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  • Supports polishing of titanium alloy eyeglass frames
  • Smoothening and polishing of cellulose and acetate eyeglass frames
  • Deburring of machined and injection molded eyeglass
  • Surface preparation of plastic eyeglass for painting or coating
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Inovatec Machinery Your Best Quality Eyeglass Frame Polishing Solution From China

Inovatec machinery comes with a massive 20 plus years of experience in mass finishing solutions. It includes both the mass finishing machine as well as the media. We will help you to choose the right mass finishing machine, tumbling media, and compound. It will help you to achieve great results in the lowest possible time. We can also do free polishing of your sample parts for you to verify the solution.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The vibratory finishing machine is one of the most popular mass finishing machines from Inovatec. It can handle medium number of eyeglass parts per cycle, which will be around 200 pieces per day. It does an excellent job of deburring and polishing.


The desktop vibratory tumbler is suitable for small size eyeglass polishing. It is good for small scale eyeglass shops who are looking for a compact polishing solution.


The centrifugal disc finishing machine is suitable for surface smoothening and deburring. The fast processing speed of these machines will allow you to finish around 2000 eyeglass pieces per day.


The dry tumbling machine can be used for polishing plastic eyeglass frames in small quantities.


The big rotary tumbling machine is useful for polishing eyeglass parts without part to part contact. It can be used for deburring and polishing of stainless steel and titanium eyeglass frames.


The tilt rotation of the tilt rotary barrel machine allows faster processing of eyeglass frames. It is useful for deburring and smoothening of high value eyeglass frames made of plastic.

Eyeglass Frame Polishing With Different Materials And Different Manufacturing Process

The machined eyeglass frames will have burr in the edges. So, deburring is essential in these parts to get the finished part. You can use the vibratory finishing machine or the centrifugal disc finishing machine for deburring and polishing.

The injection molding process will leave flashes and burrs. So. You will have to use a centrifugal disc finishing machine to remove these imperfections.

The 3d printed optical frames will have a rough surface. So proper deburring is essential. A centrifugal disc finishing machine, along with the right tumbling media, can be used for polishing these parts.

Titanium eyeglass frames are known for their strength and durability. A big rotary barrel machine is usually used to polish titanium parts to prevent the part to part contact during polishing.

A centrifugal disc finishing machine or a vibratory finishing machine can be used to polish PC eyeglass frames. The PC eyeglass frames are inexpensive frames that are commonly used nowadays.

The acetate eyeglass frames can be deburred and polished using a vibratory finisher machine or the centrifugal disc finisher machine. The acetate material is widely used to manufacture optical frames these days.

Mass Finishing Media

Inovatec manufactures a wide range of mass finishing media for deburring and polishing eyeglass frames. The plastic tumbling media is best suited for deburring and descaling of parts. Porcelain media is used for polishing purposes. If you are looking to dry polish or burnish the eyeglass frames, then wood pegs are also a good option.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader In Manufacturing & Supply Of Machines & Media For Eyeglass Polishing
  • Solutions to meet your part polishing requirements
  • Free sample part processing to check and confirm
  • Economical solution for machines, media, and compound
  • Lifetime technical support for the machine
Frequently Asked Question
Is There A MOQ For Surface Finishing Machines?

Yes, the MOQ for the surface finishing machine is one piece.

How Is The Packaging Done For The Machine?

The machine is packed in wooden boxes. These wooden boxes have undergone the fermentation process to meet the global standard for sea shipments. It will ensure that the machine is safe and protected during the shipment.

What About The Payment Conditions For Inovatec?

The 30 percent of the payment needs to be done after placing the order. We will start manufacturing the machine after receiving this. The remaining amount needs to be paid before shipping the machine.

Which Port is Nearest For You?

Yiwu and the Shanghai, Ningbo are the two nearest ports for us. If you want us to ship the machine from any other ports, we can do that also.

What is The Normal Lead Time For Machine Preparation?

It will take around 20-25 days for us to manufacture the machine. We can also reduce this time frame in case of any emergency orders.

Eyeglass Frame Polishing Definitive Guide

1. What Do You Mean By Eyeglass Frame Polishing?

The eyeglass frame polishing is the process of improving the surface of glass frames by the removal of imperfection like machine lines, burrs, and scratches from the part surface.

You can polish the eyeglass frames with the help of a polishing machine, media, and compounds.

It will help to bring high quality surface finish on the eyeglass frames.



2. What Are The Different Methods Used To Polish Eyeglass Frames?

There are many number of methods for polishing and finishing eyeglass frames.

It includes manual methods, semi-automatic methods, and fully automatic methods.


2.1 Hand Polishing Method

Hand polishing is the last stage of the polishing process.

It is done to bring a perfect shine on the eyeglass frame.

Wax and oils, along with special clothes, are used for the hand polishing process.



2.2 Tumble Polishing

Tumbling is the process by which substances are made to rub on each other or with suitable media to get the desired finish on the part.

It helps to process a large number of parts at a time.

It will make sure that the machine lines, scratches, pits, and dents are removed from the eyeglass wear.

It happens through processes like deburring, cleaning, descaling, polishing, etc.

Here, the optical frames are placed inside the tumbling machine along with appropriate tumbling media.



They are made to tumble for a predetermined time in the machine to get the desired level of finish.

The tumbling will make part rub against the media, thereby finishing the part.

Different tumbling machines work on different principles.


3. What Are The Different Types Of Eyeglass Frame Materials?

Many types of materials are used nowadays for manufacturing eyeglass frames.

Plastic and metal are the two popularly used materials for optical frames.

The list of materials is given below.


3.1 Cellulose Acetate

The cellulose acetate is one of the most commonly used material for producing eyeglass frames.

It is also known by the name zylonite.

It is a plant based plastic, and the hypoallergenic feature of this material makes it very popular.

If you compare this material with other celluloid models, which are highly flammable.

This material is exactly the opposite when it comes to flammability.

So, it is safe to use.

It is strong, durable, easy to pattern, lightweight, and easy to mold.

It is possible to manufacture this type of frame using manual methods itself.



3.2 Cellulose Propionate

Inexpensive, lightweight, and very economical production cost makes cellulose propionate a popular choice for optical frames.

But, they are not weather resistant.

It can deform or decolor when exposed to extreme temperature conditions.

It is easy to cheap to mass produce eyeglass frames using this material.

Injection molding can be used to manufacture this type of frame.



3.3 Nylon

Nylon is manufactured using trogamid and gliamides materials.

The nylon frames are strong and resistant to temperature.

These types of frames are generally used in the eyewear of the sportsmen.

It is mainly due to the flexible nature of the material and ease of molding.

So, it can be molded in any shape.



3.4 Titanium

Titanium is a durable and robust metal.

They are used in expensive optical eyewear.

It is usually used in medical and aerospace applications.

Lightweight, durability, strength, hypoallergenic, and corrosion resistance are the features that make it the best choice for optical frames.

The alloy of titanium is usually used in optical wear due to the high cost of titanium metal.

It helps to bring down the price of the eyeglass frame.



3.5 Monel Alloy Steel

Monel alloy steel is a nickel based alloy that contains traces of manganese, iron, zinc, silicon, and copper.

It is strong and durable than steel.

It has got excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and malleability.

It is popularly used to manufacture sunglasses.

High end optical glasses also make use of this material from frames.

Other materials used for the eyeglass frame include the cobalt, stainless steel, flexon, Kevlar, aluminum, etc.



4. How To Polish A Titanium Eyeglass Frame Using A Mass Finishing Machine?

The eyeglass frames made of titanium are light weight in nature.

So, you can make use of the rotary barrel mass finishing machine along with suitable tumbling media to polish these types of frames.

The rotation of the barrel will make the parts rub against the media for polishing.

You can vary the rotational speed of the barrel to get the desired finish.


5. How To Polish A Cellulose Acetate Eyeglass Frame Using A Mass Finishing Machine?

Cellulose acetate is a commonly used material for manufacturing eyeglass frames.

You can either use the centrifugal disc finisher machine or the vibratory tumbler finishing machine for polishing cellulose acetate eyeglass frames.

The friction between the media and the cellulose acetate frames will help to polish the parts to get the desired level of finish.

You can speed up the whole process if you sue the centrifugal disc finisher machine instead of the vibratory finisher machine.


6. How To Get Matte Finishing For Plastic Eyeglass Frames?

The process of matte finishing is more or less the same as the sand blasting process.

Here, the frames are blasted with tiny particles to get that matte finish instead of the smooth finish.

The blasting helps to create the scoring effect.

It will make the surface rough.

Special creams are applied afterward to close the openings in the blasted frames.

This process is followed by drying to complete the whole matte finishing process.


7. Which Is The Best Mass Finishing Machine For Small Scale Eyeglass Frame Polishing?

The desktop vibratory tumbler is the best option for small scale eyeglass frame polishing.

It is an economical solution and has the capability to polish 4 to 5 frames a day.

It is compact tumbler machine that occupy very little space.

8. Which Is The Best Method To Polish Stainless Steel & Aluminum Frames?

You can go for the barrel tumbling process for polishing stainless steel and aluminum frames.

This method will make use of a media along with appropriate chemicals to get that shiny look on the frame surface.

The big barrel tumbler machine will be the ideal choice of machine.

It will ensure that the parts remain intact inside without any part to part contact.


9. When Should I Use The Tilt Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine For Eyeglass Frame Polishing?

If you are planning to polish high grade plastic frames that demand quick barrel deburring with a perfect polish, then tilt barrel polishing machine is the best choice.

It will help to smoothen the part surface in less amount of time.



10. Which Machine Should I Use To Polish More Parts In A Day?

You must use the centrifugal disc finishing machine to polish more eyeglass frames a day.

The centrifugal disc finishing machine is 30 times faster than the vibratory finishing machine.


11. Is It Possible To Polish More Than 2000 Pieces of Eyeglass Frames In A Day?

Yes, you can polish more than 2000 eyeglass frames a day if you make use of the centrifugal disc finishing machine.

It is best suited for large scale polishing requirements.


12. Which Is The Best Machine For Polishing Plastic Eyeglass Frame In Small Scale?

You can make use of the dry tumbling machine to polish plastic eyeglass frames on a small scale.


13. Which Is The Best Mass Finishing Machine For Medium Scale Polishing Of Eyeglass Frames?

You can use the vibratory finishing machine if you are looking for a medium scale polishing.

It has the capability to polish 200 pieces of eyeglass frames a day.


14. Which Is The Best Mass Finishing Machine For 3D Printed Eyeglass Frames?

The 3d printed optical frames will have a rough surface.

So, you need to use the centrifugal disc finisher machine for perfect surface enhancement.



15. What Is The Recommended Tumbling Media For Eyeglass Frame Polishing?

The type of tumbling media used with optical frames will depend on the material type and structure of the frame.

So, you need to match the material of the frame with the media.

Otherwise, you may end up damaging the optical frames.

Wood pegs or porcelain are used for polishing plastic frames as they are soft ones.

You can use other media like ceramic media and plastic media for other types of frames.

If you are hand polishing, then use wax or recommended oils.



16. Do You Help Customers Through Consulting Services To Provide Proper Guidance TO Select The Right Type Of Eyeglass Polishing Machine?

Yes, we provide all kinds of technical support to help you to choose the right machine for your eyeglass frame polishing needs.

You can send us a message at any time, and we are happy to help.

We will help you to select the complete solution, which includes the machine, media, and compound.

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