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Inovatec is a leading Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines manufacturer. For more than 2 decades, we are working hard to develop technology in the field of surface finishing.

Inovatec Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines meet high requirement surface finishing. For example, 3D Printed parts, medical implant, turbine blades as well as gear parts.  So, with our equipment, you can create a isotropic texture on parts surface in a short period of time.

Inovatec Machinery will fully support your business by offering our high energy mass finishing equiupment. Contact us today and get quote now.

High Speed Planetary Jar Mill

CB 40 High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing System with Manual Discharge

Centrifugal Barrel Machine with Automatic Unloading

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are one of the most cost-effective and high-gravity-performance tumbling machines out there. A typical centrifugal barrel finishing machine operates on the Ferris wheel principle. Usually, four barrels are mounted at the periphery of the center turret. When the tumbling machine starts, one full turn of the turret wheel results in one complete rotation of each barrel.

You can fill each barrel to about 60%–80% of their capacity with a mixture of workpieces, media, compound, and water. You can use various types of ceramic tumbling media and plastic tumbling media. As the central turret spins, it generates a centrifugal force on the tumbling media and workpieces inside each barrel.

The centrifugal force causes the workpieces and media to rub against each other, resulting in the desired finish. Compared to conventional vibratory and barrel tumbling, this process is quicker and more effective. It is also ideal for parts with holes and recesses. The parts are also less likely to impact each other, making it suitable for polishing high-value surgical components, turbine blades, and 3D printed parts.

Inovatec offers a wide variety of centrifugal barrel finishing machines. Check them out now.


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