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Inovatec MachineryPioneer in the Mass Finishing Industry with Over 20 Years of Experience

Believe it or not, we use blades quite a bit. We use knives in our kitchens, of course. But we also use knives for hunting, fishing, camping, and much more. The reason why blades are so precise and flawless is because of the polishing process.

Inovatec has immense experience and knowledge in the polishing industry. With this, rest assured that you will find your best solution here.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

Vibratory machines are some of the most popular and effective machines. They are also cheaper than most solutions and last a long time. Most mass finishing machines don’t possess all of these qualities.

You can buy a variety of these machines at Inovatec Machinery. Every machine has its forte. However, you may use any of them for blade polishing.


These centrifugal machines may seem costly, but they are well worth their price. That is if you’re using them to polish big amounts. As such, these machines support parts of many sizes and shapes, including blades. The machine uses centrifugal force to create friction between the product and the media. This is how it carries out the mass finishing process.


Rotary machines are somewhat old-fashioned in their methods. These machines can polish, deburr, as well as clean metal parts. Rotary barrels are affordable and they do great polishing. The way they function is super simple. The barrel contains the parts that need polishing. Then, it rotates to create friction, and that shine we all like to see.


You can also refer to these machines as tub vibratory finishers. They have an elongated shape to accommodate camshafts and such. But this shape also allows for blade polishing; and that too in big batches.

Different Blades Polishing and Deburring

A sheepsfoot blade is one of the most well-known shapes for blades. It has a linear, sharp edge. It also has an outer blunt edge. These edges create a slanted, false point. We use these blades in our kitchens. It’s also a popular knife for chefs.

But no matter the shape of the blade, it needs polishing. A centrifugal barrel finisher will give you the fastest results. But for the best results, it’s better to buy a rotary barrel tumbler.

Shear blades are good cutting and defense blades. They mostly contain tool steel or carbon steel. You can also buy some cheaper blades of this design. They contain scrap alloys. However, every blade needs polishing.

Blade polishing is fascinating. The blades appear more refined and finished after the process. You should use either a vibratory or a centrifugal barrel finishing machine for this blade.

Normal blades are suitable for a variety of activities. However, they can also be dangerous weapons. The purpose of the knife depends on what you need it for. But this blade needs polishing before we wrap a handle around it.

To polish this blade, every machine will give you similar results. This includes rotary barrel tumblers, vibratory machines, etc.

The hawkbill talon blade is just as sharp as it sounds like. These are popular weapons for hand-to-hand combat as well as stealth combat. A lot of people also collect it.

To best polish this blade, use a centrifugal barrel finishing machine. The machine will provide quick and neat results. Also, choose your polishing media wisely.

The gut hook knife is scary to look at. And that’s because they can be. This knife has a precise blade with a sharp gut hook at the end. These properties make it one of the most dangerous hunting knives out there. But there’s no use of a knife that isn’t polished properly.

To polish a gut hook blade, use a vibratory or a centrifugal barrel machine. Also, choose your polishing media wisely.

The clip point blade is a common shape for a blade. They have that name because they appear to have a point clipped off. Since these are very popular, they also have a high polishing demand.

Use a centrifugal barrel finisher to polish these blades. But if you have a smaller budget, you may use a vibratory machine or even a rotary barrel finisher. The results will be the same; the only difference is the time it’ll take.

Polishing Media for Blade Polishing

When choosing the right tumbling media for polishing Blade Polishing, keep in mind that the media has to be non-abrasive. We recommend using plastic media and porcelain media for this purpose, as they don’t contain any abrasive properties and are suitable for polishing Blade of all materials.

For more information, take a look at our product list, or simply give us a call today and we’ll be happy to guide you in choosing the right polishing media for your blade surface finishing.

Inovatec Machinery – The Largest Blade Polishing Machine Manufacturer In China
  • High-quality equipment to polish all types of blades
  • Blades include gut hooks, normal blades, clip point blades, etc.
  • Efficient polishing machines; vibratory, centrifugal, and rotary solutions available
  • Choose your ideal polishing media from Inovatec’s large collection
Frequently Asked Question
How many blades polishing media can I buy?

You can buy a minimum of 500 kg of polishing media. But you can go up as much as you like.

How are the blade polishing media packed?

Inovatec packs the blade polishing media in double-layered plastic.

Is Inovatec a trusted brand?

Inovatec Machinery has over 20 years of experience in this field. They provide a variety of solutions and ship them all over the world.

How much do I pay in advance?

Please pay an advance of 30%, just to confirm your order.

How much power does a blade polishing machine need?

Inovatec’s blade polishing machines require 220 V at the least. You can do with 220-480V 50/60HZ 3 phase.

Blade Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Blades are some of the necessary items we use every day. You may use blades more than you think you do.

We especially need knives in the kitchen. We also use knives for crops and hunting.

You may have noticed that blades are often scratch-free, shiny, and smooth.

It is because we polish blades before we sell them. However, it’s not a very simple process.

In the following, you will find:

  • How we can efficiently polish blades
  • What media is best for polishing blades
  • Why we should use mass finishing machines for this process

Now read on!

1. How are blades best polished?

We can polish blades using polishing media, a mass finishing machine, and a compound.

You can choose from four machines to polish your blades.

Firstly, we have a vibratory tumbler. This is a strong and efficient machine.

However, you have two options when it comes to vibratory tumblers.

First up, you have the classic circular vibratory tumbler.



The second option is a tub vibratory tumbler. This has a rectangular cavity.

The tub machine is quite large. This allows for big batches of blade polishing.

Both machines work in the same way.

They have a robust motor that shakes during the process.

The shaking motion creates vibrations in the bowl. The vibrations create friction, which is vital to the process.



You may also buy a rotary barrel tumbler.

This has a horizontally-positioned tub that moves at a certain speed.

It has either an octagon or hexagon shape. Shaping improves the efficiency of the machine.

In general, the machine has a very unique shape. This ensures maximum polishing to happen inside the machine.

If the barrel was a cylinder, the parts would only drag at its bottom.



Lastly, you can use a centrifugal barrel machine.

This machine works much like a Ferris wheel.

Notably, the barrels can generate up to 20x the force of gravity.

This force causes stress on the media and parts. As a result, the media rubs against the blades.

The machine is also super fast.


2. What is polishing media ideal for polishing blades?

We mostly use two types of media to polish blades.

First, we have porcelain polishing media.

This is a tough and abrasive material.

However, it will not damage your blades.



Next, we have plastic polishing media. This is less rigid than porcelain.

Plastic media is quite popular because it does not chip easily.

You can find both types of media of all shapes and sizes.

Shapes are important because they help polish the edges of your blades.

To add, they help achieve a consistent result.


3. How long does the blade polishing process take?

Polishing blades with mass finishing machines is not a time-consuming process.

The time depends on the intensity of the polishing you want. So it can take a few minutes to several hours.

Three factors influence the polishing process.

Firstly, it depends on your machine. Some polish faster than others.

For example, a centrifugal barrel machine is much quicker than a rotary barrel machine.

Secondly, it depends on your polishing media.

Porcelain/ceramic media is more abrasive than synthetic media.

In simpler words:

The more abrasive the media, the faster the process.

Lastly, you should consider how you are using your machine.

For example, the rotary or vibratory speed of the machine.

Quickening the process will not give you desirable results.

Similarly, slowing it down too much will only drag the process.

Plus, you will have little to no polishing happening. This will cost more. To add, it is inefficient.

The bottom line is:

How long your process takes only depends on your choices.

Thus, it’s vital to follow the preferred instructions.

Sheepsfoot-Blade-Polishing (1)


4. How does a centrifugal barrel machine polish blades?

A centrifugal barrel machine uses centrifugal force to polish blades—hence the name.

The machine has four barrels on a flywheel. This flywheel rotates in the polishing process.

The barrels spin too. However, in different directions.

This design ensures every blade is polished nicely.

It also ensures that the machine generates the maximum amount of centrifugal force.

To polish your blades, you place them in the barrels.

Next, pair the metal parts with a chemical and polishing media.

Using the control console of the machine, you can adjust its speed.

It is a simple process, but only when you are sure of what you’re doing


5. What are the benefits of polishing blades?

There are three main benefits of polishing your blades.

Firstly, your blades will become more heavy-duty.

Polishing increases a blade’s sturdiness because it rids the blade of any corrosive materials.

Secondly, polishing improves the appearance of your blades.

The blade is shinier and smoother.

And lastly, we use polishing compounds in the polishing process.

The chemical compounds give the blade a better defense against corrosion.

Thus, polishing is very important to both you and your blade.


6. What are the advantages of polishing blades using mass finishing machines?

Mass finishing machines have quite a few benefits. Especially in polishing blades.

First of all, you can polish many blades at the same time.

If you were to do it by hand, you could only do one at a time. To add, this would be quite dangerous.

The sharp blades can easily slice through your skin.

Another benefit is that the mass finishing process saves you time.

Mass finishing machines are very quick.

To add, they don’t require much supervision. They are mostly automatic.

Thirdly, using a polishing machine will help your blade keep its shape.

Mass finishing machines also give the blade a sharper, smoother finish.

All in all, using a mass finishing machine has more advantages than disadvantages.

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