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Inovatec Machinery “We manufacture different varieties of wheel CNC lathe machines with different features.”

Our wheel CNC machines are used by both small and big wheel repairing businesses. The good after sales support provided by our technical team ensures that all the technical issues can be fixed easily. Strict quality processes along with high quality raw materials help us t provide the best quality alloy wheel CNC machines to our customers. All our wheel cleaning and refurbishing solutions are cost-effective and affordable.

WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine -9

If you are looking for a low cost solution to clean and refurbish alloy wheels, you must consider the WRC28 wheel CNC lathe machine. It comes with automatic spindle speed control. The high-quality cast iron base helps to provide a rigid and stable structure for the machine.

WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe 2

The WR28VM is another popular model from Inovatec Machinery. It supports variable cutting speed. The lowest possible cutting speed is 0.1 mm/min. The largest cutting speed supported is 1000 mm/min. The largest alloy wheel size that is supported by this machine is 30 inches.

Economic YN-26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 1

The YN-26 wheel CNC machine is best suited for 26 inch wheels. It is a highly affordable solution. It comes with an integrated computerized system. It helps to accelerate the process of repairing wheels.

WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine -6

The faster processing time of the WRC30 wheel CNC lathe machine makes it a popular choice among many customers. It is possible with the help of the powerful 11 KW motor fitted in the wheel repair CNC machine. It supports a wide range of spindle speeds. The range is from 50 to 1600 rpm.

Optional Design & Setting

The manual tailstock is another useful accessory for the CNC wheel machine from Inovatec machinery. It gives you the option for better control of the sensor point.

For a high-quality wheel repair process, you need the wheel to be in a stable condition during the repair procedure. It demands proper clamping of the wheel. The 3 jaws manual chuck allows you to clamp the wheel. Thus, there will not be much shaking on the wheel during the process It will help you achieve high accuracy in the wheel repairing process.

Automation is essential on the wheel CNC lathe machine when you deal with the refurbishing of a large number of wheels. The Windows 7 loaded GSK system will help to make the whole process faster. You can program the wheel repair process for different wheels in this system. The operator can easily learn all the operations in the GSK system within 60 minutes.

When you subject the alloy wheel to a long duration repair process using the machine, the surface of the wheel will get heated. This heat can cause deformation in the wheel. It can also affect the accuracy of the whole repair process. So, it is essential to cool the wheel during the process. The cooling system from Inovatec machinery will ensure that the heat in the wheel surface never crosses the safe limits.

The life of the bearings in the CNC wheel cutting machine can be increased with the help of the automatic lubrication system from Inovatec machinery. Once you install this lubrication system in your CNC wheel lathe machine, you will have to fill the lubrication once every month. It is possible to program the delivery of the lubricant to the ball bearing with the help of this system. The wear and tear due to the frictional force in the bearings can be controlled easily with this setup.

Many of our customers prefer to go with the 6 station turret as an additional accessory for the wheel repair CNC machine.

Wheel Straightening Machine

All types of alloy wheels can be straightened using the Wheel Straightening Machine from Inovatec Machinery. It is possible to fix the dents on the wheels at a faster rate using this machine. The strict quality process used by Inovatec engineers ensures a high-quality machine for the customers. There will not be any changes in the mechanical properties of the alloy wheel after the straightening procedure.

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  • All Raw materials subjected to Quality Testing
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  • Provides Spare Parts for the machine
Frequently Asked Question
What is your product lead time?

Our production lead time is 20-40 days depends on your project complexity. We will make an engineering CAD design according to your requirement and send you for confirmation.

What is your payment term?

Payment term suggests 30% payment in advance to start the project running. We will do 70% balance payment when the complete project is ready. For a special big project, we also do 60% before shipment and 10% when the machine arrives at your workshop. T/T payment is preferred. Besides, we also do LC.

What is your nearest port?

Our closest port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu Port.

Can I check the machine performance?

Yes, you can send one batch of your product and run in our machine before you make the balance payment. If you cannot come personally, you can appoint a third-party inspector to check the machine performance. We will take the video of the whole process and send you for evaluation.

What is your warranty term?

Our warranty term is 1 year from the date you receive the machine.

Definitive Guide for Wheel CNC Lathe Machine for Repairs and Cleaning

1.Get Inovatec’s Wheel CNC Lathe Machine for Efficient Wheel Repairs and Cleaning

It’s important to repair your wheels and keep them clean if you want them to last. You can definitely take them to a mechanic to have them repaired and cleaned. And most of the time they’ll do a pretty good job. But there’s no denying it’s going to cost a lot.

But what if you want the same level of service but in a more affordable way? Well, then there’s only one answer. And it’s Inovatech’s wheel CNC lathe machine.

Today we’re going to take a look at all the different features of the wheel CNC lathe machine and how it’s used to repair and clean alloy wheels. Let’s begin.

cnc lathe 1
cnc lathe 1

2.What’s So Great about the Wheel CNC Lathe Machine from Inovatec?

Do we really have to tell you why you need to get the wheel CNC lathe machine? The answer should be obvious. If you want your wheels to be a representation of who you are, you need them clean and functional. And there’s no better way to do that than using Inovatec’s wheel CNC lathe machine.

The wheel CNC lathe machine can not only repair any damage done to the wheel’s surface but also cleans and polish at the same time. Once you use the machine, anyone who’s going to take a look at your wheels is going to confuse them with new ones.

cnc lathe 2
cnc lathe 2

3.What is the Repair and Cleaning Process Using the Wheel CNC Lathe Machine?

Repairing the wheels using the wheel CNC lathe machine is really simple. With very little training, anyone can do it. Let’s take a look at the process in short.

The wheels must first be wiped for any external dirt or stain. Leaving these on will affect how the wheel turns out after repairing. It can damage the wheel’s surface ruining the aesthetic as well as the structural integrity.

After this is done, the wheel must be placed and clamped tight on the Chuck. You need to make sure the wheel is secure. Otherwise, when the machine is turned on, the instability might cause damage to the wheel or its surroundings.

Once everything is set, you need to turn the machine on. You can set the timer to stop after a certain period of time. You can also manually control and stop the machine when you deem it necessary.

cnc lathe 3
cnc lathe 3

4.Can I Clean Motorcycle Wheels with the Help of the Wheel CNC Lathe Machine?

To offer customers versatility, the wheel CNC lathe machines from Inovatec are capable of cleaning alloy wheels of all types. You can clean motorcycle wheels, car wheels, and even truck wheels.

There are multiple models of the wheel CNC lathe machines. Each one can work on wheels of different sizes. There are machines that can work with 26, 28, and even 30 inches wheels.

wheel cnc lathe 5 1
wheel cnc lathe 5 1

5.What’s the Average Cleaning and Repairing Time Using the Wheel CNC Lathe Machine?

Using the wheel CNC lathe machine, it’s possible to have your wheels cleaned and repaired within a very short time. All the models are very efficient in their operation. This becomes apparent when you find out that the average time for completely cleaning and repairing a wheel is around 30 minutes.

cnc lathe 4
cnc lathe 4

6.What are the Different Wheel CNC Lathe Machines Available at Inovatec and Which One is Better?

There are 4 different variants of the wheel CNC lathe machines at Inovatec. As we mentioned before, each one specializes in cleaning and repairing wheels of different sizes. Let’s take a look at the models.

The WRC28 wheel CNC lathe machine is perfect for cleaning and repairing 28 inches wheels. The automatic spindle speed control makes the cleaning process hassle-free.

The WRC28VM vertical diamond cut wheel repair CNC lathe machine features a vertical spindle. The machine is known for its diamond cut finish on the alloy wheels. It also has the lowest possible cutting speed of 0.1mm/min. The machine can work with wheels measuring 28 and 30 inches wide.

wheel cnc lathe 5 1
wheel cnc lathe 5 1

The YN-26 economic CNC lathe machine for 26 inches wheels is the most affordable solution at Inovatec. The machine comes with its own integrated computerized system. This saves you time and accelerates the repair process of the wheels.

The WRC30 wheel CNC lathe machine is by far the most popular among the customers. The powerful 11KW motor makes repairs a breeze. The machine also supports a wide range of spindle speeds. It can be set anywhere from 50 RPM all the way up to 1600 RPM.

As for which one is better, there isn’t really one fixed answer. The wheel lathe machines support wheels of different width. Depending on what wheels you will be working with, that will be the perfect match for you.

7.Can I Customize My Wheel CNC Machine with Add-Ons?

There are a number of add-ons that you can have to customize your experience. Here is a list of all the customizable options available at Inovatec.

  1. Manual Tailstock
  2. Manual 3 jaws Chuck
  3. GSK System
  4. Cooling System
  5. Automatic Lubrication
  6. 6 Station Turret
wheel cnc lathe 6 1
wheel cnc lathe 6 1

8.What Are the Recommended Add-Ons for a Custom Wheel CNC Lathe Machine?

The customizable options are for improving the different areas of the machine’s performance. For example, the manual tailstock and 3 jaws Chuck help set the sensor point and provide for stability of the wheel.

The GSK system on the other hand automates the entire repair process making it quick and simple. It also comes equipped with a Windows 7 operating system that anyone can use to control the machine.

There’s also the cooling system and the automatic lubrication system. These can be used to increase the overall lifespan of your wheels and the machine. The cooling system helps you get a better finish on the wheel while the lubrication system applies lubricant to the ball bearing, keeping the machine healthy.

wheel cnc lathe-7
wheel cnc lathe-7

9.How Can I Place an Order for a Custom Wheel CNC Lathe Machine from Inovatec?

You can place an order by contacting the support team on the website. If the product is in stock it will be shipped and delivered to you very shortly.

If you want to place a custom order there’s an option for that as well. For that, you will need to send them the requirements of your order. The engineering team will give you a CAD design. Once you verify it, the production process will begin. Depending on the complexity of the project it might take 20-40 days.

wheel cnc lathe 9 1
wheel cnc lathe 9 1


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