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Control Separation using Airtec Pneumatic Shutter

Airtec pneumatic shutter is an effective and efficient way of separating your finished parts from finishing the media. Keep reading to learn more.

How the Pneumatic Level Shutter Functions:

This device works by using pressurized air. You can automate it by integrating it into the PLC control system, thus enhancing performance and efficiency. It works by lifting the separation flap.

Once the finishing process is complete, the pneumatic shutter will drop the separation flap. The vigorous vibration from the vibratory finishing machine forces the tumbler media to be separated from your parts.

Your finishing media climbs up to the screen deck, and they are finally separated from your parts.

The pneumatic level shutter is limited to bowl vibratory finishing machines.


World-Class German Airtec Cylinder

  • Highly reliable as Airtec offers exceptional after-sale services
  • Airtec Pneumatic Cylinder – a world-class leading brand


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