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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Isotropic REM Polishing Machine Manufacturer from China

An isotropic superfinishing machine is required for REM polishing. It is same as the vibratory finishing process. The only difference is that the process will used ceramic media and chemicals. A high dense media needs to be used for this process.

A low Ra surface will be created on the parts as a result of the superfinishing process. Chemically accelerated vibratory finishing process is the alternate name for this type of processing of parts. The main difference is that chemical is added in this process, which is absent in the case of a standard vibratory finishing process.

The application of the rem polishing includes gear polishing, shaft polishing, crankshaft polishing and camshaft polishing.


vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) vibratory tumbler finishing machine is the ideal solution for REM processing of parts. It is good for processing medium size parts.


The VB(A) series vibratory burnishing machine is best suited for large size parts. It comes with a curved wall design.


The TVB(A) trough vibratory finishing machine can be used for long and complex parts. The connecting rods and the crankshafts can be easily cleaned and polished using this machine.


The centrifugal barrel finishing machines are known for their efficiency in mass finishing process. They are one of the best REM polishing machines.

Optional Design & Setting

The finishing process is accelerated with the help of chemicals. These chemicals can be added in right quantities automatically with the help of prominent dosing pump. We recommend to go for the dosing pump that comes with the LED display, which will show the suction values and the delivery frequency.

The amplitude of vibration of the vibratory finishing machine can be easily controlled with the help of the variable speed converter from Bosch. It will give you better control over the polishing process.

The acoustic sound proof cover can be used to reduce the noise produced by the vibratory finishing machine during its operation. It will also protect the operator from accidental spills and outbursts from the machine.

The process of separating the parts from the media after the finishing process can be done quickly with the help of the manual separator handle option.

The pneumatic separation gate is another fitting option that can help you to collect the parts automatically after processing. It uses compressed air to control the gate.

The reverse separation feature can be used only when the media size is larger than the part size.

Isotropic Superfinishing Media

The REM polishing machines cannot process the parts without the help of the isotropic superfinishing media. The high density ceramic media is the media required for these kinds of polishing process. Inovatec manufactures high density ceramic media in various shapes like pyramid, cylinder, cone, tristar, tetrahedron, etc.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of REM Polishing Machines From China
  • Low friction and noise between the parts
  • Supports deburring, cleaning, surface smoothening & polishing
  • Helps to enhance the life of the parts
  • Environment friendly process
Frequently Asked Question
Is There Any Limit On The Number OF REM Polishing Machines While Placing An Order?

There is no limit on the maximum quantity of machines that can be orders. The minimum number of machine is 1 piece.

Why Should I Buy REM Polishing Machines From Inovatec?

We are the leaders in manufacturing and supply of all types of mass finishing machines from China. We have been providing mass finishing solutions for different customers all around the world for past 25 years. We deliver high quality machines to our customers. It is ensured with the proper selection of raw materials from well-known brands and strict quality measures adopted during the manufacturing process.

What Are The Payment Terms From Inovatec?

You need to make 30 percent of the payment in advance after placing the order. We will start the production of the machine only after receiving this advance amount. The remaining 70 percent needs to be paid after the manufacturing of the machine.

How Fast Can The REM Polishing Machine Finish My Parts?

The main advantage of using an REM polishing machine is short finishing time. It will take only few minutes to process the parts using the Rem polishing machine. It is made possible with the help of chemicals.

Which All Countries Do You Ship Your Machines?

We ship all our mass finishing machines to all parts of the word. We will ship it either by air or by ship. The machine will reach you in 15 to 40 day time frame after shipment.

REM Polishing Machine Introduction and Information

The chemicals play a vital role in the REM polishing process.

The chemical will make the material corrode and the surface roughness of the part will become low.

The value will be approximately 0.002 Ra.

Thus, the part surface will become smooth and the performance of the part will get enhanced.

The REM polishing process is also good to reduce the wear and tear rate of the parts.

Thus, it will improve the resistance of parts against corrosion.



You can do REM polishing process either using a centrifugal finisher machine or the vibratory tumbler finishing machine.

You can use the bowl type or the tub type vibratory tumblers.

The REM polishing helps to give an isotropic finish to part surface.



It is one of the best methods to clean and polish metal and metal alloy parts.

You can use it to polish different parts like turbines, gears, crankshafts, automobile parts, and many others.

Inovatec machinery is the leader in manufacturing of REM polishing machines in China.

We deliver best quality machines for you.

You can use it to polish different types of parts.

We can also customize machines according to your requirements.

The benefits of using machines from Inovatec is given below

  • Low wear and tear rate
  • Low noise
  • More part life
  • Processing at lower temperatures
  • Excellent part performance
  • Low part maintenance
  • Enhanced loading weight
  • Less fatigue



We have been manufacturing mass finishing machines, tumbling media, and compounds for the past 20 years.

So, you can get the right type of surface enhancement machine and tumbling media for your mass finishing needs.

We can also process sample parts for you.

The processed parts will be shipped back to you.

We will share the processing details with you.

It will help you to choose the right machine and right media for polishing.


REM Polishing Machine FAQ Guide

1. What Do You Mean By An REM Polishing Machine?

An REM polishing machine is another type of mass finishing machine that make use of a unique process for giving isotropic finish to parts.

A low roughness surface will be produced at the end of the process.

Chemicals are used along with the media inside the regular vibratory finishing machine or centrifugal barrel machines to process the parts.

We recommend using a non-abrasive and high density media for best results.

The REM polishing machines supports parts below 0.25 micrometer or nominally 10 micrometers.



2. Can You Explain The Different Parts That Are Necessary For The Processing Of Parts Using An Isotropic Superfinishing Machine?

The Isotropic superfinishing machine is more or less similar to the vibratory finishing machines.

Please don’t think that the isotropic superfinishing machines are something from the future.

Look wise, it is very similar to the vibratory finishing machine.

It will have an additional dosing pump that will take care of the addition of chemicals into the working bowl.

The different components for polishing using an isotropic superfinishing machine is given below.


2.1 Machine

The machine consists of a working bowl in the shape of a tub or a bowl.

The parts and media are loaded in this bowl for polishing.

There will be a motor connected to the bowl for providing the vibrations.

There will be other electrical controls to vary the different parameters.


2.2 The Compound

Compounds are added to the parts and media mixture to reduce the corrosion effect in most cases.

The chemicals are also compounds that are added to accelerate the processing speed.


2.3 Media

Media plays an important role in the REM polishing process.

The media comes with a non-abrasive property and it will rub against the parts for smoothening the surface.

The media will decide the finish you are going to get on the part surface.

Inovatec manufacture different types of media and you can select any according to your requirements.



3. Can You Explain The Working Of The REM Polishing Machine?

When you use chemicals along with the tumbling media for polishing parts, it is called as REM polishing process.

So, you can actually call it as a type of vibratory finishing process.

A non-abrasive media high density is used together with the chemical for creating a highly smooth part surface.

This process is capable of finishing different varieties of parts.

It includes camshafts, medical devices, crankshafts, bearings, valve springs, dental parts, aerospace parts, and many others.

The parts are loaded on the working bowl of the vibratory finishing machine.

You can also use the centrifugal disc finishing machine instead of the vibratory finishing machine.

Once the media and parts are loaded in the machine, chemical is also added.

So, it is a two-step process that occur inside the same machine.

In the first step, the chemical will make a soft conversion coating on the parts surface.

When the machine starts to vibrate, then the bare metal will be exposed and the coating is ground.

All the parts in the machine need to complete the first stage to move to the second stage.

In the second phase, the alkaline burnishing compound gets released in the machine.

The residue from the parts surface will be removed by this soap like chemical substance.

Once these two phases are complete then you will get shiny polished parts as the output.



4. What Are The Different Processes That Can Be Done By Using An Isotropic Superfinishing Machine?

The isotropic superfinishing machines are known for their ability to give superfine and smooth surface finish to parts.

You cannot use any other machine to get the same level of finish instead of the REM Polishing machine.

The isotropic superfinishing machine is capable of doing many of the mass finishing processes.

The list is give below.


4.1 Burnishing/ Polishing

The main aim of using a REM polishing machine is to give a long lasting luster finish on the parts.

You will get best results if you used the right type of media.


4.2 Deburring

All the manufactured parts need to undergo the deburring process.

It will help to remove the imperfections and burrs from the parts.

The isotropic machines are very useful to get good and fast deburring results.

The machine is capable of removing the unwanted sharp edges and smoothen the part surface and corners which is required to start the polishing process.



5. How Different Is Isotropic Superfinishing Machine From Other Mass Finishing Machines?

When two metal parts come in contact, then there will be friction between these two parts.

It is the typical characteristics of metal parts.

Stress and heat will be produced as a result of this frictional force.

The frictional force will affect the performance of these metal parts.

This stress will make the internal bonding of metal molecules weak.

It can become a massive issue for fragile parts that are used in defense, automotive, industrial, or aerospace parts.

These types of parts demand high resistance against fatigue.

Only then they will be able to function efficiently.

You can solve all such issues by using a REM polishing machine.

The REM polishing helps to remove the stress from the parts and it reduces the wear and tear rate of the parts.

So, you can subject your manufactured parts to REM polishing process to improve its durability and reliability.

If you use any f the standard mass finishing machines, you can get a surface finish up to 16 micro inches.

You can get a surface finish of 2 RA with the help of an isotropic superfinishing machine.

So, this type of process will have a positive impact on the life of the metal parts.

The life of the parts that are subjected to REM polishing will increase by 300 percent.

This polishing process to reduce the effect of friction on the parts.


6. Which Types Of Parts Can Be Subjected To The Isotropic Superfinishing Process?

Many types of parts can be subjected to the REM polishing process.

The machine can be used for other mass finishing jobs also.

It is packed with many new features.

The REM polishing of parts has no restriction the part shape or size.

It can be done on parts of any shape or size.

It is capable of polishing parts like crankshafts, gears, shafts, and transmission parts.

The delicate parts which include the compressors, boar propellers, and aerospace blades can also be polished using this machine.


7. Can You Share The Different Industrial Applications Of An Isotropic Superfinishing Machine?

The REM polishing machines are versatile in nature.

They have the ability to reduce the roughness of any type of metal parts.

The list of some of the industrial applications of the REM polishing machine is given below.


7.1 Defense & Aerospace Sectors

Defence and aerospace sectors maintain strict standards when it comes to part quality.

So, you need to ensure that these parts are polished properly.

Otherwise, the parts will get rejected.

You can achieve a high level of precision in polishing metal parts with the help of the isotropic superfinishing machine.

The different parts that make use of the REM polishing machine include the propeller of the engine, turbines, jet engine parts, and many others.



7.2 Automotive Sector

Automotive industry is a big industry that make use of REM polishing machines for polishing parts.

The amount of pressure that automotive parts need to undergo will be more.

So, it is very essential to increase the fatigue resistance of these parts.

Certain arts like the engine heads, pistons, connecting rods, gears, cylinder heads, etc are more susceptible to damages if the polishing is improper.

The parts used in the motorsports industry are polished using REM polishing machines.

These parts demand for very high-quality finish as they operate in extreme conditions.

Otherwise, the parts will break down instantly.



7.3 Medical Industry

The level of accuracy must be high for medical parts.

There is no window of errors for medical parts.

These parts will undergo lots of stress.

So, isotropic superfinishing machines are the best option to polish medical parts.

The REM polishing machines are used to polish dental parts as well as parts in medical devices.



8. Can You Share Some Maintenance Tips For Isotropic Superfinishing machines?

If you take proper care of the machine, then you can use it for many years.

It will help you to operate the machine at maximum possible efficiency.

You can use the following maintenance tips for the REM polishing machines


8.1 Never Rush

Never overload the machine with more parts.

If you do that, then you may end up damaging the parts and there will be more wear and tear happening to the media also.

So, always go with the recommended media to part ratio for polishing parts in a REM polishing machine.

You can go through the instruction manual to know the right ratio.


8.2 Accurate Media Level

Never process the parts with less media in the bowl.

Some may think that there will be some cost saving by doing it.

But, it will affect your final finish quality of the parts and you may also end up damaging the parts.

It may also damage the working bowl of the machine.


8.3 Vibratory bowl health

All the polishing process happen inside the vibratory bowl.

So, you must ensure that the health of the bowl is good.

Do, regular inspection of the bowl to ensure that there are no damages in the PU lining.

In case of any cracks, then fix it immediately.

Don’t process the parts in a cracked bowl.

It will affect the machine as well as the parts.


9. Is It Possible To Finish Vintage Parts Using The Isotropic Superfinishing Machine?

Yes, you can use the REM polishing machines to polish the vintage parts.

Most of the vintage metal parts are made of high quality metals.

So, you will be able to restore these parts.


10. Is REM different From Isotropic Superfinishing?

No, they are not different.

The isotropic superfinishing and REM mean the same.

The term isotropic finishing is used for wide variety of applications while the REM is used for a narrow line of applications.

There won’t be any difference in the results if you operate the machine properly.


11. What Amount Of Material Will Be Removed From The Parts While Using A REM Polishing Machine?

Negligible amount of material will be removed from the parts by using a REM polishing machine.

It is difficult to tell the exact amount.

But, the loss will be in the microns range.

So, the precision with which the material is removed from the parts is high in the case of REM polishing machines.


12. Are There Any Side Effects On Parts If Finished Using The REM Polishing Machine?

There will not be any side effect on the parts when you use REM polishing machine for finishing.

But, you must ensure that you use it in the right way.


13. What Type Of Media Can Be Used With REM Polishing Machines?

You can use any type of non-abrasive media with parts in an REM polishing machine.

But, different parts demand different types of media.

So, you need to choose the media according to your parts.

Inovatec machinery manufactures wide variety of media that can be used for polishing parts using the REM polishing machine.

All these media are available in different shapes and sizes.

The shape and size must be selected in such a way that it does not get lodged in the parts during polishing.

Some of the commonly used polishing media for REM polishing includes the plastic and porcelain media.

You can also get high density media in different shapes like ball, cylinder, cone, tetrahedron, and many others.



14. Can You Share The Advantages Of Using REM polishing machine Over Other Mass Finishing Machines?

The main advantage of using the REM polishing machine for polishing parts is that it will help to enhance the life of the parts.

It will reduce the wear and tear rate of the parts.

So, you can use the parts for many more years.

The polishing ensures that the friction effect on the part is kept to bare minimum.

So, the heat produced by the parts during its working will be very less.



Another advantage is that it will provide a better protection to metal parts from corrosion.

The isotropic finishing process helps to remove the micro burrs and micro scratches from the part.

So, the parts will be more resistant to cracks and scaling.

The finish quality of the parts will be very good.



15. What Do You Mean By Honing & Lapping In REM Polishing?

If your part surface is processed by following a controlled path, then it is called honing process.

It helps to enhance the geometry of the part surface.

It also helps to enhance the texture of the part.

Thus, the parts will have more life.

When two surfaces are rubbed against an abrasive media, then it is called lapping.

It helps to reduce the finishing time.

It also helps to refine the surface in a better way.


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