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  • Deburring and Polishing of Manganese-Brass coins
  • Cleaning and polishing of gold and silver coins
  • Cleaning, polishing, and drying of cupronickel coins
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Inovatec Machinery Best Quality Surface Finishing Solutions For Coins From China

Inovatec has been providing solutions for cleaning and polishing coin blanks for the past 20 years. We manufacture different types of mass finishing machine that can handle various types of coin blanks. Some of the surface machines include the vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and the vibratory dryer. These machines can also be sued to polish badges, medals, label pins, etc.


The centrifugal disc finisher machine can be used to clean and polish small coins. It is mainly used for precious metal coins like gold and silver. It is also used for cleaning of old gold and repair.


If the number of coins to polish is huge then the automatic centrifugal disc finisher machine will be the ideal choice. It is designed for coin mints and workshops who have huge coin bank polishing requirement.


The vibratory finishing machine is a popular machine used for coin polishing. It is capable of handling large amount of coins.


The vibratory dryer helps to clean and dry the coin blanks after the polishing process. You can use corn cob media to accelerate the cleaning and drying process.

Different Coin Materials

Silver coins are precious coins. The centrifugal disc finishing machine will be the right choice for cleaning and polishing silver coins. The centrifugal disc finishing machine is almost 30 times faster than the standard vibratory finishing machine. So, you will be able to polish coins at a faster speed also.

The vibratory tumbling machine is best suited for polishing brass coins. They are susceptible to the oxidation effect.

Nickel coin is another popular coin used in many currencies. The vibratory finishing machine is capable of cleaning and polishing nickel coins.

The soft nature of the aluminum coins makes it prone to more damages if you don’t polish it properly. The stainless steel media can be used for polishing aluminum coins in a short processing time.

The brass coin can be easily polished with the help of vibratory tumbler finishing machines. It is capable of polishing large amount of coins at the same time.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine can be used to clean and polish gold coins. Gold being a precious metal needs proper care while polishing. The wear and tear should be kept as minimum as possible.  The precision and the accuracy of the centrifugal disc finishing machine will help to polish gold coins with zero damages.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

Inovatec machinery manufactures wide variety of mass finishing media. They can be used for burnishing and polishing of coins. The tumbling media is available in different shapes and sizes. Stainless steel tumbling media is the popular media used for polishing coins. Corn cob media is used for drying coins after the polishing process.

Inovatec Machinery – High Quality Tumbling Media & Machine Manufactures For Coin Polishing & Burnishing
  • Burnishing with Stainless steel balls
  • One step solution for deburring and polishing coin blank
  • Automation option for coin blank polishing
  • Economical and Time Saving Coin polishing solutions
Frequently Asked Question
1.Is There A MOQ For The Coin Polishing Machine?

The minimum order quantity is one piece for coin polishing machines.

2. How Is The Packaging Done For These Coin Polishing Machines?

All surface finishing machines from Inovatec are packed in wooden boxes. All these wooden boxes are subjected to the fermentation treatment to ensure that they comply with shipping standards. The packaging box is designed in such a way that it is easy to forklift for transportation.

3.What Are The Payment Terms For Inovatec?

You will have to make 30 percent of the payment in advance after placing the order. The 70 percent of the remaining payment can be done after manufacturing of the machine, before the shipping.

4. What is The Typical Lead Time For The Machine?

We will take 20 to 25 days for manufacturing and testing the machine. The machine will be shipped after this time frame. We can also reduce the time frame in case of emergency orders.

5. Which Port Is Nearest To Inovatec?

Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu are the nearest ports to Inovatec. We can also ship from other ports if you have any other preferred ports for shipping.

Coin Polishing Machine – Definitive Guide

Do your business deal with coin or coin blanks?

If yes, then you will find this guide useful.

We will explain the whole process of cleaning and polishing coins with the help of machines.

You will also come to know about the different coin polishing machines and vibratory tumbling media from Inovatec that can be used for polishing coins.

Inovatec has been manufacturing surface finishing machines, tumbling media, and compounds for the past 20 years.


1.Can You Explain The Tradition Method Of Cleaning And Polishing Coins

The traditional method of polishing coins involves manual labor.

First, the coins are submerged in a chemical solution for predetermined time.

It is done to remove the dirt, grease and oil from the coins.

The coin is taken out from this solution and are polished using a special fabric.

This fabric will have abrasive properties, that will help to clean and polish the coins.

So, you will have to take each coin and polish it.

So, it is a tedious task and a labor intensive process.


2. What Does A Coin Polishing Machine Do?

The coin polishing machine is a mass finishing machine that is capable of deburring, cleaning, and polishing coins.

It can finish large amount of coins at a time.

It will help you to make the coin shine with the polishing process.

You need to load the machine with coins, appropriate tumbling media, and compounds for the polishing process.

You will get polished coins at the end of the process.


3. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Coin Polishing Machine?

The advantages of using a coin polishing machine in business are many.

The main advantages are listed below.


3.1 Saves Time

If you use the manual method of coin polishing then you will need lots of time to polish all the coins.

You can polish more coins at a time using the machine.

You need to ensure that you use the right tumbling media.

So, it will help to save your valuable time.


3.2 Saves Cost

In any business, you will be interested to lower the operational cost.

If you use manual method then you will have to invest on lots of laborers and polishing equipment.

You will need only a one time investment on the machine along with a suitable reusable tumbling media to polish coins for many years.

The entire machine can be easily operated by a single person.

So, it is a cost effective solution.


3.3 Finish Quality

If you are using the manual method then you will be using reagents to clean and polish the coins.

So, you will not be able to get the shine that is produced by the machine on coins.

The polishing quality also depend on labor skills.

So, if you have employed multiple laborers then the finish quality will not be same for all batches of the coins.

You will get consistent shiny look on the coins with the help of an Inovatec coin polishing machine.


3.4 Batch Polishing Capability

Inovatec machines offer batch processing capability.

So, you can polish multiple batches of coins at the same time.

So, productivity will be more in the case of a coin polishing machine.


3.5 Damage Free Polishing Process

The manual coin polishing process involve human laborers.

So, it is prone to human error.

It can be more fatal for precious metal coins like gold or silver.

The machine based coin polishing solution is independent of labor skills.

So, a damage free polishing process is guaranteed.

You need to ensure that you use the right type of tumbling media with right type of coins for a defined processing time.

So, you can reduce the risk of coin damage by using coin polishing machines from Inovatec.


4. What Are The Various Varieties Of Coin Polishing Machines Manufactured By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures different types of mass finishing machines for polishing coins.

You need to invest in two types of coin finishing machines for a complete solution.

The first machine is the coin polishing machine that will clean and polish the coins.

The second machine is the dryer machine that will dry the coins after the polishing process.

The list of different machine is given below.


4.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec is the most commonly used mass finishing machine for polishing coins.

They come in various capacities.

So, you can easily get one that matches your polishing needs.

You can invest in this machine if you are planning to clean and polish large volume of coins.



4.2 Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine

The centrifugal disc finisher machine is capable of handling small batch of coins.

It is useful for polishing precious coins like gold or silver coins.

It is capable of delivering results with high accuracy and consistency.

So, no damage will happen to the coins in the polishing process.

It is also easy to do the maintenance works and repair works in this machine.

So, the maintenance cost is minimal.



4.3 Automatic Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine

If the volume of coins to be polished is large, then you can invest in the automatic centrifugal disc finisher machine.

The efficiency of these machines is more than that of the vibratory finishing machines.

Inovatec machinery manufactures these machines in different capacities.

So, you can easily get one machine which matches with your capacity requirements.

This machine comes with two attractive features.

They are the reliable precision gap control and the double batch system.

These two features make this machine unique in the market.

You can also automate various features in this machine.

It is possible with the help of the modular design.

So, you can easily customize this machine according to your requirements.

Any level of automation is possible in this model.

The process time is also very less for this machine.

So, you can process more coins in the same time.


4.4 Vibratory Dryer Machine

To complete the whole process of coin polishing process, you need to dry the coins in the last stage.

So, you must use a dryer machine for drying coins.

You can invest on the Vibratory dryer machine from Inovatec for this purpose.

It can be used along with the organic corn cob media for cleaning and drying of coins.

It is a cost effective solution of quick drying the coins.

It is capable of removing all the moisture content from the coins and also cleans the coins at the same time.



5. What Are The Various Varieties Of Vibratory Tumbling Media Offered By Inovatec For Polishing Coins?

The material that is added along with the coins to polish and clean the coins are called the tumbling media.

It is a fused mixture of abrasives with different types of materials.

It is capable of doing process like deburring, cleaning, and polishing coins.

Inovatec manufactures wide variety of tumbling media for polishing different types of parts.

We offer two types of media for polishing coins in a polishing machine.

They are the stainless steel tumbling media and the corn cob media.

We use high quality raw materials to manufacture all the tumbling media.

So, we guarantee the best quality tumbling media also.

Both the coin polishing tumbling media are explained below.



5.1 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

The stainless steel tumbling media is the best option for burnishing and polishing coins.

They are also called as stainless steel shots.

It helps to bring down the overall processing time of polishing coins with the help of their aggressive polishing capabilities.

Inovatec manufactures stainless steel tumbling media in different shapes.

It includes the ball, diagonals, pins, oval ball, etc.

They are also available in various sizes.

The different grades of steel offered by Inovatec include the AISI 316, AISI 440C, AISI 304, AISI 201, and the carbon steel ball.

So, you can easily get the right media type that match with your coin.



5.2 Corn Cob Tumbling Media

The corn cob tumbling media is an organic media.

It is used for cleaning and drying of coins after the polishing process.

It is used inside the vibratory dryer machine.

It will absorb the oil, grease, and water molecules from the part surface.

You will have to replace the corn cob media once its color changes to black.

You can easily get them in many sizes.

The right choice of size will help you to do an efficient drying process in less time.



6. What Are The Various Types OF Coin Materials Supported By Inovatec Machines For Polishing?

The coin polishing and drying machines from Inovatec support many types of coins.

The list of supported coins based on their materials is given below.


6.1 Bronze Coins

Many coins are manufactured using bronze metal.

It is an alloy of tin and copper.

It is less susceptible to wear and tear.

It is prone to the oxidation effect.

The patina on its surface can be easily removed with the help of stainless steel tumbling media with a vibratory finishing machine.



6.2 Silver Coins

Silver coins are precious coins.

So, proper care needs to be taken while polishing silver coins.

You must ensure that the material removed during the polishing process is kept as low as possible.

The silver metal is very prone to oxidation effect.

So, regular polishing is required for these coins to keep them in good condition.

The centrifugal disc finishing machine from Inovatec can be used to polish the silver coins.



6.3 Brass coins

Brass is and alloy of zinc and copper.

They are also susceptible to oxidation effect.

So, the patina needs to removed professionally to make the coins shine again.

You can use the steel tumbling media with any of the mass finishing machines to clean and polish brass coins.



6.4 Aluminum Coins

Aluminum coins are used in many countries as the lower denomination currency.

It is a soft metal.

So, you must be careful while polishing it.

It is better to use a coin polishing machine for aluminum coins to polish them efficiently without any damages.



6.5 Gold Coins

Gold coins are very precious.

You must not scrap away too much material while polishing gold coins.

The centrifugal disc finishing machine from Inovatec will be the ideal choice for polishing gold coins.

Gold is a soft metal.

So, it can get scratched easily.

So, you must make sure that you use the right media type for cleaning and polishing gold coins.



6.6 Bi-metallic Coins

The bi-metallic coins will have two metals or metal alloys in them.

It will usually have one metal in the outer ring and another metal inside.

Lower denomination currency of many countries are bi-metallic coins.

You must be very careful while selecting the tumbling media for these coins since they are mad of two metals.

If you use chemical agents, then it may react with one of the metal and may damage it.

So, use any mass finishing machine with the right type of mass finishing media to polish these coins.



6.7 Copper Coins

Copper coins get tarnished quickly when they are exposed to air.

It is due to the oxidation effect.

It will make the coin dark in color.

So, you need to clean and polish it.

You cannot use chemical agents to clean the coins since it is risky.

So, use a coin polisher machine with the right tumbling media to clean copper coins.



6.8 Cupronickel Coins

The cupronickel coins come in silver color.

It is an alloy of copper and nickel.

It will not get tarnished or rust.

But, the dirt and oil can get trapped in these coins.

So, you need to clean and polish it properly.



6.9 Tri-metallic Coins

The tri metallic coin is made up of three metals or metal alloys.

It consists of three sections.

The inner ring, outer ring, and the center section.

Many medals are made using these types of coins

You can make use of stainless steel tumbling media for polishing tri-metallic coin in a vibratory tumbler polishing machine.



6.10 Manganese Brass Coins

The manganese brass coins come with a shiny gold appearance.

The brass in the coin is responsible for this shiny gold color.

These coins are used for manufacturing medals.

You will need to do a professional polishing on these coins to retain the gold shine.

You can easily do that with the help of any of the coin polisher machines from Inovatec machinery.



6.11 Ferritic Stainless Steel Coins

It is a commonly used coin in many countries as the lower currency denominations.

It is resistant to rust, wear, and tear.

The low cost of manufacturing and the high strength makes it one of the best choice for manufacturing coins.

You can use any of the mass finishing machines from Inovatec for cleaning and polishing ferritic stainless steel coins.




Now, you know the advantages of using a coin polishing machine in your business.

Inovatec machinery has been manufacturing coin polisher machines for the past 20 years.

So, you can expect high quality machine from us.

If you invest in the right type of coin polishing machine along with the right type of mass finishing media, then you can improve the productivity in your business.

Our solutions are capable of meeting all the coin polishing needs of all our customers.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

We are always happy to help you.

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