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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Tumbler Machine Stone Manufacturer From China

The tumbler machine stone is popularly known as the mass finishing media, finishing media, or vibratory finishing media. For different application, they can also categorize into deburring media or polishing media. Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of high-quality tumbler machines stones. It supports the different mas finishing processes like deburring, deflashing, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, edge breaking, surface preparation, and polishing.


The ceramic tumbling media is suitable for deburring, cleaning, descaling, deflashing, and surface smoothening of hard metal parts.


The plastic tumbling media is a good choice of media for cleaning and polishing of soft metal parts.


The steel tumbling media is hard and durable and is useful for the burnishing of hard metal parts.


The 3p granule tumbling media is ideal for removing machine lines and for radiusing, and it comes in irregular shapes.


The porcelain media comes with zero abrasive content that makes it a good choice for polishing parts.


The high density mass finishing media is useful to get an isotropic finish on the part surface and is suitable for polishing and removing small burrs in part.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

The grinding compound LC-13 is useful to accelerate the deburring process for metal parts. It can be used with both ceramic media as well as plastic tumbling media

The rust inhibitor MC-8 is added during the wet tumbling of metal parts that are prone to rust. It will prevent the corrosive effect of water on the parts.

The polishing compound HM-3 is effective on metal and metal alloy parts.

The cleaning compound HX-0 can be used to remove dirt, grease, and oil from the parts. It is commonly used with the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

The polishing compound HM-7C-A helps to attain a high gloss finish on metal parts.

The polishing paste HM-P is added along with the organic media walnut shell grit for dry polishing. It helps to add that extra shine to the parts.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is the quality of the Barrel Tumbling media offered by Inovatec?

Inovatec offers very high quality barrel tumbling media.

All Inovatec product come with CE certification and meets ISO 9001 international standards.

We also follow strict quality measures internally while selecting the raw material and also in the manufacturing process.

So, we can easily track any batch of media in case of any quality issue.

What Will Be The Cost Of Media?

Inovatec machinery manufactures media in bulk quantity.

So, we can give you the media for the best possible price in the market.

The cost of the large size media will be less when compared to the small size ones.

What Kind Of Packaging Do Inovatec Use?

We use wooden pallets for packing tumbler machine stones.

They usually come in 25 kg and 50 kg bags.

It is also possible to print customer logo on the plastic woven bags if needed.

What Payment Method Is Accepted?

You will have to pay 30 percent of the total bill amount in advance.

The remaining amount can be paid before the shipment of the package.

Inovatec machinery also accepts LC payment if you are ordering in bulk.

If you prefer any other kinds of payment, then we are open to discuss the same.

What Is The Typical Delivery Time?

The manufacturing time for the tumbler machine stones will be in between 10 to 20 days.

It will depend on the media size and quality also.

If you are ordering small size tumbler machine stones, then it will take more time to cut.

Tumbler Machine Stones FAQ Guide

Are you involved in a business that deals with the manufacturing of parts?

If yes, then you will also be involved in the finishing of these parts.

So, you will be searching for the best quality tumbling media that is available at a reasonable price.

You can make use of this guide to know how these tumbling machine stones can help you to clean, finish, and polish your parts.

You will also find this guide useful to select the right kind of tumbling media that matches your parts polishing requirement.



1. What Are Tumbling Machine Stones?

The tumbler machine stones are the materials that are added along with the manufactured parts in a mass finishing machine for finishing parts.

Such tumbling machine stones are made up of different materials and abrasives.

The abrasive strength of the tumbler machine stone will be different for different types of stones.



2. What Is The Use Of Tumbler Machine Stones?

You can use the tumbler machine due to the following reasons.


2.1 For part support inside the tumbler

The tumbler machine stones provide excellent support to the parts inside the finishing machine while tumbling.

It ensures that the unnecessary movement of parts that can damage the parts inside the finishing machine is avoided.


2.2 Protects part from hitting against each other

The tumbler machine stones will ensure that there is no part to part contact during the finishing process.

It will be present between different parts.

So, it will help to avoid the part to part collision.

It is also useful for protecting the parts from hitting against the tumbler walls.

So, it protects the parts from all sorts of damages.


2.3 Applying abrasives to workpieces

The tumbler machine stones will be in touch with the parts all the time inside the tumbler machine.

So, they will apply the abrasive on the part surface for deburring, cleaning, and finishing purposes.


3. Why Should You Use Tumbler Machine Stones?

Let us look at the various processes done by the tumbler machine stones during the mass finishing process.


3.1 Deburring

The manufactured part will have an unwanted deposit of material in them.

These are called burrs.

You need to remove these burrs to get the final finished part.

The process of removing the burrs from the part is called deburring.



3.2 Degreasing

The parts may have grease, oil, dirt, and dust on it.

So, these things need to be removed from the part to clean the part.

They are formed either due to the manufacturing process or due to part handling.

The process of removing it is called degreasing.


3.3 Descaling

The parts will have scales and machine lines as a result of the previous process.

The process of removing the scales from the part is called descaling.

The tumbler machine stones help in the descaling process.


3.4 Surface Smoothening

The manufactured part will not have a smooth surface.

So, you need to smoothen the part surface for the final part.

You can make use of the tumbler machine stones to smoothen the part surface.


3.5 Edge Breaking

The parts will have pointed and sharp edges because of the manufacturing process.

So, you need to remove it to make the part safe for use.

The edge breaking process helps to fix this issue.


3.6 Radiusing.

Radiusing is the process of rounding the sharp corners of the part that can possibly harm the user.

The radiusing process helps to round the part corners and make it safe for user handling.


3.7 Polishing

The final part needs to comply with the finish requirement as per the design.

So, you need to polish the part with appropriate tumbler machine stones to get the required finish.

This finish requirement will be different for different parts.

So, the processing time also needs to be varied accordingly.



3.8 Surface Preparation of Part For Coating

If you are planning to coat or paint the part surface, then the surface preparation is essential.

The tumbler machines stones can help you to do the surface preparation for all the parts at the same time.

Sometimes, you will have to electroplate the part to get the final product.

You need to put a pre-plating finish on such parts so that the electroplating is successful in these parts.

You can use the tumbler machine with appropriate tumbler machine stones to get the pre-plating finish on the parts.



4. How To Choose The Right Type Of Tumbler Machine Stones?

There are some factors which you need to consider before selecting the right tumbler machines stones for your finishing purpose.

You can make use of the factors listed below to select the right tumbling media.


4.1 Shape of the part

You can get tumbler machine stones in different shapes.

Different shapes are good for various processes.

So, you need to select the shape in such a way that it matches with the part shape and the process you are planning to do with it.



4.2 Size of the part

The part size is another vital factor to consider.

You may have a big part or a small part for finishing.

So, you need to select the tumbler machine stone size accordingly.



4.3 Complexity of the part

If you have a complex part, then you need to invest in some unique media shapes.

Inovatec machinery manufactures tumbler machine stones of a wide variety of shapes.

So, you can easily choose one which matches your part.

If you need any custom shape or size, then you can always place a request for the same with us.

You can also interact with our technical team, who can help you to select the right tumbler machine stones for your part.


4.4 Part material

The most crucial factor is the material of the part.

The part material must match with the media type.

If the media strength or abrasiveness is more, then you may end up damaging the parts.



4.5 Manufacturing process of the part

Different types of parts are manufactured using different manufacturing processes.

If the part is manufactured using 3d printing process, then the surface of the part will be very rough.

So, heavy deburring will be required on the part surface to smoothen the surface.

It demands for more material removal.

So, you will have to use media with a more abrasive material for a faster finish.

You need to consider the manufacturing process also while choosing the tumbling media.



4.6 The Tumbling machine type

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of mass finishing machines.

All the tumbling machines may not support all these media types.

So, you need to check and confirm that the selected media matched with the mass finishing machine type.


4.7 Toughness and Life of the Tumbling machine stones

It is always good to buy tumbler machine stones that come with a long lifespan.

It will ensure that you can use the same media for a long time without any replacement.

It will help you reduce operational costs.

You need to ensure that the media is of high quality and reliable.


4.8 Cost of the tumbler machine stones

You must always make sure that the price of the tumbler machine stones comes within your budget.

The cost of the tumbling stones will depend on many factors like the shape, size, and its abrasive strength.

Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality tumbler machine stone at a reasonable price.

If you are planning for a custom media shape or size, then it is going to cost more.


4.9 Processing Time

Faster processing speed can help you to reduce the operational cost.

So, you will be able to finish more workpieces in less time.

So, go for tumbler machine stones that can finish your parts in the lowest possible time with the same finish quality.

Don’t compromise on the finish quality for reducing the finishing time alone.



4.10 Cutting rate of tumbler machine stones

The abrasive strength of the media determines the cutting rate of the media.

If you use media with a higher cutting rate, then more material will be removed from the parts.

So, you will be able to reduce the finishing time for the process.

So, go for a media with higher cutting grade if you are looking to remove more material from the part surface.


4.11 Ease of separating parts from media

The size of the media plays a vital role in the separation process from the parts.

You may have to use a small size tumbler machine stones with large parts and large size media with small parts.

So, you need to ensure that the process of separating the parts from the media can be done easily.

It is to ensure that time is not wasted for the separation process.



4.12 Capability to reach across the whole part surface

The media which you select must be able to reach the whole part surface.

Only then the mass finishing process will be effective and consistent.

So, choose tumbler machine stones accordingly.



4.13 Should not have any lodging issues

Your parts may have slots and holes.

So, the tumbler machine stones should not get stuck in these crevices during the finishing process.

If it gets stuck, then the finishing process will not be efficient, and you will have to spend more time cleaning the media from the parts after the processing.



5. How Can You Use The Tumbling Machine Stones?

The method used for mass finishing will vary for different mass finishing machines.

Whatever be the method of tumbling, the function of the tumbling stones remains the same.

You will have to feed the tumbler machine with the appropriate tumbler machine stones and the parts.

You need to ensure that you maintain the recommended ratio for media and parts.

Only then the tumbling process will be efficient.

You can also add water or any other liquid if you are planning to do a wet tumbling process.

You need to run the process for a defined finishing time.

Once the process is over, then you can separate the parts from the media.

The parts and media can be rinsed with water and dried.

Inovatec machinery recommends storing dry and clean media.

You will have to inspect the tumbler machine stones at constant intervals to ensure that they are suitable for the next usage.

If there is a considerable reduction in the media size or any kind of discoloration in the media, you need to discard it.


6. Is Wet Tumbling Process Supported By Tumbler Machine Stones?

Yes, you can use the tumbler machine stones for the wet tumbling process.

You can use it with tap water or any other liquid for wet tumbling.

You need to ensure that the pH of the water is appropriate for use.

The frictional force between the parts and media will be reduced if you make use of the wet tumbling process.

So, the process will take more time than the dry tumbling one.


7. What Are The Various Varieties Of Workpieces That Can Be Finished With The Help Of Tumbler Machine Stones?

The tumbler machine stones support parts with different types of materials.

It includes parts made of ceramics, metal, metal alloy, plastics, and many more.

So, we will have a look at the various types of parts on the basis of their manufacturing process, which is supported by the tumbler machine stones.


7.1 3d Printed Parts

The surface of a 3d printed part will be very rough, and you will have to use a media with higher abrasive content to finish such parts.



7.2 Aluminum machined Parts

There are many machined parts used in various industries that are made of aluminum.



7.3 Zamak Die Casting Parts

The Zamak die casting process is getting popular these days for manufacturing parts due to its cost benefits.



7.4 Laser Cut Parts

Laser cut parts of different materials like plastic, metal, and metal alloys are used in various industrial sectors.



7.5 Injection Molding Parts

Injection molding is another popular technique used to prepare parts like buttons, eyeglass frames, etc.



8. What Are The Various Varieties Of Tumbler Machine Stones Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec produces different types of high quality tumbler machine stones.

The list of various tumbling media varieties is given below.


8.1 Ceramic Deburring Media

The ceramic deburring media is made of abrasives along with aluminum oxide.

It can be used for various mass finishing processes like deburring, descaling, degreasing, surface smoothening, and polishing of metal and metal alloys.

The higher abrasive action of the ceramic media helps to reduce the finishing time drastically.



8.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

The plastic tumbling media is best suited for soft metals.

It applies less pressure on the parts for finishing when compared to the ceramic media.

So, you can use it for cleaning, deburring, descaling, surface smoothening, and polishing of soft metals and metal alloy parts.

It is the ideal choice for fragile workpieces.



8.3 Steel Tumbling Media

Steel media comes with a long lifespan.

So, you can use it many times for many years.

It is suitable for deburring, burnishing, cleaning, and polishing of metal parts.

You must always ensure that they are used along with strong metal parts.

Otherwise, it will damage the parts.

The processing time is less for steel media.



8.4 Porcelain media

The porcelain media does not come with any kind of abrasive content.

So, it is suitable for polishing parts, and you can achieve the best results in the wet polishing process.

You will be able to achieve a high gloss finish on the parts with porcelain media.


8.5 Zirconia Balls

If you are looking for precision polishing of metal parts, then the zirconia balls are the perfect choice of media.

They have a high life span as they are resistant to temperature, corrosion, wear, and tear.

So, the zirconia balls are an economical polishing solution.

It will help to bring a mirror like shine on the part surface.


9. What Is The Typical Finishing Time Taken By The Tumbler Machine Stones?

The finishing time will differ for different types of tumbler machine stones.

It will depend on various factors like the part types, tumbling media types, finish requirements for the part, mass finishing machine type, size, and shape of the media, and the part manufacturing process.


10. Is It Costly To Buy Tumbler Machine Stones?

The cost of the tumbler machine stones will differ for different varieties.

The cost will depend on things like size, shape, material type, and abrasive strength of the tumbler stones.

It will cost you more of you are planning to acquire custom shape and size.

You can also get a discount from Inovatec if you place an order for large quantities.


11. What Are The Various Varieties Of Tumbler Finishing Machines That Supports Tumbler Machine Stones?

Inovatec machinery offers a wide variety of mass finishing machines.

So, you can easily find one tumbling machine that will help you to get the desired finish on your parts.

The list of mass finishing machines that support tumbler machine stones is listed below.


11.1 Vibratory Tumbler Finisher Machines

The most popular mass finishing machine is the vibratory finisher machine.

It is capable of doing all the typical mass finishing processes.

It makes use of the vibratory force to clean and polish the parts, hence the name.


11.2 Barrel Tumbler Machines

In the case of barrel tumbling machines, the media and parts are tumbled inside the barrel for cleaning, deburring, edge rounding, radiusing, and polishing.



11.3 Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine

The centrifugal disc finisher machine works on the principle of centrifugal force for removing burrs, smoothening the part surface and can handle small and medium size workpieces.



11.4 Centrifugal Barrel Finisher Machines

The centrifugal barrel finisher machines help to finish the parts at a faster rate and helps to improve productivity.



11.5 Vibratory Dryer Machines

The organic media like corn cob granules and the walnut shell media are used by the vibratory dryer to dry the parts after polishing.

VD vibratory dryer


12. How Can You Increase The Life Of The Tumbler Machine Stones?

You can increase the life of the tumbler machine stones with the help of the following tips.


12.1 Buy best Quality Tumbler Machine Stones

The quality of the tumbler machine stones decides its life.

So, if you go for cheap quality stones that come for less cost, it will have less life.

So, always invest on high quality tumbler stones.

Inovatec machinery has taken the strict quality measure in the selection of raw materials as well as in the manufacturing of tumbling stones.

So, high quality tumbling stones are guaranteed from Inovatec machinery for a reasonable price.

12.2 Proper Shape selection

If you go for complex shapes, then the life of such media will be less.

The wear and tear rate will be more complex shapes.

So, go for simple shapes that can do the same finishing job for your parts.

For example, shapes like spheres and cylinders will have more life than the pyramid and lens shape media.


12.3 Match with right parts

If you are into a business that deals with lots of parts, then it is recommended to use different media that match each of these parts.

If you use the same media for all parts, you may end up damaging the media or the elements.

It will also have an impact on your final finish if you use the same type of tumbler machine stones for all your parts.


12.4 Big size media for more life

It is recommended to go for a big size media for your parts.

It is because life will be more for big size parts when compared to the small size ones.

You can use the media many more times, even if the size gets reduced by a little.

So, you can make use of all these tips to enhance the life of your media.


13. What Is The Effect Of Media Shape And Size On The Mass Finishing Process?

We offer media in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

So, you can easily get a shape and size that will meet your finishing requirements.

The different shapes manufactured by Inovatec machinery include the ball, cylinder, cone, pyramid, tristar, lens, and many more.

You will also get the straight cut and angle cut versions for the cylindrical shapes.

If your parts do not have holes or crevices, then the ball shape is good enough for finishing.

If you have slots in part, you will have to look for shapes like tristar, cone, pyramid, etc.

You need to ensure that the selected shape and size of the media can reach all the surface area of the part.

So, you may have to go for a big size tumbler machine stones or small size ones.

The advantage of choosing the small size media is that it can easily reach all the part surface.

If you are selecting a small size media for a large size media, then you need to ensure that the size of the media is lower than the one third size of the smallest slot in part.

Otherwise, you will face lodging issues during the finishing process.

So, the process will not be efficient, and you will end up cleaning media that are stuck on the parts.


14. What Is The Effect Of Abrasiveness Of The Tumbler Machine Stones In The Finishing Process?

Inovatec machinery manufactures mass finishing media of varying abrasiveness.

So, you will get media with different abrasiveness in the same material types.

You can go for higher abrasive media if your part demands more material removal.

It can help you to make the processing faster.

You can go for media with low abrasive content if you are planning to polish the part surface.

The time duration for polishing will vary according to the polishing requirement for the part.


15. Is It A Good Idea To Buy Cheap Tumbler Machine Stones?

We don’t recommend to invest your valuable money on cheap mass finishing media.

Initially, you may feel that you are saving some amount of money by investing in cheap tumbling media.

But, in reality, you will end up spending more.

The life of cheap tumbler machine stones is very less.

So, you will have to make the replacement after a few use itself.

It will also increase the processing time for your parts.

So, the finishing yield will come down.

So, never go for cheap tumbling media.

Always invest your money on high quality media that comes for a reasonable price.


16. What Is The Amount Of Tumbler Machine Stones Required For Your Workpieces?

The quantity of tumbler machine stones required will depend on lots of factors.

It will depend on the capacity of your tumbling machine.

You need to maintain a 1:3 ratio between the parts and the media.

Sometimes, this ratio can go up to 1:5.

You will also have to keep some back up so that you can replace the media immediately in case of any damage or once it wears out.

So, you need to make the purchase accordingly.


17. What Type Of Tumbler Machine Stones Are Recommended For Anodized Aluminum Parts?

The organic media, like walnut shell grit, can be used for anodized aluminum parts.

It is very effective to remove the small burrs from workpieces without affecting the anodized part.

If you use any other hard media, then it will damage the anodized aluminum part for sure.



Now, you will have a clear understanding of the use of tumbler machine stones in a mass finishing process.

You can make use of this guide to select the appropriate tumbler machine stones that match with your parts.

It will help to improve your business.

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