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Inovatec Machinery“Your One Stop Place For All Your Part Finishing Solutions”

The mass finishers from Inovatec machinery are some of the top class machines in the market. They are useful for descaling, deburring, degreasing, cleaning, and polishing of parts. Inovatec guarantees consistency in finish across all the parts with the same processing variables.

Mass finishing machine also called tumbling machine, barrelling machine or finishing machine.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The most famous mass finishing machine in the market that can do all finishing process like deburring, degreasing, polishing, and cleaning.


Another highly effective and efficient solution to mass finishing and best suited for high value products.

The large sized tub shaped container of the trough vibratory finishing machine is best suited for large and complex parts deburring and polishing.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine is one of the fastest options for mass finishing that can bring down the overall finishing time to 1/15th of the usual time.

The Linear trough vibratory finishing machine is best suited for casting parts made of aluminum because of its continuous flow thru design.

After the final wet polishing stage, all parts can be dried using the vibratory dryer machine with the help of appropriate dryer media.

Optional Design & Setting

Prominent dosing pump is useful for the accurate control of the mixture of water and compounds.

Bosch Rexroth VFD is a variable speed controller that can be fitted with a mass finisher machine to control the separation process.

The noise produced during the vibratory finishing process in a vibratory finisher machine can be reduced by using the optional soundproof cover.

A manual separation handle is useful to separate the parts and the media in an economical manner.

It consists of a flap that is pneumatically activated for the gap clearing.

Reverse separation fitting is useful when the media size is bigger than the part size, for the collection of smaller parts.

Mass Finishing Media

The wide variety of mass finishing media from Inovatec machinery is available in different shapes, grades, and sizes. We support media capable of finishing metal parts, metal alloy parts, plastic parts, and stainless steel parts.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Mass Finishing Solutions from China
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  • Option for free part finish and return
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Frequently Asked Question
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

The minimum order quantity of the machine is 1 set.

What type of packaging is your machine?

Each machine packages in a wooden fumigation box.

What about the terms of payment?

30% advance payment and 70% payment before delivery.

For a large order, we do it by l/c at sight.

If it’s the first collaboration, you can use PAYPAL.

Of course, welcome to inspect the goods at any time.

When is the delivery date?

The completion time of the machine is 15-25 days.

If your motor is not 380V 50HZ, then it will be a few days late.

If it is an urgent order, we can arrange to complete it within two weeks.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can send the goods to the nearest port, Shanghai, Ningbo, or Yiwu.

Mass Finishing Machine Introduction

The key variables that affect your mass finishing process include the mass finishing machines, tumbling media, polishing compound, and the process.

There is a wide range of mass finishing machines for your selection, includes vibratory finishing machines, centrifugal disc finishing machine, centrifugal barrel finishing machine, barrel tumbling machine, drag finishing machine, as well as automatic finishing machine. If you send us a parts photo with your requirements, we will suggest the right types of tools for you.


The application of mass finishing machines covers almost every aspect of our daily life, includes stamped parts deburring, die casting parts polishing, laser cutting parts deburring, machining parts edge breaking, as well as 3D printed parts surface smoothing.

Whether it is for coin blanks or automotive engine housing, there is always an optimal surface solution for your business. Our goal is to help you to find the best way to finish your parts according to your factory area, production capacity, as well as your surface requirement within your budget plan.


Inovatec mass finishing machines are ISO9001:2005 and CE certified with strict quality control before delivery. We test run and Commissioning every mass finishing equipment with media inside before shipment. After testing, we pack each component in the wooden box and fix it in the pallet so that your mass finishing systems will not fall or scratch during the sea shipment.


We are not just selling you mechanical equipment. Instead, we offer you a complete surface finishing solution, including deburring, polishing, descaling, cleaning, and drying. The finished product is ready for electroplating, anodizing, painting, coating, and passivation.

Inovatec is your reliable partner for metal surface finishing solution and mass finishing machines. We have a professional sales team with the right technical knowhow. We will support you on 7/24 to boost your business. Contact us now and get free consult.

The min parameters that impact a mass finishing process are the abrasive media, the mass finishing machine, polishing liquid, and the method.

Inovatec machinery offers different types of mass finishing machines.

Our line up of machines includes vibratory finishing machine, barrel tumbler machine, centrifugal barrel finisher machine, centrifugal disc finisher, drag finisher machine, and the automatic finisher machine.


You can always share pictures of your parts along with your finishing requirements to get the right finishing solution from us.

The mass finishing machines are capable of handling most parts, including laser cut parts, die casting parts, stamped parts, 3d printed parts, and many more.

It supports all the typical finishing processes that include descaling, edge rounding, descaling, edge breaking, surface smoothening, part surface preparation, polishing, and drying.


Our machines can handle small parts like coins to more significant parts like engine housings.

We are always happy to help you find the right solution for your part finishing needs within your budget and capacity.

Our machines are ISO 9001:2005 and CE certified.

We ensure strict quality control in our manufacturing process.

All our machines are thoroughly checked, tested, and inspected before shipping.

All the machines are correctly packed with the help of wooden boxes to ensure machine safety.

Thus, the machines are delivered to you without any scratches or damages.


Inovatec machinery is not just selling equipment alone.

We provide the full solution for deburring, descaling, polishing, and finishing parts.

You can take the finished parts for painting, coating, and electroplating.

The surface will be prepared accordingly.

So, you can buy a complete solution from us with confidence.

Our team of engineers will provide you complete support 24/7.

We assure you that you will never run out of support.

You can always get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Mass Finishing Machine-FAQ Guide

1. What Steps Did We Take To Control The Quality Of The Mass Finishing Machines?

High-quality raw materials for manufacturing, strict control measures in the manufacturing process, and well trained experienced operators are the three essential factors that help us manufacture the best quality mass finishing machines.

The use of top quality seamless pipe as the materials for the vibratory bowls helps us manufacture the best vibratory finishing machines.

We use the high-grade Dow chemical polyurethane prepolymer for preparing the PU lining of the machines.


We guarantee the best user experience with the help of the touch screen sourced from Siemens, branded motor parts, and electric components.

The entire production facility is audited with respect to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

We are happy to customize the machines according to their needs.

Most of the machines which we sell are customized according to customer needs.

We take your orders seriously.

So, we make each order numbers and give you the options to select the different options and fitting for each of the machines.

Our team of engineers and operators have got ten plus years of experience in the mass finishing industry.

We also share our suggestions to help you operate the machine more efficiently, thereby helping to reduce the overall cost.

We can handle all your requirements precisely.


2. What Are The Typical Maintenance Procedures To Be Done On Inovatec Mass Finishing Machines?

We recommend applying grease on the vibratory motor in every 2 to 4 weeks.

This application time is dependent on your machine usage.

You need to ensure that the screws and nut of the centrifugal barrel finisher machine are adequately tightened.

You should also check and ensure the gap between the ring and the disc of the centrifugal disc finisher.

If these two parts of the centrifugal barrel finishing machine are in the worn out condition, replace it immediately.

Always reset the gap in the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

Regular visual inspection needs to be done on the condition of the PU lining.

You need to replace it if it is broken or torn.

3. What Is The Typical Service Time for a Mass Finishing Machine?

The two most essential parts of a mass finishing machine are PU lining of the container and the electric motors.

The regular greasing of the motor ensures that you can use it for 5 to 10 years.

The PU lining undergoes wear and tear over time.

The amount of wear and tear depends on the abrasive strength of the media and its position.

The standard life of a typical PU lining if a centrifugal disc finishing machine is 3 to 6 months.

But, the lining of a vibratory finishing machine can last up to 10 years.

It will also depend on the usage and the tumbling media type.

We provide one year warranty to all our mass finishing machines.

You don’t have to worry once the warranty period expires.

We will continue our technical support after the warranty period, and all the spare parts will come at a reasonable cost.

4. What Kind Of After Sales Support Does Inovatec Machinery Provide For The Mass Finishing Machines?

You need to install the machine at your location after receiving the delivery.

The installation procedure is easy and straightforward.

You can read the installation guide for the procedure.

The manual will be shipped along with the mass finishing machine.

You need to plug in the power cord of the machine to the grid supply and turn it on to run the machine.

The shipped machine will be in the assembled form.

You can always get in touch with our team for any kind of technical support.

We will help you to address all your queries.

You can share the error code if you get any electrical issues.

We will share the video to fix it.

We have used the readily available parts for the manufacturing of the machines.

You can always get the replacement module in your local market in case of any electric component failure.


We also maintain a good stock of spare parts regularly.

So, we can also ship the spare parts by air if needed.

If the replacement is within the warranty period, then the parts will come free of charge.

A nominal cost will apply if the parts are shipped after the warranty period.

We also offer lifetime support to all our mass finishing machines.

5. Which Mass Finishing Machine Is Right For You?

You can get confused sometimes while selecting the mass finishing machine.

Vibratory finishing machine and the rotary barrel finishing machine are two popular variants when it comes to mass finishing.

If you are looking for a faster option among these two, then go for the vibratory finishing machine.


If you are looking to create a very smooth surface, then the Barrel tumbling machine is the preferred choice.

You have the option to add internal chamber separators to vibratory finishing machines.

It allows you to finish different batches of parts at the same time.

If the part quantity is large, and if it can be mixed together while cleaning and polishing, then go for the vibratory bowl option.

The vibratory finishing machine with the separator deck option is useful if you have lots of small parts that are difficult to collect in hand.


If your part is a complex and long one, then a tub vibratory machine will be the right choice.

The tub vibratory finishing machine is also suited for finishing marble stones.

You can also use the divider option in the tub vibratory machine to polish parts separately without hitting against each other.

You can move the divider and set it at any place inside the container.

So, the size of the chamber can be adjusted according to your part size requirements.

If you are looking to feed the machine continuously with parts, then the flow through the vibratory machine will be useful.

You have the option to vary the process cycle time in the range of 10 to 20 minutes.

The commonly used parts in flow-through vibratory machines are powdered metal parts, die castings, and stampings.

It provides a perfect processing time.

If your parts are delicate and costly, then go for the centrifugal barrel machines.

They are useful for removing materials in very little time.

It is useful in dental implant polishing, deburring of 3d printed parts, surface smoothening of 3d printed parts, and textile needle polishing.

If the part size is small or medium, then the Centrifugal disc finishing machine is the best choice.

Inovatec offers smaller centrifugal disc finisher machines that are best suited for cleaning and polishing jewelry accessories.

The bigger ones come with capacities like 230 liters, 50 liter, and 120 liters.


They are best suited for cleaning and polishing industrial components.

The high energy finishing technique adopted by the centrifugal disc finishing machine makes it possible to get a smooth surface finish on the parts.

You can use it for coin blank polishing, polishing of spectacle frames, and deburring of chain links.

If you are still doubtful in selecting the right mass finishing machine, you can share all your requirement details like budget, capacity, space requirement, power requirement, and fitting options.

We will help you to select the right machine for you.

6. What Does A Mass Finishing Machine Do?

The mass finishing machine is an equipment that is capable of finishing parts according to the user requirement.

It has the ability to process a large number of parts simultaneously.

It helps to clean, deburr, descale, degrease, polish, and dry the parts.

Inovatec offers different types of mass finishing machines.

Each of these machines comes with specific features.

So, the tiresome manual finishing process can be replaced by these mass finishing machines.


7. How Does A Typical Inovatec Mass Finisher Machine Work?

You need to connect the power cord of the machine to the electricity grid.

The machine will turn on once you switch on the supply and the machine power on button.

Each machine works in different principles.

So, they will start running according to their principle of operation after receiving power.

It will make the abrasive media act on the parts to get the desired finish.

8. What Does A Typical Mass Finishing Machine Consist Of?

All Inovatec mass finishing machines will have three main components.

The list is given below.

8.1 Machine

The machine consists of multiple interconnected parts like the chamber or the bowl or the tub, depending on the type of the machine.

It will also have the electronic components, circuit board, and the wiring.

There will be many other mechanical forms that together form the entire structure.

8.2 Media

Media is often referred to as the tumbling media is an abrasive substance.

It helps to remove the material and burrs from the part for finishing.

It will be in contact with the parts for cleaning and polishing.

It is the fuel that powers the entire process.


8.3 Compound

Compounds are items that are added to the mixture of media or parts to facilitate the finishing process.

The compound can be wet one or a dry one.

Anti-rusting compounds are utilized to minimize the corrosive action of the water on certain metals.

Polishing compounds are added to make the parts shinier.

9. Do I Need A Mass Finishing Machine?

A mass finishing machine will help you to get the different surface finish on the parts according to the requirement.

You will be able to get the same level of finish across all your parts.

9.1 Cleaning

The primary benefit of using a mass finishing machine is its ability to clean the parts with minimum effort.

You can use the machine to remove the dust, dirt, grease, and oil from the parts.

It is difficult to remove such dirt using bare hands or to use the manual method.


9.2 Surface Refinement

A good mass finisher machine will help to refine the surface of the parts.

It is done through the different processes that will happen inside the machine.

The process includes deburring, degreasing, edge breaking, descaling, burnishing, cleaning, polishing, and drying.

Thus, it helps to remove the weak points in the part and thereby strengthen the part to improve its life.


10. What Are The Different Varieties Of Mass Finishing Machines?

There are three primary variants of a mass finishing machine.

They are the vibratory finishing machine, barrel tumbling machine, and the centrifugal finishing machine.

The equipment rotates the media and parts in a tumbling fashion known as the tumble finishing machine.

So, the abrasive media and the parts are made to tumble on each other.

This rubbing creates the friction that removes the material from the part surface for finishing.

Sometimes, the tumble finishing machine is also called as the rumble finishing machine.

The popular variant, vibratory finishing machine, works on the principle of vibratory movement.

So, the parts are made to rub against the media regularly with the help of the vibratory force.

The centrifugal finishing machine works on the principle of centrifugal force.

Here, the media and parts move to and from the center to the walls of the bowl.

Thus, the media grinds the parts for finishing.

11. Are There Multiple Varieties of Abrasive Media?

Yes, you can find multiple varieties of mass finishing media.

Each media is designed to handle specific parts.

A mass finishing media is a fused mixture of abrasive material with some other compounds.

The different varieties of mass finishing media include the plastic media, ceramic media, stainless steel media, alumina media, organic media, etc.

All these different abrasive media are available in different shapes, sizes, and cutting grades.

So, you can select any based on your finishing requirements.


12. How To Use A Mass Finishing Machine?

It is easy to operate a mass finishing machine.

You can read and understand the instruction manual that is supplied along with the machine and follow it.

You need to fill the machine with media, parts, and compounds in an appropriate ratio.

After completing it, you can switch on the machine to start the process.

13. What Are The Various Applications Of A Mass Finishing Machine?

Mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery support different types of materials.

Some of the materials include wood, rubber, metal, metal alloy, glass, steel, stone, and many more.

All Inovatec machine support parts made by most of the manufacturing processes.

It includes parts made of laser cutting, 3d printing, die casting, stamping, embossing, etc.


14. What Is The Best Source Of Power Supply For A Mass Finishing Machine?

All Inovatec machines can be easily powered using either a 380V, 460V, or 480V supplies.

You should always ensure that the power grid matches with power requirement input of the machine.

So, before placing the order, you can also specify your power grid requirement to get a matching power supply unit in the machine.

Most of the Inovatec machine operates comfortably with a three phase supply.


15. What Is The Typical Finishing Time For A Mass Finishing Machine?

The finishing time for a mass finishing process varies with machines.

It can take 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the type of finish also.

Some machines can finish the process much faster than others.

16. What Is The Role Of Compounds In A Mass Finishing Machine?

The compounds play a vital role in the mass finishing process.

It helps to reduce the friction between the parts and the media to minimize the material removal amount.

Thus, it helps to improve the life of the media as well as part.

Different types of compounds are used in mass finishing machines, and they are used for various purposes.

Some compounds are used to inhibit the oxidation phenomenon and compounds used to increase the shine on the part surface.

17. Which Is The Best Mass Finishing Media For A Mass Finishing Machine?

Each mass finishing media is designed to handle a specific type of part material.

So, there is nothing like the best finishing media.

But, whenever you invest in a mass finishing media, ensure that you buy a high-quality one.

Never go with the cheap low-quality finishing media.

The cheap ones may damage your parts or you will have to spend more time in processing.

The two commonly used mass media are ceramics and plastic media.

17.1 Ceramic Media

If you are going to deburr or finish hard metal parts, then ceramic media is recommended.

They are capable of doing heavy grinding as well as fine polishing.

They are available in different cutting grades.

The abrasive content varies with cutting grade.

17.2  Plastic Media

Plastic media is best suited for deburring and polishing of soft metal and metal alloys.

They are used with aluminum and other soft metal parts.

18. How To Maintain A Mass Finishing Machine?

Maintenance is an important aspect when it comes to any machine.

All Inovatec machines are easy to maintain.

You need to do regular maintenance to ensure the smooth running of the machine.

You can make use of the following checks for proper maintenance.

18.1 Media Level Restoration

You must always ensure that the media level inside the machine must not drop.

So, always use the right amount of media.

Don’t think that you can save some costs by reducing the media amount on the machine.

It will have an adverse effect on the parts and the efficiency of the process.

The parts may get damaged, and the processing time will come slow.

You may not get the desired level of finish if you use a lower volume of the media.

18.2 Check Drain Periodically

Sometimes, the drain may get blocked due to dirt or remove particles from the part.

So, you should regularly check the drain to ensure that it is not blocked by any means.

If the drain is blocked, then you may end up flooding the machine.

18.3 PU Lining Check

PU lining protects the parts and media from hitting against the wall of the container.

So, you should always check the lining for wear and tear.

If the lining is damaged, then it can damage the abrasive, part, and the container also.

18.4 Don’t Overload the Machine with Parts

If you load the machine with more parts, then it can have adverse effects.

It may result in part hitting against each other, thus damaging the parts.

So, read the instruction manual of the machine carefully and understand the part load capacity and load accordingly.

19. What Is The Price Of A Mass Finishing Machine?

The cost of a mass finishing machine depends on factors like type, capacity, power, and principle of operation.

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