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The Inovatec round container vibratory polishing machines VB (A) series is suitable for processing workpieces in batches. The custom-made round machine chamber offers excellent Toroidal movement.

The round wall container design rotates the tumbling media, causing it to rub against the workpieces. Thus, it can offer intensive surface polishing. That’s why VB (A) series vibratory polishing machine provides excellent performance in ball burnishing and mirror polishing applications.

Hot-poured PU and a heavy-duty vibration motor are the primary components in our high-performance vibratory polishing machines. We make our polyurethane using raw materials sourced from Dow Chemicals, USA. We use an automatic casting machine to solidify the PU, then cure it at a controlled temperature for 24 hours. We use heavy-duty motor from Shanghai Vibration Co. With proper maintenance, it can last more than five years.

VB(A) drawing

Model VB(A)
Total Volume(L) 31 78 100 200 300 340 600 900 1200
Max overall dimension (A) 640 830 1020 1200 1310 1450 1820 1930 2020
Motor installation tube(mm) C φ130 φ226 φ470 φ540 φ620 φ720 φ910 φ610 φ740
Processing bowl width(mm) D φ185 φ224 φ220 φ220 φ280 φ325 φ380 φ560 φ560
Tunnel Depth(mm) E 225 270 330 343 365 390 500 490 645
Machine Height(mm)H 810 920 860 900 900 1080 1350 1330 1420
Motor(kw) 0.5 0.75/1.1 1.5/2.2 3.0 3.7/5.0 5.5 5.5/7.5 9.0/11.0 11.0/15.0
Weight(kg) 100 120 260 400 560 520 1080 1850 2400


This highly effective finishing process reveals the natural shine of the metal parts quickly. The most common applications include surface finishing of coin blanks, electronic components, silverware, and pre-plating parts among others.

Inovatec offers nine models with varying features in the VB (A) series. Check out the specifications to select the one that fits your requirements.

  • Digital process timer
  • Excellent tumbling performance
  • Stress relieved and enhanced with blasting
  • Adjustable imbalance weights
  • Adjustable vibration intensity
  • Wear resistant PU lining from Dow Chemicals

Vibratory Polishing Machine FAQ Guide

1. How Inovatec Machinery Controls the Quality Of Vibratory Polishing Machines?

The outer shell of the vibratory polishing machine is made up of a series of stainless steel pipes.

We make use of CAD software for designing the mechanical parts in the machine.

The laser cut machine us used for cutting machine parts with more precision and accuracy.



The multiple parts are joined together by welding.

The structures after welding are subjected to heat treatment and surface treatment to improve life and durability.

Thus, the machine will run for many years without developing any cracks.

It also helps to prepare the surface for painting.

We make use of a fully automatic PU casting machine for the vibratory machine.

automatic-PU-casting-machine-1 5.-Automatic-PU-casting


The machine is kept at an optimal temperature in the curing room after casting for several hours.

It is to make sure that no pores are developing in the structure.


2. How Can You Select The Right Vibratory Polishing Machine?

We always recommend going with a simple vibratory polishing machine that will help you to do your polishing works,

The VBS (A) and VBS (B) models are useful to polish medium and small size parts.

VB (A) and VB (B) models are useful for significant size parts.

You can also invest in the continuous longitudinal vibratory polishing machines if you are dealing with parts that require less polishing time.



3. How To Select The Vibratory Polishing Machine On The Basis Of Its Capacity?

The factor that decides the vibratory polishing machine capacity is the number of parts you want to polish per day.

In order to get the actual number, you need to do some trials.

But, you need to do the calculations to find this number so that you can place the order.

The number of working hours and the part size will help you to select the required capacity for the machine.

You cannot load the machine with its full capacity.

We recommend operating the machine with a maximum load of 80 per cent capacity.



4. What Are The Different Spare Parts Needed For The Vibratory Polishing Machine?

We make use of branded, reliable parts for our vibratory polisher machines.

The list of parts is given below.

  • The vibration motor from Wuxi Changshun or Shanghai vibration motor
  • The motor bearing from NTN bearing or NSK bearing
  • The High Quality PU lining from Dow Chemical, USA
  • The hardener for Pu lining from Akzo Nobel, Sweden
  • Variable speed controller from Bosch Rexroth, Germany
  • Dosing Pump from Prominent, Germany or Andose, China
  • Electronics part from Siemens, Germany or CHNT China
  • PLC Touch screen module from Siemens, Germany or Mitsubishi, Japan

So, these branded parts from the top companies will ensure that you can quickly source the spare parts from your country also.


5. How To Place An Order For A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

First, you need to select the appropriate model and capacity.

You can also choose the color of your choice based on this RAL color chart.



The machine comes in two colors.

So, you can select any two colors from this chart, and you can also select the control box color.

If you are looking for the separator fitting, then you need to finalize the hole size of the separator also.

You have many other customization options for the machine which you can do while placing the order.

If you want to know more, then you can always get in touch with our technical team.




6. What Lead Angle Is Used For The Vibratory Polishing Machine?

The angle between the lower weight and the upper weight is called the lead angle.

A 90 degree angle is the default lead angle for all vibratory polishing machines.

So, the mixture of the parts and the media are made to move in the opposite direction with respect to the motor direction.

It is possible to move the angle between 70 and 120 degrees to get the required movement of the media and part mixture.



7. How Is The After-Sales Service From Inovatec Machinery?

You will get one year warranty on the vibratory polishing machine.

All the spare parts will be available free of cost during the warranty period.

Once the warranty period is over, then you will receive lifetime free technical support.

The spare parts will come with the basic cost after the warranty period.

We will also share training videos if you need them.


8. What Are The Typical Maintenance Activities That Needs To Be Done On A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

The regular maintenance activity on the vibratory polisher machine includes the spring check and inspection of the machine lining.

If you find any issue or defects with the lining, then you need to replace it immediately.

You must also apply grease on the motor every month if you are operating it 8 hours a day.

You can set the frequency according to your use.

We recommend using lubrication oil like SHC 100 or Mobil XHP222.


9. What Are The Typical Installation Procedures For The Vibration Polishing Machines?

First, you need to install the control box on your location.

You need to connect the wires from the machine to the control box, and you must connect the motor wires to the UVW node.

The yellow or the green wire will be the ground.

You can connect the main electric supply to the box and the RST node to the electrical outlet.



10. What Are The Various Issues That Will Arise While Using The Vibratory Polishing Machine?

Following issues are commonly seen while using the vibratory polishing machine.


10.1 Wrong Tumbling Motion

In the regular operation, the motion of the media and part mixture must be in the direction of outside towards the centre of the bowl, when viewed from the top.

If the direction of the motion is different, then you need to have a look at the eccentric block to check the lead angle.

If that is ok, then you need to switch the wiring connections for V and U.


10.2 Bad Rotation of the Vibratory Machine

You can start varying the lead angle to 75 degrees.

You can also try reducing the weight on the bottom or increasing the weight at the top.


11. What Is The Input Power Supply requirement For Inovatec Vibratory Polishing Machine?

All vibratory polishing machines from Inovatec works with a 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase power supply.

This specification is standard in many countries.

But, if your country is using a different power grid specification, then you can mention it while placing the order.

We will customize the power supply according to your requirements.

We always recommend using a three phase power supply than a single phase one as it is safer to handle high currents.


12. What Is A Vibratory Polisher Machine?

The machine that is capable of polishing parts using the vibratory process is called a vibratory polishing machine.

It can do processes like deburring, cleaning, and polishing.

You can use this machine to polish parts of different materials, sizes, strength and shapes.

It is one of the popular and commonly used mass finishing machine in the market.

It will help you to increase your productivity and save time and cost as it can handle large quantities of parts at the same time.


13. What Are The Different Components That Are Required For The Proper Working Of A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

A vibratory polisher machine will need many components for its proper and efficient working.

The important components required for an efficient process are listed below.


13.1 The Tumbling Bowl

It is a circular bowl inside with the parts will get polished.

It will be fed with media, parts, water, and compound for polishing.

It comes with a durable PU lining that will protect the parts and the media from hitting against the wall of the bowl.



13.2 Separators

It is made up of long-lasting polyurethane material.

The stainless steel separators are used for undersized or broken media.

You can change the separators in no time.



13.3 Motor

The motor is an essential part of the machine.

It provides the drive required to vibrate the bowl for finishing parts.



13.4 Suspension

The bowl is balanced by a set of springs made of steel.

It helps to balance the bowl while the machine is running.


13.5 Water and Compound System

These machines will have a control system that helps to regulate the flow of compounds and water for cleaning and cooling of the machine.


13.6 Vibration Controller

You can make use of the vibration gauge on the bowl to know the level of vibration.

The amplitude of vibration can be controlled using the Bosch Rexroth variable speed controller.


13.7 Soundproof Cover

You can reduce the noise in your workplace by using the soundproof cover.

It can bring down the noise generated by the vibratory polisher machine by 20 dB.



13.8 Electrical controls

The vibratory polisher machine also comes with many electrical controls for the user.

We have provided push button interfaces and the display unit for the user interface.



13.9 Media

It is the media that is responsible for the proper finishing of the parts.

It will start rubbing with the parts once the machine is powered on.

The materials are removed from the part through this rubbing process to make the part shine.



13.10 Compound

Compounds are the additional substance that is mixed with media and parts for specific purposes.

Some compounds are good to bring that extra shine on the part surface whereas some others are good to inhibit the corrosive action on metals.

They come in liquid as well as in the paste form.

You can use it for dry as well as wet polishing.


14. How Is Finishing Of Parts Done Using A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

The media, along with parts and water, is fed into the round or rectangular tub for finishing.

Once the machine is powered on, then the motor will make the tumbler vibrate.

So, the media will start rubbing the parts for polishing.

You can vary all the processing parameters through the control box.



15. How Different Is Vibratory Polishing Machine From Rest Of The Mas Finishing Machines?

The main difference is in the principle of operation.

The vibratory polishing machine works on the principle of vibratory action for finishing parts.

They are best suited for large and intricate parts.

It also helps to smoothen the part surface, which will help to increase the strength and life of the parts.



16. What Is A Benchtop Vibratory Polisher Machine?

If your part quantity is small, then the benchtop vibratory polisher machine is the ideal choice.

They are designed for goldsmiths and other small artisans.

It is also an economical solution for finishing parts.

Many features that are available in the standard machines are removed in this model.



17. What Is The Reason For Selecting The Vibratory Polishing Machine Over The Rest Of The Mass Finishing Machines?

The easy to operate and the low cost factor are the two main reasons that will make anyone buy the vibratory polishing machine.

It is easy to maintain also.



18. What Are The Various Varieties OF Vibratory Polishing Machine?

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of vibratory polishing machines.

Some of the major types are listed below.


18.1 Tub Type Vibratory Polishing Machines

These machines will have an open tub type containers.

The media, parts, water and compounds are added to this tub.

Such machines will generally have the U shaped section and have flat parallel ends.

This tub is either mounted on rubber or coil.

In the benchtop models, metal springs are used as the suspension.

They also come with separators that will help to support the batch processing feature.

Different techniques are used to make the tub vibrate.

  • Use of counterweights on shafts of the vibratory motor that are connected at the base of the tub.
  • Use of eccentric weight on a mono shaft or dual shaft system that is driven from a motor.
  • A network of electromagnets for generating the vibrations.



18.2 Round Bowl Vibratory Polishing Machine

These machines come with circular bowls with a flat or spiral base.

There will be PU lining provided inside these bowls for protection.

The quantity of weight kept on bottom and top of the eccentric system along with the angular displacement among these two weights, will control the following things.

  • The action of media against the parts (finishing process)
  • The speed of movement of mass inside the chamber
  • The speed of rotation of the media and part mixture around the bowl.



18.3 Tubular Machines

This type of vibratory polishing machines come with two designs.

In the first version, spiral tubes are used, and they come with 360 degree liners that are made up of rubber.

It helps to reduce the noise significantly.

The second version is an open one which makes more noise.

The motor is positioned in such a way that the process is carried out at maximum efficiency.

longitudinal-vibratory-finishing-machine-for-long-parts (1)


19. Do You Need To Invest On Special Media For Vibratory Polishing Process?

You can make use of all types of media inside the vibratory polishing machine.

No, special media is required.

The type, size, shape, and abrasiveness of the media is determined by the part.

The different types of media that are commonly used in the vibratory polishing machine are the stainless steel media, ceramic media, plastic media, porcelain media, and other organic media.

You must make sure that you use the right type of media.

If you use the wrong media, then it will damage the parts.



20. How To Process Parts Using A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

You need to select the process and appropriate machine for finishing.

You need to discuss with many vendors to finalize the machine.

Once you select the machine, then you need to take care of certain things before starting the finishing activities.

  • You need to determine the level of finish on the part
  • What is the size change allowed for the parts after finishing
  • You need to have an estimate on the burr size
  • A clean estimation is required to know the cycle time for the whole process
  • Selecting the media size according to the part size
  • Ensure that the media does not cause any lodging issue with the parts
  • Need to ensure that the use of the current media will not affect the subsequent operation of the part.
  • Need to have clarity on the manufacturing constraints and the unique requirements
  • Double check to ensure that the working instructions are for the parts in hand
  • Media validation to ensure that it does not get stuck on holes or slots in the parts
  • Running the machine as per the instructions provided
  • Part cleaning
  • Media Rinsing
  • Check to ensure that the finished part meets the design requirement
  • Movement of parts as per instructions



21. How To Maintain A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

If you do proper maintenance, then you can use the vibratory polishing machines for many years.

You can make use of the following maintenance instructions to enhance the life of the vibratory polishing machine.

  • Regular and periodic maintenance
  • Check and ensure that machine condition is good before use
  • Monitor the level of media, water, parts, and compound in the bowl.

vibratory-finishing-machine-water-outlets vibratory-finishing-machine-greasing-point


22. What Is The Price Of A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

The cost of the vibratory polishing machine varies with their capacity and features.

The price goes up as the level of automation increases.



23. Do Vibratory Finishing Machine Come With Any Side Effects?

If the operator follows the guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual, then there will not be any side effects while running the machine.


24. What Are the Different Functions Of A Vibratory Polisher Machine?

The vibratory polishing machine supports the following mass finishing functions.


24.1 Deburring

It helps to remove the burrs and sharp edges from the metal parts that can harm the user.

These are formed due to the manufacturing process.



24.2 Descaling

It is the process of removing machine marks and lines from the parts.


24.3 Surface Smoothening & Polishing

It is the process of polishing the surface to make it more bright and shine.



24.4 Cleaning and Degreasing

It is the process or removing the dirt, oil, and grease from the part surface.



25. What Are The Typical Industrial Applications Of A Vibratory Polishing Machine?

These machines can be used in many industries that deal with parts of different materials.

The list of different industries and their applications are listed below.


25.1 Automotive Sector

Various automotive parts like gear heads, pistons, wheels, and other accessories can be polished using this machine.

It helps to bring that extra shine on parts.



25.2 Aerospace and Defence Sector

The strength and durability of the parts are critical in these two sectors.

Industries make use of the vibratory polishers to improve the part surface and also to achieve the mirror like shine on the parts.



25.3 Medical Equipment

Medical devices are made of different materials like stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome and many other materials.

You can get a consistent finish on all these part with the vibratory polishing machines.



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