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All manufactured parts need to undergo the cleaning process. It will help to remove the dirt, dust, grease, and oil that is stuck on the part surface. It also helps to remove the rust or the oxide layer from the part. The batch processing feature of the Inovatec machines allows to clean your parts in batches at the same time.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) vibratory finishing machine is the most commonly used mass finishing machine for cleaning parts. It is capable of doing all the typical mass finishing processes like cleaning, degreasing, descaling, deburring, surface smoothening, rust removal, and polishing.


The rotary tumbler machines are the oldest mass finishing machine in the industry. They are easy to operate and economical. This machine is capable of handling medium and large size parts. It can handle large batches of parts. The processing time will be more for the rotary barrel tumblers.


The desktop vibratory tumbler is a compact version of the industrial vibratory tumbler machine. It is best suited for small workshops where the polish requirement is small. It is capable of doing all the typical mass finishing processes like cleaning, deburring, degreasing, descaling, surface smoothening, polishing etc.


The economic vibratory tumbler is a low cost mass finishing solution. Many features that are available in the standard industrial vibratory tumblers will not be present in this version. It comes in two capacities, 25 litres and 50 litres.

Optional Design & Setting

The manual injection of chemical compound can be a tedious process. It will not be accurate also. The chemical injection pump will inject the chemicals automatically as per the set dosage value. It will also help to improve your productivity.

The amplitude of vibration of the vibratory tumbler machine can be controlled with the help of the Bosch Rexroth variable speed converter. The speed control will allow you to set the right speed to get the desired finish on the final part. It also help to reduce the overall finishing time.

The tumbling noise produced by vibratory finishing machine is very loud. So, it can make the working environment an unpleasant one. You can invest on the sound proof cover to dampen the vibration noise. It will also make sure that there is no spillage or outburst happening from the tumbler. Thus, it protects the operator.

The separation of the parts from the media can become a boring task. You can make it easy by using a manual separation handle. This option is useful only when the parts are larger than the media.

The media separation process can be automated with the help of the pneumatic separation gate. It makes use of the gas powered technology to open and close the gate for the separation process. Thus, parts can be separated from the media automatically.

The reverse separation is another fitting that is used for part separation from the media. It is useful only when the media is larger than the parts. So, don’t invest in it if you are using small media with large parts.

Vibratory Parts Cleaner Media

Inovatec machinery manufactures all kinds of mass finishing media. The different types of vibratory parts cleaner media include the plastic media, ceramic media, stainless steel media, porcelain media, and many others. These tumbling media are capable of doing various mass finishing operations like cleaning, degreasing, descaling, deburring, surface smoothening, and polishing of parts. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and cutting grades.

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Frequently Asked Question
What Is The Warranty Policy From Inovatec?

All the mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery come with 2 years warranty. You will get free spare parts during this warranty period. The spare parts will come at basic price after the warranty period. You will get lifetime technical support for the entire life of the machine.

How To Select The Right Vibratory Parts Cleaner?

The vibratory parts cleaners are mass finishing machines. Inovatec machinery makes two types of vibratory finishers. One come with a bowl type chamber and the other come with a tub. You can always have a look at our inventory to select a suitable machine.

Is It Necessary To Use A Rust Inhibitor Inside The Vibratory Parts Cleaner Machine?

All our mass finishing machines make use of high quality raw materials. All the vibratory bowls come with a durable PU lining inside. So, you don’t have to use any rust inhibitor inside the machine in normal cases. You can use rust inhibitor compounds for wet polishing of metal parts that are prone to rusting.

How Can I Dry Parts After The Tumbling Process?

You need to take out the parts from the machine and air dry it. If you want to accelerate the drying process then you can make use of the vibratory dryer from Inovatec for drying. You can use corn cob media along with the parts for drying in the vibratory dryer.

Why The Results Are Not Good After The Cleaning Process Using The Machine?

You may not be using the right type of tumbling media for cleaning parts. If you are using the right type, then the shape and size of the media may not be matching with your part types. Your cleaning will be perfect only if all these parameters are right. Otherwise, the media will not be able to reach all the part surface area for cleaning.

Vibratory Parts Cleaner Information & Introduction

The vibratory parts cleaner is also known by many other names like the vibrating parts washer, tumbler cleaner, or the vibro cleaning machine.

The vibrating parts cleaner machine is useful for cleaning large number of metal parts at a time.

The batch processing feature offered by Inovatec machinery makes the whole cleaning process easier for you.

It will take lots of time to clean each part by hand.



A vibratory finishing machine is capable of doing many other jobs other than the cleaning of the parts.

It includes deburring, descaling, burnishing, surface smoothening, and polishing.

So, the machine is capable of doing many jobs that twill help to finish the parts.

It also supports different types of parts which include the medical devices, automotive parts, defense parts, aerospace parts, jewelry parts, forged parts, die cast parts, and many more.

These machines have become very popular these days die to their cost effectiveness in finishing parts.

It will help you to save money and time at the same time.

All the operations of the machine can be easily controlled by a single operator.

So, you don’t have to invest in lots of laborers or tools.



The batch processing feature allows you to process multiple batches at the same time without mixing together.

So, the features and advantages are many for the vibratory parts cleaner from Inovatec machinery.

The machine supports parts made of different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, gold, silver, copper, etc.

You can use the machine for aggressive material removal as well as for high end polishing.

You need to use the appropriate media for each type of mass finishing process.

The rotary barrel tumblers are other option for mass finishing.

It is a cheap solution for mass finishing parts when compared to the vibratory tumblers.

But, the processing time will be more.

So, you cannot use it for parts which demand strict deadlines for cleaning and finishing.

The high quality raw materials and the strict quality measures adopted by Inovatec for manufacturing machines ensures that all our machines will last for many years.

We have 20 plus years of experience in manufacturing and supplying mass finishing machines to different parts of the world.

So, we guarantee best results with all our machines.

If you maintain the machines properly, then you can use it for more years.

We also offer free sample parts processing for our customers.

You can ship sample parts to us.

We will process the parts with the mass finishing machines and send you the processed samples back.

We will also share the details of the processing with you.

It will help you to judge and validate our mass finishing solutions.

So, contact us to get a free quote.


Vibratory Parts Cleaner – FAQ Guide

1. What Does A Vibratory Parts Cleaner Do?

If you have a good understanding of the mass finishing industry, then it will be easy to learn the cleaning process of a mass finishing machine.

Many types of machines are used in the mass finishing process to get the final finished parts.

The tumbling of the parts is the common process that happens inside a mass finishing machine.

The parts are made to tumble with media inside a mass finishing machine to smoothen the part surface.

The process is also done in batches.



The machine allows you to process large amount of parts at a time.

So, it will help you to save operational costs and your valuable time.

The finish quality on the parts will be far better than the hand polishing ones.

A vibratory parts cleaner is a machine that is capable of cleaning parts in large numbers.

Now, the question why to clean the parts?

The parts need to be cleaned due to various reasons.

It may have dirt, grease or oil on the surface which needs to be removed.

This dirt is formed either due to handling or due to the manufacturing processes.

Sometimes, there will be rust on the part surface which needs to be removed.

Some parts need to be cleaned properly before coating or anodizing.

The vibratory parts cleaner is useful to remove the rust and clean the parts.

You can make use of the vibratory tumbler finishing machine or the rotary tumbler finishing machine for cleaning the parts.

The vibratory finisher machine makes use of the vibrational force to clean the parts.

The vibratory force will be converted into frictional force between the parts inside the tumbler.

The rotary barrel machine makes use of the sliding force created due to the barrel rotation of the parts and the media to clean the parts.


2. Can You Explain The Working Of The Vibratory Parts Cleaner Machine?

Now, you will be already having a clear understanding of the cleaning process using a vibratory machine.

So, let us have a look at the working of the vibratory parts cleaner in detail.

The vibratory finisher machine consists of bowl which is connected to a motor for vibration.

The media and the parts are loaded into this bowl for cleaning.

The motor connected to the bowl is responsible for the vibration.

The bowl is also balanced by a set of springs in the bottom.



High quality durable PU lining is provided inside the bowl to prevent any sort of damages

The media and the parts need to be loaded in the bowl in a specific ratio.

You can also add compound for cleaning into the working bowl if needed.

There are two types of cleaning.

They are the wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

When you use water along with media and parts for tumbling, it is called wet cleaning process.

If you don’t use water or any other liquid, then it is dry cleaning process.

If you pour more water, then the cutting action of the tumbling media will be reduced.

So, add water according to your cleaning needs.

Once you have added everything into the bowl, you can cover the bowl.


Switch on the machine and the motor will make the bowl vibrate.

It will make the media rub against the parts for cleaning.

The cleaning process will take 30 minutes to few hours.

It will depend on the condition of the part and the media used.


3. How To Select The Right Vibratory Media For Tumbling Process?

If you are planning to clean the parts then you can choose from two types of media from Inovatec.

You can go for the ceramic media or the plastic media.

The type of media depends on your part material.

You can use plastic tumbling media if you are cleaning soft metal parts like aluminum casting parts or brass case.

The plastic media applies less pressure on the parts.

So, the chances of soft metal parts getting damaged due to media is less.



It does a good job of cleaning the soft metal parts.

You can also use the plastic media for parts that does not require any shine after the cleaning process.

The lightweight and fast cleaning abilities makes plastic media a good choice for cleaning parts.

If you are planning to clean hard metal parts, then you must go for the ceramic deburring media.

It is suitable for cleaning hard metal parts that are made of steel, titanium, cast iron, etc.

The aggressive nature of the ceramic media makes it a good choice for material removal from the part surface.

It can also help to provide a shiny and smooth surface.

Once you have selected the type of the media, you need to make the size and shape selection.

Inovatec offers media in different shapes and sizes.

So, you can choose any shape based on your part structure.

When you select the size make sure that the media does not get stuck to holes or crevices in the parts.

A wrong media size or shape can damage the whole batch of parts.

So, choose carefully.

Large size media is useful for aggressive material removal from the part.

Small size media is good for polishing purpose.

The wear and tear rate will be more for the small size of the media.

So, the life of the large size media will be more than that of the small size media.

Select a media which you can use for many times.

It will help you to make the overall solution cost effective one.

So, invest in the right media type.


4. What Do You Mean By A Vibratory Bowl?

The vibratory bowl is the container where the parts and media are loaded for polishing.

It can be in a hemispherical shape or a rectangular tub shape.

It is one of the important parts of the vibratory finishing machine.

The machine is useless without the vibratory bowl.

The main difference between the vibratory bowl s and the rotary bowls s the movement of the part and media mixture inside.

The parts need to be placed in separate segments in the case of rotary bowls.

They will move from one segment to the other through tiny holes.



The vibratory bowl offers the advantage of tumbling more variety of part shapes and sizes when compared to the rotary one.

The vibrator bowl helps to finish the parts in lowest possible time.

They will have a durable PU lining inside for protection.

High quality raw materials are used for the construction of the vibratory bowl which ensures maximum strength and durability.

Inovatec machinery manufactures best vibratory bowls for mass finishing in China.

We ship all our vibratory parts cleaner to different parts of the world.


5. Can Vibratory Parts Cleaner Machines Clean Stainless Steel Parts?

Like any other parts, the stainless steel parts also need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The infusion of carbon in stainless steel parts makes it not susceptible to corrosive effect.

The stainless steel parts are very hard parts.

So, you need to use appropriate media for cleaning stainless steel parts in a vibratory parts cleaner machine.

The ceramic media can be used for cleaning stainless steel parts.

The parts made of stainless steel are shiny.



This shine will get faded over time.

You can get back the shine on stainless steel parts with proper cleaning.

You can load the vibratory parts cleaner with stainless steel parts and ceramic media in the ratio 1:3.

If you are planning to deburr the parts along with the cleaning process, you can add a higher cutting grade ceramic media.

Once the ceramic media completes the cleaning process.

You can remove the ceramic media from the machine and add plastic media for final finishing.

The plastic media will help to provide the final finish.



6. Is It Expensive To Use Vibratory Parts Cleaner For Cleaning My Parts?

The cost of the vibratory parts cleaner will vary for different models.

So, if you have a regular requirement of part cleaning, then investing in a vibratory parts cleaner will be a cost effective solution.

Different vibratory machines come with different features and different capacities.

So, more the number of features and capacity higher will be the cost.

So, you need to make an estimate of your cleaning requirements based on your part quantity.

It will help you to decide the capacity and features for the machine.



You need to also consider the cost of the media.

All tumbling media from Inovatec are reusable ones.

Some come with more life than the others.

So, try to select a media which can be used many times for many years.

You must also ensure that the media is capable of cleaning the parts in the lowest possible time.

If you go for custom media shape and size, it is going to cost you more.



So, try to select the media shape and size that is already available with Inovatec.

You must also ensure that you maintain the machine and the media properly.

It will ensure the longevity of the machine as well as media.

So, do all the calculations and decide whether investing in the vibratory cleaning solution from Inovatec s going to be cost effective for you in the long run.


7. Is It Possible To Dry Clean Metal Parts Using The Vibratory Parts Cleaner?

The vibratory parts cleaner is capable of dry cleaning as well as wet cleaning of parts.

So, you can definitely use it for dry cleaning.

But, it will not be a good idea to dry clean metal parts.

There are many reasons for choosing wet tumbling for cleaning metal parts.

The dry tumbling results in lots of heat inside the working bowl which will reduce the efficiency of the process and can even damage the parts.



The parts may also get scratched due to the debris which are formed due to the cleaning process.

If you still want to dry clean the parts, then you must select an organic media like corn cob granules or walnut grit for cleaning.

They are capable of cleaning the metal parts without causing any damage.

You can also add sand into this mixture for tumbling.

At last you will have to run the parts in running water to remove the debris from the parts,

Otherwise, the debris will settle on the parts.


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