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  • Zero damage polishing process
  • Cleaning, surface smoothening, and drying of parts
  • Supports materials like ceramic, bronzes, titanium, stainless steel
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Inovatec Machinery Your Best Quality Watch Case Automatic Polishing Solution Provider from China

Inovatec machinery is into manufacturing and supply of mass finishing machine and tumbling media for the past 20 years. We provide the best solution for polishing large number of watch cases at a time. You can share your polishing requirement with us. We will help you to choose the right solution for your polishing needs.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The vibratory surface finishing machine is one of the popular mass finishing machines from Inovatec. It is widely used for cleaning and finishing watch cases. It is capable of doing deburring as well as polishing with the help of right vibratory tumbling media.


The centrifugal barrel finishing machine is useful to smoothen then rough surface of watch cases. It is a high energy mass finishing machine which is very effective in polishing parts. 3d printed parts can be easily deburred and polished with the help of this machine.


The drag finishing machine is also very useful for polishing certain types of watch cases that want to avoid part to part contact. It is capable of polishing many watch cases at the same time without touching each other. The clamping devices help to avoid the part to part contact. It is best suited for titanium and stainless steel watch case polishing. The drag finishing machine is best suited for dry polishing and it helps to bring the mirror like shine on the parts.


The economic vibratory tumbler machine is useful for small workshops. It is a low cost solution for polishing watch cases. Many of the features that are present in the standard vibratory finishing machines will not be there in the economic vibratory tumblers. It can be used for finishing 3d printed watches along with ceramic deburring media.

Watch Cases Types Based On Material & Manufacturing Processes

The most common material used to manufacture watch case is the stainless steel. The drag finish machine can be used for polishing stainless steel watch cases. It does an excellent polishing job.

Expensive watches use titanium watch cases. The drag finishing machine is best suited for titanium watch cases. It helps to do good dry polishing job that will help to give a mirror like finish on the watch cases.

Luxury watches make use of bronze watch cases. The manufactured quantity will be less for the bronze watch cases. So, the centrifugal barrel finishing machine can be used to polish bronze watch cases. It will help to clean and polish the parts faster than the vibratory finishing machine.

The ceramic watch cases are manufactured using the 3d printing technology. These parts are very fragile. The vibratory tumbler finishing machine can be used to enhance the ceramic watch case surface with the help of right tumbling media.

There will be machined marks in the case of machined watch cases. The vibratory tumbler finishing machine can be used to clean and polish these parts with the right type of vibratory tumbling media.

The 3d printing process produce parts with very rough surface. So, proper deburring and polishing is essential to get the final polished watch case. A centrifugal barrel finishing machine is the best choice to polish 3d printed watch cases. The divided slot feature in this machine can be used to avoid the part to part contact during the finishing process.

Mass Finishing Media

Inovatec machinery is known for its wide variety of mass finishing media. We manufacture best quality vibratory media for tumbling parts. The different types of media include the plastic media, ceramic media, organic media, and many others. The ceramic media is very useful for smoothening of the 3d printed watch cases. The surface smoothening of watch cases can be done with the help of the plastic tumbling media. The organic walnut shell media can be used to bring mirror like shine on the watch cases.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of Watch Case Polishing Solution From China
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  • Free sample part processing to validate the polishing solution
  • Lots of customizable options in machines
  • Wide variety of tumbling media to choose from
Frequently Asked Question
Is There Any Minimum Order Quantity for Watch Case Polishing Machines?

The minimum order quantity for Inovatec part surface enhancement machine is one piece.

How Is The Packaging Done For The Surface Enhancement Machines?

All the mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are packed in wooden boxes for shipment. These wooden boxes are fermented as per the international shipping standards. There will be multiple layers of protection over the machine to ensure that no damage happen to the surface enhancement machine during the shipping.

Do Inovatec Support Free Sample Parts Processing?

Yes, we support free sample parts processing. You can ship the sample parts to us. We will process the parts in the machine of your choice with the right tumbling media and will ship the processed parts back to you. It will help you to evaluate our solution for watch case polishing. We will also explain the process we have used in detail along with images and video.

What Is The Typical Machine Manufacturing Time?

It will take around 20 to 25 days in the case of normal orders. We can also reduce this time frame in the case of emergency orders. If the number of machines ordered is more, then it will take more time to polish.

Which Is The Nearest Port To Inovatec ?

The nearest port to Inovatec is Yiwu, Shanghai, and Ningbo. If you have any other preferred ports for shipping, we can ship from those ports also.

Watch Case Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Wristwatch is something which is used by all men and women today.

It has become more of a fashion accessory.

So, you will not be interested to see any kinds of discoloration or scratches on your wristwatches.

You can use this guide to understand the various techniques to enhance the wrist watch case surface for better looks.So, if you are into a business that deal with manufacturing and polishing of wrist watch cases, then this guide is for you.

It will also help you to clarify many doubts in watch case polishing.

Inovatec machinery offers different types of solutions for polishing watch cases.

So, you can choose any of these solutions to finish your watch cases.

So, keep reading.


1. What Are The Different Types OF Watch Cases Available In The Market?

Nowadays, you can find watch cases made of different types of materials in the market.

The different materials include gold, silver, stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, etc.

Many types of manufacturing processes are adopted for producing watch cases.

Some of the processes include the 3d printing, machining, etc.

The watch cases are also popular for their shiny and sleek looks.

Different types of watch cases require different types of polishing process.

Only then you will be able to get the correct finish.

In the traditional method, manual polishing is used.

It will take lots of time to polish watch cases and it is a tedious process also.

This process will not be effective when you have many watch cases to polish.

So, you will have to look for alternate methods to clean and polish the watch cases in an efficient manner.

The best way is by using machine-based solutions.

Here, the machine will take care of all the polishing works.

You need to feed the machine with parts and media for polishing.

It will help you to save your valuable time.

This solution is also cost effective in the long run.


2. Can You Explain The Differences Between The Automatic Watch Case Polishing & The Manual Polishing Process?

The manual polishing of watch cases involves human laborers.

You will be using a brush along with polishing compounds to polish watch cases.

It requires lots of patience to polish these parts.

You need to ensure that all the sides and corners of the watch cases are equally polished.

Otherwise, the polishing process will not be effective.

Brushes of different sizes are used in this process for a high detailed polishing process.



In the case of the automatic polishing process, you need to use a tumbling machine to polish the watch cases.

Here, the parts are made to tumble with abrasive media for cleaning and polishing.

The right tumbling media will ensure that each nook and corner of the watch cases get polished properly.

The benefits of using automatic polishing method over the manual polishing method are many.

The main benefit is that it will ensure that the parts are polished in a uniform manner.

So, you will get a high quality finish on the parts.

The automatic process will help you to save your valuable time and energy.

It is tough to polish large quantities of parts using the manual methods.

It is possible to get different levels of finish on the watch cases by using different types of tumbling media and by fine tuning the processing time.

You can complete the entire polishing process in few hours.



The same parts will require many days for polishing in the case of the manual polishing process.

You will get the polishing media in different types of shapes, size, and cutting grades in the case of the machine based polishing process.

It will help to make the whole polishing process efficient and productive.

You must ensure that you use only one type of tumbling media for one cycle of tumbling.

Don’t mix different types of tumbling media in a single cycle.

Another thing is that you must not mix different polishing compounds in one cycle.

It will have adverse effect on the parts.

Use only one polishing compound per cycle of tumbling.

So, proper care must be taken while using the tumbling media and polishing compounds.



The machine based automatic polishing process is more useful than the manual polishing method when it comes to the time and cost factor.

You need to invest in a mass finishing machine and abrasive media for polishing watch cases using the automatic polishing process.

The automatic polishing process uniformity and consistency in part finish.

It also allows you to polish multiple parts at a time.

You will need only one operator to control he entire operation of the automatic polishing machine.

But you will need many laborers to polish watch cases in the case of manual polishing method.

So, you will have to invest more on the labor cost in the case of manual polishing method.

The risk of parts getting damaged is less in the case of automatic polishing method.

The risk of parts getting damaged is more in the case of the manual method as it is prone to human errors.


3. Can You Explain The Process Of Removing Scratches From Mu Stainless Steel Watch Case Using An Inovatec Machine?

Stainless steel is one of the popular metal used to manufacture wristwatch cases.

The shiny appearance on the stainless steel parts is what attracts more customers.

When there are scratches on these watch cases, then it can look really ugly.

So, scratch removal is essential.

The drag finishing machine is the best mass finishing machine to remove scratches from stainless steel parts.

It is capable of handling delicate parts.


This machine will drag the watch cases through the abrasive media for scratch removal and polishing.

This dragging process creates friction between he parts and the media which will aid in the polishing process.

The machine also creates high pressure on the parts through the rotating and dragging process.

So, the friction along with the high pressure will help to polish the stainless steel watch cases quickly.

The drag finishing machine also help to avoid part to part contact during the polishing process.

So, there will not be any damages happening to the parts due to the polishing process.

Dents and burrs can happen to the watch cases if they come in contact.

stainless-steel-watch-case (1)


The drag finisher machine very useful to remove all types of burrs and scratches from stainless steel watch cases.

The drag finishing machine is used for high precision polishing of parts like dental implants, and medical parts.

The automatic process ensure that the machine is capable of running the whole day with minimal user intervention.

It is also not prone to human polishing errors.

You need to ensure that you input the right processing parameters in the machine.

You will get smooth and shiny stainless steel wristwatch cases as the output.



4. Is It Possible To Restore The Original Color Of My Watch With The Help Of Inovatec Surface Enhancement Machines?

The watch case color will deteriorate over a period of time.

So, it will start looking dull after some time.

You can use the surface enhancement machine from Inovatec to restore the original color of your watch.

If the original color on the watch case was silvery shine, then you can polish the watch cases with the appropriate materials to get the shine back on its surface.

You will have to use the physical vapor deposition process in case of golden and shiny watches.

The PVD process needs to be carried out only after the polishing by drag finishing process.



The PVD coating is applied to watch cases in a thin layer for protection purpose and decorative purpose.

The benefits of using PVD for watch case parts are many.

One of the major benefit of PVD coating is that it is not prone to wear and tear unless you try to remove it intentionally.

The process of PVD coating is a complex one and it needs the service of a professional.

It needs certain chemical reactions to get the desired result.

There are special chambers that are specifically designed to carry out the PVD process.

These chambers are free of contaminants.

The whole process of PVD coating will go waste if there are contaminants present in the chamber.

These extreme measures ensure that the PVD coating is reliable and robust on parts.

The PVD coating process also ensures uniform coating on the part surface.

Otherwise, your watch will look bad.

The PVD coating process is best suited for intricate parts.

It has the ability to reach all the nook and corners in a part.

There won’t be any change in dimension happening to the part due to the PVD coating process.

So, the real beauty of the watch will be restored using the PVD coating process.

You will be sweating a lot during hot days.

But, the PVD coating on the wristwatch will not be removed by sweating.

It is also an economical process.

So, it is the best method to restore the actual color of the part.



The PVD coating can be used to restore the correct color of the wristwatch case.

It is the best and economical method for restoring the color.


5. How To Clean Titanium Wristwatch Case?

It is easy to clean the titanium wristwatch case.

The drag finishing process is the best way to clean titanium wristwatch cases.

It is done with the help of drag finishing machine.

It is an efficient and productive way to clean the parts.

The titanium wristwatch cases are cleaned by dragging it in abrasive media.

So, this process is completely different from other mass finishing processes like the vibratory finishing process and the rotary finishing process.



There is no part impingement in the case of drag finishing process.

So, no damage will happen to the parts during the polishing process.

The drag finishing process is at least forty times faster than the other mass finishing processes.

It has the ability to polish lots of wristwatch cases in a single cycle.

You need to program the drag finishing machine with right set of parameters for best results.

You can also use the drag finishing machines for polishing medical implants like artificial knees.

So, you can imagine the quality of finish on a titanium watch case



You can easily polish the wristwatch cases using a drag finishing machine.

The right abrasive media will help you to get the best results.

Organic media is a good choice for polishing.

The abrasive media can be reused multiple times and the effort required to polish the parts is less when compared to the vibratory and rotary tumblers.


6. How To Polish Ceramic Watch Cases?

The vibratory tumbler machines can be used to polish ceramic watch cases.

The ceramic watch cases are fragile ones that require proper care while polishing.

The plastic tumbling media can be used to polish the ceramic watch cases.

Inovatec manufactures plastic media in different shapes and sizes.



So, select the right size and shape to ensure that the wristwatch cases get cleaned properly.

These media are capable of doing a perfect cleaning job if you use it along with the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

The plastic media is capable of removing the scratches from the titanium wristwatch cases.

The process of polishing will takes very less time and it also allow you to polish multiple wristwatch cases at a time.

You can either do dry polishing or wet polishing.

If you are planning to do dry polishing then make sure that you use an appropriate polishing paste along with it.

In the case of wet polishing, ensure that the amount of compound added to the working bowl is in the right quantity.

It will also help to ensure that there is no spillage or outbursts from the machine.

You should also ensure that the waste and other bi products of the polishing process are disposed properly without harming the environment.


7. How Different Is Polishing A Bronze Watch Case From A Stainless Steel One?

Bronze is a precious metal.

So, the wristwatch cases made of bronze come in the luxury parts category.

So, special care is needed for polishing bronze wristwatch cases.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine can be used to polish bronze wristwatch cases.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine is a cost effective method for polishing these parts.

The working of this machine is similar to that of a barrel tumbling machine.

But, it is more fast and quick than the standard barrel tumbling machine.



The centrifugal barrel finishing machine works on the principle of centrifugal force.

The machine consists of four barrels.

These four barrels rotate in opposite directions to create the centrifugal force for finishing parts.

The speed of rotation can be easily programmed in the machine.

So, you will get the best results by choosing the right speed of rotation.

The finishing time will be in minutes or hours.

It will depend on the type of the finish required on the parts.

If you use other mass finishing processes for bronze wristwatch cases, then it will take more time to process.

This method will help to save your valuable time.



A lot of pressure will be applied on the media and the parts during the process, which makes the processing fast.

This machine supports both wet as well as dry polishing process.

So, you can choose any of the tumbling process.

Both these processes are capable of delivering quality results.




The process of polishing bronze wristwatch cases is completely different from the stainless steel ones.

The major difference is the type of machine employed for the polishing process.

Different processes are used here because of different types of metals.

The polishing process is selected in such a way that it does the job in the shortest possible time in an economical way.


8. Is Watch Case Polishing Expensive?

The watch case cannot be used without undergoing the polishing process.

So, polishing is essential.

The polishing process for watch cases with Inovatec machines is not expensive provided you select the right type of solution for your parts.

If you use the right machine, right media with right set of processing procedures then the polishing process with Inovatec machines will be a cost effective one.

If you don’t follow the procedures correctly, then you may end up spending more for the polishing process.

The wrong procedures will make you process parts for more time.

So, you will be unnecessarily wasting your valuable time and electricity.

So, you need to know your watch case material type first.

It will help you to choose the right machine, media, and compounds.

For example, drag finishing machine will be the best choice of machine for polishing stainless steel watch cases.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine will be the ideal choice for the bronze watch cases.



So, the polishing process using Inovatec machines is not expensive for wristwatch cases if you follow the right procedure.


9. How To Clean Gold Plated Watches?

The intricate designs of gold plated watches make them unique.

There are two main types of gold coated watches.

They are gold plated watches and the gold filling watches.

So, your first job is to understand what type of watch you are dealing with.

Is it a gold plated watch or a gold filling watch?



In both these watches, a thin layer of gold will be deposited on other metal surfaces.

The electrochemical process is used to deposit gold on top of other metal surface in the ae of gold plated watches.

In the case of gold filling watches, gold is deposited on the part surface mechanically.

So, the amount of gold will be more in this case.

It will be around 5 percent of the total watch weight.

The gold plated watches are capable of retaining their color for a long time.

They will take more time to get tarnished.

The time taken to tarnish will also depend on the thickness of the gold layer deposit on the part surface.

The gold filled watches will take more than 30 years to get tarnished.

The main reason for this is because of the thickness of the gold layer.

The gold layer in a gold filled watch will be about 10 times thicker than that of the gold plated watches.

You will need professional help to lean gold plated watches.

It is not an easy process.

It is because you must not alter the dimension of the watch after cleaning and re-plating.

If you carry out this process in any workshop or garage then the cost of cleaning and polishing will be more.

So, it is better to seek the help of a professional in such cases.

Here, the dimensions are calculated in micron levels for re-plating.

The plating will be usually in the range of 5 to 10 microns.

You need to do the part surface refining process before the re-plating process.

Only then the re-plating process will be effective.

It will help to remove the burrs, dents, and scratches from the parts



Professional help is a must for cleaning a gold filled or gold plated watches.

Only a professional can help to restore its lost beauty.

The process of depositing the gold in to another metal is the main difference between the gold plated and gold filling watches.

Electrochemical process is used for the gold plated watches whereas mechanical method is used for the gold filling watches.

The shine on a gold filled watch will last more when compare to a gold plated watch.

The amount of gold deposit on a gold filled watch is around 5 percent of the actual weight of the watch.

The watches that are made using the gold filling technique can retain their shine for around 30 years.


10. Is It Possible To Mass Polish Watch Cases Using Inovatec Machines?

Yes, it is possible to mass polish watch cases using Inovatec mass polishing machines.

It will depend on the material type of the watch case also.

The latest mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of mass polishing watch cases in and efficient and productive manner.

The vibratory tumbler finishing machines from Inovatec machinery is suitable for polishing machined and ceramic watch cases.

The vibratory finishing machine make use of media and organic compounds for polishing parts.

The drag finishing machine is the best choice for polishing stainless steel and titanium watch cases.

It does an excellent job in the very less time.

The drag finishing machine is capable of completing the whole process 40 times faster than the other mass finishing machines like the vibratory and rotary machines.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine can be used for 3d printed and bronze watch case polishing.

The four barrels present in the centrifugal barrel machine allows you to polish more watch cases at a time.

You can also polish different sets of watch cases in the four separate barrels at a time.



The modern mass finishing machines from Inovatec are capable of mass finishing watch cases.

The easy to operate machines from Inovatec will take only few minutes or hours to complete the polishing process.

The time to finish will depend on the material type of the watch cases.


11. Will The Price Of My Watch Case Get Reduced Due To Polishing?

The price of the watch deteriorates over time.

So, the polishing process can also reduce the cost over time.

If you are planning to polish the watch then you must be very careful in handling the watch.

If you don’t handle the watch carefully, then it will lead to re-polishing of the watches outside the service intervals.

The improper polishing will result in the thinning of the watch material.

So, the life of the watch case will get reduces which will reduce the price also.

If you do proper polishing of watch cases at regular intervals, then it can look new and fresh.


12. What Polishing Media Should I Use To Clean Watch Cases?

There are many types of polishing media available from Inovatec which can be used for polishing watch cases.

You can choose any of these media for polishing media.

Certain types of media give best results with certain types of watch cases.

So, you should always ensure to use a matching media with your parts for high quality finish.

If you are using a vibratory finishing tumbler machine for finishing ceramic watch cases, the plastic tumbling media can be used for the surface enhancement.

You will have to use a fine polishing grit if you are using the drag finishing machine for polishing.

The organic media like the walnut shell grit will be an ideal choice for polishing inside a drag finishing machine.

The walnut grit is also good for absorbing the impurities like grease or oil from the parts.

It does a good polishing job for titanium and stainless steel watch cases.



The watch cases can be polished using the right type of tumbling media from Inovatec machinery.

The plastic and the organic media are the commonly used media for finishing watch cases.


13. What Is The Typical Finishing Time For Watch Case Parts?

It will not take much time to finish the watch case parts.

The time taken for finish mainly depends on the material of the watch case.

The material will decide the type of machine to be used for polishing.

Some machines take very less time to finish parts when compared to others.

The process used to polish 3d watch case and bronze watch case is completely different from the process used for titanium and stainless steel ones.

The titanium and the stainless steel watch cases that use drag finish machine will take few hours to finish the processing.

The drag finish machine will ensure that there will not be any part tot part contact.

So, no damage will happen to parts during the polishing process.

The vibratory tumbler will also take only few hours to complete the whole finishing process.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine make used of the centrifugal force for finishing parts.

So, it will be faster than the vibratory tumbling process.

It will add more pressure on the parts for polishing.



The latest watch case polishing machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of polishing parts in very less time.

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