Steel Tumbling Media

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Over 20 years of history tradition and experience, Inovatec machinery is the key manufacturer and supplier for Stainless tumbling media in China. Therefore, our goal is to help you to return your problem into a commercial success.

First of all, we provide high-quality tumbling media and carbon steel with SS304, SS201, SS420 grade. There are wide selection of media available includes stainless steel ball, ballcone, diagonal shape. Besides, if you want to have a Stainless Steel Shot Jeweler's Mix, we can also help.

Also, Inovatec Machinery provides vibratory media per your size and shape with private lable packaging. Contact us now for an instant quote!

Stainless Steel Shot Pins for Magnetic Tumblers

Carbon Steel Tumbling Media

Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

Steel tumbling media is the perfect media for ball burnishing. It not only reduces process time, but is also cost-effective. It inflicts pressure on the surface of the workpieces, making it easier to remove the defects. Ball and ball-cone is the most common shape of steel tumbling media.

Carbon steel tumbling media is the most cost-effective tumbling media. But, you will need to treat it with rust inhibitor after each use. Stainless steel tumbling media, however, is rust-and-corrosion-resistant. It’s chemical and physical characteristics remain intact for a long time. Both media are designed for optimal cleaning and polishing.

Like most other tumbling media, it also comes in different grades. At Inovatec, you can find two varieties of steel media including carbon steel tumbling media (201) and stainless steel tumbling media (304).

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