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  • Ideal for almost all sorts of stone polishing – river, pebble, and granite stones
  • Big batch polishing with a polishing capacity ranging from two to 100 tons
  • Primarily used for decoration in hotels and executive lounges as well as gardening
  • The polishing machine is easily operable with a low acquisition, maintenance and repair costs
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Refine Your Stones’ Surfaces Uniformly – in Style

Your pebble polishing machine needs to be active and efficient. You undoubtedly don’t want to have pebbles that lack an expert’s finishing touch. That’s why you need to own a machine that can deliver all these requirements.

Inovatec is undoubtedly the company to choose when it comes to matters of mass finishing equipment. We can ship you any mass finishing equipment that you require. Our after-sale services are also unparalleled.


This machine is a different breed of mass finishing machines when compared to vibratory or high-energy finishing machines.

This machine polishes your pebble stone’s surfaces at a predetermined speed. It has a maximum speed of 56 rpm and a minimum of 33 rpm. It achieves these incredible results by using its 22kW motor.


This machine’s primary use is to refine big pebble stones’ surfaces. Its usage is restricted to industrial workshops. The central feature that makes it highly efficient is its huge hexagonal barrel.

It can finish big batches of parts in a single cycle. It is also incredibly robust.

Know Your Pebble Stones - Distinguish their Differences

These types of pebbles occur naturally at the bases of water bodies – mostly rivers. They are popularly used for decoration – meaning that they are polished to the most exceptional degrees.

They are sturdy – therefore, you need not worry too much when refining their surfaces. A typical rock polishing machine will get the job done.

Garden stones primary use is to beautify gardens – as its name suggests. You can find them in both small and big sizes.

You can polish their surfaces using a standard pebble polishing machine. You can also opt to use the large size pebble polishing machine for faster and bigger batch polishing.

Color stones are unique. They also add a taste of beauty because of their appealing colors. You’ll need a seriously robust machine to gloss polish these stones to perfection.

Inovatec has these high-quality pebble polishing machines. You can simply contact us for more details.

Sea glass stones are also incredibly unique and expensive. They are found at the bottom of the sea – they are precious and beautiful. These stones can transform any appearance to be one of the most appealing places.

They also require a robust, effective, and efficient pebble polishing machine.

These pebbles are almost the same as those you learned about earlier on in this article’s subsection.

The best surface refinement machines for these pebbles can be acquired from Inovatec Machinery.

These pebble stones are usually small. They are ideal for decorating your home. They can add a touch of elegance in your living or dining room. As such, they require vigorous polishing to make them beautiful.

You can use either of the earlier-mentioned pebble polishing machines for this task. You will certainly not regret the results.

Pebble Finishing Machine Media

Pebble polishing is not carried out like other finishing processes. It is somewhat unique in that when running this process, you don’t have to use any abrasives. When these pebbles rub each other, they end up polishing their surfaces. How cool is that!

However, if you find out that the process is not bearing fruits as you would anticipate, you can use porcelain balls. You will not be disappointed.

Inovatec Machinery – The Leading Mass Finishing Equipment Supplier in China and Around the World
  • Quick and easy machine installation
  • Easy to understand and use – comes with an operations manual
  • Ideal for either wet or dry finishing processes
  • Increased machine lifespan because of an added protective layer in the finishing chambers
Frequently Asked Question
What Stones Can I Polish in a Pebble Finishing Machine?

When refining your pebble stone’s surfaces, you are not restricted to a particular pebble that you should refine. You can polish all sorts of pebble stones provided you do it in the right way.

How Long Does Polishing a Cycle of Pebble Stones Take?

Well, polishing pebbles stones does not have a particular duration. This is simply because there are a few factors that you need to consider so that you can determine the length.

The factors that you need to consider are the type of pebble stones that need to be polished and their condition. Are they in need of heavy polishing or light polishing? However, the process will not take long to complete – a matter of several hours, and you’ll be done.

Does Inovatec Have a Limit on the Pebble Stones’ Sizes?

Inovatec has a limited size of polishing stones that are less than 150mm.

What Special Skills Do I Need to have to Run the Pebble Stone Polishing Machine?

Our machines are easy to install, understand, and use. It is thus not necessary for you to have any mass finishing skills. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines provided by us.

How Can I Get Rid of Wear Debris in the Machine?

You can use the machine’s internal lifting tools to remove debris and wash away with water. You can also choose to have your device fitted with robust inner linings. You can alternatively opt to have a custom machine with an increased layer of abrasives.

Pebble Polishing Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Model(mm)Stone Loading Capacity(t)Motor Power(KW)Rotational Speed (RPM)Barrel Size(mm)

Today, pebble polishing is an appreciated field both professionally and at an enthusiastic level, mainly because people love beautiful natural ornaments.


However, the polishing process can become intimidating. It can become extremely frustrating, especially if you do not follow the simple polishing steps outlined later on in this article.

Now, you are going to learn:

  • Suitable pebble stone polishing machines
  • The recommended finishing procedures to follow for a clean and efficient finish
  • The merits of using pebble stone polishing machines over other pebble polishing methods


Keep reading this article to find out more.


1.   Which Polishing Machine is Suitable for Pebble Stone Polishing?

You can refine the surfaces of your pebble stones using two primary pebble polishing machines. You can decide to use an industrial vibratory tumbler. It polishes your pebble stones rapidly and effectively.

The second mass finishing is the industrial rotary barrel finishing machine. There are two variations of this machine. There is the typical rotary barrel tumbler and the large rotary barrel tumbler.As leading experts, we recommend the use of the rotary barrel tumbling machine. They may take a longer duration to complete the polishing process, but their finish is simply outstanding.



2.   How Can I Polish My Pebble Stones Effectively?

The process begins by putting your target pebble stones in the finishing chambers of either pebble polishing machines, which you learned earlier on in this article. You’ll then add tap water to enhance the polishing process.

Usually, the process does not require any polishing abrasives. You can then set the recommended finishing parameters using the machine’s control panel.

These parameters include the rotating speed of the barrel together with the duration the process should take.

The process should not take too long – several hours, and you’ll have the polishing process complete.

As leading experts, Inovatec recommends the use of the industrial rotary barrel tumbler when polishing pebble stones. It gives you a cleaner and a sleeker gloss polish, even though it is slower than the vibratory tumbler.



3.   How Long Does the Pebble Polishing Process Take?

The process does not have a specified duration. It varies because of some primary factors, which you are going to find out now.

The first factor is the degree of excellent polish that you require on the surfaces of your pebble stones. The sleeker the finish, the more time the process will take.

The second factor is the polishing machine you opt to use. A vibratory tumbler is quicker than the rotary barrel tumbler. However, remember that the rotary barrel tumbler gives a better finish than the vibratory tumbler.

Also, handle your machine according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Ill-handling of your device may also result in an unnecessary longer polishing duration.


Bottom line:

The polishing process is not restricted to a particular duration. It varies depending on different situations.


4.   How Costly is the Acquisition and Maintenance of the Industrial Pebble Polishing Rotary Barrel Machine?

The rotary barrel tumbler is neither costly to acquire nor to maintain. It is nowadays famous for polishing industries.

The machine rarely breaks down when taken care of properly. It is sturdy and high-quality. Its running cost is not costly too. With this machine, you get a full package – rapid, effective, and efficient finish. You’ll never regret investing in this machine.


5.   How Costly is the Acquisition and Maintenance of the Industrial Pebble Polishing Vibratory Tumbling Machine?

Although the vibratory tumbler is not the most preferred polishing machine for pebble stones, it is not expensive to acquire, run, and maintain.

The reason why you may want to use this machine is because of its fast finishing – faster compared to the rotary barrel tumbler.

It also maintains the shapes and dimensions of your pebble stones even after refining their surfaces.


Bottom line:

It is not expensive to acquire, run, or maintain your pebble stone vibratory polishing tumbler.


6.   How Does the Pebble Polishing Vibratory Tumbler Work?

This machine is designed to make the process effective yet efficient – without forgetting how rapid it can polish your pebble stones’ surfaces.

The bowl’s design ensures significant pressure exerted on the pebble stones at the bottom of the bowl. When pressure is exerted, and friction is generated, heat is produced. It (heat) enhances the polishing process.

You earlier on learned that polishing media is not required for this finishing process. However, when the situation needs polishing media, the ideal one is porcelain polishing balls. The polish exceptionally well.


7.   What are the Benefits of Polishing Pebbles Using a Rotary Barrel Machine?

The first benefit of using the rotary barrel is that it gives off a more delightful finish. Because of its relatively slow polishing and an enhanced finishing barrel, the final finish is unparalleled.

The second benefit is that you get a clean uniform finish. When you polish using a rotary barrel tumbler, the machine ensures that every inch of your pebble stones is polished.

The third benefit is that the machine is neither costly to acquire nor to run and maintain. It does not require a lot of attention. You’ll also find out that many industrial finishing companies have bought it for big batch finishing of parts or even rocks, including pebble stones.

The primary benefit of polishing your pebble stones using an industrial rotary barrel polishing machine is economical. It encourages big batch finishing as opposed to the desktop rotary barrel tumbler.

Pebble stones are required in plenty to transform the view of a given place.


8.   What are the Benefits of Polishing Pebbles using a Vibratory Tumbling Machine?

Similar to the rotary barrel machine, the vibratory tumbling machine has its own set of benefits.

The first benefit is that the vibratory tumbling machine does not alter with the shape or the dimensions of your pebble stones. Its polishing design is what enables this unique final finish.

The second benefit is that it finishes rapidly – faster than a typical rotary barrel polishing machine. The finish is quite effective, but not as outstanding as the rotary barrel tumbler’s finish. That is why experts will recommend using the rotary barrel tumbler but not limiting you to it.

The final benefit is that the vibratory tumbler is not costly – both in running and maintaining it. It is sturdy, and it can take on any sort of polishing task. It is, however, more costly to acquire than the rotary barrel finishing tumbler.


This article is aimed at giving you the fundamentals of pebble stone polishing. You’ve learned that you can use two pebble stone polishing machines.

Of the two machines, the rotary barrel tumbler is more beneficial to you for the pebble stone polishing process.

You’ve also learned that you are not limited to using polishing abrasives for pebble stone polishing. However, you can use porcelain polishing media when the need arises.

In case of further queries, you can contact us through our website’s contact us page by filling the contact us form.

We’ll gladly reach out back to you within 24 hours – to answer your queries and hopefully do business with you.

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