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Inovatec Machinery Your Trusted Partner in High Volume Mass Finishing Needs

Rings are quite popular in the jewelry industry. For some people, they are an everyday jewelry item. For others, they have a much deeper significance. We love rings for their shiny properties and their symbolism. A ring looks a lot better when it’s polished.

Inovatec has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing ring polishing machines.


Centrifugal finishing machines are equally as important as the centrifugal barrel machines. However, the centrifugal disc machine is better for smaller jewelry—such as rings. Thus, use this machine for your ring polishing needs.


We use vibratory machines because they are relatively cheaper than other machines. These machines, hence their name, use vibration. This process creates friction between the media and the jewelry parts.

Under the bowl of the machine is an offset vibratory motor. There are also coil spring suspensions to keep the vibrations under control.


These machines are specifically suitable for delicate and small pieces of jewelry. These machines are super precise and use magnetic pins to achieve this. They don’t have a big capacity, but the process cycle is very short.


This model is one of Inovatec’s most strong and modern machines. You spin the barrel at the desired speed to create friction between the media and the jewelry. This gets the work done in a short amount of time. You can also get the Zero Gap CF machine; it will give you similar results.

Ring Polishing for Different Materials

Believe it or not, steel is a popular metal in rings. Steel rings are unique and look very different from “traditional” rings. To add, steel rings are cost-effective and last a very long time.

You should buy a centrifugal finishing machine to polish these machines. This includes a barrel machine or a disk one. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you may also use a vibratory machine.

Silver is among the most widely used metals for jewelry—especially rings. You can pair silver rings with any outfit. If you’re looking to polish rings, Inovatec can provide you with the best solution.

A centrifugal disc finisher is the best option to polish silver rings. You may also use a centrifugal barrel machine. Both machines will get you the same results.

A lot of people also wear iron rings. These are very cheap and complement many outfits. Iron rings are not shiny by nature because of the physical properties of iron.

Inovatec has every machine for your polishing needs. For iron rings, use a vibratory machine or a centrifugal barrel machine.

Gold takes the win for rings and other types of jewelry. Many people around the world cherish gold and its beautiful properties. However, it is a soft metal. You need to be super careful while polishing gold.

We can best polish gold with a magnetic polishing machine. It is because they are of high value and should always polish properly.

Aluminum is a widely-used ring metal. Aluminum is also somewhat cheap. This lightweight metal also does not tire the fingers, so it’s easy to wear. However, you need to polish aluminum a lot before you can sell it to others.

You can polish this metal with a centrifugal disc finishing machine, or a magnetic machine. These machines are the optimum options for this job.

Brass is a very unique metal. It has some distinct properties that make it stand out from the rest. Brass is perfect for rings because of this exact reason. Unfortunately, they tarnish very easily. So brass needs to be polished very often.

Inovatec has the best solution for you! Inovatec Machinery offers a centrifugal, magnetic, and a vibratory machine to polish your brass.

Media for Jewelry Polishing

In all of China, Inovatec Machinery has the biggest assortment of finishing media. Ceramic media is the best media for hard metals, such as titanium. It deburrs and polishes. However, plastic media is the most common type of media. You may also want to use porcelain media if that suits your purposes.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Ring Polishing Equipment Manufacturer in China
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Frequently Asked Question
How much ring polishing equipment can I buy?

You can buy just one or as many as you want. Inovatec Machinery requests that you provide them with enough time to manufacture your machines.

Are the machines packed well?

They pack every machine with the utmost care. They transport the packed boxes with forklifts.

Should I buy it from you?

Inovatec Machinery is among the best machine manufacturers in China. They transport and ship their products all around the world.

What payment methods do you accept?

They accept PayPal, Western Union, L/C, and other payment methods.

What do I pay in the beginning?

You pay a 30% advance, just to confirm your order.

Ring Polishing – Definitive Guide

1. What Type Of Ring Polishing Machines Are Offered At Inovatec Machinery?

We wear rings daily. For most people, they are an essential part of their everyday look.

Rings are at their best when they are shiny and cared for. This is why we need a process to polish rings.

Inovatec has decades of experience in the industry. From all the manufacturers, you are sure to find your best solution here.

Inovatec offers four types of mass finishing machines.

They are as follows:


1.1 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

These are one of the strongest and sleekest machines that you’ll get from Inovatec.

This machine is high-speed and super intense. It can do a finishing job in very minimal time.

The centrifugal machine rotates at a high speed to do this. This motion creates maximum friction between the rings and the media.

Friction is vital to this process.

You may also use the Zero Gap CF series to polish your rings. It will get you the same results as the centrifugal barrel finisher.

These finishing machines are perfect for polishing many types of rings. For example, steel rings, iron rings, aluminum rings, etc.



1.2 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

This is the next centrifugal machine as offered by Inovatec.

These machines are used popularly in the jewelry industry. They polish small-sized jewelry, especially rings.

They have a design that minimizes the impact inflicted upon the jewelry. As a result, your jewelry is not damaged.

To add, they are simple to operate and maintain. They are cheap to run and do the work in minimal time.

These machines can also polish many types of rings, such as brass, silver, steel, etc.



1.3 Vibratory Finishing Tumbler

These machines are the most ideal. Why? They are the cheapest option.

As the name suggests, the machine uses vibrations to function.

The vibrations create friction between the media and the rings.

You can find coil ring springs under the tub of the machine. These coils keep the vibrations in check.

As a result, we can polish jewelry with this mass finishing equipment.

Vibratory machines can polish brass rings, silver rings, iron rings, etc.



1.4 Magnetic Polishing Machine

Last but not the least, the magnetic tumbler machine. These machines are suitable for delicate and intricate pieces of jewelry.

They use very thin magnetic pins as a polishing media.

However, the capacity of the machine is small. But every small-batch cycle is very short.

This machine makes sure that your final product has an even, smooth finish.

They can polish brass jewelry, gold jewelry, and many more.


2. Why Should You Choose Mass Finishing Machines Over Traditional Ring Polishing Methods?

You can always polish rings by hand. But it isn’t as efficient as doing it with a machine.

Following are the reasons why you should use mass finishing machines:


2.1 Quality of Finish

Polishing jewelry by hand will only get you so far. You cannot expect to see stellar results.

However, the skill of a worker plays a role in this.

Mass finishing machines require minimal human effort and provide even results.



2.2 Saving Time and Costs

Using a machine is often cheaper and takes less time.

Hand-held polishing requires a lot of labor. It also consumes a lot of time, especially with meticulous polishing.

The quality of the final product depends heavily on the person polishing it by hand.

With a mass finishing machine, you can save time and costs. All you need is one operator to process several batches. Sometimes even all at once!



2.3 Batch Polishing

One person can only polish one thing at a time. With large batches, you would need several workers.

Inovatec has a range of machines. They all have different capacities and can process several batches at the same time.

Brass-Ring-Polishing (1)


2.4 Damage-Free Polishing

In manual polishing, workers are prone to causing damage.

The damage can be especially hard to fix if it’s a precious metal, such as silver and gold.

With mass finishing machines, you can select the ideal media for polishing. Choosing the correct one will cause very minimal to no damage to your pieces.


3. Which Polishing Media Is Ideal For Ring Polishing?

The type of media is crucial to ring polishing.

Inovatec has a large collection of polishing media.

Porcelain and plastic media works best for rings.

The only other media you would use is steel pins in the magnetic finishing machine.

To add, you can choose to use steel balls to polish brass rings.



4. What Are The Types Of Ring Polishing Media Offered By Inovatec?

Inovatec Machinery has a list of media they offer.

For ring polishing, you can refer to the following media:


4.1 Porcelain Media

Porcelain is quite aggressive in polishing.

However, it is the perfect choice to polish rings.

Make sure that you select the right media shape. It will prevent it from getting stuck inside jewelry.



4.2 Plastic Media

Plastic is ideal for light polishing. It’s quite common in polishing rings.

Plastic retains its shape for a long time. It also does not wear out easily.

Inovatec has plastic media in many shapes and sizes.



4.3 Stainless Steel Media

We use stainless steel to polish brass. We also use it in magnetic finishing machines.

They are perfect for polishing brass rings.

Inovatec offers this media in several shapes and sizes. Ie: balls, pins, diagonals, etc.

For polishing brass, use steel balls as a media. For a magnetic machine, use stainless steel pins.



5. How Does a Vibratory Finisher Polish Rings?

The vibratory finisher uses vibration to polish rings.

These machines are made of a motor, shafts, suspension springs, and tub or bowl, etc.

We put the media and rings in the tub for the polishing process.

The suspension springs provide the bowl with vibrations.

This vibration creates friction between the mass in the bowl. It ensures a successful process.

As the rings and media rub against one another, the rings polish and deburr.

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