Industrial Vibratory Tumbler VBS(A)

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Our industrial vibratory tumbler offers higher efficiency tumbling, owing to its curved bowl feature. The curved bowl design creates more pressure on the workpieces to tumble against media in relatively shorter time. This, in turn, prevents workpieces from sticking to each other or the PU lining. The spiral bottom and gradual incline help maintain an even mass depth during finishing cycles.

We have integrated extended separation sieve into the tumbler bowl, allowing the tumbling media and workpieces to separate inside the machine. You can also adjust the separation sieve holes size as per the tumbling media size and shape.

Hot-poured PU and a heavy-duty vibration motor are the primary components in our high-end industrial vibratory tumblers. We make our polyurethane using raw materials sourced from Dow Chemicals, USA.

We use an automatic casting machine to solidify the PU, then cure it at a controlled temperature for 24 hours. We use heavy-duty motor from Shanghai Vibration Co. With proper maintenance, it can last more than five years.

VBS(A) drawing

Model VBS(A)100 VBS(A)200 VBS(A)300 VBS(A)600 VBS(A)900
Total volume(L) 100 200 260 580 820
Max overall dimension(mm) A 980 1060 1286 1800 2100
Motor installation tube(mm) B φ470 φ530 φ630 φ900 φ1060
Process bowl width(mm) C φ220 φ252 φ264 φ390 φ445
Unload width(mm) 250 266 287 430 450
Machine height(mm) H1 880 940 920 1200 1500
Unload height(kw) H2 760 780 760 960 1220
Media unload height(kg) H3 290 360 260 410 550
Motor(kw) 1.5/2.2 3.0 3.7/5.0 5.5/7.5 11.0
Weight(kg) 280 460 600 1500 2470

You can use Inovatec industrial vibratory tumbler VBS (A) series for de-burring, polishing, cleaning, and edge radiusing of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and iron workpieces. This processing machine provides uniform surface finishing for all types of workpieces.

  • Digital process timer
  • Low profile design
  • Stress relieved and enhanced with blasting
  • Default manual parts media separation
  • Wear resistant PU lining from Dow Chemicals

Industrial Vibratory Tumbler FAQ Guide

1. What Does An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Do?

Industrial vibratory tumbler is a mass finishing machine that helps to finish parts.

It makes use of the vibratory finishing action for part finishing.

It is used by industries, hence the name.



The tumbler uses a heavy-duty motor for vibrating the bowl for tumbling parts.

The motor ensures that the whole process of finishing parts is carried out in a stable and efficient manner.

It is capable of cleaning and finishing parts that have complex and irregular structures.

You can use it for tumbling large parts as well as small parts since it is a large tumbler that can hold more parts.



The power consumption of an industrial vibratory tumbler will be more than the benchtop version.

So, invest in the machine only if you have large part quantity for finishing.

It also comes with a durable and robust lining inside the bowl.



This lining is made of high quality polyurethane material.

So, it will help to reduce the frictional effect of media and parts on the bowl.

It also prevents the media and parts from hitting against the tumbler wall.

Thus, it helps to increase the life of the machine.

It is also useful to reduce the tumbling noise to an extent.

The bowl comes with a curve shape structure.

It is the design of the parts tumbler that makes the machine efficient.

Inovatec supplied ceramic media, plastic media as well as corn cob tumbling media and walnut shell media.

Ceramic tumbling media effectively removes the dust and dirt on the surface of the part.

Porcelain tumbling media tumble polishing plastic parts and make them shine.



The curved structure helps to apply more pressure on the part and media mixture along with the vibratory force.

So, it will help to bring down the finishing time.

The curve shape design also prevents the sticking of parts that are media on the PU lining of the bowl.

The separation sieve is also provided in the machine to separate the media and the parts after the finishing process.

The holes of the separation sieve are designed in such a way that you can alter it according to your media and part size.



2. How Different Is Industrial Vibratory Tumblers From Benchtop Tumblers?

Let us understand the similarities of these two mass finishing machines first.

Both, industrial vibratory part tumblers and the benchtop tumblers make the bowl vibrate vigorously that will make the media to rub with the parts for finishing.

Both of these machines support wet as well as dry tumbling processes.

The finishing time is also less for both of these tumblers.

It also depends on the type of parts.

If the parts are metals, then it will take a few hours to finish.

If you are using any of these machines for tumbling rocks, then it will take days to process.



Both the machines are equally useful to provide a better finish on the part surface through processes like descaling, deburring, degreasing, deflashing, and polishing.

The tumbling machine, along with the right tumbling media, plays a vital role in the successful finishing of the parts.

Now, we will see the significant differences between a benchtop vibratory finishing machine and the industrial vibratory tumbler machine.

The main difference is in size.

A benchtop vibratory tumbler is much smaller than the industrial vibratory finisher.

So, if you have significant size parts or a large number of parts, then you will have to go for the industrial vibratory polishing machine.

You cannot use the benchtop tumbler machine to finish large size parts.

The next major difference is power consumption.

The benchtop tumble deburring makes use of a smaller motor since the load is less.

So, the power consumption of a benchtop vibratory tumbler will be very less when compared to the industrial vibratory tumbler.

It will take more time to finish parts in an industrial vibratory bowl finishing machine since it deals with large loads compared to the benchtop versions.

So, the industrial vibratory tumblers are suitable for heavy and bulky parts, whereas the benchtop tumblers are suitable for lightweight parts.

The industrial vibratory tumbler machines will come with the separation sieve.

It allows you to separate the parts from the media after processing.

The sieve also comes with the option to adjust the hole size for easy separation.

This sieve is absent in the benchtop vibratory tumblers.

So, you will have to do the separation process manually.

The industrial tumblers will have more life and durability than the benchtop tumblers.

The industrial vibratory deburring tumbler machine will come with a high quality polyurethane lining inside the bowl, which helps protect the bowl from scratches from parts and media.

It also helps to bring down the noise while the machine is in operation.

It also protects the parts and media from damage y collision with the tumbler walls.

So, the cost of an tumbler deburring machine will be more than the benchtop vibratory tumbler machine.

So, industrial vibratory tumbler machine is an expensive solution.

The higher cost is due to the additional features, high power motor, and the larger capacity.


3. What Are The Different Features Of The Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine?

The industrial vibratory tumbler bowl comes with many features that make it one of the best mass finishing machines in the market.

It comes with a durable polyurethane lining inside the bowl.

This PU lining protects the parts and vibratory tumbler media inside.

It also helps to reduce the noise of the machine.

It also helps to improve the life of the bowl.



Thus, it makes the whole finishing process, highly efficient and effective.

Inovatec machinery has provided a curve shape bowl for the tumbler machine.

This design helps to impart more pressure on the abrasive media and the part mixture while polishing.

This pressure is very useful to increase the friction between the components inside the bowl.

Thus, it accelerates the finishing speed and thereby bringing down the overall processing time.

This machine also comes with the digital timer, which will allow you to set the required processing time.

So, the finishing process will stop automatically after this set time.

Thus, it will guarantee you more accurate and precise results.

The separation sieve is another feature of the industrial tumbler.

When you have a large number of parts for finishing, the separation sieve is very useful to remove the media from parts after finishing.

You have the option to change the sieve hole size according to your part and media size.

Other major features present in the industrial vibratory tumbler include the stress relieved mechanical parts and low profile design.

If you are dealing with large and bulky workpieces, then industrial vibratory tumbler machine is the best choice.

It makes the tumbling so easy.

The less time for finishing parts is another attractive feature that attracts more customers to the industrial vibratory tumbler machine.


4. What Would Be The Cost Of Operating And Maintaining An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine?

The industrial vibratory tumbler machine is an excellent mass finishing machine that is capable of doing processes like deburring, descaling, degreasing, surface smoothening, edge breaking, radiusing, and polishing.

You can get industrial vibratory tumblers up to $2000 – $20,000 price range.



If you are planning to invest in a costly high end machine, then you should be very careful while selecting the accessories.

You need to ensure that you don’t invest in any unwanted fittings.

The maintenance is one part that gives a headache to many business owners.

The machine will consume a lot of power since it is fitted with a heavy duty motor capable of handling heavy loads.

The power consumed is directly proportional to its running time and the weight of the tumbling parts.

You must also ensure that the machine is operated in an efficient manner.

You can achieve the best efficiency by using proper abrasive media and compounds.

The shape, size, and the abrasiveness of the media must be selected in such a way that it can efficiently clean all the area in part.

The cost of operating an industrial vibratory tumbler is wholly dependent on how you handle the machine.

If you do proper and regular maintenance, then you can use it efficiently for many years.

You need to ensure that the media shape and size match with the part.


5. Is It Expensive To Own A Vibratory Tumbling Machine?

You need to be very careful while handling a vibratory tumbler machine since it is a sophisticated one.

The price of the machine can go all the way up to $2000 – $20,000.

The high end machines will come with lots of additional features that are worth that price.

The main feature of this machine is its curve shaped bowl.

rectangular-linear-tub-vibratory-tumbling-finishing-machine (1)


This shape helps to accelerate the process of tumbling by providing more pressure to the parts and the media.

So, the frictional force between the parts and media will increase.

Thus, you will be able to finish more parts in less time.

The second feature is the robust PU lining.

The lining plays a critical role in the vibratory finishing mass finishing process.

It helps to protect the media and parts from any sort of damages that can arise due to hitting against the tumbler walls.

It also saves the bowl from wearing out.

When you use compounds to finish parts, there is a chance that it may damage the tumbler wall.



But, the PU lining will save it by cutting off the contact between the compound and the tumbler wall.

The noise of the machine is also reduced with the help of the PU lining.

The machine is capable of tumbling bulky parts as well as small parts in large numbers.

So, it offers a capacity up to a massive 820 litres.

The digital process timer is another exciting feature which allows the operator to program the finishing time as per the requirement.

It will ensure the safety of the parts from over polishing.

Low profile design and stress relieved parts are other main features of the industrial vibratory tumbler machine.

Some vibratory tumblers also come with the separator sieve option to separate the media from the parts in an efficient manner.

This separator sieve comes with adjustable hole size.

So, you can change the hole size according to your part size.

You must always ensure that you acquire such a machine after making sure that all these features are good for your use.


6. What Are The Various Advantages Of An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler?

The advantages of using an industrial vibratory tumbler machine are many.

It helps to improve the surface finish of the parts.

The machine also comes with some disadvantages.

But, the benefits are more than the disadvantages.



It is capable of finishing a large number of parts at a time.

It can handle small parts, big parts, and complex parts.

The largest machine manufactured by Inovatec machinery comes with a capacity of 820 litres.

The cycle time is fast for an industrial vibratory tumbler when compared to other mass finishing machines.

The cycling is made faster with the help of the curved wall design.

The more pressure is asserted on the parts with the help of this design.

It will help to remove the material fast with the help of the increased frictional force.

The machine comes with a robust PU lining.



This lining protects parts, media, and the walls of the tumbler from damages.

So, the life of the bowl gets enhanced with the help of this lining.

The disadvantages of using an industrial vibratory tumbler are mentioned below.

The cost of acquiring an industrial vibratory tumbler may be expensive for many businesses.

The price can go all the way up to $20,000/

You must also consider the maintenance and repair cost while investing in the industrial vibratory tumbler machine.


7. What Are The Different Factors To Consider While Purchasing An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine?

The industrial vibratory tumbler machines are not cheap.

So, you need to consider certain factors before purchasing one.

The first thing to consider is the capacity of the machine.

The capacity of the machine will decide the size of the machine.



The capacity of the machine must be chosen in such a way that you must able to clean and finish your parts as per your target time.

So, if you have more parts to polish, you will have to invest in a higher capacity machine.

Inovatec machinery manufactures industrial tumblers from 100 litres to 820 liters.

The highest capacity machine weighs around 2470 kilograms and comes with the 820 litre capacity tumbler bowl.

The smallest one weighs around 280 kilograms and has a capacity of 100 litres.

You will also have to consider the space required for the tumbler machine.

The space occupied will be directly proportional to its capacity.

The next factor is the cost.

The price can go up to $ 20,000.

The cost is dependent on various factors like capacity, additional fittings, etc.

So, once you finalize all these parameters, then you can easily choose one vibratory tumbler machine that will meet your polishing needs.


8. Can You Explain The Working Of An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler?

The working of the industrial vibratory tumbler is similar to the benchtop tumbler since both of them work on the same principle.

It is more sophisticated when compared to other mass finishing machines.

The working of an industrial vibratory tumbler machine is explained below.

You need to load the tumbler with appropriate media and parts.

You can also add compounds if needed.



The bowl supports both wet and dry tumbling.

So, if you are planning to do wet tumbling, you can add water also.

Once the machine starts running, then the bowl is made to vibrate with the help of heavy duty motor.

This vibratory action will make the parts tumble with the media.

So, there will be the frictional force between the media and parts that will help to finish the parts.

The curved structure of the tumbler wall helps to exert more pressure on the parts.

The digital process timer feature allows the operator to run the process for a predefined time.

The PU lining inside the bowl prevents the media or parts colliding with the inner walls of the tumbler ball.

So, it acts as a protective layer providing a cushioning effect.

It also helps to reduce the noise of tumbling by dampening it.

After completing the finishing process, you can make use of the separation sieve feature to take out the parts from the media.

If you are using the wet tumbling process, then you need to drain out the water and compounds.

The separation sieve is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all standard media sizes.

The processing time will depend on the material of the parts and the media.

If you use the media with the correct size, shape, and abrasive strength, then you can get high quality results in a short time.

So, media is an important parameter that decides the quality of the finished parts.

It must reach all the corners and holes in a part to ensure that proper finishing is done.


9. What Is The Typical Finishing Time While Using An Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine?

The time taken for finishing parts using an industrial vibratory tumbler machine will depend on lots of parameters.

But it will not take too much time.

You need to ensure that you use the right tumbling media.



The material, shape, size, and abrasiveness of the media must match with the part.

The main advantage of using the industrial vibratory tumbler is that you can clean and finish lots of parts at the same time.

So, it will help you to save your valuable time.

It is an efficient and cost-effective process too.



Inovatec offers various levels of automation for the industrial vibratory tumbler that will help to bring down the processing time.

It will also help to minimize user intervention while the machine is processing parts.

The finishing speed can be accelerated with the use of polishing compounds while tumbling.


10. Do Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine Support Rock Tumbling?

The industrial vibratory tumblers are capable of tumbling rocks.

So, if your business deal with rocks or stones, then you can consider investing in an industrial vibratory tumbler.

You need to ensure that you use the right type of tumbling media and compounds for it.

The time of tumbling can be reduced to half if you use the vibratory tumbling machine instead of the rotary tumbler.

There will not be any damages or deformation happening to the rocks if used with a vibratory tumbler machine.

So, you will get polished rocks at the end of the process.

All the rocks will have a consistent finish.



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