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The ceramic tumbling media for brass is capable of doing different mass finishing processes like deburring, degreasing, descaling, cleaning, surface smoothening, and polishing of brass parts. Inovatec machinery manufactures different varieties of ceramic media that will meet most of your finishing requirements. The brass parts made using any processes like die-casting, machining, or pressed parts can be used along with the ceramic media.


The cylinder shape of the ceramic media is good for deburring and burnishing of jewelry and casting parts made of brass.


The ceramic balls are the porcelain media that does not have any abrasive content and is very useful for cleaning and polishing brass parts.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

The grinding compound LC-13 is a mild grinding compound that helps to bring down the excess media wear rate and for lubrication.

The polishing compound HM-7C-A helps to create a mirror like shine on the brass parts.

The cleaning compound HX-0 helps to clean both brass parts and the media during the finishing process.

Mass Finishing Machines For Brass Parts

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of mass finishing machines that are capable of handling brass parts for finishing. It supports processes like deburring, descaling, cleaning, surface smoothening, polishing, and drying. Inovatec also uses customized CAD designs to ensure that our machine will easily fit in your workspace.

Inovatec Machinery- Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Of Ceramic Tumbling Media For Brass from China
  • Ceramic tumbling media with fast action on brass parts
  • Mass finishing machines that suit brass parts with ceramic media
  • Supports a high level of machine automation
  • Helps to attain right finish to brass parts
Frequently Asked Question
What is your MOQ for tumbling media for brass parts?

Our MOQ is 100 kg per size/shape. But we suggest 1000kg for better saving during the shipment.

How long is your production time?

Our production lead time is 15-25 days depending on the media type and size. Typically, smaller size media takes longer time to produce.

Can you do customized tumbler media according to our sample?

Of course. You can send us 2-3 pcs of tumbling media to analyze and we will make exactly the same media per your requirement. You can also send us your parts for free sample trials.

How do you make the packaging?

We make rigid packaging using double-layer plastic bags. 25kg per bags and 40 bags per pallets.

Can you select the right tumbling media for our brass parts?

Of course. We choose the right tumbling media based on your parts size, shape and surface requirement. You can send us the parts with your expected surface finishing.

Ceramic Tumbling Media For Brass Introduction

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of ceramic tumbling media with varying abrasive content.

The ceramic deburring media with light cutting grade is a good alternative for the plastic media.

It is the perfect choice for light deburring and surface preparation for brass metal.

It is very useful to remove the dirt, grease, and the oxidation layer from the brass parts.



Although cleaning brass cases with vinegar is a cost-effective way for brass case cleaning.

The porcelain tumbling media is best suited for polishing the brass parts to bring the shine back on its surface.

It is commonly used for door and window parts, nuts and bolts, connectors and fittings, and bullet shells.

The vibratory tumbler finishing machines and the rotary barrel finishing machines are the recommend machines from Inovatec for cleaning and finishing of brass parts.

Inovatec also offers ceramic media in different shapes like a ball, triangle, and cylinder.

The same ceramic deburring media can be used for the bronze and copper parts also.

If you combine the ceramic tumbling media with the appropriate mass finishing machine, then it is an economical solution for finishing your parts.

Besides ceramic media, walnut shell media and corn cob media also do best for brass case polishing.

In this article we will answer:

  • How to get shiny brass cases
  • Best way to clean spent brass



You can get ceramic abrasive media in different shapes, abrasiveness, and sizes from Inovatec machinery.

The long life of the ceramic media from Inovatec also ensures that you can use it many times.

Thus, you will be able to save costs in the long run.

Inovatec machinery produces a wide variety of tumbling media.

So, you can easily get eh tumbling media matching with your part.



We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing ceramic tumbling media for brass parts.

We will also help you to select the right type of ceramic deburring media for your parts.

We can also do a sample test of your parts for free if you ship sample parts.

We will ship you back the sample parts after finishing.

It will help you to know which media is right for you.

Send us a message right now, and we will get back you with an instant quote.


Ceramic Tumbling Media For Brass FAQ Guide

1. Which Tumbling Media IS Good For Brass Tumbling Polish – Ceramic Media Or The Stainless Steel Media?

If you use the ceramic media for tumbling brass parts, then you can relay improve the surface brightness of your bras parts.

You can feed the mass finishing machine with the ceramic media, brass parts, and the compound for tumbling.

You will get the cleaned and finished part after the processing.

No supervision is required while the machine is in operation.

The ceramic media is robust media.



One important thing to take care of while tumbling media with the ceramic media is that you must use a burnishing compound in the right quantity.

The failure to add the compound in the right quantity will damage your brass parts.

There must be a sufficient amount of wetting of the ceramic media for proper cleaning of the brass parts.

The stainless steel media also have a similar strength to the ceramic media.

So, you can use the stainless steel media also for cleaning and polishing brass parts.

The main advantage of ceramic media is that it is available in different shapes and sizes.

So, it can match with most of the brass parts shape and structure.

You can easily get ceramic media for small size parts as well as large size parts.


The stainless steel media comes in the ball and pin shape.

So, the choice of shapes is very less in the stainless steel tumbling media.

It is one of the main reasons why most industries go for the ceramic media instead of the stainless steel tumbling media for mass finishing brass parts.

One advantage of the stainless steel media is that you can get it in the smallest possible diameter.

So, the small size balls will be able to reach even the smallest crevices or slots in the brass part.

Thus, there will not be any part lodging issue if you use the stainless steel balls.

You can also use polishing compounds along with the stainless steel media.

The stainless steel media is an alloy material.

So, it will also support the magnetic tumbling feature.

It will depend on the composition and the manufacturing process of the stainless steel media.

So, all stainless steel media will not exhibit good magnetism features.

The magnetism feature allows you to separate the media easily from the parts.

If the electromagnetic feature of the stainless steel media is used, then the media is made to hit on the parts with the help of the electromagnetic force for cleaning and finishing.

So, both stainless steel media and ceramic deburring media are suitable for cleaning the brass parts properly.


2. What Is The Typical Finishing Time For Ceramic Media When Tumbled With Brass Parts?

The typical finish time would be between two to four hours.

Minimal supervision will be required during this processing time.

No harm will come to your brass parts, even if you tumble it little more.

But, the extra time of tumbling will cost you both money and time.

So, better to avoid it.

So, you need to find out the right time for tumbling brass parts with ceramic media.

You need to consider some factors to find out this processing time.

The first thing to consider is the cycle time.

You can find it with the help of the amplitude of force exerted by the tumbler.

Some tumblers are more aggressive than the other when it comes to the speed of processing.

The ceramic deburring media is an aggressive media that will cause more material removal from the parts.

So, you must be very careful while using this media.

The rotation of the tumbler must be slow and gentle.

If you make the tumbler rotate at a higher speed, then the media may remove more material from the brass parts because of the excess pressure.

It is also good to use an application timer to control the time duration of the finishing process.

It will ensure that each batch of brass parts gets tumbled for the same duration of time.

It will help you to achieve a consistent finish across all the brass parts.


3. What Effect Does The Shape And Size Of The Ceramic Media Have When Tumbled cleaning brass for reloading?

Inovatec machinery offers a wide variety of ceramic media in different shapes and sizes.

The different shapes include the balls, tristar, pyramid, cone, and many more.

The most commonly used shape is cylindrical ones.

The main advantage of using a spherical media is that the wear and tear will be less compared to other shapes.

Another advantage is that they don’t get stuck between the parts during the tumbling process, unlike other media shapes.

The chipping rate is also less for cylindrical and spherical media.

The size and shape of the ceramic tumbling media matters a lot for brass parts.

So, you need to ensure that you use the ceramic media of right shape and size that matches the brass part structure.

It will ensure that the tumbling brass parts happen efficiently.

Sometimes you will have complex brass part structures that are fragile.

So, the shape of the media becomes very important.

If you don’t use the right media shape, then the brass part may break while tumbling.

So, you are putting your brass parts to risk by selecting a random shape.

The size of the media is also another vital factor.

The media size must not be very small.

If the size is very small, it will pass through the holes in the part without cleaning it properly.

If you use very large media, then it will not pass through these holes so that the cleaning efficiency will get compromised.

The area of contact of media with brass parts will be less if you use media size larger than the part size.

So, choose wisely.

It doesn’t matter if you take more time to select the right media.

But, make sure that it is an appropriate one.


4. How Does The Ceramic Media Polish The Brass Parts?

There are two ways of polishing brass parts using the ceramic deburring media.

You can either make use of the rotary finisher machine or the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

The vibratory finisher machine is the most popular choice among many businesses when it comes to polishing brass parts using ceramic media.

Brass parts usually make use of the wet tumbling process for polishing since brass is a soft metal.

So, we will explain more about it.

You need to load the tumbler bowl with brass parts, ceramic media, and the polishing compound.

You must ensure that the tumbler capacity is good enough to hold this weight.

Only then the finishing process will run efficiently.

You need to take the cycle time into account.

You can easily get this time with the help of the amplitude force given by the finisher machine.

Some tumbler machines are more powerful than the other mass finishing machines.

So, material removal will be more aggressive for these machines.

The ceramic media is very effective for surface improvement of brass parts.

But, when the abrasive content is more in the media, you need to slow the rotation speed of the tumbler for efficient polishing.

We recommend operating the machine at 75 percent of the load for the best results.

You must also ensure that the amount of burnishing compound in the tumbler is right.

You will have to run the machine for 2 to 4 hours to get the desired finish on the brass parts.

You can run this process without much human intervention.

If you want, you can even tumble the mixture for long cycles.

There will not be much effect on the parts for a slightly longer duration of tumbling.

But, this process will not be cost effective for you.

Once the tumbling is over, then you can unload the media and parts from the tumbler.

You need to clean the brass parts with clean water to remove the remains of any burnishing compounds or waste materials.

Once the rinsing is over, you need to dry the parts.

You can wipe the parts using a large dry towel folded n half to remove the excess water droplets from the brass parts.

You can put it for sun drying after this process.

If you want to dry the brass parts faster, then you can even make use of the dryer machines from Inovatec.

You can also blow the parts with compressed dry air to remove the water present in the slots and holes of the part.

The power of the compressed air is good enough to remove all the liquid particles sticking on to the part surface.


5. What Advantages Do Ceramic Media Have Over Other Mass Finishing Media?

The main advantage of using ceramic media for brass parts over other mass finishing media is its availability in various shapes, sizes, and abrasiveness.

Choosing the right shape and size will help to increase the efficiency of the polishing process.

The life of the ceramic tumbling media is more when compared to the other media like a corn cob and plastic media.

The cutting rate is also more for ceramic media.

So, the deburring process will be fast.

Thus, you can bring down the overall finishing time of the process.

Less effort is needed for the ceramic media to cut a soft metal part like brass.

The aggressiveness of the ceramic media can’t be matched with any other media for polishing brass parts.

You can make the process efficient and fast with the help of the right ceramic media.

Another feature that attracts the business owners is the cost of the ceramic media.

It is an inexpensive media.


6. How To Clean Brass Casings With Ceramic Media Without Causing Any Damages?

You can use ceramic media to clean brass casings without causing any damages to the part.

You need to consider two things about this.

They are the processing strength of the tumbler and the quantity of the burnishing compound used in the mixture.

You can load the tumbler with brass casings, media, and burnishing compounds first.

We recommend loading the tumbler with 75 percent of its maximum load capacity.

You must be very careful while adding the burnishing compound.

The amount of the compound must be correct.

Otherwise, the quality of the finish on the brass casings will not be good.

There must be a sufficient quantity of polishing compounds to wet the media surface that will help to roll over the parts without causing any sort of damages to the parts.

Excessive usage of the burnishing compound will reduce the frictional force between the media and parts.

So, the polishing process will not be efficient.

You can even run the machine for an extended time.

It is not going to damage your brass casings.

Once the finishing is complete, you need to take out the casings from the tumbler.

You can rinse the brass casings using tap water to get rid of the burnishing compounds sticking to the brass casings.

It will also help to remove any stuck media in the parts.

Now, you need to dry the parts before storage.

You can use the dryer machine from Inovatec machinery for drying brass casings.

You can also go for the manual method of drying,

A large dry towel can be used to wipe off the water particles from the brass casing s by hand.

You can use the compressed air on these parts afterwards to clean the holes and slots in part effectively.

Make sure that the part is completely dry before storing it.


7. Is It Possible To Dry Tumble Brass Parts With Ceramic Media?

We don’t recommend to use ceramic media for hard tumbling brass parts.

It is because the ceramic media is an aggressive media known for its material removal capabilities.

So, if you use such a media for drying brass parts, then it will remove more material from the brass parts in the process.

So, you will need to add some burnishing compound in the right quantity.

It is done to reduce the frictional force between the ceramic media and the brass parts.

You need to ensure that the media is wet enough to do the job.

If you use too much of a burnishing compound, then the finishing process will not be productive.

The compound may spill out from the tumbler during the finishing process.

The usual processing time for brass parts is 2 to 4 hours with a vibratory finishing machine.

You can also go for a slightly higher processing time if required.

It will not have any adverse impact on the final part quality.

But, the cost of operation will increase with the increase in processing time.

The life of the media will also come down.

So, after completing the finishing process, you need to take the brass parts out of the tumbler and rinse it with tap water.

You need to dry the parts after rinsing it with water.

You can either use the manual method for drying brass parts or use any of the dryer machines from Inovatec.

In the case of the manual method, you will have to use a towel to dry the parts initially.

There will be water droplets in the slots and cavities that may not be removed with the help of a towel.

So, you will have to use the compressed air to remove these water droplets from these hard to reach areas in the brass parts.

If you use the air dryer machine, you need to load the rinsed parts into the dryer and process it for some time.

No human intervention is needed during this process.

You will get clean and dried parts at the output.


8. Is It Possible To Reuse The Ceramic Media After Tumbling It With Brass Parts?

Inovatec has manufactured the ceramic media in such a way that you can reuse it many times.

So, after every tumbling process, you need to check the quality of the ceramic deburring media after tumbling.

If the quality is good without much wear and tear, then you can clean and store it for next time use.

If the size of the ceramic media has reduced considerably, then it is high time you replace it with a new ceramic media next time.

Otherwise, the quality of the finish on brass parts will not be good for the next batch of parts.

Ceramic deburring media is not a one time use tumbling media.

So, you can use it many times.

The life of the ceramic media will depend on your usage.

If you are planning to dispose of the unusable ceramic media, you cannot dispose of it like the regular trash.

The used ceramic media may contain particles that are harmful to the environment.

It may contain some harmful particles from the burnishing compounds.

So, you need to follow the standard industrial procedures for disposing of such wastes.

The same applies to the leftover materials which you get after cleaning the ceramic media and brass parts.

You must dispose of all such waste properly without harming the environment.

The ceramic deburring media from Inovatec is a high quality media that comes with a long life.

When the media size becomes small, you must stop using it and place an order for a new batch of media.


9. Is It Costly To Tumble Brass Parts With Ceramic Media?

If you use the ceramic deburring media of right shape, size, and abrasiveness, then the whole process of finishing brass parts will be an inexpensive one.

The cost of using the ceramic tumbling media for brass parts will depend on various factors like the finishing time for the process, the quantity of burnishing compound used, and the price of the media also.

Most of the tumbling machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of doing this process in 2 to 4 hours.

So, it does not take much time to process.

If you ensure that the brass parts are tumbled for the right time, then you can lower some operational and media costs.

You also need to consider the cost of disposing of the waste that comes out due to this tumbling process.

You need to follow special procedures to dispose of the waste since they are harmful to the environment.

You cannot dump the waste in the drain.

The ceramic tumbling media is a reusable media.

So, you can use it multiple times for many years.

You can use ceramic media even if there are small wear and tear.

The life of the ceramic media is also dependent on its shape and size.

Bigger size media will have more life than the smaller ones.

Shapes like ball and cylinder will have more life than the pyramid and tristar ones.

You will have to dispose of the media once there is a considerable reduction in the size of the ceramic media.

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