Polishing, Burnishing, Smoothening, & Cleaning Boat Propellers with Best Quality
  • Perfect for both small and big propellers
  • Ensure zero propeller damages
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Consistency and Repeatability in Surface Finish
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Inovatec Machinery High Quality Automatic Propeller Polishing Solution From China

The mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of removing the slag and burr, which are formed due to the laser cutting process. The machines are capable of edge rounding and rust removal from the parts. This solution can be used for both small as well as medium size propellers. It is an economical propeller polishing solution.


The wheel vibratory finishing machine is best suited for marine propellers. This machine is capable of cleaning and finishing the propeller without causing any damages to its blades. It is capable of polishing propellers up to 32 inch diameter.


The drag finishing machine is capable of cleaning and finishing each propeller part without any part to part contact. It is one of the recommended machines for model boat propeller polishing.

Different Propeller Materials

Plastic tumbling media is used to clean and deburr aluminum propellers. It helps to provide a homogenous texture to aluminum propellers in very less time.

Zirconia balls or the porcelain tumbling media is used for polishing stainless steel propellers. A mirror like shine can be achieved on the part surface in an hour.

Brass propellers are soft when compared to the stainless steel ones. So, you must ensure that proper tumbling media is selected for finishing these types of propellers.

The drag finishing machine can be used to clean and finish the model boat propellers. They are small size propellers that can be finished in batches.

The drag finishing machine can be used to achieve a mirror like the shine of the aluminum fan blade. It is a small size propeller. Plastic tumbling media can be used for deburring.

The titanium propellers are very hard and strong parts. The wheel vibratory finishing machine will be needed to deburr and polish titanium parts. You must make sure to use the appropriate tumbling media for cleaning and polishing.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

The collection of tumbling media from the Inovatec machine is very exhaustive. It will give you plenty of options to choose from. Inovatec also manufactures mass finishing media in different shapes, sizes, and cutting grades. So, you can select any of these media for deburring, degreasing, cleaning, surface smoothening, rust removal, or polishing.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of Propeller Polishing Machines From China
  • Right Machine & Media for Your Parts
  • Support free trial polishing of parts
  • Cost effective solution when compared to manual polishing
  • Life time technical support
Frequently Asked Question
Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Surface Finishing Machines?

Yes, there is a minimum order quantity of one piece.

How Is The Packaging Done For The Machines & Media By Inovatec?

Wooden boxes are used for packaging the mass finishing machine. The machine is packed in such a way that no damage will incur to the machine during the shipping process. The machine can be easily lifted with a forklift since it will be in a box shape. The tumbling media will be packed in plastic bags. The plastic bags containing the media is further packed into 1000kg wooden pallets.

What Is The Payment Terms For Inovatec?

You will have to make 30 percent of the payment in advance after placing the order. We will start manufacturing the machine after receiving this advance payment. You can pay the rest of the amount after manufacturing the machine, any time before the machine s shipped.

How Much Time Is Required For The Manufacturing Of The Machine?

It will take around 20 to 25 days for production. If the number of machines is more, then it may take more time. If you have any emergency, then we can discuss and try to shorten the manufacturing time.

Which Port is Nearest To Inovatec?

The two nearest ports are the Yiwu and the Shanghai Ningbo. If you have any other preferred ports, we can ship from there also.

Propeller Polishing Machine Definitive Guide

1. What Does A Propeller Polishing Machine Do?

The machine that is capable of cleaning and finishing propellers is called a propeller finishing machine.

It helps to remove the unwanted material deposits in the propeller, thereby helps to increase the efficiency of the propeller.

It helps to smoothen the part surface and also help to define edges of the part through radiusing.

So, the process of deburring and polishing propellers using propeller polishing machines will help to improve the strength and durability of the propellers.


2. What Are The Different Types Of Propeller Polishing Machines?

There are several types of propeller polishing machines in the market.

The two types of propeller polishing machines manufactured by Inovatec is given below.


2.1 Drag Finishing Machine

The drag finishing machine is well known for its processing speed.

It is capable of polishing parts almost 50 times faster than the vibratory finishing machine.

It is very effective for polishing boat propellers.

You can also use it for polishing high value items like golf clubs and medical implants.

This machine is capable of handling complex shapes and geometries.

You can also opt for drag finishing machines for parts that want to avoid part to part contact during the finishing process.



2.2 Wheel Vibratory Finishing Machine

The wheel vibratory finishing machine is more or less similar to the drag finishing machine.

The only difference is that it is not as precise or fast as the drag finishing machine.

But, it is an economical option when compared to the drag finishing machine.

It will cost you only 20 percent of the price of the drag finishing machine.

These machines are available in two variants.



One model comes with the internal separation feature and the other without the separation feature.

The first model is used for medium and big size parts that can be easily collected from the bowl after finishing.

The second model is used for small parts that are tough to collect from the bowl.

So, you have options for all propeller sizes.


3. What Components Are Required For The Polishing of Propellers Using Propeller Polishing Machines?

You need to have the following three things for the polishing of propellers using a propeller polishing machine.


3.1 Machine

The machine consists of the working bowl, other mechanical and electrical parts.

It is the machine that will make the parts tumble with media for finishing.


3.2 Media

Media is an abrasive substance that will rub on the propeller parts to remove the unwanted material deposit from the part surface.

Thus, it is responsible for the cleaning and polishing of the propeller parts.


3.3 Compound

Compounds are substances that are added to the media and parts mixture for finishing.

They are designed for specific purposes.

Some compounds are used to accelerate the grinding process.

Some others are used to bring more shine on the part surface.

There are other compounds that are used for preventing the corrosive action of water on metals during wet tumbling.

Compounds can be used in wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.


4. Can You Explain The Working Of The Propeller Polishing Machine?

You need to load the propeller machine with parts, media, and compounds.

Once you power on the machine, then the media will start rubbing on the propeller part surface for deburring, degreasing, cleaning, surface smoothening and polishing of parts.

You will get properly finished parts at the end of the process.


5. What Is The Price Of A Propeller Polishing Machine?

The cost of the propeller machine will vary according to the models.

It is dependent on the number of features available in each model.

Machines that can handle complex shapes with high precision will cost more.

The cost of the drag finishing machine will be more than the wheel vibratory finishing machine.


6. What Are The Typical Maintenance Activities Required For The Propeller Polisher Machines?

The time interval for the machine maintenance will depend on your usage of the propeller polishing machines.

You need to ensure that you do a period check every month.

The important maintenance activities that you need to do are listed below.


  • Apply grease on the motor every two weeks. It will depend on your frequency of usage.
  • Maintain Media Level – You must ensure that the media level inside the machine is always maintained at the recommended level. If the level falls short of the minimum recommended value, then it will affect the quality of polishing and can even damage the propeller parts. So, never let the media level go low.
  • Check the drain – If you use small size media, then there is a chance that the media get clogged in the drain. So, it may result in the flooding of the machine. So, always check the drain ensures that there are no blocks in it.
  • The wear and tear of the propeller finishing machine must be checked. The gaps between the machine parts must not get widened.
  • You must ensure that the nuts and bolts of the machine are properly tightened for a smooth operation of the machine.
  • Machine Lining Check – The machine comes with a high quality durable lining. But, when you use the machine many times, the abrasive media may cause some wear and tear to the PU lining. So, you must inspect it regularly to ensure that there is no wear and tear. If some small cracks are there, you can fix it using epoxy glue. Never run the machine with any cracks in the PU lining.


7. Can You Share Some Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of The Propeller Polishing Machine?

You need to read and understand the instruction manual from the manufacturer to have a clear understanding of the operating of the propeller polishing machine.

So, you must be thorough with the operating instructions.

You need to load the machine with the correct part to media ratio for an efficient polishing process.

The ratio will also depend on the accuracy and precision of the polishing requirement.

There will be a minimum load requirement for the machine.

So, ensure that your load on the machine is always above this limit.

You can also use compounds during the tumbling process to get the desire results.


8. What Do You Mean By The Fouling Removal Efficiency Of The Propeller Polishing Machine?

The fouling removal is the propeller polishing process.

The fuel savings are estimated to be around 5 percent.

So, the fouling removal efficiency is high if you consider the saving on the fuel consumption of ships.



9. What Are The Different Propeller Materials Supported By The Propeller Polishing Machine?

The propeller polishing machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of polishing propellers made of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and brass.


10. How Efficient Is The Inovatec Propeller Polishing Machine From A Cost Perspective?

We use high quality, branded raw materials to manufacture a propeller polishing machine.

So, it ensures that you can use it many times for many years.

Long life is guaranteed with the best quality raw materials and the strict policies taken by Inovatec during the manufacturing process.

All the spare parts needed for the propeller polishing machines are readily available in the local market.

So, you get the replacement easily.

All Inovatec machines are easy to maintain.

You don’t need to invest in any special tools for machine maintenance.

The machine also requires only one operator to control the entire polishing operations of the machine.

Thus, you can save on labor costs.

If you are using the manual method for polishing, you need to invest a lot in laborers.

Inovatec also provides many customization options for the propeller polishing machines.

So, you can easily automate many jobs in a propeller polishing process.

You will need only a one-time investment on the machine along with an appropriate reusable media.

You can use it for many years.


11. What Are The Different Propeller Sizes Supported By The Propeller Polishing Machines From Inovatec?

The propeller polishing machines from Inovatec are designed to handle many propeller sizes with high precision polishing.

It is possible to polish the smallest propellers to size up to a 32 inch one.

This range ensures that the machine can polish all the propeller sizes currently used in the industry.

So, you can definitely find one machine from us, which will satisfy all your polishing needs.



12. What Is The Typical Finishing Time For Propeller Finishing Using The Propeller Polisher Machine?

In most cases, it will take a time ranging from 10 minutes to a few hours to complete the whole finishing process.

The time will vary with different factors like the type of media, complexity of the part, and surface condition of the propeller.


13. What Should Be The Activities To Be Carried Out On The Machine After The Finishing Process?

There are some activities which you need to do after completing the propeller polishing.

You need to take out the media from the machine and clean it and store it for later use.

The cleaning is necessary to ensure that all the dirt and dust is removed from the media.

The power cord of the machine must be properly checked for any damages or cuts.

In case of any damage, you must replace it immediately.


14. How To Select The Right Tumbling Media?

The choice of media will depend on your part material type.

Ceramic tumbling media and the plastic tumbling media are the two commonly used media for tumbling propeller parts.

The ceramic tumbling is good for heavy grinding as well as for surface smoothening of the parts.

The plastic tumbling media are suitable for soft propeller parts made of aluminum or brass.



15. Is It Possible To Run The Machine With Little Or Without Using Compounds?

It is not mandatory to use compound during the tumbling of propeller parts.

But, using compounds during the tumbling process help to reduce the friction between the parts and the media.

It will also help to reduce the heat generated during the process.

It also helps to do some specific actions like rust inhibition, grinding enhancement, better polishing, etc.

It will help you to reduce the overall finishing time, and thus you will be able to increase the life of the machine.


16. What Are The Different Benefits Of Using This Machine?

The machine will help you to fine tune the surface of the propeller.

It is capable of doing various processes like deburring, degreasing, descaling, cleaning, surface smoothening, and polishing.

Thus, it will help to make the part durable and strong.

It helps to reduce the chances of corrosion on propeller parts as it removes the pits and cracks from the part that are prone to corrosion.

It will help you to remove all the dirt, grease, and oil, which gets deposited due to the manufacturing process or due to handling.

You will get a homogenous texture on the whole part surface.

It will also help you to prepare the propeller for a process like electroplating, painting, etc.


17. How Is The After Sales Support From Inovatec?

We ship our machines with proper instruction manuals that will help you to install and operate the machine at your place.

You can always get in touch with us for any kind of support.

We are always happy to help.

You will get free technical support from us during the entire life of the machine.

If you are stuck with any issues, we will share videos that will help you to fix the issues.

We will also ship all the necessary spare parts to all the parts of the world.

You can also get spare parts in your local shops.

We use branded parts on our machines.

You can also find the alternate replacement parts in your nearby stores, which will help you to reduce your downtimes.


18. What Are The Terms & Conditions During The Warranty Period?

The propeller polishing machine from Inovatec machinery y comes with a one year warranty.

All spare parts will be made available free of cost during the warranty period.

The spare parts will come at a basic price after the warranty period.


19. What Is The Life of Different Parts Of The Propeller Polishing Machine?

The main parts of the machine are the motor and the PU lining.

The motor comes with a life of 5 to 10 years.

It will also depend on your frequency of usage.

If you maintain the motor properly by applying grease at regular intervals, then you can use the motor for many years without any complaints.

The life of the PU part will depend on the type of media used for tumbling and the type of the machine.

If the media has more abrasive content, then it will bring down the life of the PU lining.

The PU ring typically lasts for 3 to 6 months for a centrifugal disc finishing machine.

The life will be 3 to 10 years for a vibratory finishing machine.


20. How Does Inovatec Ensure The Quality Of The Propeller Polishing Machine?

All our mass finishing machines are CE certified and follow ISO 9001:2005 standard.

We have taken strict quality measures during the manufacturing of the propeller polishing machines.

We run trial tests on all the mass finishing machines, along with media, to ensure that the machine is working properly.

The machine will get packed in a wooden box after the testing.

The wooden box ensures that the machine is safe and secure during the shipping stage.

No damages or scratches will happen to the machine during the shipment as a result of this fool proof packaging.


21. How Is The Payment Terms For Inovatec?

We provide different options for payment.

You need to pay 30 percent of the total amount in advance to start the manufacturing, after placing the order.

We will send you photos and video of the final machine after production.

You can even send a third-party person to inspect the machine.

You can make the remaining payment thereafter.

The machine will be shipped after completing the full payment.

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