Top Quality Mass Finishing Machine & Media For Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts
  • Deburring and finishing of cast aluminum parts
  • Surface smoothening of aluminum parts through polishing
  • Burr removal from aluminum parts
  • Consistency in surface finishing for types of aluminum parts
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Inovatec MachineryYour High Quality Cast Aluminum Parts Polishing Solution From China

Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality mass finishing machines for polishing parts for the past 20 years. Our surface finishing machines are some of the best mass finishing machines in the market. Most of the industries use machines for polishing cast aluminum parts. The polishing of cast aluminum parts is a common task in most of the industries that deal with cast aluminum parts.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

The VBS(B) vibratory finishing machine is one of the popular surface finishing machines from Inovatec. It is capable of polishing small as well as medium size parts. It is good for deburring, cleaning, and polishing cast aluminum parts. It can also be used for preparation of parts for electroplating and anodizing.


The tub vibratory finishing machine is best suited for large size aluminum die cast parts. The chamber separator feature in this machine allows to polish the aluminum cast parts separately without hitting against each other. This machine can be used for burnishing as well as smoothening of cast aluminum parts.


The VA centrifugal disc finisher machine is good for polishing small cast aluminum parts. It is useful for surface smoothening and polishing. It also supports batch processing feature.


The rotary barrel tumbling machine from Inovatec is an economical solution for polishing cast aluminum parts. It can handle big batches. It can be used for aggressive material removal from the part and for edge rounding and surface refinement of the parts.

Different Cast Aluminum Parts Supported For Polishing Based On Application & Process

The die cast aluminum motorcycle parts are long and large. So proper care is required for the polishing of such parts.


The tub vibratory finishing machine will be the ideal choice for polishing the motorcycle parts. It comes with the chamber separator option. So, you can load each of the chamber with individual parts and polish them simultaneously without any part to part contact. So, no damage will happen to the parts.

The manufacturing of the aluminum investment casting itself is a complex task. So, you need to be very careful in polishing the investment castings. It demands for high level of accuracy and consistency.

The centrifugal disc finishing machine can be used to polish the aluminum investment casting parts. You need to select the media in such a way that it does not create any lodging issue during polishing process.

The process of lost foam die casting is almost similar to that of the investment casting. Here, the foam is used to create the casting pattern.

You will need a high precision mass finishing machine here. So, you can invest in the centrifugal disc finishing machine for best results. Select appropriate media to ensure that you get the desired finish on the parts.

Many artworks are made of aluminum sand castings. The surface of the manufactured product will be rough. So, proper smoothening is essential to get the final finished part.

The choice of the machine will depend on the size of the artwork. If the parts are large and complex, then you will have to go for the tub vibratory finishing machine. For small and medium parts, the standard vibratory finishing machine will be sufficient.

The small sand casting parts also require proper polishing to get the finished part. The details in the artwork will be visible through polishing only. The choice of machine can be anything.

You can use the centrifugal disc finisher machine, rotary barrel tumbler machine, or the vibratory finishing machine. The choice is yours. You need to select the right type of vibratory tumbling media also.

Aluminum die cast parts are commonly used in automotive parts. These parts demand high quality finish on its surface. So, proper polishing is essential. Sometimes, the parts need to go for further processing like anodizing or electroplating. So, surface preparation will be needed.

You can either use the vibratory finishing machine or the tub vibratory finishing machine for polishing automotive aluminum die cast parts. If you want to get more shine on the parts, then you must polish it for more time using a less abrasive media.

Vibratory Media For Cast Aluminum Polishing

The type of vibratory media required for polishing aluminum cast parts will differ based on the shape, structure, and the polishing requirement for the parts. The ceramic deburring media is an excellent choice for heavy deburring and finishing. The porcelain or the plastic media are used for polishing and surface smoothening of the parts.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of Cast Aluminum Polishing Machines & Media From China
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  • Polishing machines that support varying levels of automations
  • 24/7 technical support
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Frequently Asked Question
What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Cast Aluminum Polishing Machines?

The minimum order quantity for cast aluminum polishing machine is one pieces.

How Can I Make The Payment For The Surface Finishing Machine?

Once you place the order for the machine, you will have to pay 30 percent of the order amount in advance. We will start manufacturing the machine after receiving this payment. You can make the remaining payment after the manufacturing of the machine.

How Inovatec Maintains The Quality Of The Surface Finishing Machines?

Inovatec follows a strictly quality process when it comes to manufacturing mass finishing machines. We source high quality raw materials for machine manufacturing from well-known brands. All the raw materials are properly tested before the manufacturing process. It is to ensure that the raw materials are fit for use.

Why My Tumbling Media is Wearing Out Fast?

The fast wearing out of the tumbling media can be due to multiple reasons. You may be using a wrong type of media for polishing your parts. The shape and size of the media may not be matching with your part structure. So, the reasons can be many things.

What Is The Media Amount Recommended By Inovatec Machinery?

You can go ahead with a part to media ratio of 1:4 if you are using a vibratory tumbler finishing machine with separator deck option. For batch processing, we recommend to use a part to media ratio of 1:3.

Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts – Definitive Guide

Are you into the business that deal with cast aluminum parts?

Many businesses make use of cast aluminum parts.

The different sectors include the aerospace, defense, automotive, mechanical, electronics, medical, and many more.

If yes, then thus guide is for you.

You will learn about the various surface finishing machines and vibratory tumbling media options from Inovatec machinery for polishing cast aluminum parts.

You will also understand the benefits of using a mass finishing for surface finishing over the traditional manual polishing methods.


1. What Do You Mean By A Cast Aluminum Part?

Aluminum parts are manufactured using different process like casting, forging, stamping, etc.

When the aluminum part is manufactured using the casting process, then such a part is called cast aluminum part.

Here, the aluminum in molten form is poured on to the mold to create the parts.

Die casting, permanent mold casting, and sand casting are the three popular casting techniques used for manufacturing aluminum cast parts.


2. What Are The Benefits Of Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

The advantages of polishing cast aluminum parts are many.

The benefits are listed below.


2.1 Superior Finish Quality

The quality of the final part matters in any type of business.

The manufactured part will have lots of imperfections in it.

It will be visible in the form of burrs, pits, and scales.

So, you need to remove it to get the final finished part.

So, polishing is required on these parts to remove all these imperfections.

Different aluminum parts will have different polish requirements.

Some parts will need a matte finish whereas others many need a glossy finish.

The level of finish also varies for different parts.

You can achieve all types of finish on the parts through proper polishing.


2.2 Part Strengthening

The pits and burrs in the part after the manufacturing of the part will weaken the part.

So, these imperfections need to be removed from the parts.

The polishing will help to remove all such weak spots and thereby strengthen the part.


2.3 Block the Oxidation Effect

The cracks and pits in metal parts make it prone to oxidation.

So, removing it will help to protect the parts from getting tarnished due to oxidations.

A proper polishing will help to protect the cast aluminum parts from oxidation.


3. Can You Explain The Traditional Method Of Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

The wheel grinding method is used earlier for cast aluminum polishing.

It needs human laborers.

It can be done in two ways.

One of the method use a mobile grinding wheel.

So, you will have to move the wheel over the part surface for polishing.

In the other method, the grinding wheel will be a fixed one.

You need to move the part surface along the grinding wheel for polishing.

In both the methods, you will have the option to change the wheels.

You will get different types of wheels with different abrasiveness for polishing.

Thus, you can polish the parts using this manual method.

It is a tedious process.


4. What Does A Cast Aluminum Polishing Machine Do?

A cast aluminum polishing machine is an equipment that is capable of polishing and finishing cast aluminum parts automatically.

It can polish multiple parts at a time.

You will have to feed the machine with the cast aluminum parts, media, and necessary compounds.

The machine will process the parts and give you finished parts as the output.

The finishing time for the machine will vary for different types of machines and will also depend on the finish requirement for the parts.


5. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cast Aluminum Polishing Machine?

The benefits of using a cast aluminum polishing machine for polishing parts are many.

The list is given below.


5.1 Saves Time

The traditional method of hand polishing the cast aluminum parts will consume lots of time.

So, the polishing yield will be less for the manual method.

The cast aluminum polishing machine is capable of polishing large number of parts at a time.

So, it will help you to save your valuable time.


5.2 Economical Solution

When you are dealing with polishing of cast aluminum parts, you will incur two types of cost.

One is the labor cost and other is the tool cost.

The manual method is a labor intensive one.

So, you will have to invest more in laborers.

You will also need more set of tools for each laborer for polishing.

But, in the case of the machine, you will need only a one-time investment on the machine.

The machine can be easily operated by a single person.

So, a machine based polishing is more economical in the long run.


5.3 Batch Polishing Feature

The batch processing features available in Inovatec cast aluminum polishing machine allow you to polish multiple types of parts at a time without getting mixed.

It will also help to polish large size parts with complex shapes to be polished separately without touching each other.


5.4 High Quality Finish Guaranteed

Inovatec machinery also guarantee high quality part finish on cast aluminum parts if you use the right type of machine and media with the right type of parts.

You will not get this level of finish if you use the manual polishing methods.

The machine also guarantees consistency and accuracy in finish across all the batches of the parts.


5.5 Not a Labor Intensive Process

The traditional method of polishing cast aluminum parts demand lots of laborers.

So, you will have to employ lots of laborers to get a decent yield.

But, in the case of a surface finishing machine from Inovatec, you will need only one operator to control all the operations of the machine.

The machine will take care of all the polishing works.

So, it is not a labor intensive process.


5.6 No Dependency on skilled laborers

A high quality finish on cast aluminum parts demand skilled laborers.

So, proper labor training is required to get good results.

You don’t have to give any special training for the operator in the case of machine based polishing solution.

The operator can easily go through the instruction manual of the machine and start operating the machine.

No special skill is required for the operator since the machine will take care of the entire polishing works.


5.7 No Parts Damage

The parts are more prone to damage in the case of manual polishing.

Inovatec guarantees damage free polishing of parts.

You need to ensure that you use the right type of media for the parts.

So, machine based solution is a damage free polishing process.


5.8 Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance part is something that come into the minds of business owners when they think of machine for polishing works.

But, Inovatec machines come with low maintenance costs.

You can easily do all the regular maintenance work with standard tool kit.

No special training or tolls are required for the maintenance of these machines.

All the spare parts of the machine can be easily purchased from your locality.


6. What Are The Various Types Of Cast Aluminum Polishing Machines Manufactured By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures different varieties of mass finishing machines.

We recommend to use the following four types of machines for polishing cast aluminum parts.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory tumbler finishing machine is one of the most popular surface enhancement machine from Inovatec.

It can handle small and medium size cast aluminum parts.

It is capable of doing the typical mass finishing processes like deburring, cleaning, surface smoothening, edge breaking, radiusing, deflashing, degreasing, descaling, and polishing.

You need to use the right type of tumbling media along with your parts for best results.

They are available in different capacities.



6.2 Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

The tub vibratory finishing machine is the best choice of you are planning to polish large size aluminum parts.

This machine comes with chamber separator options.

So, you can divide the large compartment into small chambers.

It allows you to polish large cast aluminum parts separately in each chamber in the same time.

Thus, there won’t be any part to part contact.

So, there won’t be any damage happening to the parts due to part to part collision



6.3 VA Centrifugal Disc Finisher

The VA centrifugal disc finisher is a high energy finishing machine.

It is 30 times faster than the regular vibratory finishing machine.

It is suitable for small aluminum cast parts.

The batch processing feature is also supported in this machine.

So, you can polish multiple batches simultaneously.

Centrifugal disc finisher machine guarantees accurate and precise polishing of cast aluminum parts.



6.4 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Machine

The industrial rotary barrel tumbler is a cost-effective option for polishing cast aluminum parts.

It is capable of handling large and medium size parts.

It is best suited for edge deburring and deburring of aluminum cast parts.

It will take more time for polishing when compared to the vibratory tumbler machines.



7. What Are The Different Varieties Of Vibratory Tumbling Used For Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

The materials that are added along with the parts into a mass finishing machine is called the vibratory tumbling media.

Inovatec manufactures tumbling media in different shapes, sizes, and abrasive strengths.

You can go for small size media if you are planning to polish small aluminum cast parts.

If you need media with custom shape or size, then you can place a request for the same.

Vibratory tumbling media are made up of abrasives along with different types of materials.

They are used for different mass finishing processes like cleaning, degreasing, descaling, surface smoothening, deflashing, and polishing of parts.

The list of different types of media that can be used for polishing cast aluminum parts are given below.


7.1 Porcelain Tumbling Media

The porcelain tumbling media does not contain any abrasive materials.

So, it is mainly used for burnishing and polishing purpose.

The main ingredients of a porcelain media are kaolin and white clay.

The porcelain tumbling media is generally used at the last stage of the finishing process.

It is used to polish the cast aluminum parts to bring that shine on the part surface.

It supports bot wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

You can use it along with water for best results.

You need to ensure that the pH of the water is within the recommend limits.

You can also use any other compounds along with the porcelain media for polishing.



7.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

The plastic tumbling media is a fused mixture of abrasives and polyester resins.

It is mainly used for removing the machine marks from the aluminum parts.

It also helps to smoothen the part surface.

They are available in different shape like the cone, ball, pyramid, tristar, lens, tetrahedron, etc.

You can get all these shapes in different sizes also.



Inovatec also offer 5 types of cutting rates in plastic tumbling media.

They are fast cutting, light cutting, ultra-fine cutting, medium cutting, and zirconium one.

You can select higher cutting grades if you want to remove more material from the part surface.

The fast cutting media also brings down the finishing time of the process.

The zirconium media offers a fast cutting rate.


7.3 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

The stainless steel tumbling media is used for burnishing cast aluminum parts.

It is used for aggressive polishing of parts.

The main feature that attracts stainless steel media is its life.

It comes with a life greater than 10 years.

It helps to bring the shine back on the cast aluminum part surface.



Inovatec manufactures stainless steel tumbling media in different grades.

It includes the AISI 440C, AISI 420, AISI 316, AISI 201, AISI 304 and the carbon steel one.

The most commonly used grade is the AISI 304.

The different shapes in stainless steel media include the sphere, magnetic pins, ballcone, and diagonal.


8. Which All Types Of Cast Aluminum Parts Are Supported For Polishing In Machines From Inovatec?

The mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are capable of polishing different types of cast aluminum parts.

The list is given below.


8.1 Architectural Landscaping

Many types of cast aluminum parts are used to build many architectural structures and buildings.



8.2 Ship Hardware

Many of the hardware blocks used to manufacture ships and boats are made of cast aluminum parts.



8.3 Agriculture Machine Parts

Many farming equipment make use of cast aluminum parts for many of its mechanical parts.



8.4 Mechanical Components made of Aluminum cast

Many mechanical components are also made of cast aluminum parts.



8.5 Home segment parts

Tables, stands, racks, and many other items used in home are made up of aluminum.

Polishing-aluminum-sand-casting-small-parts (1)


8.6 Telecommunication equipment

The enclosures and other mechanical structures in telecom equipment are made up of cast aluminum parts.



8.7 Medical and Healthcare Equipment

Cast aluminum parts are used in may medical and healthcare devices and instruments.



8.8 Aluminum Cast Electronic Parts

Aluminum cast parts are used in electronics sector because of its high electric conductivity.



8.9 Aluminum Cast Cookware

Kitchen utensils are also made up of aluminum parts.


8.10 Aerospace Aluminum Die Cast Parts

High grade aluminum castings are also used in airplanes and in aerospace sector.



8.11 Aluminum Cast Parts in Automotive Sector

Many automotive parts like wheels, pistons, housing, enclosures, and other parts are made up of aluminum cast parts.


8.12 Aluminum Sand Casting Small Parts

Many sculptures and other art are made up of aluminum cast parts.



8.13 Aluminum Lost Foam Die Casting Parts

Automotive sector makes use of the lost foam die cast aluminum parts.



8.14 Aluminum Investment Casting Parts

These parts come with complex structure that demand excellent surface finish.

So, you must make sure to use the right type of media that can reach and finish all the part surface without any damages.


8.15 Die cast Aluminum parts in motorcycles

The tub vibratory finishing machines can be used for these parts as they are large and long.



So, now you know the importance of using a cast aluminum polishing machines in a business.

Inovatec manufactures best quality cast aluminum polishing machines and media.

So, you can consider investing in any of these solutions from Inovatec.

It will definitely help to improve the productivity of your business.

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