Special Tumbling Media

Inovatec Cost-Effective Mass Finishing Special Tumbling Media

Inovatec special tumbling media is an alternative to ceramic media, plastic media and steel media. These media perform the special function while other media can hardly do. For example drying, cleaning, burnishing as well as micro cutting.

Expectation determines the character of your chosen media, like size, shape, internal abrasive, and bond. More often than not, before a mass finishing project setting up, we need to do parts processing. Therefore, we offer free parts trial in our lab.  When finished, we send the parts back for your evaluation.

Inovatec Machinery also do vibratory media reengineering and private lable packaging. Please contact us for an instant quote.

Walnut Shell Tumbling Media

Corn Cob Tumbling Media

3P Granule Tumbling Media

Zirconia Ball

HD High Density Tumbling Media

Special tumbling media refer to media for special applications. We put corn cob, walnut shell, 3P granulate media, zirconia ball, and high-density media in this category.

Featured Product: steel tumbling media

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