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  • High energy harperizing process with less finishing time
  • High level of accuracy and precision in finishing
  • High quality and Consistent finish
  • Easy to operate and maintain
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Inovatec Machinery You High Quality Industrial Harperizer Machine Manufacturer from China

Harperizer machines are high energy machines used for finishing metal parts. They make use of the centrifugal force for mass finishing parts. It helps to remove the imperfections and clean the metal parts.

Harperizer machines also called centrifugal barrel finishing equipment.

A standard Harperizer machine will come with two or more barrels in a cylindrical shape attached to the turret periphery.

Harperizer machines are widely used in jewelry polishing, additive manufacturing parts finishing, as well as turbine blade polishing.


The desktop planetary ball mill comes with a capacity of 0.4 liters to 40 litres.


The CB40 centrifugal barrel machine comes with 48 barrels that allow the user to process different types of parts at a time.


The centrifugal barrel machine with the removable barrel is useful for small parts like rubber gaskets, dental parts, jewelry parts, etc.


CB series high energy centrifugal finishing machine is useful for providing a consistent finish across all the parts.

Optional Design & Setting

The removable barrel option is available only for the 30 litres, and 36 litre centrifugal barrel finishing machine and is suitable for jewelry parts and dental parts.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine which is under 80 litre capacities, can make use of the belt drive system for a stable movement.

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine with capacity 80 litres and above can use the chain drive system for stable movement.

The integrated separator can be used to separate the parts from the harperizer media after completing the process.

The divide barrel option is provided in the centrifugal barrel finisher machine to facilitate the batch processing feature and to avoid part to part contact.

The rate of deburring and polishing process can be increased with the help of the eccentric movement of the 8 degree tilt barrels.

Mass Finishing Media

The shape and size of the part will decide the structure and geometry of the mass finishing media. The media should not get lodged on to the parts while finishing.

The different mass finishing media manufactured by Inovatec include the ceramic media, plastic media, organic media, stainless steel media, etc. Inovatec also offers media in different shapes. It consists of the cone, ball, pyramid, tristar, tetrahedron, cylinder, etc.

If you invest in the wrong media, then the efficiency of the harperizing process will get compromised. You can go for a dark color media if you want to a higher cutting rate or deburring effect. You can choose a light color media for a mild cutting rate.

Inovatec Machinery- Leader in Manufacturing and Supply of Harperizer Machines
  • Perfect for fragile parts like jewelry parts
  • 30 times faster than the vibratory finishers
  • Damage free finishing process
  • Processing in a controlled manner
Frequently Asked Question
Do Inovatec Manufactures Harperizers?

Yes, Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of mass finishing machines. We also manufacture various varieties of tumbling media and polishing compounds for finishing parts.

How Can I Order A Harperizer Machine?

All Inovatec machine comes with machine code. You can share the machine code with us to place an order. We will get back to you with the quote. You can also confirm other machine specifications like color, fittings, packaging, power supply, etc.

How To Make The Payment?

You need to pay 30 percent amount in advance to confirm the order. We will inform you once the

harper surface finishing systems is ready. You can make the balance payment at that time. We will ship the machine to your place once the payment is complete.

Do You Ship To All Locations?

Yes, we ship Harperizer machines, tumbling media, and compounds to customers all over the world.

What Is The Warranty Period For The Harperizer Machine?

All Inovatec machines come with a one year warranty during which you will receive spare parts free of cost.

Harperizer Definitive Guide

1. What Does A Harperizer Machine Do?

A Harperizer machine is a high energy mass finishing machine.

It is there in the market for the past 30 years.

It is still the popular choice for mass finishing for many industries and businesses.

This machine was first introduced by Harper, hence the name.

It is synonymous to centrifugal finishing machines.



Lots of changes and improvements have come to this high energy machine from the time of its introduction in the market.

Once you power on the harper polishing machine, the turret will start spinning in one direction.

The cylindrical barrels are connected to the turret.

So, they will start rotating in the opposite direction of the turret rotation.

This process generates a high intensity centrifugal force inside each of the cylindrical barrels.

The centrifugal force will make the parts rub with the media.

It will also rub against the walls of the container.



This process will continue for the entire cycle of operation to achieve the desired finish on the parts.

The centrifugal force will ensure that there is not part to part contact that may damage the parts.

You need to select the media in such a way that it matches the part material and structure.

Otherwise, the finish quality will not be good.

You can fill the barrels with part and media in the range of 50 to 90 per cent for maximum efficiency.

Thousands of Harperizer machines are being used across different parts of the world.

Their fast action on parts makes it a popular choice for mass finishing parts.

The machine also comes with various settings and features to automate all the process.

These features make the Harperizer user friendly.


2. Why Should I Select Harperizer Machine From Inovatec Machinery For Surface Finishing?

There are many reasons for using a Harperizer for mass finishing parts.

The harperizers stand out from the other mass finishing machines which include the vibratory finishing machine and other tumbler machines.

If you have small parts, then the centrifugal machine is the best option to finish such parts.

It helps the media to reach even the hard to reach corners in the parts.

Thus, it makes the whole process of finishing very efficient.



The sliding action created due to the centrifugal force helps to finish the parts gently and sufficient enough to get uniformly polished parts.

No damage will occur to the parts during the whole process, provided the right type of media is used.

This process is highly sophisticated, effective, and efficient.

So, the harperizer machines are used to deburr and polish parts used in aerospace, defense, military, medical, jewelry, and automotive sectors.

You will get consistent and accurate results with the help of a harperizer machine.

Speed of finishing is another vital factor.

No other mass finishing machines are capable of matching this processing speed with the same level of consistency in polishing.

They are 30x faster than the conventional vibratory tumbler machines and 90x faster than the standard rotary barrel tumblers.

It also helps to eliminate the traditional manual polishing process that is prone to errors and imperfections.

It also helps to remove skilled labor dependency.



The harperizer machine from Inovatec machinery can easily be operated by a single person.

So, the process is not a labor intensive one.

Inovatec manufactures harperizer machines in different price range.

So, you can easily find one which will come in your budget.

If you were using external facilities for deburring and polishing parts, then you can do it at your own place by investing in a harperizer machine.

All harperizer machines from Inovatec machinery come with PLC and computer programmable controllers.

The use of PLC s in the machine helps it to overcome the drawbacks of the old models of centrifugal machines.

The touch screen option in the harper buffing it easy for the user to input all the necessary parameters to successfully run the finishing process.

It also allows you to troubleshoot and fix errors easily.

You can control the machine in an efficient manner with the help of these controls.\


3. What Are The Various Advantages Of Using Harperizer Machines?

The harperizer machine comes with lots of benefits.

The list of advantages is given below.


3.1 Media Variation and Accuracy Level

High level of finish accuracy can be achieved with the help of the harperizers.

It is possible mainly due to the PLCs.

You need to feed the barrels with parts and media and then input the necessary parameters on the machine.

You can expect 99 per cent accuracy for the final finished parts at the end of the process.

It is easy to control the harperizer when compared to other vibratory finisher machines.

It is mainly due to the media variability, and they help to provide a smooth action on parts.

You can also do radiusing of parts with more precision in a harperizer.

It can be done for parts made of metal, metal alloy, plastics, and ceramics.


3.2 Fast Finishing

The harperizer is not only capable of finishing fragile parts without any damage.

It can also finish parts in less processing time at a lower cost.

It will take only a few minutes to complete the deburring and polishing processes.

But, it will take more time if you use the manual finishing methods.


3.3 Consistent and Superior Finishing

If you juxtapose harperizer with other standard mass finishing machines, then the harperizers are capable of producing excellent results in very little time/

It helps to complete a mass finishing process 30 times faster than a vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

If you compare the harperizer with a barrel tumbler, then it is 90 times faster than the standard barrel tumbler machines.

So, if you compare it with manual hand finishing, then it will be a thousand times faster.

So, whatever process takes days to complete using the traditional manual finishing process can be completed in a few minutes with the help of a harperizer machine.

The work done by the centrifugal finishing machine is considered to be the most efficient process among all mass finishers.

Its capability to handle fragile parts and the ability to reach and polish hard to reach areas in part are unique.

The fast sliding action created with the help of the centrifugal force in a harperizing process is subtle, and it helps to create a superior finish on the parts.

It will also ensure that the parts are not getting damaged die to this high speed action with the help of the right media.


3.4 Easy to Maintain

The harperizer machines are designed and manufactured to serve the demands of various industries and businesses.

The operator can interact with the harperizer easily through the touchscreen interface.

It helps to troubleshoot, maintain, and service the machine easily.

Harperizer machines are easy to maintain mass finishing machines, and they are highly productive.

The lubrication will be the only typical maintenance activity required for an Inovatec harperizer machine.


3.5 Compliance Safety

All Harperizer machines from Inovatec machinery are designed and manufactured adhering to respective compliance and safety standards.

We have provided the necessary mechanism to ensure the safety of the operator.

The machine is also designed for long life.

All the parts used in the manufacturing of the harperizer machines are subjected to various types of reliability and stress tests to ensure the proper functioning of the machine for a long time.


3.6 Helps to Remove Manual Finishing Works

The manual finishing work, which is a labor intensive work, is prone to many human errors.

The harperizer helps to eliminate the manual finishing work completely.

All the parameters for finishing parts can be controlled in the machine.

It allows you to achieve high quality, accuracy, uniformity, and consistency in the final finished parts.


3.7 Easy To Operate

Harperizer machines from Inovatec machinery are easy to operate machines.

The CPC/touchscreen feature helps an operator to interact easily with the machine.

It requires less than an hour training to train the operator.

He can start using the machine easily after this training.

All complications and ambiguity have been removed from the machine manual.

We have replaced all the complex components of the machine with easy to use parts that will perform much better and efficiently.


4. What Are The Typical Functions Of A Harperizer Machine?

The harperizer machines from Inovatec machines are versatile in nature.

They work seamlessly without any issues.



The functions of a harperizer are more extensive than the other mass finisher machines.

The major functions of a harperizer are listed below.


  • Deburring: The machine will remove all types of burrs during this process. It includes both internal and external burrs in the part after the finishing process.
  • Edge radiusing with corner uniformity: The harperizer helps to achieve a uniform and accurate corner radius. There will not be any distortion in the final finished part. The whole process will help to enhance the fatigue life of the part.
  • Surface Refinement: Excellent surface refinement is possible with the help of the harperizer machine. No additional manual finishing is required for final finishing.
  • Part Deflashing: The deflashing process help to remove the machine lines from the parts. It is done for parts made of rubber, plastic, and metals. The parts can be from any manufacturing process like injection molding, forging, etc.
  • Descaling: The descaling process helps to remove the scales from the parts with the help of the media. No chemicals are needed to remove the scales.
  • Surface cleaning: The process of removal of dirt, dust, oil and grease from the parts is called part surface cleaning. It is usually done to prepare the surface for the next process.
  • Micro finishing in high grade: The harperizer machine is suitable to remove all imperfections from parts even in micro level range. So, it helps to improve part reliability and durability.

The harperizer is also capable of doing many other functions.

It can help to stress relieve the parts by providing a compressive stress action.

It is also useful for the surface preparation of parts before processes like coating, electroplating, and painting.

It can be used to remove the unwanted material deposit on parts like the rust removal.

Even though the machine supports these many processes, your part does not have to undergo all these processes.

The number of the process the part has to undergo will depend on the final finish requirement of the part.

So, you can use the harperizer machine in your business for mass finishing.

It will help you to remove complex polishing and finishing setups in your business.

Thus, it will help you to bring down the overall cost of finishing parts.


5. What Are The Different Harperizer Configurations?

Inovatec machinery manufactures harperizer machines in various configurations and capacities.

These configurations will include the removable and fixed barrel options which are in the horizontal or vertical axis.

You can make use of the automatic material handling systems to automate the harperizer machine.

It will make the process of loading and separating media and parts easy.



You can get harperizer machines in the range of 1 cubic feet to 30 cubic feet.

These centrifugal machines are capable of handling small parts of 0.003 inch and large parts that weigh up to 250 pounds.


6. What Variety Of Media Is Supported By The Harperizer Machine?

The harperizer machine supports most of the standard mass finishing media.

The commonly used media is ceramic tumbling media.

Plastic media, organic media, and the stainless steel media are the other types of media used by the harperizer machine.

Inovatec also manufactures media in different shapes like the ball, pyramid, cone, cylinder, tristar, tetrahedron, and many more.

The choice of media will depend on the shape and size of the parts.

You need to ensure that the media does not get stuck in the holes or slots of the part during the finishing process.


7. What Is The Warranty On Harperizer Machines From Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery is one of the top 3 mass finishing machinery and consumables manufacturer in China.

All our machines are designed and manufactured with respect to industry standards and requirements.

We provide 2-year warranty on all our mass finishing machines.

We will also support with spare parts after the warranty period.

You will also receive a lifetime free technical support for all our machines.


8. How To Do The Maintenance Of The Harperizer Machine?

We have designed and manufactured the harperizers in such a way that they will run for decades.

But, you will also need to do the regular maintenance works.

The machine must be lubricated at regular intervals, as per the maintenance instructions.

You can use the simple all-purpose lubricants for the lubrication.



You must also carry out regular maintenance activities to maintain the health of the machine.

All the components of a harperizer from Inovatec are easily accessible.

So, you can do a periodic check on the machine for any faults.

If you find any cracks in the PU lining, then you need to fix it immediately.


9. Can You Explain The Working Of A Harperizer Machine?

The working of the harperizer machine is comparable with that of the washing machine working,

In the case of the washing machine, the spinner creates inertia which will push the garments towards the walls of the barrel and the water along the pores.

A standard harperizer machine from Inovatec will come with two barrels.

These two barrels are connected to the turret.

You need to load the barrels with the parts and media in the appropriate ratio.

You can also use water for wet tumbling.

Once you power on the machine, then the turret will start spinning in one direction.

The cylindrical barrel will start to rotate in the opposite direction.

This process creates high centrifugal energy inside the barrels of the machine.

This force will make the parts rub on each other as well as on the walls of the barrel.

It will continue for the entire duration of the process.

The abrasive material present in the parts will remove the materials from the parts for finishing.

Thus, you get high quality finished parts as the output.

The high energy force ensures that there is no part to part contact, which can possibly damage the parts.

Thus, it helps to protect the parts also.


10. Why Select A Harperizer Machine Over Other Mass Finishing Machines?

There are many reasons to choose harperizer machine over other mass finishing machines for your finishing needs.

The reasons are given below.


 10.1 No Part Damages

The work pieces in a finishing system can get damaged if the finishing process is not done correctly.

The sliding action happening inside the centrifugal finisher machine ensure that the parts are not in contact with each other.

There will be media present in between them to avoid part to part collision.

The walls of the barrel will also have PU lining, which will protect the parts from hitting against the wall.

Thus, there will be zero damages to the parts if you use the right media.


10.2 Fast Cycle

The harperizer machines are capable of operating the machine 30 times faster than the regular vibratory tumbler finishers.

It is possible with the help of high energy centrifugal force.

So, you can clean and polish more parts at the same time.

The strong centrifugal force also helps the media to reach the corners and hard to reach areas in part for an efficient finishing process.

It is tough to achieve this consistency with a vibratory finisher for a part with complex structure.


10.3 Process Control Options

In the case of vibratory finishers, the operator has to monitor the process continuously.

The harper machines can be easily programmed for operations which require minimum human intervention.

You will also get consistent and uniform results in all the process cycles.

But, the consistency can be an issue in the case of other mass finishing systems.


10.4 Perfect for Fragile and Flat Workpieces

It may be tough to handle flat and soft parts inside a mss finishing machine.

But, you can make use of the harperizer machines to handle such delicate parts.

It is capable of finishing large quantities of delicate and fragile parts in no time.

High quality surface finish is guaranteed with the harperizer if you select the right media and compound.

You can use it for delicate jewelry parts and medical parts.



11. Can I Vary The Operating Speed Of The Harperizer Machine?

Yes, you can vary the operating speed of the harperizer machine.

Inovatec machinery has provided user interface to set the operating speed according to your part finish requirement.

If you reduce the operating speed, then the cycle processing time will come down.


12. What Is The After Sales Services Offered By Inovatec Machinery?

Yes, Inovatec provides after sales support to our customers.

Our service with the customers is not restricted up to sales alone.

We provide full support after sales too.

All the necessary manuals will be provided along with the machine.

It will help you to install and operate the machine efficiently.

You can always get in touch with us for any technical clarifications.

We are happy to help.

If you face any technical issue, we will share the videos that will help you to fix the issue.

You will get free spare parts during the warranty period.

The spare parts will be available at the basic price after the warranty period.

We ship spare parts to all the parts of the world.

Free technical support is available for the machine after the warranty period also.

We have selected the parts in the machine in such a way that you can readily find the branded replacement parts in your area.


13. What Are The Different Varieties OF Materials That Are Supported By The Harperizer Machine?

The harperizer machines from Inovatec machinery support most of the materials that are used to manufacture parts.

It includes parts made of stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminum, bronze, brass, iron, etc.


14. How Much Technical Knowledge Is Required To Operate A Harperizer Machine From Inovatec Machinery?

The operator need not be technically sound to run the harperizer machine.

Inovatec has designed the machine in such a way that all the instructions are easy to understand and implement.

It is possible with the help of the CPC/ touchscreen feature provided in the machine.

The operator can easily enter all the required parameters through the interactive touchscreen panel.

The operator can learn everything in less than an hour with the help of the instruction manual provided with the machine.

The user can then start operating the machine.

All complex instructions are removed and made into simple ones to make the whole process of running the machine easy.

All harperizer machines from Inovatec machines are user friendly.


15. How To Select The Correct Shape And Correct Size Of The Media To Use In Harperizer Machine?

You can get the maximum out of the Inovatec harperizer machine if you understand the following factors.

Lodgement characteristics, shapes, media penetration characteristics, and the separation of parts from the media are the factors to consider to get the right media shape and size.

The media with the right shape and size can also help to improve the efficiency and productivity of the whole process.

If you are planning to finish small and delicate parts, then you need to be very careful while making the media selection.

The wrong media can damage the parts.



The centrifugal force in the machine will help to clean and polish parts without incurring any damages.

The machine ensures that the media makes good contact with the part surface for deburring and finishing.

You should ensure that the selected media do not get lodged into the holes or slots of the part.

The size must be such that you can easily separate the media and parts after the process.

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