Vibratory Tumbler & Rock Tumbler

Vibratory Tumbler & Rock Tumbler

Vibratory tumblers are bench top finishing equipment. They can carry out small scale deburring and polishing jobs efficiently, saving you both money and time. Workshop use vibratory tumbler bowls to make rust removal of metal parts, clean brass shell for reloading. In order for you to get the best vibratory tumbler, you need to consider some factors, for example machine capacity (ltr) and power supply.

Category : Mass Finishing Machine, Vibratory Finishing Machines

Designed with heavy duty drive and suspension system, as well as additional adjustable amplitude and tough, cross-linked polyethelene for use with all media to achieve optimal process result. Good for chains, bracelets and necklaces tumbling.

Machine modelVT17VT12VT10
Bowl Diameter430mm355mm250mm
Machine capacity17 Liter12 Liter10 Liter


The VT Series Mini-Bowl Style Vibratory Tumbler is our best selling vibratory finishing equipment and is designed for everyday use. These cost-saving vibratory tumblers are ideal starter systems and for those who are new new for mass finishing.

The vibratory rocker tumblers greatly reduce the manual job in small batch sizes. The smaller bowls suitable for small and delicate parts deburring and polishing.


  1. Sockets for European, Japan, UK, USA or other countries
  2. Electricity power supply 220V 50/60HZ or 110V 50/60HZ
  3. Optional speed control
  4. 3 size available: 17 Liter, 12 Liter, and 10 Liter
  5. Durable HDPE Bowls
  6. Compact Design and Small Footprint
  7. 3-Dimensional Tumbling to avoid parts-to-parts impringement
  1. Vibratory tumblers for rock tumbling and rock polishing of different stage from Raw stone to a fine polished one
  2. Vibratory tumblers for brass case reloading, parts cleaning and polishing
  3. Vibratory tumblers for small and medium size parts rust removal and deburring
  4. Small Scale production, metal deburring and polishing for workshop
  5. Quick parts testing running
  6. Deburring, Polishing, scale removing, metal parts cleaning, burnishing, rust removal
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