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Tumbling machines also called barrelling machine or mass finishing machines. Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of tumbling machines. It is widely used in industry for jewelry polishing, stone tumbling, metal parts deburring, etc.

The most popular ones among these tumbling machines are the vibratory tumbling machine and the rotary barrel tumbling machine. Inovatec also offers different additional fitting options along with various levels of automation. High quality tumbling machines are guaranteed from Inovatec with the help of strict quality measures taken in the manufacturing process.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The most popular tumbling machine from Inovatec machinery is the vibratory tumbling machine, and it can do almost all mass finishing processes.


The rotary barrel tumbling machine is a cost effective mass finishing machine from Inovatec that helps to attain high quality finish on parts with the help of its slow process.


The desktop vibratory tumbler is capable of finishing small parts in small quantities. It is a small version of the standard vibratory finishing machine and requires only less space.


The economic vibratory tumbling machine is a low cost solution for tumbling and finishing parts and is used in small scale workshops.

Optional Design & Setting

The prominent dosing pump is a closed loop system that will feed the vibratory bowl with the compounds for tumbling.

The amplitude of vibration of the vibratory tumbling machine can be changed with the help of the Bosch Rexroth variable speed controller.

The noise generated by the vibratory tumbling machine can be minimized with the help of the acoustic sound proof cover. It will dampen the noise of vibrations while the machine is running.

The process of separating the parts from the media in a vibratory tumbler can be made easy with the help of the manual separator handle. You should use it only if the part size is bigger than the media size.

Once the processing is complete, then the pneumatic separation gate can be used for the automatic removal of parts from the media and parts mixture.

The parts with a small size can be separated easily from the big size media with the help of the reverse separation fitting.

Tumbling Media

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of tumbling media. The wide variety of media includes the plastic media, ceramic media, stainless steel media, silicon carbide media, organic media, and the porcelain media. So, you can easily get the right type of tumbling media that matches with your part type.

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Frequently Asked Question
How Is The Packaging Done For Tumbling Machines?

Inovatec makes use of wooden boxes to package the tumbling machines.

It will ensure that no damage happens to the machine during the shipment.

All packaging materials comply with international export standards.

What Are The Different Payment Modes Supported?

We support different payment modes like Western Union, Alibaba payment, Paypal, and LC.

We are open to discuss any other modes of payments also.

What Is The Typical Lead Time for Tumbling Machine?

The typical lead time for the tumbling machine is dependent on the machine type and its capacity.

Generally, it will take 20 to 25 days for machine preparation.

We can also reduce the timeline to 7 to 14 days in case of any urgent orders.

Is There A MOQ For Tumbling Machines?

The minimum order quantity is one piece.

Which Is Your Nearest Port?

Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwo ports are our nearest ports.

If you have any port preference, we can also ship from that location.

Tumbling Machine – Definitive Guide

Do your business deal with the manufacturing and polishing of parts?

If yes, What is your current method of finishing and polishing parts?

Are you still using the age old traditional methods for polishing parts?

If yes, then you will find this guide useful.

This guide will help you know the advantages of using a tumbling machine for your mass finishing needs.

You will also know about the different tumbling machines offered by Inovatec machinery to meet your part finishing requirements.



1. What Does Tumbling Do?

The process of cleaning and finishing workpieces by making it rub with an abrasive material continuously is called tumbling.

All industries make use of this technique to mass finish their parts.



2. What Is A Tumbling Machine?

The machine in which the parts are made to tumble with the tumbling media to finish the parts is called a tumbling machine.

Two types of tumbling techniques are used by Inovatec machinery on their machines.

You can choose any of these based on your requirements.



2.1 Vibratory Tumbling Machines

The vibratory tumbling machine will have a circular bowl on the top.

There will be a set of springs on the bottom of the bowl.

A heavy duty motor will be connected to the bowl for vibration.

Different parameters can be controlled through the electrical control box, which is connected to this system.



2.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

The rotary barrel tumbling machine consists of a barrel.

The central axis of this barrel is connected to a motor.

Inovatec manufactures rotary tumbling machines with single barrels as well as multiple barrels.



3. Can You Explain The Working Of A Tumbling Machine?

The tumbling machines are available in two major types.

They are vibratory and barrel tumbling machines.

The working of both of these machines is explained in detail below.


3.1 Working of Vibratory tumbling machine

The vibratory tumbling machine makes use of the vibration principle for its working.

The bowl is made to vibrate with the help of the heavy duty motor.

This vibration will also vibrate the parts and media mixture inside the bowl.

So, the tumbling media will start rubbing on the part surface.

Thus, the material is removed from the parts.

This process will go on continuously, and finished parts will be available at the end of the process.


3.2 Working of Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

You need to load the barrel of the barrel tumbling machine with media and parts.

Once powered on, the barrel will start rotating in its central axis.

The media will slide along with the parts for each rotation.

This sliding will make the media rub on parts to clean and finish the parts.

You will get the finished parts at the end of the process.


4. What Are The Various Advantages OF A Tumbling Machine?

We will have a look at the different benefits of tumbling machines over the manual part finishing techniques.

It will help you to understand the importance of tumbling machines in the business.


4.1 Cost Saving Solution

As a business owner, you will more worried about the cost of finishing parts.

If you for the manual method of finishing, then you will have to invest in equipment, lots of laborers, and training.

If you plan to invest in any of the finishing machines from Inovatec machinery, then you will need a one-time investment on the machine.

If you select a media with a long life, you can use it for many years.

A single operator is only required to run the entire finishing process in the machine.

So, the tumbling machine is a cost effective solution in the long run when it comes to finishing and polishing parts.



4.2 Saves Time

If you use the traditional finishing method, then you need to spend lots of time since only one part can be polished at a time by a person.

You can clean and polish multiple parts at a tie if you use any of the Inovatec tumbling machines.

So, using a tumbling machine will help you to accelerate your polishing process and thus helps you to save your time.



4.3 Batch Processing Capability

Sometimes, your business will be different types of parts that do not allow you to mix together while polishing.

Here, you can make use of the batch processing feature of the Inovatec tumbling machines.

You can finish multiple sets of parts in different batches at a time in the mass finishing machine.



4.4 High Quality finish guaranteed

The manual finishing process is prone to human errors.

So, there will not be any consistency in finish across all the parts.

Inovatec guarantees high quality finish across all the parts if you use the right type of tumbling machine with the right tumbling media.

So, you will get good quality parts as the output.



4.5 Less Maintenance

The maintenance of a machine can be a worrisome factor.

All tumbling machines from Inovatec are easy to maintain.

You can easily do all the maintenance work on the machine using the regular set of hand tools.

You don’t need to buy any additional equipment for maintenance.



4.6 No Dependency on skilled labourers

The manual method of polishing parts demands skilled laborers.

So, you need to train your laborers for finishing parts.

Only then, the quality of the finished parts will be good.

You need only one person to run the entire machine in the case of the tumbling machine.

The tumbling machine from Inovatec guarantees high quality finish on the parts.

So, there is no dependency on the laborers for the output quality.



4.7 Reusable Tumbling Media

All the tumbling media offered by Inovatec machinery are reusable.

So, the same media can be used multiple times with different batches of parts.

The life will be more for an inorganic media when compared to the organic one.

So, you can enhance the life of your tumbling media by investing in media with more life.



4.8 To Get Required Finish

Different parts will have different finish requirements.

Certain parts will need a matte finish, and others demand a glossy finish.

Some require mirror like shine on the parts, whereas others require a simple shine.

You can achieve any level of finish on your part if you use the tumbling machine along with the appropriate tumbling media.

If you are looking for a mirror like shine, then you will have to add some additional polishing compounds also.



4.9 Helps to reduce the part rejection rate

If you use the manual finishing methods, then the part rejection rate will be more.

It will have a great impact on your business.

A tumbling machine will help you to avoid part rejection due to finishing issues.

So, you will not have any damaged parts due to the polishing process.



4.10 Avoids part to part collisions

The tumbling machine is designed in such a way that there is no part to part collision that can damage the parts.

The tumbler walls are provided with durable PU lining

You need to maintain a part to media ratio of at least 1:3 to ensure that the media is always present between two parts.



4.11 Helps To Enhance Part Life

The manual finishing process is prone to errors

So, it may damage the parts, which will have an impact on the life of the part.

The mass finishing using a tumbling machine helps to remove all the weak spots in part like burrs, flashes, pit.

Thus, it helps to enhance the life of the part.


5. Can You Explain the Various Processes That Happen Inside A Tumbling Machine?

The tumbling machine is capable of doing various types of mass finishing processes.

The list of processes that can be done is given below.


5.1 Degreasing

The process of removing the grease, dirt, dust, and oil from the part surface is called degreasing.

It helps to clean the part surface.

These particles get deposited in the parts due to the manufacturing process and also due to the handling of parts.


5.2 Deburring

It is the process of removing burrs from the manufactured part.

These are unwanted materials that get deposited on the part surface and can be seen at the edges and corners of the part.



5.3 Descaling

It is the process of removing the machined lines and scales from the manufactured parts.


5.4 Radiusing

It is the process of rounding the corners of the parts.


5.5 Edge Breaking

It is the process or removing the unwanted sharp edges from the workpieces.


5.6 Polishing

Polishing helps to provide the desired level of finish on the parts.

So, the polishing requirement will vary for different parts.



5.7 Drying Parts

Parts need to be dried if it has gone through wet polishing in its last stage of finishing.

You can make use of the drying machine along with a drying media for drying parts.



6. What Are The Various Types Of Tumbling Machines From Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures different types of tumbling machines.

These machines are capable of meeting most of the finishing needs of various customers.

The list of different tumbling machines is given below.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory finishing machine is the most popular mass finishing machine from Inovatec machinery.

You have the option to choose different types of additional fittings and setting for this machine.

This machine can be used for descaling, degreasing, deburring, edge breaking, surface preparation, and polishing.

Inovatec machinery manufactures vibratory finisher machine in various capacities.



6.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

Rotary barrel machines are a cost effective solution for mass finishing parts.

They make very little noise than the vibratory machines.

But, they will take more time for finishing parts than the vibratory finishing machines.

Inovatec provides you barrel tumbling machines in different capacities and also with the varying number of barrels.



6.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

The desktop vibratory tumbler is a small and compact version of the standard vibratory finishing machine.

It can handle small parts in small quantities.

So, it is targeted towards small scale workshops and hobbyists.

It is capable of doing different mass finishing processes like degreasing, descaling, deburring, cleaning, and polishing parts.

They are available in various capacities.



6.4 Economic Vibratory Tumbler

The economic vibratory tumbler is useful if you are looking for a cost effective solution for your mass finishing needs.

It supports processes like degreasing, deburring, descaling, surface smoothening, rust removal, polishing, etc.

It also supports rock tumbling.

It is an ideal solution for small businesses who are looking for economical solutions.


7. What Are The Various Types OF Parts That Are Supported By Tumbling Machines From Inovatec?

The tumbler machines are capable of handling plastic, ceramic, metal, and metal alloy parts,

The detailed list of parts according to their manufacturing process is given below.


7.1 Finishing of 3d Printed Parts

3d printed parts will have a rough surface after manufacturing and need to undergo the mass finishing process.


7.2 Die casting parts

Zamak die-cast parts are becoming popular nowadays due to low manufacturing costs.


7.3 Deburring of Laser cut parts

Steel laser cut parts are used in many sectors like automotive, mechanical, defence, electronics, etc.


7.4 Descaling of Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Plastic injection molded parts are used in many industrial sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, etc.


7.5 Machined Aluminum parts

Industries that prefer soft metal parts make use of machined aluminum parts.


8. What Does A Tumbling Media Do?

The tumbling media is a vital part of the mass finishing process.

It is a combination of abrasives with different types of materials.

They are responsible for applying the frictional force on the part surface for finishing.

It also helps to protect the parts from colliding against each other and prevents the collision of parts with the container walls.



9. What Types Of Tumbling Media Are Offered By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures different types of tumbling media.

You can get these media in various cutting grades, shapes, and sizes.

We will have a look at the different varieties of tumbling media offered by Inovatec.


9.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

The abrasive material is combined with aluminum oxide to get the ceramic tumbling media.

It is capable of deburring parts made of different materials.

It is known for its aggressive material removal capabilities.

You can bring down the overall finishing time by using ceramic media for deburring.

If you are planning to use it for heavy metal parts, then you need to select the high density version of the ceramic media.



9.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

The plastic tumbling media is an infused mixture of polyester resins and abrasives.

It is best suited for cleaning and deburring of soft metal parts like bras and aluminum.

You can also use it for surface preparation of the parts before painting or coating.

The plastic media cannot be used for getting a shiny finish on the parts.



9.3 Porcelain tumbling media

The porcelain media is used for polishing parts.

It helps to bring that extra shine on the part surface through constant rubbing action.

It does not contain any abrasive content.

It can be used with any polishing compound or water for wet tumbling.


9.4 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

The stainless steel tumbling media are also available in different shapes.

Ball and pin are the two commonly used shapes.

They have got a very high life when compared to other media types.

It is used for finishing brass and jewelry parts.

The high life factor makes it attractive to many customers.



9.5 Silicon Carbide Tumbling Media

You must use silicon carbide media only with strong and tough metals.

It is a high density media and comes with a high cutting rate.

It is also very aggressive in material removal from the parts.

The wear and tear rate is less for silicon carbide media.

So, you can use it for many years.


9.6 Organic Media

The walnut grit and the corn cob granules are the two commonly used organic media.

Their life is less when compared to other media.

They are usually used for drying parts after wet tumbling.

You can reuse it many times, and they are ecofriendly.



10. What Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing the Right Tumbling Media?

If you use the right type of tumbling media, then you can get the desired finish on parts in less amount of time.

Let us have a look at the various factors to consider while choosing the right tumbling media.


10.1 Shape of the media

The media shape is an important parameter.

Inovatec machinery manufactures media in different shapes like a cone, able, pyramid, tetrahedron, tristar, lens, and many more shapes.

You will also find the angle cut and straight cut versions of certain shapes.

You can use the angle cut versions for parts with complex structures.

You can make use of the ball and cylinder shape for finishing outer surface parts.



10.2 Size of the media

The media size must be selected in such a way that it must be either higher or smaller than the part size.

If you have parts with slots or holes, then you need to go for small size media, which has size at least one third the size of the smallest hole in the part.

Otherwise, the media may get stuck in the part holes.

So, the finishing will not be proper.



10.3 Cutting rate of the media

The cutting rate of the media is directly proportional to the abrasive content in the media.

Inovatec manufactures tumbling media of different cutting rates.

So, if you are looking for aggressive material removal from the part, then you can go for media with a higher cutting rate.

You can use low abrasive media for surface preparation and polishing purposes.

You can also get media with custom shape and size from Inovatec by placing a request.


11. What Are The Key Parameters To Check Before Purchasing A Tumbling Machine?

There are many parameters to check before buying a tumbling machine for metal parts.

The list of different parameters to check is given below.


11.1 Tumbling Media Cost

The cost of the tumbling media is one key factor.

The tumbling machine is effective only when you use the right tumbling media with it.

So, you need to consider the cost of tumbling media also.


11.2 Machine Load Capacity

You need to calculate the machine capacity for your finishing requirement.

It is to ensure that you run an efficient and productive finishing process.


11.3 Tumbling Machine Cost

The price of the tumbling machine must be within your budget.

You also need to consider the price of the accessories and the additional fittings required to operate the machine.


11.4 Operating Input Power Supply Specifications

The voltage specifications of the machine must match with the power grid specification in your area.

For example, some countries make use of the 220V, 50 Hz main supply, whereas others use 110V, 60Hz supply.

So, you must ensure that your machine comes with the same specification.

We also recommend using 3 phase connections for all our tumbling machines since it takes high current.


11.5 Tumbling Media Life

Inovatec recommends investing in media with a good life.

It will ensure that you can reuse the same tumbling media many times.

It will also help to reduce media wastage.

A high quality media will have more life than a cheap media.


11.6 Ease of Operation

Try to invest in a tumbling machine that is easy to operate.

Machines with complex operating instructions can give you lots of headaches.

You need to ensure that the machine is easy to maintain also.


11.7 Size Requirement For the Machine

You need to confirm that the selected machine size can easily fit in your industrial space.

So, check the machine size and select accordingly.


11.8 Machine Type

Inovatec offers tumbling machines that work on two principles.

They are the rotary barrel tumblers and the vibratory barrel tumblers.

So, you can select one of these tumblers according to your choice.


11.9 Machine maintenance cost

The maintenance and repair cost of the machine must be kept as low as possible.

The maintenance cost of the media also must be taken into account.

All Inovatec tumbling machines require very little maintenance.

You can easily do it with the help of basic hand tools.


11.10 Tumbling Machine Life

The lifespan of tumbling machines will vary with their types and models.

So, try to choose a tumbling machine with long life.

It will ensure that you can use it for many years without any replacement.


11.11 Ease of separating parts and media

Inovatec offers different fittings to make the process of separating the media and parts easy.

So, please consider buying one of these fittings to make the process easy.


11.12 Processing Time

The processing time will depend on the type of machine and type of media also.

So, try to invest in a media and machine that does the processing in the least amount of time.

You must also ensure that the output quality is not compromised.


12. How Different is Wet Tumbling From Dry Tumbling?

Let us see the differences between wet and dry tumbling process.


12.1 Dry Tumbling

If the parts are tumbled with media alone, then it is called dry tumbling.

Sometimes, the compound in paste or powdered form is also added in dry tumbling.


12.2 Wet Tumbling

If you use water or any other liquid along with parts, media, and compound, then it is called wet tumbling.

You must ensure that the water is added in the right ratio.


13. Can You Share Some Tips To Increase The Life Of The Tumbling Machine?

You can make use of the following tips to enhance the life of your tumbling machine.


13.1 Run the machine within the limits

There will be a manufacturer recommended operating limits for amplitude, speed, and frequency.

You must ensure that you always operate the machine within this specified limit.

If you try to operate the machine above these values, then you are putting the machine under stress.

So, the life of the machine will come down.


13.2 Proper machine maintenance

Proper maintenance of the tumbling machine must be done at regular intervals.

It is necessary to make sure that the machine is in good condition all the time.

Don’t delay or skip any of the maintenance activities.


13.3 Don’t cross the maximum load capacity

All Inovatec tumbling machines come with maximum load capacity.

So, ensure that the load at any time on the machine is below this recommended value.

Operating the machine above the load capacity will result in the damage of the motor or the bowl.

It may also result in unnecessary accidents.


14. How Much Will A Tumbling Machine Cost?

The cost of a tumbling machine for metal parts will depend on many factors.

The type of the machine, capacity, and the features are the three main price determining factors.

If you go for the high end tumbling machine, it will cost you up to $20,000.


15. What Are The Typical Maintenance Activities To Be Done On A Tumbling Machine?

The PU lining inside the working bowl needs to be checked regularly.

If there are any wear and tear, then the parts and media may hit against the metal walls of the bowl and may damage them.

The grease must be applied to the machine regularly.

It will ensure the smooth working of the machine.

If you are using a barrel tumbler, then you need to ensure that the axis of rotation is aligned correctly.

You need to ensure that the network of springs is in good shape in the case of the vibratory finishing machine.

The list of maintenance activities for each model of the tumbling machine is explained in detail in the respective maintenance manual.


16. Can You Share Some Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of The Tumbling Machine?

You can make use of the following tips to improve the efficiency of your tumbling machine.


16.1 Amount of liquid in wet polishing

The type of material in the media will decide the quantity of liquid to be used.

More amount of liquid will be needed if you are planning to achieve a fine finish.

If you use less amount of liquid, then you can increase the cutting action on parts.

You must always ensure that the amount of liquid is used in the correct amount during the wet polishing process.


16.2 Operation Speed

All Inovatec tumbling machine for metal parts come with a maximum recommended operating speed.

We recommend running the machine at 80 to 90 percent of this value.


16.3 Load

The operating load is another critical parameter that will have a direct impact on the efficiency of the process.

At any point in time, the machine must be operated at 80 to 90 percent of its maximum load value.

If you are using a barrel tumbling machine, you can run the machine at 50 percent of its maximum capacity.


16.4 Media and Parts Ratio

You must maintain a minimum ratio of 3:1 between the media an parts.

You can even go for a higher media ratio if needed.

But, make sure that the quantity of media is never lowered at any point.

If you lower the media quantity, then the parts or media may collide with the walls of the bowl.


16.5 Operating Amplitude

You will get the option to vary the vibration amplitude in the case of the vibratory tumbler machines.

So, you can use a higher vibration amplitude to remove more material from the part surface.


16.6 Tumbling Media Type

You must always ensure that you use the right kind of tumbling media that matches with your part.

It will help you to clean and polish more parts at the same time.


17. What Is The Procedure For Installing A Inovatec Tumbling Machine?

The installation procedure will be clearly mentioned in the installation guide supplied along with each machine.

The procedure will vary for different machines.

If you install a vibratory tumbling machine, a vibratory bowl, along with a control box, will be received in the shipment.

So, you need to connect the control box to the mains power supply as per the wiring diagram and connect it to the vibratory bowl.



Now, you have a clear understanding of the different types of tumbling machines for metal parts cleaning and finishing and its use.

So, you can increase the quality and efficiency of the finishing process in your business by investing in the right type of tumbling machine along with the right media and compounds.

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