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Inovatec Machinery “We provide the complete solution for powder coating alloy wheels.”

Our wheel powder coating solutions are used in many businesses across different parts of the world. Our solution includes the powder spray gun with multiple nozzles, alloy wheel powder coating machine, powder curing oven, and powder sprayer booth. We also provide various customization options for all these machines. You can easily get the machine customized according to your coating requirements. It will help to improve the efficiency of your process.

Powder coating machine -1

The YH-606 powder coating machine is one of the popular powder coating machines for alloy wheels from Inovatec machinery. This electrostatic powder sprayer machine helps to provide a uniform powder coat on the part surface. It is possible with the help of the powder spray gun that comes with multiple nozzles. The removable hopper that comes with this machine makes the cleaning process much easy.

Powder coating booth - 4

The YK12139 is a small powder coating booth for alloy wheels. It is very useful in providing the perfect environment for the powder spraying process on the wheels. It supports both automatic as well as manual powder sprayers. You can get a good quality finish on the alloy wheels with the help of this powder coating booth.

2 Units Wheel Oven Powder Coating Oven 6

The KX-2012 wheel powder coating machine is suited for small alloy wheel powder coating businesses. The small form factor of this machine ensures it does not occupy too much space at your place You can use this curing oven to cure 2 wheels at a time. It is possible to cure wheels up to 24 inches in size in this oven. The machine comes with 2 racks for placing the powder-sprayed wheels.

KX202 Small Wheel Powder Coating Oven

If you want to cure more wheels at a time, the KX2014 alloy wheel powder coating oven will be a good choice. It comes with 4 racks. You can keep one wheel on each of these racks for curing. The curing temperature in this oven can go up to 250 degrees Celsius. You can set the time duration for curing in the outside panel of the machine.

Optional Design & Setting

If you are interested to increase the precision of your heating process, consider investing in the PLC system with automatic control. You can set the exact temperature and time duration for the curing process through this panel. It is also possible to control the speed of the fan through this system.

You can also go for the two-trolley option from Inovatec Machinery for transportation of the alloy wheels. One trolley can be used inside the oven and another outside. The trolley that is used inside needs to be in a perfectly clean condition. It is necessary to facilitate a high quality powder coating process.

The rock wool insulation board helps to reduce the heat escape from the curing oven. When heat escapes through the walls of the oven, it reduces the efficiency of the powder coating oven. You can avoid it by using the 100% rock wool insulation from Inovatec Machinery. The inner wall of this insulation board is made of 1mm galvanized steel.

You can also use a circulation fan in the powder coating oven. It will help to circulate the heat uniformly inside the oven. It will help to provide uniform curing across all parts. The power rating of the fan is 0.75 KW. If the oven is small, we can install this fan on the top to save some space.

You can also consider installing the automatic filter cleaning system in the powder spray booth. It is possible to adjust the cleaning intervals with this system. Also, these filters will not sink in water.

We recommend investing in our high quality 100 percent polyester filters to separate powder. You can easily wash each of these filters using pressurized water. They come with a long lifespan.

from the air. They can be washed with water under pressure, they provide long-term operation.


Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

The wheel CNC lathe machine from Inovatec Machinery helps to fix all the alloy wheel deformations in very less time. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the alloy wheel lathe machine are subjected to strict tests for quality to ensure the best quality machines for customers. We perform all functional tests on the lathe machine before shipping. It is to ensure that the machine works as per the design.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is your product lead time?

Our production lead time is 20-40 days depends on your project complexity. We will make an engineering CAD design according to your requirement and send you for confirmation.

What is your payment term?

Payment term suggests 30% payment in advance to start the project running. We will do 70% balance payment when the complete project is ready. For a special big project, we also do 60% before shipment and 10% when the machine arrives at your workshop. T/T payment is preferred. Besides, we also do LC.

What is your nearest port?

Our closest port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu Port.

Can I check the machine performance?

Yes, you can send one batch of your product and run in our machine before you make the balance payment. If you cannot come personally, you can appoint a third-party inspector to check the machine performance. We will take the video of the whole process and send you for evaluation.

What is your warranty term?

Our warranty term is 1 year from the date you receive the machine.

The Best Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Machine from Inovatec

There’s nothing that’s more satisfying than a set of fresh, clean wheels on a car. After all, you’ve spent so much time and searched so long for the perfect wheels, that you’d like to show them off to people. But sometimes, the stock wheels just don’t cut it.

You could have your wheels painted, but they will wear down over time and damage your wheel. Is it possible to have them painted and protected all at the same time? Yes, it is. And it’s all made possible through alloy wheel powder coating.

The whole process is made easier with something like Inovatec’s alloy wheel powder coating machine. It takes care of everything and lets you sit back and relax while your wheels get that fresh coat of paint on them. Let’s check it out.

powder coating machine 1
powder coating machine 1

1. What’s the purpose of Powder Coating for an Alloy Wheel?

Not only are you left with fresh-looking wheels, but they are also protected by a gel-like layer that’s consistent with powder coating. By powder coating your alloy wheels you protect them against harsh conditions making them last longer.

2. What Size of Alloy Wheels Can Be Powder Coated?

Alloy wheels of any size can be powder coated using Inovatec’s alloy wheel powder coating machine. Any alloy wheel from cars to trucks can easily be used to apply a powder coat.

Inovatec offers multiple options for powder coating machines and curing ovens that can be used to powder coat 2 to 4 wheels at a single time.

powder coating machine 2
powder coating machine 2

3. What’s the Process for Powder Coating for an Alloy Wheel?

The powder coating process takes place in 4 stages. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

1.    Cleaning

Before the wheel has powder coating applied to it, it needs to be cleaned properly. There can be no loose dirt or grease on the surface of the wheels. They need to be spotless and ready for curing. An easy way you can do that is by sand-blasting the wheels to remove any excess dirt.

sand blasting machine -6
sand blasting machine -6

2.    First Curing

After the wheels are cleaned properly, they need to be put in the curing oven for the initial cure. The first phase of the curing removes any gases trapped in the pores on the wheel’s surface. If the curing is not done, the gases will create lumps after the powder coat has been applied.

3.    Powder Coating the Wheels

After the curing is done, the wheels are now ready to have a powder coat applied to them. Place the wheel in the machine and coat it completely with the powder spray gun. You have to make sure that you’re coating every little corner. If you miss even one, the finished product is not going to look all that impressive.

powder coating booth for wheel
powder coating booth for wheel

4.    Final Curing

Once the powder coat has been applied, it’s now time for one final cure. The second cure exposes the powder coating to heat and brings out the colour on the wheels. The coating also releases a gel-like layer which contributes to the final finished look of the wheel. It also acts as a protective layer that keeps the wheels safe.

powder coating wheel background
powder coating wheel background

If you want to be extra safe, you can add an additional layer of lacquer on top of the powder coat. But this is completely optional and you’re not required to do it.

4. Does the Machine Allow for the Curing Process to take Place?

At Inovatec, certain models of the machine come with their own curing oven. You can place the wheels in the oven to have them cured. You can also control the temperature which comes in handy when curing the wheels.

5. Can the Temperature of the Curing Oven Be Set Manually?

To give you absolute control over how you want the curing to be done, Inovatec’s alloy wheel powder coating machine gives the option of controlling the temperature of the curing ovens. By regulating the temperature, you can increase the effectiveness of the cure resulting in a better finish.

Wheel Powder Coating Booth
Wheel Powder Coating Booth

6. How is the Heat Spread Throughout the Curing Oven?

You need the heat of the curing oven to be consistent throughout or you won’t get a good finish. The ovens come with a circulation fan which takes care of that. Once you set the temperature right where you want it, you can then use the fan to spread it evenly throughout the oven.

7. What are the other models of Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Machine at Inovatec?

If you’re just looking for a powder coating machine for alloy wheels, Inovatec offers two models. These models are perfect if you have a separate curing oven at hand already. The customizable spray gun helps you get into every corner ensuring an even layer of the powder coat.

The YH-606 comes with a spray gun that supports multiple nozzles. It’s an electrostatic powder sprayer machine that helps you to provide an even powder coat on the surface of the wheel.

The other model is the YK-121319P which is a small powder coating booth. This provides a secure environment for the powder coating and you can work on two wheels at the same time. It can also support an automatic powder sprayer and has the option for a manual one as well.

powder coating machine 3
powder coating machine 3

8. Is There an Automatic Filter Cleaning System with the Powder Coating Machine?

Throughout the course of your using the alloy wheel powder coating machine, it will get dirty. This means that the machine has to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the filters manually is a bit of a pain. That’s why Inovatec has the option for an automatic filter cleaning system.

powder coating machine 4
powder coating machine 4

9. How Manny Models of Curing Ovens can I find at Inovatec?

Depending on how many wheels you’d like to cure at a time, there are two models of curing oven at Inovatec. The KX-201 2 Wheels allows you to cure up to 2 wheels of 24 inches in size at a time. And if you want to cure more wheels, you can try the KX-201 4 Wheels, which does the same but with 4 racks for 4 wheels.

10. What’s the Ordering Process Like for a Powder Coating Machine?

You can either order a stock product or have it customized for your needs. In case of a custom order, you need to make 30% of the payment in advance and the rest when you receive the product. To place an order, visit the official Inovatec website to get started.

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