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Inovatec Machinery The Leader in Manufacturing & Supply of Small Parts Deburring Machine

Inovatec has been manufacturing part surface enhancement machines for the past 20 years. Our vibratory tumbler finishing machines are the most popular mass finishing machines in the market. They are available in different price range with different set of features.

For deburring small parts, you need to ensure that the machine that you select must be able to clean and deburr the parts without too much material removal. The pressure applied on the parts while deburring should also be less. Otherwise, it may damage the small parts.

The application includes jewellery polishing, coin polishing, amber polishing, pearl polishing, 3d printed parts finishing, small die cast parts finishing etc.


The centrifugal disc finisher is best suited for deburring small parts. It can deburr small parts in less amount of time. The processing speed of a centrifugal disc finisher is almost 30 times that of the vibratory tumbler finisher machine. It makes use of the centrifugal force for deburring and polishing the parts.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) series vibratory deburring machine is one of the popular mass finishing solution from Inovatec machinery. It comes with lots of additional features and fitting options. It is also a cost effective mass finishing solution. It will help you to deburr small parts in a decent time.


The rotary barrel tumbling machines are the oldest machines used for mass finishing parts. It is very useful for deburring and edge rounding of parts. The barrel in the machine is made to hold the media and parts together. This barrel is mate to rotate slowly to finish the parts. It is an economical solution for deburring parts.


The benchtop vibratory tumbler is a compact size vibratory tumbler that occupy very little space. It is useful for deburring small parts. It can be used for medium size parts deburring also.


The centrifugal barrel tumbler machine is similar to the centrifugal disc finisher machine. The only difference is that it makes use of a barrel to hold the media and parts. It is useful for deburring and edge rounding of small parts.


The TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine can be used to deburr small parts that come in complex shapes. The machine also come with the chamber separator option to divide the chambers into small compartments. Thus, you will be able to deburr parts in batches.

Different Types Of Small Parts Supported For Deburring

The zinc parts are soft metal parts. So, you must be careful while deburring zinc dies casting parts. You must ensure to use the right type of media.

The rotary barrel tumbler machine will be the ideal choice for deburring zinc die cast parts. The slow rotation speed of the rotary barrels will ensure that no damage happens to the zinc parts.

The silver jewelry parts are precious metals. It is also a soft metal, but harder than zinc. So, you can employ an aggressive process for deburring silver jewelry parts.

The TVB(B) vibratory deburring machine will be the best option foe deburring silver jewelry parts. You must also ensure that you use the right type of media for tumbling silver parts.

The deburring of aluminum CNC machined parts is essential to remove the machine lines from the aluminum parts. Aluminum is a soft metal. So, you must use appropriate tumbling media to ensure that part is not damaged during the deburring process.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine or the centrifugal barrel finishing machine will be good for deburring aluminum parts. You can also use the vibratory tumbler finishing machine. But, it will take more time to deburr parts.

High level of precision is required for deburring brass laser cut parts. The typical brass parts include the bullet casings or the gun barrels.

You can use the vibratory tumbler finishing machines for deburring brass parts. The stainless steel pins are the commonly used media for deburring brass parts.

The rubber parts also need deburring after manufacturing. The imperfections will not be visible in the form of hard burrs in the case of rubber parts.

You can use the centrifugal disc finishing machine to deburr rubber parts. It will help to deburr the rubber parts in less time.

The small brass fittings require precise and accurate deburring. You must ensure that more material is not removed from the parts during the deburring process.

The magnetic tumbler polisher machine can be used to deburr the brass fittings.

The stainless steel stamped parts are hard and strong parts. So, you will need to use a high power deburring machine for best results.

The risk of damaging the stamped part is more since the stainless steel parts are hard. You can go for the rotary tumbler finishing machine for best results with no damage. You can also use the vibratory tumbler finishing machines if you want to finish the parts at a fast rate.

The centrifugal disc finishing machine can be used for deburring the small plain steel washer. You can also use the vibratory finishing machine. But, it will take more time for deburring. A vibratory dryer can also be added at the end of the deburring process to dry the parts.

Plastic tumbling media is used for the deburring of aluminum milled parts. It will help to remove the machine marks from the parts. It will help to prepare the surface ready for electroplating. It will not alter the geometry of the parts.

Small Parts Deburring Machine Media

Inovatec manufactures different types of media that support deburring of small parts. The different tumbling media include the ceramic media, plastic media, stainless media, porcelain media, etc.

Inovatec machinery is manufacturing small parts deburring machine for the past 20 years. So, we have vast experience in providing mass finishing solutions for small parts. You can always get in touch with us to receive a free quote and advice.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of Small Parts Deburring Machines
  • Consistent deburring across all parts
  • Fast finishing solutions
  • Capable of deburring large number of parts economically
  • Deburring Machine customization options
Frequently Asked Question
Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Small Parts Deburring Machine?

Yes, there is a minimum order quantity of one for small parts deburring machine.

What Are The Input Power Supply Requirements For Small Parts Deburring Machines?

We have two options for you when it comes to the input power supply section. We can either install the 380-460V 3 phase power supply in the machine or the 230V 3 phase supply. You need to mention your input power supply requirement when you are placing the order for the machine. We strongly recommend to use a 3 phase connection for safety purpose.

What Should I do When The Small Parts Are Getting Stuck To Each Other In The Machine?

The small parts getting stuck to each other is a common phenomenon. You can use the anti-sticking agents along with the parts during the tumbling process to solve this issue.

What Are The Payment Terms For Inovatec?

If you are planning to buy a small parts deburring machine, then you will have to pay 30 percent of the amount in advance while placing the order. We will start manufacturing after receiving this amount. The remaining 70 percent needs to be paid after the manufacturing of the machine.

How Can I Ensure That The Inovatec Machines Are Good For Deburring My Small Parts?

Yu can send your small parts samples to us for deburring. We will finish the parts using our mass finishing machine and media. We provide complete transparency when it comes to mass finishing solutions. We will ship back the finished sample parts to you to check. We will also share the finishing process in detail which we have used to get this finish.

Small Parts Deburring Machine Information & Introduction

You can get great results from a vibratory finishing machine if you use it with the right type of media.

It is useful for removing all kinds of burrs and imperfections from the small part surface.

You can use the vibratory finishing machine for burnishing, deburring, and polishing of parts.

The vibratory finishing machines are used for finishing parts in many sectors.

It includes the laser cut parts, CNC machined aluminum parts, water jet finished parts, 3d printed parts, etc.



It is very useful to clean the parts also.

You can use the machine to remove dirt, dust, oil, and grease from the small parts.

The machine also comes with various additional settings that will help you to achieve great finishing results for your parts.

Some of the additional features include the PLC touch screen, chemical dosing pump, gas powered media separators, and many more.

Many small scale and large scale workshop owners make use of Inovatec mass finishing machines for finishing parts.


The features of the machine which attracts most of the workshop owners around the world are given below.


  • The vibratory bowls on Inovatec machines are welded from steel and are made to undergo the shot blasting process to improve the strength.
  • We use high quality raw materials for manufacturing our machines to ensure that the machine can be used for very long time.
  • Proper care is taken while doing the heat treatment process of the machine.
  • 20 mm thick HD polyurethane lining is used inside the bowls for protection.
  • Branded high quality motors are used from reputed companies.
  • Separation deck option is provided in the machine.
  • The timing of the process can be easily controlled with the help of the timer block.
  • Vibration absorption with the help of high quality suspension.
  • Vibration speed control through the speed controller from Bosch.


Small Parts Deburring Machine FAQ Guide

1. What Does A Small Part Deburring Machine Do?

The vibratory tumbler deburring machine from Inovatec is one of the popular mass finishing machines from us.

Customers from almost all parts of the world make use of our vibratory finishing machines.

The manufactured parts will not have a smoot surface due to burrs and other imperfections.

So, these imperfections need to be removed from the parts to get the final finished part.

You can use the vibratory deburring machine to do this finishing process.



The motor in the machine will make the bowl attached to it vibrate.

This vibration is known as the gyratory vibration.

This vibrational force will get transferred to the mixture of media and parts inside the bowl.

Thus, the media will start rubbing on the parts to remove the burrs and imperfections from the part.

Media is an abrasive substance that is made up of different types of materials.

So, the entire process will get completed in very less time.

The time duration for the deburring process will vary for different types of parts and also with the type of machines.

The batch processing feature in the Inovatec machines will help you to deburr multiple batches of parts simultaneously in the same machine.

2. What Are The Different Parts Of A Small Part Deburring Machine?

A small part deburring machine will contain many mechanical and hardware parts.

The type of parts will vary for different types of deburring machines.

The three types of machines offered by Inovatec are the vibratory finishing machine, rotary barrel finishing machine, and the centrifugal disc finisher machine.

So, we will see the vibratory tumbler finishing machine first.


It consists of a bowl where the parts and media will be loaded.

There will be a motor beneath the bowl.

The motor is responsible for providing the vibratory action.

The bowl is also balanced by a network of springs.

You need to control the frequency of vibration to get the desired finish results.

Next, you have the rotary barrel tumbler machines.



It is one of the oldest type of mass finishing machines.

But, still it is very popular due to its low cost feature.

The engineers from Inovatec have integrated many new features to the old rotary tumbler machines which makes it more user friendly.

It consists of barrels.

The parts and the media are loaded in the barrels for finishing.

The barrel will rotate and make the parts slide with media for finishing parts.

The last category is the centrifugal disc finisher machines.

These machines make use of the centrifugal force for the deburring process.

The chambers in the machine are made to rotate on their axis for deburring.

These machines are capable of processing the parts 30 times faster than the standard vibratory finishing machines.


3. Can You Explain The Working Of The Small Parts Deburring Machine?

The deburring machine can be of any of these three types- vibratory finisher machine, centrifugal finishing machine, or the rotary barrel finisher.

All these machines make use of the frictional force between the media and the parts to clean the parts.

But, the operating principle of these machines are different.

If you only tumble the parts alone in the machine, then they will start rubbing against each other once the machine is powered on.


So, the parts will get damaged.

So, you need to use the media along with the parts for tumbling.

The media will ensure that there is no part damage due to part to part contact.

You need to add the media and the parts in a specific ration as prescribed by the manufacturer for an efficient tumbling process.

Inovatec recommend to use a minimum ratio of 1:3 between parts and media.

You can also use water along with media and parts for tumbling.

It is called wet tumbling process.

If you are planning to do dry tumbling, then you don’t have to use water.

Once the parts and media are loaded into the machine, then you can start the machine.

The motors will make the necessary force to make the parts rub on media to deburr the parts.

Some machines will give you the options to vary the speed to control the amount of force.

The deburring media will contain abrasive materials that will help to remove the material from the parts for finishing.

The most commonly used deburring media is the ceramic deburring media.

Sometimes, compounds are also added in to the parts and media mixture to accelerate the deburring process.

It will help to reduce the deburring time.

Inovatec machinery manufactures wide variety of ceramic deburring media.

So, you can easily choose one which matches with your part and deburring requirements.

It you find it difficult to choose one, then you can get in touch with our technical team.

We will help you to choose the right media.



4. What Is The Difference Between A Small Parts Deburring Machine From Other Mass Finishing Machines?

Actually, there is not much difference between a small parts deburring machine and other mass finishing machines.

The mass finishing machine is a general term given to machines that are capable of different mass finishing processes.

Deburring is one of these mass finishing process.

You can use industrial machines also for deburring small parts.

If you are only looking to deburr small parts in small quantities then the desktop vibratory tumbler deburring machine will be a good choice.

So, the small deburring machine is a type of mass finishing machine only.



5. Can You Share The Advantages Of Using A Small Parts Deburring Machine?

The benefits of using a small part deburring machine are many.

You will get a consistent finish across all your small parts.

The parts will become more strong, durable, and smooth.

The deburring machine will help to remove the weak spots from the parts.

The unwanted excess deposit of materials from the parts will be removed completely.

All kinds of burrs and imperfections can be removed completely by using a small parts deburring machine.

The small parts deburring machine will help you to prepare the surface of the parts for process like coating, electroplating, and painting.

The machines are really efficient and fast.

So, you can easily deburr more parts in less time.

It will take more time to deburr the same parts if you use manual labor.

The accuracy of deburring will be high in the case of the small parts deburring machine if you use the right machine with the right type of media for your parts.

It will also help you to save labor cost and other operational cost.

You can easily run the mass deburring process of your parts with a single operator.

The maintenance cost is also less for the machine.

All the maintenance and repair works can be easily done with the help of basic tools.

The batch processing feature of The Inovatec machines will help you to deburr multiple batches of parts at the same time.


6. What Are The Various Industrial Applications Of The Small Parts Deburring Machine?

These machines are capable of deburring almost all types of parts.

So, the application of these machines is infinite.

The small parts deburring can also be done with industrial machines.

So, you don’t have to invest in one if you already own an industrial machine that is capable of handling small parts.

So, a separate machine won’t be needed.



The small parts deburring machines from Inovatec machines are capable of deburring parts made of wood, rubber, brass, stainless steel, and many more.

The deburring process will vary each type of parts.

The deburring media will also be different for each type of part.

It is capable of deburring various types of metal parts like magnesium wheels, crankshafts, stainless steel automotive parts, and many other.

You can also deburr plastic parts in this machine with the help of appropriate media.

Rubber parts like small gaskets can also be deburred in this machine.

If you are going with a small machine, then you may not be able to deburr large parts or small parts in large quantities.

So, choose wisely.


7. Is It Possible To Use Small Parts Deburring Machines For Home Applications?

You can’t use the small parts deburring machine for home applications.

It will not be an economically viable solution.

It is useful only if you deburr small parts in bulk.

So, it is not an ideal solution to be used at homes.

It is designed to be used in industries and workshops.


8. What Are The Different Shapes & Types Of Parts Supported For Deburring In A Small Pars Deburring Machine?

The small parts deburring machine will come with a durable PU lining inside the bowl that is designed to protect the parts and bowl from damages.

But, you have to be very careful about the parts you choose for different machines.

Different deburring machines are designed to handle different types of parts.

For example, if you use rotary tumbler for deburring stainless steel parts, then it is going to take a lot of time to process.

If you are planning to deburr fragile parts inside a centrifugal machine, then you will end up damaging it.

So, you must choose the machine in such a way that it matches with the part that you are going to deburr.

Only then the deburring process will be effective and the machine will be useful.



9. What Are The Popular Tumbling Media Types Used In Small Parts Deburring Machines For Deburring?

Inovatec machinery manufactures wide range of media that can be used with the small part deburring machine for deburring.

Half the job would be done of you select the right type of tumbling media.

The right tumbling media will help you to get the best results in the lowest possible time.

It will help you to improve the efficiency and productivity of the deburring process.

You need to also consider the wear and tear rate of the media in each cycle.



The ceramic tumbling media is the most commonly used deburring media.

It is available in different shapes, sizes, and cutting grades.

It is also an aggressive media that helps to remove more material from the part surface in less time.

It is one of the main reason the ceramic media is very popular among many customers.

Inovatec also manufactures ceramic media in different abrasive strengths.

So, if you want to reduce the material removal rate, then you can select media with lower abrasive strengths.

But. It will take more time to complete the deburring process.

The plastic tumbling media is used for deburring soft metal parts.

Plastic media applies less pressure on part for deburring when compared to the ceramic media.

You must also select the right shape and size for the media.

Generally, small media is used for small parts, and large media for large parts.

The choice will also depend on the structure and complexity of the part.


10. What Are The Different Maintenance Operations That Needs To Be Done On The Small Parts Deburring Machine?

If you do proper maintenance then you can use the small parts deburring machine many times for many years without any issues.

So, it will help to improve the life of the machine.

You need to follow the maintenance instructions given in the manual which is supplied along with the machine.

You must grease the joints of the machine at regular intervals.

It will ensure that machine runs smoothly without any strange noises.

It will also help to reduce the wear and tear of the machine parts.

You must do a periodic inspection on the PU lining of the machine.

If there is any wear and tear then you must replace it immediately.

The drainage system needs to be checked before starting the finishing process.

It is to ensure that there are no blocks in the drainage.

Otherwise, industrial accidents can happen due to spillage or outbursts from the machine.

So, do all the maintenance activities on the machine to ensure that you can use it efficiently.

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