Vibratory Tumbler & Rock Tumbler Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory tumblers are bench top finishing equipment. They can carry out small scale deburring and polishing jobs efficiently, saving you both money and time. Workshop use vibratory tumbler bowls to make rust removal of metal parts, clean brass shell for reloading. In order for you to get the best vibratory tumbler, you need to consider some factors, for example machine capacity (ltr) and power supply.

Designed with heavy duty drive and suspension system, as well as additional adjustable amplitude and tough, cross-linked polyethelene for use with all media to achieve optimal process result. Good for chains, bracelets and necklaces tumbling.

The desktop vibratory finishing machine is a smaller desktop version of the bowl vibratory finishing machine. Experts recommend it for small-batch polishing, deburring, or burnishing.

Machine modelVT17VT12VT10
Bowl Diameter430mm355mm250mm
Machine capacity17 Liter12 Liter10 Liter

The VT Series Mini-Bowl Style Vibratory Tumbler is our best selling vibratory finishing equipment and is designed for everyday use. These cost-saving vibratory tumblers are ideal starter systems and for those who are new new for mass finishing.

The vibratory rocker tumblers greatly reduce the manual job in small batch sizes. The smaller bowls suitable for small and delicate parts deburring and polishing.

The desktop vibratory finishing machine works just like the industrial bowl vibratory finishing machines. However, you have to understand that there is a vast difference between these two machines.

The desktop vibratory tumbler is suitable for small to medium-size parts. They are also ideal for small-batch processing of parts.

There are different sizes of this desktop vibratory tumbler. You need to know which size will be ideal for your processes before you choose to buy.

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Inovatec Machinery manufactures this type of machine with world-class materials, which means that they are robust. Besides, they have a longer lifespan and rarely break down.

This machine’s size makes it suitable for a small workshop because it doesn’t consume a lot of physical space. Its sturdy nature is another plus – it can take any form of “a polite assault.”

The machine will be highly beneficial for you because it reduces the parts’ finishing duration. It also saves you a significant amount of money that would have been spent on paying workshop personnel.

You can finish small parts like earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc.

The desktop vibratory finishing machine has the following superb features:

  • It comes in 3 different sizes – you only need to know which one will be best for you. On top of that, Inovatec Machinery experts are available to help you out on the best machine to buy.
  • The machine supports power supply sockets in almost every continent in the world.
  • The machine is made out of world-class, newly formed material (material that has never been recycled). Its finishing bowl is undoubtedly sturdy.
  • This machine’s power supply capacity can vary – it is not limited to one power supply capacity.

You can also altogether remove rust from your parts and polish rocks to the sleekest degree of polishing.

  • Sockets for European, Japan, UK, USA or other countries
  • Electricity power supply 220V 50/60HZ or 110V 50/60HZ
  • Optional speed control
  • 3 size available: 17 Liter, 12 Liter, and 10 Liter
  • Durable HDPE Bowls
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint
  • 3-Dimensional Tumbling to avoid parts-to-parts impringement


The desktop vibratory finishing machine comes in 3 different bowl sizes. You can order a 17, 12, or 10-liter finishing capacity machine from Inovatec Machinery.

When ordering this machine, you can also choose to order a PU lid. A PU cover is a polymer, which can withstand aggressive abrasives as well as harsh chemicals.

The lid’s primary benefit is to reduce noise significantly when the finishing process is in play. It protects your ears from getting damaged, especially if you expose yourself to the workshop for lengthy durations.

It also prevents sputtering of finishing compounds out of the machine.

The desktop vibratory finishing machine is ideal for newbies – people who are new to the mass finishing industry. You can finish small batches of parts such as rusty bolts and nuts, nails, bullet shells casings, or even rusty coins.

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The desktop vibratory finishing machine can perform both wet and dry, finishing effectively and efficiently. You can choose to deburr, burnish, or polish your parts when refining their surfaces using this machine.

Inovatec Machinery has been in business successfully for two decades now.

We will always supply you with faultless finishing machines. Our quality assurance is strict to ensure that you get the best devices. We are also ISO certified, which further places emphasis on the quality of our products.

You can contact us by visiting our contact us page on our website, and we’ll happily reach out back to you.

  1. Vibratory tumblers for rock tumbling and rock polishing of different stage from Raw stone to a fine polished one
  2. Vibratory tumblers for brass case reloading, parts cleaning and polishing
  3. Vibratory tumblers for small and medium size parts rust removal and deburring
  4. Small Scale production, metal deburring and polishing for workshop
  5. Quick parts testing running
  6. Deburring, Polishing, scale removing, metal parts cleaning, burnishing, rust removal

Vibratory Tumbler & Rock Tumbler

Desktop Vibratory Tumbler – The Definitive Guide

1.    How Does a Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machine Work?

The primary reason for using a desktop vibratory finishing machine is to finish your parts in small batches.

The desktop vibratory finishing machine works by vigorously shaking its finishing bowl to create a tumbling effect. When the bowl shakes, it generates friction because parts’ and abrasives’ surfaces rub.

vibratory-tumbler-machine-packaging vibratory-tumbler-machine-socket-for-EU


When friction is generated, heat is also generated. Heat enhances the finishing process.

You can control the vibration speed using the machine’s controls. Remember, you should not hasten the finishing process because you will not get the desired results.

You should consider acquiring a vibratory finishing machine. It is more efficient and effective than manual parts finishing. It saves you a significant amount of time and money and gives you a clean and uniform final finish.

tumbler-rusted-parts-1 coin-refurbishing-with-vibratory-tumbler


2.    What is the Primary Purpose of Owning a Vibratory Tumbler?

The reason for owning a vibratory finishing machine is primarily to refine your small and medium-sized parts’ surfaces. As you learned earlier, this machine can burnish, polish, and deburr your parts.

You can choose to dry finish or wet finish. The process is highly effective and incredibly efficient.



Should you decide to carry out a wet finishing process, you can still use your desktop vibratory finishing machine to dry them thoroughly. All you’ll need to do is acquire organic finishing media such as walnut shell grit or corn cob grit.

You can also check out Inovatec Machinery’s broad list of finishing abrasives by visiting our products page.



3.    What is the Primary Difference Between a Desktop Vibratory Tumbler and a Desktop Rotary Tumbler?

There are three key differences between the desktop vibratory finishing machine and the desktop rotary barrel finishing machine.

Both machines are used in batch processing.

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The first difference is the manner of batch finishing process that each machine employs to improve your parts’ surfaces.

As you learned earlier on, the vibratory finishing machine finishes by vigorously shaking its bowl to create the tumbling effect. The rotary barrel tumbler rotates its finishing barrel at a predetermined speed to create the tumbling effect.

The second difference is that the vibratory finishing machine refines your parts’ surfaces so that they do not tumble on each other. It reduces the risk of denting your parts’ surfaces.



As for the rotary barrel finishing machine, when the barrel spins, parts and abrasives tumble. It, therefore, has an increased chance of denting your parts surfaces.

The rotary barrel tumbler is therefore not suitable for fragile parts finishing.

The final key difference between these two mass finishing machines is the finishing speed these two machines employ.

The vibratory finishing machine is way faster than the barrel finishing machine. Therefore, this fast finishing renders the vibratory finishing machine more expensive than the rotary barrel finishing machine.


4.    Is it Costly to Finish Parts with a Vibratory Tumbler?

The vibratory finishing process is ideally not costly – provided you follow finishing instructions from experts to the letter.

The finishing cost will primarily rely on how you handle your machine during the finishing process. The first factor you have to consider to make your process money-efficient is to select the right finishing abrasives for your


For more hardened materials such as steel and titanium, you should use aggressive abrasives such as ceramic media or stainless steel media.

For softer materials such as aluminum or brass, consider using plastic abrasives. Plastic abrasives will certainly not give you the sleek mirror finish, but they’ll undoubtedly get the job done.

Also, remember to use the recommended amount of finishing compounds. Using it in excess does not enhance the finishing process. Instead, it will spill out of the machine.

Do not overload your machine. Also, remember to use the recommended finishing speed. Do not hasten the finishing process.


5.    What Are the Advantages of Using a Desktop Vibratory Tumbler?

There are numerous benefits of using a desktop vibratory tumbler.

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The first benefit is that you get to finish your parts rapidly, effectively, and efficiently. The desktop vibratory finishing machine is immensely robust.

This machine also gives you a sleek and uniform finish – even in the most intricate corners.

The second benefit is that the desktop vibratory finishing machine is ideal for surface refinement of fragile parts. The machine finishes parts in a corkscrew pattern, therefore limiting part-to-part contacts.

The only downside of using a vibratory finishing machine is its noise when the process is in play. However, you can still curb this downside by acquiring a PU cover for your device.

The machine is also costly when compared to a rotary barrel finishing machine. However, the extra cost is worth the finishing speed the vibratory tumbler offers.


6.    Is It Costly to Buy a Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machine?

Acquiring a desktop vibratory finishing machine is not ideally costly. You can have the most expensive one going for $6500.

However, they are more costly than the rotary barrel finishing machines.


7.    What is a Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machine’s Bowl?

The finishing process when using a desktop vibratory finishing machine takes place in the finishing bowl.

The finishing bowl is where you put your parts, abrasives, and finishing compounds to refine the surface of your pieces.

You can have different capacities of finishing bowls for your desktop machine – the largest being 17 liters and the smallest being 10 liters.



8.    What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Desktop Vibratory Tumbler?

There are several factors that you should consider before buying any mass finishing machine.

The first factor should be its size. The bowl’s finishing capacity will determine whether the process will be efficient or not. You need to finish your parts rapidly, and each cycle takes several minutes to a few hours to complete surface refinement.

The second primary factor should be the cost of acquisition of the machine. The cheapest goes for around $1000. Is the acquisition cost affordable to you?

The third primary factor should be the parts you want to finish. Are they large parts? If so, consider acquiring the industrial vibratory tumbler. However, you’ll not be able to run the industrial version of this tumbler in your house’s basement.

You’ll need an industrial workshop.

Are the parts you want to refine fragile? Can they be improved using another cheaper mass finishing machine, such as the desktop rotary barrel finishing machine?

After comprehensive research and consultation from experts like Inovatec Machinery, you can then make a sound decision on what you want.


9.    Do Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machines Tumble Rocks?

Yes. Many rock enthusiasts refine the surfaces of their precious stones using the desktop vibratory finishing machines.

For rock surface polishing to be efficient and effective, you need to carry out the process slowly. If you hasten the process, you may fail to achieve your desired results – and also, the rock tumbling process will become inefficient.

Rock tumbling using a vibratory tumbler takes time. It can take up to four days to complete properly. Ensure that your machine is in good working condition to not consume a lot of electricity, thus rendering it inefficient.



10.   How can I best Tumble Parts Using a Desktop Vibratory Finishing Machine?

You’ll need to make a few considerations first.

The first consideration you’ll need to make is determining what type of parts you want to finish. Are they metals or rocks? Are they soft or hard metals?

You’ll also need to know the nature of the process – will you dry finish or wet finish your parts? Also, do you want your pieces to have a sleek and shiny mirror finish look? If so, do not use plastic finishing media.


These two factors will lead you to choose the appropriate mass finishing media to use.

Also, you should make your judgment depending on the damage of the surface of your parts. The decision will include the recommended finishing speed to use.


11.   What Abrasives Does the Vibratory Finishing Machine Use?

The desktop vibratory finishing machine uses all sorts of finishing media – ranging from aggressive finishing abrasives to organic media.

You can use ceramic or even stainless steel finishing balls with the vibratory finishing machine. You can also use porcelain and plastic finishing media. All you need to know is the correct shape and size that your process requires.

Organic finishing media is ideal for drying your parts and getting rid of impurities on your parts’ surface. Contaminants can be oil.

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