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Aluminum parts are manufactured using a different process like machining, stamping, molding, die-casting, etc. All these parts can med finished using the tumbling media for aluminum. The different varieties of tumbling media for aluminum parts offered by Inovatec machinery include the plastic media, porcelain media, ceramic media, walnut media, and the stainless steel media.


The plastic tumbling media is useful for removing machine lines and for surface preparation of aluminum parts for coating and plating.


The ceramic deburring media is useful to remove the burrs and flashes from the aluminum parts.


The porcelain tumbling media comes with zero abrasive content and is useful for brighten and polish the aluminum parts without removing any materials.


The walnut tumbling media is an organic media that can be used for burnishing aluminum parts in a rotary barrel tumbling machine.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

The grinding compound LC-13 is a mild vibratory compound that is good to use with ceramic and plastic media.

The polishing compound HM-2 can be used for burnishing aluminum parts.

The polishing paste HM-P is very useful for polishing the aluminum parts during the dry tumbling process.

Mass Finishing Machine For Aluminum Parts

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of mass finishing machines that can finish aluminum parts that are manufactured using different processes. These machines will help you to get the desired finish on the aluminum parts with the help of appropriate tumbling media.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is your MOQ for tumbling media for Aluminum parts?

Our MOQ is 100 kg per size/shape. But we suggest 1000kg for better saving during the shipment.

How long is your production time?

Our production lead time is 15-25 days depending on the media type and size. Typically, smaller size media takes longer time to produce.

Can you do customized tumbler media according to our sample?

Of course. You can send us 2-3 pcs of tumbling media to analyze and we will make exactly the same media per your requirement. You can also send us your parts for free sample trials.

How do you make the packaging?

We make rigid packaging using double-layer plastic bags. 25kg per bags and 40 bags per pallets.

Can you select the right tumbling media for our steel parts?

Of course. We choose the right tumbling media based on your parts size, shape and surface requirement. You can send us the parts with your expected surface finishing.

Tumbling Media For Aluminum Introduction

You will get the desired finish on aluminum parts by selecting and using the right tumbling media.

The most common type of aluminum material used in parts is the Al6061 aluminum alloy.

You need to also ensure that you use a high quality vibratory finishing machine to polish aluminum parts for the best results.


1.Plastic Tumbling Media

Aluminum is a soft metal, so the plastic tumbling media will be the ideal choice to remove the machine marks, edge rounding, and burr removal.

The media will also help to smoothen and make the surface shine, and it will take only very little time compared to the manual deburring process.

The general cutting grade plastic tumbling media with 320 mesh grit is commonly used for aluminum parts.

It does an excellent deburring job.



It is followed by surface smoothening of the part before the part is moved for plating, anodizing, or painting.

It will take around one hour to complete the deburring process in the vibratory tumbling machine.

The plastic media with large size is suitable for creating a matte finish on the part, which is less smooth.

The small size plastic media helps to create a smoother matte finish.


2. Porcelain Polishing Media

Once the deburring is complete with the help of the plastic media, polishing media porcelain is used to polish the aluminum parts.

This media will help to create a mirror like shine on the aluminum part surface.

If you use the vibratory finishing machine, then it will take around 30 to 60 minutes.



3. Stainless Steel Media

If you are planning to burnish aluminum parts made out of the die-casting process, then stainless steel media is the best choice.

You can get the processed parts in 30 to 60 minutes if you use a vibratory ball burnishing machine.

Inovatec machinery has an overall experience of 20 plus years.

So, we offer the best solutions when it comes to finishing aluminum parts.

So, you will get the best tumbling media for aluminum parts as well as high quality machines for finishing aluminum parts.

You can always contact us to receive a quote for your aluminum parts polishing solution.



Tumbling Media For Aluminum FAQ Guide

1. What Are The Different Varieties Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

If you are planning to deburr aluminum parts, then ceramic deburring media is the best choice.

The plastic tumbling media is popular media when it comes to finishing aluminum parts.

Organic media like corn cob granules and walnut shell grit are also used for polishing purposes.



2. What Are The Different Applications Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

You can use the tumbling media for aluminum for many mass finishing processes.

It includes processes like deflashing, deburring, degreasing, cleaning, descaling, and polishing aluminum parts.



3. Is It Possible To Use Stainless Steel Media For Tumbling Aluminum Parts?

The stainless steel media is not a popular media for tumbling aluminum parts.

It is because the stainless steel media is very hard and robust, and the aluminum is a soft metal.

So, if you try to use the stainless steel media, then there is a chance that it may damage the aluminum parts.

If your parts are made of hard aluminum alloy, then you can make use of stainless steel media.

You can also use stainless steel balls for ball burnishing of aluminum die-cast parts.



4. Do Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts Support Dry And Wet Tumbling?

You can use the tumbling media for aluminum parts for wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

You can go for wet tumbling for a shiny, smooth finish on the parts.

You can use plain water with or without any cleaning solution for wet tumbling.


5. Is It Possible To Use Ceramic Media For Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

If you are planning to use any media for deburring aluminum parts, then ceramic deburring media is the best choice.

The cutting action is fast for the ceramic media.

So, you need to ensure that you use the ceramic media with the right amount of abrasive content to ensure that the excess material is not removed.


6. Will The Use Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts Cause Any Kind Of Damage To Parts?

You must always ensure that you choose the right type of media for your aluminum parts.

Otherwise, you may end up damaging your parts, if you select the wrong media.

You must also make sure that the stainless steel media is not used on the soft aluminum parts.

It will damage the parts because of its higher strength.


7. What Media To Part Ratio Does Inovatec Machinery Recommend For Tumbling Aluminum Parts?

Inovatec recommends using a 1:3 ratio for parts to media.

So, the bowl must be filled with three parts of the media and one part of the aluminum parts.

It will provide the best possible tumbling action.

You can also increase the media quantity more if you want.

It will also depend on the part size and shape.



8. How To Select The Right Tumbler Media For Aluminum Parts?

There is nothing like the wrong or right tumbling media for aluminum parts.

You need to ensure that you use the media that is recommended by Inovatec for aluminum parts.

If you are planning to deburr the part, then ceramic media is good.

If you are looking to polish the part, then go for plastic media.

If you are looking to get a high gloss finish on the part, then the walnut shell media is good.

The size, shape, and the abrasiveness of the media must match the aluminum part structure and strength for best results.


9. What Is The Life Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

The life of the tumbling media will be different for different types.

The ceramic media is more prone to wear and tear due to its aggressive cutting action.

So, the life of ceramic media will be less.

Plastic tumbling media will have more life than the ceramic media.

The life will also depend on your usage.


10. What Is the Finishing Time For Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

The finishing time for tumbling media for aluminum parts will vary for different media.

The typical time duration can be anything between 1 to 24 hours.

The time also depends on the finish quality of the processed part.

Sometimes, you will have to tumble multiple times with multiple media to get the desired finish.

Polishing the parts will take more time than the deburring process.


11. How Can I Protect My Aluminum Parts From Getting Tarnished After The Tumbling Process?

The aluminum will not get tarnished.

If you expose the aluminum part in the air for a long duration, then a layer of sapphire will be created as a result of the oxidation effect.

If the part is an aluminum alloy, then it can get tarnished, if you don’t anodize the part.

So, you need to store the part properly to avoid the tarnishing.

wheel-vibratory-burnishing-and-polishing (1)


12. What Is The Recommended Size Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

You can go for any type of tumbling media.

But, make sure that the size of the media matches the size of the part.

For example, if you are using small parts, then use a small media size.

You can go for large media for larger parts.

Always ensure that media size is capable of reaching all the part surface.


13. What Is The Recommended Shape For Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

Inovatec manufactures tumbling media for aluminum parts in different shapes.

Some of the commonly available shapes include the ball, pyramid, cylinder, tristar, cone, and many more.

You will also get straight cut, and angle cut versions of the cylindrical media.

So, you can easily select a shape that matches with your part.

You need to ensure that the media does not get stuck in the holes of the parts.

It must also reach all the corners and surfaces of the part for efficient cleaning.


14. What Is The Reason For The Color Change Of My Parts After Using The Tumbling media For Aluminum Parts?

The aluminum parts will not change color after tumbling.

But, if you are using an aluminum alloy part, then it may change the color.

It is a good idea not to use any chemical solutions while tumbling aluminum parts with the media.

The chemicals may react with the aluminum parts, and the color of the part may change.


15. Do The Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts Go Through The Flash Holes?

The tumbling media coming out of the flash holes of the tumbler will entirely depend on the tumbler.

If the tumbler comes with the separator sieve option, the media will come out through the holes.

Otherwise, it will depend on the hole size of the tumbler.

If it is larger than the media size, then the tumbling media will come out of the tumbler through the holes.


16. What Is The Tumbling Media Quantity Required For One Cycle Of Tumbling?

The amount of media required will depend on your tumbler capacity and your application.

You need to maintain a ratio of 1:3 between the parts and the media whenever you are tumbling.

You will have to operate the tumbler machine at 45 to 80 percent load range.

So, you will need to calculate your media requirement accordingly.


17. Is Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts Capable Of Polishing My Parts?

If you are planning to polish the plastic parts, you should go for the plastic tumbling media or the porcelain tumbling media.

The plastic media can only help to provide a matte finish.

You must use plastic media with the least amount of abrasive content for polishing purposes.

If you want a high gloss polish, then you must use the porcelain media for polishing.


18. Do Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts Support Deburring Of Parts?

You can use ceramic deburring media for heavy and aggressive deburring.

The finish will be rough when you use ceramic media.

So, you will have to use some other tumbling media like plastic or porcelain to smoothen the surface.

You can use plastic or porcelain for polishing.

plastic-media-vibratory-finishing-and-deburring (1)


19. Do Aluminum Parts Use Abrasive Media For Tumbling?

Some of the tumbling media for aluminum parts come with abrasive content.

The ceramic deburring media will have abrasive content and comes with a high cutting feature.

You can also get ceramic deburring media in different cutting rates that will have varying abrasive contents.

The porcelain media, which is used for polishing aluminum parts, will not have any abrasive content.

Plastic media will also come in varying abrasive strengths.


20. is Aluminum Parts Susceptible To Rusting After Tumbling?

The aluminum parts will not get rusted.

When they are exposed to air, a protective layer is formed on the part surface, which prevents further oxidation.


21. Is It Possible To Use Tumbling Media For Aluminum parts with Vibratory Finishing Machines?

You can use the tumbling media for aluminum parts with different types of vibratory finishers from Inovatec machinery.


22. Is Porcelain Media A Good Choice Of Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

Yes, the porcelain is the right choice of media for polishing aluminum parts.

But, you need to use plastic or ceramic media first to clean and deburr the part.


23. Is It Possible To Use Organic Media Like Corn Cob Or Hardwood As The Tumbling Media For Aluminum Parts?

Hardwood media is not recommended by Inovatec for aluminum parts.

Organic tumbling media is very useful for polishing aluminum parts.

The walnut shell media can be used along with proper lubricants in chrome plated aluminum parts to get a proper finish.

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