to a controlled gyratory vibration. The vibration causes the tumbling media and workpieces to rub against each other, resulting in a polished look. Vibratory deburring is one of the most cost-effective finishing processes as it requires minimal or no labor.

Inovatec offers continuous feed and batch feed variants of vibratory deburring machines. The unload flap and separation screen allows quick separation of workpieces from the tumbling media. Our VBS (B) series machine has an extended separation deck with multiple separation holes.

VBS(B) drawing

Model VBS(B)100 VBS(B)150 VBS(B)200 VBS(B)300 VBS(B)400 VBS(B)600
Total volume(L) 100 150 200 270 400 600
Max overall dimension(mm) A 1080 1170 1200 1370 1470 1860
Motor installation tube(mm) B φ460 φ460 φ530 φ630 φ630 φ900
Bowl Tunnel Width C(mm) φ220 φ260 φ252 φ275 φ330 φ390
Unload width(mm) 250 210 250 320 380 470
Machine height(mm) H1 980 860 940 960 1270 1140
Unload height(KW) H2 800 710 770 760 1090 925
Media unload height(kg) H3 470 440 360 290 570 400
Motor(KW) 1.5/2.2 2.2 3.0 3.7/5.0 5.0/6.0 5.5/7.5
Weight(kg) 280 320 460 650 780 1180


Hot-poured PU and a heavy-duty vibration motor are the primary components in our high-performance vibratory deburring machines. We make our polyurethane using raw materials sourced from Dow Chemicals, USA.

We use an automatic casting machine to solidify the PU, then cure it at a controlled temperature for 24 hours. We use heavy-duty motor from Shanghai Vibration Co. With proper maintenance, it can last more than five years.

You can use our vibratory de-burring machines VBS (B) to do the following:

• Remove sharp edges
• Edge breaking
• Remove visible burrs
• Remove projections at a specific magnification
• Edge rounding

Vibratory Deburring Machine with Sound Proof Cover

  • Optional Items
  • Sound Cover
  • Compound Dosing Pump
  • Pneumatic flap control
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Control box standing on the floor or hang on the wall
  • Digital process timer
  • Low profile design
  • Wide opening for big size parts
  • Stress relieved and enhanced with blasting
  • Default manual parts media separation
  • Extended separation deck
  • Wear resistant PU lining from Dow Chemicals
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