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Any manufactured parts will come with burrs. So, deburring is essential on the metal parts to get the final finished parts. If you try to paint or coat these parts directly without deburring, then the paint will not stick properly.

Inovatec machinery has got vast experience in manufacturing parts deburring machines. We ship our mass finishing machines to all parts of the world. These machines will help to save your valuable time as well as cost.

Parts deburring machines also called deburring tumbler, tumble deburring machine or vibratory deburring machine. They are widely used for laser cut parts deburring, aluminium dies casting parts preplating finishing, metal deburring, additive manufacturing parts smoothing.



The rotary barrel tumbling machine is an economical solution for deburring parts. It will take more time to deburr parts when compared to the vibratory finishing machines.


The desktop vibratory tumbler machine is ideal for small workshops.  It will occupy very less area. It is a small size version of the standard vibratory finishing machine. It is good for deburring small parts.


The VB(B) vibratory deburring machine has a wide opening. It is very effective for deburring, cleaning, and polishing of parts. These machines will not have many of the features of the standard vibratory finishing machines. So, it is an economical version of the vibratory finishing machine.


The VB(A) vibratory deburring machine is almost similar to the VB(B) version. The major difference is that this machine comes with the curved wall design and the other machine comes with the straight wall design


The VBS(A) series vibratory tumbler deburring machine comes with a curved wall tumbler design. So, it can be used for deburring parts of different shapes and sizes. You can use it as an all in one multipurpose deburring machine.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The straight wall tumbler design of the VBS(B) series vibratory finishing machine makes it a perfect choice for deburring large parts in large quantities. It is very useful for parts deburring in large industries.


The TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine is almost similar to the TVB(A) model. The major difference is that this machine comes with a straight wall tub design. The chamber separator option is also available to deburr the parts separately. It can be used to deburr fragile and complex parts.


The TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine comes with a rectangular tub for holding parts and media. The tub comes with a curved wall. It is best suited for long parts. There is a PU lining inside the tub for protection. The motor comes beneath this tub.

Optional Design & Setting

The prominent dosing pump helps to pump chemical compounds into the chamber of the machine. It will ensure that the compound is added in the right quantity.

The Bosch Rexroth variable speed converter will help to vary the frequency of vibration in a vibratory finishing machine. Thus, you can get more control over the deburring of parts.

The acoustic sound cover helps to dampen the noise created by the vibratory finishing machine. It also helps to prevent the spillage and outburst of media and compounds from the vibratory finishing machine during processing. Thus, it will help to provide a safe working environment for the user.

The parts can be easily separated from the media with the help of the manual separation handle. It will help to speed up the separation process.

The pneumatic separation gate is a gas power assisted separation technique used for removing media from parts. It is faster than the manual separation handle technique.

If you are using a media that is bigger than the part size, then you can employ the reverse separation feature for part separation.

Parts Deburring Machine Media

Abrasive media is used for deburring parts inside a mass finishing machine. Inovatec machinery manufactures wide range of parts deburring machine media. It will help you to choose the right type of media matching with your part.

The ceramic media is the most popular deburring media and is widely used for deburring many types of parts. The plastic media is another deburring media which is generally used for soft metal parts.

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Frequently Asked Question
1.Which Parts Deburring Machine Will be Right For Me?

The choice of machine for your parts deburring needs will fully depend on your parts and their finish requirement. You can go through the features of various parts deburring machine manufactured by Inovatec and select on from them. If you still find it difficult to choose a machine, then you can get in touch with our technical support team. We will help you to choose the right machine.

2.How To Confirm That The Selected Parts Deburring Machine Is Good To Finish My Parts?

You can send sample parts for finishing to us. We will process the parts in the machine free of cost for you. We will send back the parts to you for checking. Thus, you can confirm that the selected machine is good for polishing.

3. What Needs To Be Done With The Wastewater?

The water that comes out of the deburring machine is called the wastewater. It will contain dirt, oil, and scraped particles from the part surface in it. So, you cannot dispose this wastewater directly. You can make use of a sedimentation tank set up to process the water and you can pump the water to a water treatment facility near you.

4. What IS The Typical Time Taken For Manufacturing Parts Deburring Machine?

The typical time duration for manufacturing deburring machines is around 20 to 25 days. If there is any emergency then we can try to reduce this time frame. It will take more number of days if the number of machines ordered is more.

5. Which Are The Different Countries Where You Can Ship The Machines?

Inovatec ship our parts deburring machine to all parts of the world. If you have any queries, you can discuss with us while pacing the order.

Parts Deburring Machine – The Definitive Guide

All manufactured parts need to undergo the deburring process.

You will get the final finished part without any imperfections after the deburring process only.

So, you will understand the following things through this guide.

  • All about the parts deburring machine
  • Working of a parts deburring machine
  • Advantages of using the parts deburring machine over the manual deburring process

So, continue reading this guide to know more.


1. What Does A Parts Deburring Machine Do?

The machine that is used for deburring of parts automatically is called a parts deburring machine.

The process of removing burrs from the parts is called deburring.

These machines are capable of removing all types of burrs from the parts.

It is a mass finishing machine that can deburr a large number of parts at the same time.



The machine makes use of the appropriate tumbling media and compound for the deburring process.

It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for cleaning and deburring parts.

It is good to understand the working of these machines before starting to use it.

It will help you to choose the right deburring machine and will also help you to run the machine efficiently.



2. What Are The Different Types Of Parts Deburring Machine?

There are four major types of parts deburring machine.

The list is given below.


2.1 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Machine

The rotary barrel tumbler machine is one of the oldest types of parts deburring machine.

It consists of a barrel which will be filled with parts and media.

This barrel is rotated with parts and media inside for deburring parts.

You can also use deburring compounds along with the parts and media for tumbling.

You will have the options to vary the rotational speed of the barrel.

The barrel generally comes in two designs, eight-sided one and the six-sided one.

This design ensures that the media slide with the part in the right way for deburring.



So, the tumbling effect will be more with this kind of design.

A circular barrel will not be useful to achieve the same tumbling effect.

You can either go for a desktop barrel tumbler or the industrial barrel tumbler based on your deburring needs.

If you have a large amount of parts to polish, then the industrial version would be the best choice.


2.2 Vibratory Tumbler Finishing Machine

The next category is the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

It is one of the popular deburring machines from Inovatec machinery.

It comes with lots of features and additional setting options.

They are more advanced machines when compared to the barrel tumblers.

The vibratory tumbler machines make use of the vibrational force to clean and deburr parts.

The parts and the abrasive media are loaded on the vibratory bowl for deburring.


You can vary the vibration speed of the machine.

The vibration of the bowl will make the part rub against the media for finishing.

The frictional force between the parts and the media is responsible for the deburring of parts.

Inovatec manufactures different varieties of vibratory tumblers with different features and in various capacities.



Many models also come with the easy separation features to separate the media from the parts.

The separation sieve can be adjusted to accommodate different media sizes.

There is also the option to add acoustic soundproof lids.

It will help to reduce the noise of the vibratory tumbling machine while the machine is in operation.

It will also prevent the outburst or spillage of media or parts from the tumbler bowl.

Thus, it helps to provide a safe working environment for the operator.

They are also available in the desktop version as well as the industrial version.

You can go for the desktop versions if your part quantity is small.



2.3 Blasting Deburring Machine

The third type of machine is the blasting deburring machines.

These types of deburring machines use completely different technology.

But, they will also make use of the tumbling media for deburring parts.

In this machine, the parts are sprayed with the abrasive tumbling media for deburring.

This type of machine is useful in many industries.

They are more fast when compared to the barrel and the vibratory tumbler machines.


2.4 Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

The last type of deburring machine is the centrifugal disc finishing machine.

It makes use of the centrifugal force for deburring parts.

The machine consists of a bowl where the parts and the media are loaded.

The bowl is made to spin at high rates with the help of a heavy duty motor for finishing parts.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine is 30 times faster than the vibratory tumbrel finishing machine.



3. Can You Explain The Working Of The Parts Deburring Machine?

There are four different types of parts deburring machine as explained earlier.

So, the working principle will vary for each of these machines.

The rotary barrel tumbler machines work by rotating the barrel tumblers at a predefined speed.

The speed of rotation these barrels will be slow.



Only then the tumbling process will be efficient.

Rotating the barrels at high speeds will not help to achieve a high quality deburring process.

The media and the parts will be in a sliding motion inside the barrel.

It doesn’t mean that you should operate it in very low speeds also.

You must do it at the right speed.

The main disadvantage of the barrel tumbling machine is that it will take lots of time to deburr the parts.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot monitor the progress of the deburring process since it is an enclosed one.

There is more chance of part to part contact inside a rotary barrel tumbler.

So, the damages due to part to part collisions are more.

So, it is not good for fragile or soft parts.

The next one is the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

In this machine, the bowl is shaken vigorously for deburring parts.

This vibrational force causes friction between the parts and the media.

Thus, the parts will get deburred by rubbing against the abrasive media.

The vibratory tumblers produce more noise than the barrel tumblers.

You can reduce the noise level by 20 dB with the help of the sound proof cover, which comes as an additional fitting.

The chances of part to part contact is very less in vibratory tumbler machines.

Deburring with vibratory finishing machines also help to retain the original shape of the parts.

You can quickly complete the deburring process if you use the blasting deburring machine.

Here, the sand or the glass beads are generally used as the blast media.

This media will be sprayed on the parts with a force to remove the burrs and imperfections from the parts.

Plastic media is also used for some parts.

It is one of the new ways of deburring parts.

This process will be economical if you know how to run it efficiently.

Next, we have the centrifugal disc finishing machines.

These are high energy machines that works on the principle of centrifugal force.

Here, the parts and media loaded in the bowl are made to spin at high speeds.

Thus, the centrifugal force will get converted to vibratory force between the parts and the media inside the bowl.

The vibratory action will help to remove the burrs from the parts.

This process is very fast when compared to the vibratory tumbling process.

So, if you understand the working principle and advantages of using different parts deburring machine, then you can easily select the right parts deburring machine for your needs.


4. What Are The Different Types Of Deburring Media Used By Parts Deburring Machine?

Inovatec machinery produces wide variety of deburring media that can be used with different parts deburring machines.

The type of deburring media to be used will depend on the material of the part.

If you are planning to deburr soft metal parts like aluminum parts, then you can use the plastic tumbling media.

If you use ceramic media instead of plastic media for aluminum parts, then you will end up damaging the aluminum parts.

The parts will become dented at the end of the deburring process.

So, choose the media carefully.



If you are planning to deburr heavy metal parts made of stainless steel or titanium, then you can use the ceramic deburring media.

The different types of media used for deburring parts include the ceramic deburring media, plastic media, stainless steel media, and the porcelain media.

If you are using the blast deburring machines, then you can use media like sand, synthetic deburring media, and glass beads.

The ceramic deburring media and the porcelain media is a popular choice for deburring with centrifugal disc finishing machines.

So, the type of the machine that you use for deburring is as important as the material of the parts for deburring.

So, the media choice will differ for various types of parts.


5. Is It Expensive To Use Parts Deburring Machines For Deburring?

If you understand the proper operation the machine, then using the parts deburring machine is no expensive.

So, learn and understand the various operations of part deburring machine.

The new age parts deburring machine like the blast deburring machine, vibratory deburring machine and the centrifugal deburring machines are very robust.

You must always ensure that you don’t process the parts inside the machine for more time.



It will increase the chances of damaging your parts.

It will make the whole process uneconomical since you are running the machine for more time.

If you use the right kind of deburring media, the whole deburring process will be efficient and inexpensive.

Next part is the operating parameters.

You must ensure that all the operating parameters are set to the right value for the deburring process.

You must also do the periodic maintenance activities on the machine.

It will ensure that you can use the machine many times for many years.

Try to invest in a reusable media with long life.

You must clean, dry and store the media properly before the nest use.

It will ensure that the media is in good condition for deburring.

Don’t reuse the worn-out media for deburring.


6. Do Parts Deburring Machine Support Wet Tumbling Process?

Yes, all parts deburring machines from Inovatec machinery support wet tumbling process.

The barrel tumblers can be operated more efficiently with the use of deburring compounds.

You can also accelerate the deburring process in a vibratory tumbler finishing machine with the help of deburring compounds.

The wet deburring process is very useful in the case of the blast machines.



When you use water with the blast media, you will need less media to deburr the parts.

The water in the wet tumbling process will help to clean the parts.

It will also help to reduce the heat generated due to the tumbling process.

Thus, it helps to cool the machine.

You don’t have to use lots of deburring media if you are using deburring compounds in the process.

It will also help to remove the dust generated during the process.

The wet deburring process is very effective to remove the grease and oil from the part surface.

So, part cleaning will be proper in the case of the wet tumbling process.

It will also help to clean the parts deburring machine in the process.

If you are using compound for parts deburring, then you must ensure that you use it in the right quantity.

If you add more compound, then it will not help to increase the rate of deburring.

It may slow down the whole deburring process.

Addition of more compounds will also result in the spillage of compounds from the working bowl during the deburring process.

So, proper care must be taken while using compounds for deburring.

In the wet tumbling process, you also need to ensure that the pH of the water is good for the tumbling process.

Sometimes, you will have to add ant rusting compound along with water to prevent the oxidation effect of water on metals.


7. Is It Safe To Deburr Fragile Parts In A Parts Deburring Machine?

Yes, it is safe to deburr delicate and fragile parts in a parts deburring machine.

But, you must ensure that the parts deburring machine that you are going to use is capable of handling fragile parts.

You can make use of the blasting machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and the vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec for deburring fragile parts.

When you are deburring fragile parts, you need to ensure that there is no part to part contact happening inside the working bowl.

If they come in contact then the parts will get damaged for sure.



The long rectangular vibratory finishing machine is specially designed to handle complex and fragile parts.

It comes with the chamber separator feature.

So, you load individual parts in each chamber along with the media for deburring.

It will ensure that there is no part to part impingement.

There will be no movement of the parts in the case of the blasting machine.

Only the media will be in motion.

So, it will ensure that no part damage happens due to part movement.

So, a blasting machine is good for deburring delicate parts with the help of glass beads or and without any damages.

The high speed rotation the centrifugal disc finishing machines ensure that the parts don’t come in contact with each other.

Don’t ever think of using a rotary barrel tumbling machine for deburring fragile parts.

It will damage the fragile parts.



The barrel machine takes long time to deburr parts and the part to part contact cannot be avoided,

Another issue is that the barrel machine will not allow you to monitor the progress of deburring from outside.

So, if you are planning to deburr fragile parts, then use any of these machines – vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and the blasting machine.


8. Can You Explain The Advantages Of Using Parts Deburring Machines For Deburring Process?

The benefits of using a parts deburring machine for deburring parts are many.

The main advantage is the ability of the machine to deburr large amount of parts at the same time.

It will help you to save lots of time.

You can reduce the overall processing time if you use the right type of deburring machine with the right deburring media.

These machines are very accurate when it comes to burr removal.

They are capable of removing all types of burrs and imperfections from the parts.

These machines are available in different capacities and price range.

You will find the desktop versions as well as the industrial versions of these parts deburring machines from Inovatec.

So, you can easily select one according to your deburring needs.

The machine will also help you to prepare the parts for next processes like coating, electroplating, or painting.

The different additional features that come with the machine allows you to automate the machine.

It will help you to minimize the human interventions.

Many of these machines are capable of doing precise deburring with less wastage of part materials.

The maintenance cost is also less for these machines from Inovatec machinery.

No special tools are required for the maintenance or repair works.

You can easily do all the maintenance work with the basic tool kit.

It will also help to remove the labor skill dependency on the deburring process.

You can also save on the labor cost since only one person is required to control the entire operation of the machine.

So, if you invest on the right type of parts deburring machine along with the right type of media from Inovatec machinery, then you can run a cost effective and efficient deburring process.

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