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Inovatec MachineryPioneer in the Helmet Polishing Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Helmets play a huge role in the safety of motorcyclists. They protect wearers from dust, flying debris, the air pressure, and most importantly, from accidents. So, it’s important to have a good helmet.

Once helmets are polished, we decorate them with colors and designs. And to polish a helmet, we require a polishing solution. Inovatec has 20 years of experience in this very solution.


A vibratory machine is the cheapest and effective machine in the mass finishing industry. These machines are incredibly versatile. Here, you can polish metals, plastics, and even helmets.

You can buy this in many sizes and shapes from Inovatec. They have a straight wall finisher and well as curved wall finishers. Helmets always have a definite shape. Therefore, we can polish them in any of the said machines.


This is another type of vibratory machine that you can find at Inovatec. Unlike the previous one, this has a tub instead of a bowl. Thus, it is very flexible in the types of things you can polish in it. This machine comes in two different designs. One has an open tub and one with a sectioned tub.

The two are perfect for polishing helmets. You can polish them separately or even together in one tub.

Different Types of Helmets Polishing

These types of helmets are the most popular. However, they don’t protect you as much as other helmets do. They are ideal for low speeds and general use.

These helmets need polishing before you sell them. You can polish them using a vibratory bowl machine or a tub finishing machine. It depends on which machine suits your helmet best.

Users who enjoy dirt biking and off-roading usually wear these helmets. These helmets have a certain shape to protect against these circumstances. They also happen to be very stylish. We decorate them with designs and colors after polishing them.

If you wish to nicely polish these helmets, you should get a vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec. These machines do the job effectively and quickly.

Modular helmets are perfect for a lot of locations. It is why a lot of riders prefer these over most helmets. You can open them during a low-speed ride. Or if you’re planning on going fast, you can put the shield down. And there you have a full-face helmet!

Modular helmets have some tricky parts. Thus, you need to polish them properly. Inovatec recommends using a TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine.

Half shell helmets are not protective. They are ideal for some casual riding and cruising, but that’s about it. They are also popular for pillion riding. In general, they are in demand.

To polish these helmets, you may use a vibratory finishing machine. Or, you could opt for a vibratory tub finisher. Depending on your preference, you can even use both.

A full-face helmet is very protective. They cover all around your head and your face. These helmets can handle a lot of impacts. However, they are polished very well before you can sell them.

Always polish full-face helmets in an open vibratory tub machine. If you do this, you will have some extra room to polish other pieces as well.

Dual sport helmets can handle impacts on both the road and off-road. If you’re someone who likes to mix up their locations, this is the correct choice for you. Some dual sport helmets have incredible designs.

You can polish these helmets in batches. Do this using a vibratory machine from Inovatec. Whether it’s a vibratory tub or bowl—any would work.

Polishing Media for Helmet

When choosing the right media for polishing helmet, keep in mind that the media shall be high abrasive. We suggest using ceramic deburring media for fast surface material removal.

For more information, take a look at our product list, or simply give us a call today and we’ll be happy to guide you in choosing the right polishing media for your belt buckles.

Inovatec Machinery – The Only Helmet Polishing Machinery Manufacturer You Need
  • Machines to polish all types of helmets and accessories
  • Choose a bowl vibratory machine or a tub vibratory machine
  • Choice of additional features for the machines
  • A collection of all sizes, shapes, and types of tumbling media
Frequently Asked Question
What does a helmet polishing machine do?

A helmet polishing machine evens out the surface of the helmet. This allows paint and other decals better to stick to it.

What is the appropriate media for helmet polishing?

Helmets shells are not metal. So, your first choice should always be ceramic media.

What is the power recommendation for a helmet polishing machine?

It’s best to attach the helmet polishing machine to a 3-phase line. The line can have a voltage of anywhere between 230 V to 460 V.

How should I pay?

Please pay an advance payment of 30% to confirm your order. Inovatec accepts Western Union, PayPal, and L/C.

5. Is packaging safe?

Inovatec always packages machines with the utmost protection and care. They first put the machine on a wooden pallet. Then, it goes into a wooden box. They design the box in such a way that you can transport it easily with a forklift.

Helmet Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Every rider uses a helmet as a safety precaution. They protect them against many hazards, especially accidents.

Have you ever wondered how we polish helmets? You should know that the process is not very simple.

The following will explain:

  • How you can properly polish your helmet
  • How polishing a helmet is better for both you and the helmet
  • Why you should polish helmets with mass polishing machines

Simply keep reading to find out more.


1. How can I best polish my helmets?

You can best polish your helmets using a mass finishing machine. Particularly, a vibratory finishing machine.

You can use two types of vibratory tumbling machines.

The first one is the industrial bowl vibratory tumbler.

Inside of the bowl is where you put the media and the helmet.

The second tumbler is the tub vibratory tumbler.


This machine has a big tub where you can place multiple helmets to polish at once. It has the shape of a rectangular trough.

These tumblers work by vibration. The vibration of the tubs causes friction.

The friction causes the media and the helmet to rub against each other.

A vibratory machine has a motor that allows this to happen. It also helps the machine to finish the process quickly.

All in all, mass finishing machines are the best choice to polish your helmets.

There are more benefits to using a finishing machine than there are disadvantages.



2. Which polishing media is ideal for polishing my helmets?

The most ideal polishing media for helmets is ceramic media.

Ceramic is not very aggressive media. It will not cause wear or tear, nor will it impact the shell of the helmet.

You can find ceramic media in a variety of sizes and shapes.



So, choose the correct size and shape of media for your helmet.

Don’t choose very small media that will just pass through holes in the helmet without touching the surface.

Similarly, don’t choose media that’s so big that it gets stuck in cavities.

Ceramic media is very strong. It will not crack or tear off under pressure.

It rounds out the surface well and does not remove a lot of material. As a result, it is the best media to polish helmets.


3. How long does it take to polish helmets?

Mass finishing machines don’t take long to polish a helmet.

A vibratory tumbler is quite tough. It polishes fastly and with efficiency.

But you can only determine an exact time if you consider the following factors:

Firstly, think about the intensity of the polish you want on your helmet.

The more extreme the polish, the more time it’ll take.

Secondly, you have to consider the amount of surface damage.



Helmets with a lot of dents or other damage may take longer to polish than helmets with minimal damage.

And lastly, it depends on how you are using the vibratory tumbler.

If you rush the process, the result will probably not be desirable.

If you slow down the process too much, the process will take way too long.

Plus, there will be little to no polishing happening.

Therefore, you have a very inefficient process.

The best option is to always set your machine to the recommended speed.

To sum up, your final result depends on how you handle the whole process.

Your helmet’s condition also plays a huge role.


4. How can I polish my full-face helmets effectively?

To polish your helmets, you will need a vibratory tub machine, a compound, and plastic polishing media.

We use open tub vibratory tumblers because they significantly reduce damage to the helmets.

First, you fill the tub with the polishing media and then the helmets.



Also, don’t forget to add the polishing compound. This chemical makes the process much smoother.

These tumblers have sections where you can separately place the helmets. This avoids them from touching one another.

If they were to touch, the helmets could be damaged.

Thus, this vibratory machine allows you to polish multiple helmets at once.


5. What are the benefits of polishing helmets?

There are so many benefits to polishing helmets.

Firstly, polishing helmets helps improve their surface texture.

It also improves their appearance. To add, you can easily spot them from afar.

To add, polishing your helmets makes them much stronger. It is because polishing them gets rid of materials that make them weak.

You should always polish your helmet from time to time. This will keep it smooth and free from any defects.



Lastly, polishing a helmet makes it easier to paint and decorate. Paint sticks better to a polished, smooth surface.

There are various benefits of polishing helmets. However, the ones mentioned above are the primary ones.


6. What are the benefits of polishing helmets using mass finishing machines?

Mass finishing machines give many advantages when it comes to polishing helmets.

First of all, you can polish many helmets at the same time.

Thus, you can get big batches done in a short amount of time.

As a result, you also use a lot less energy. It is because you don’t have to do a lot of labor.

Secondly, the mass finishing process is very fast.

This is because these machines have strong motors that vibrate or shake to create friction.

Thirdly, polishing makes helmets smoother.

These machines use polishing media and compounds to achieve this result.

Polishing media is incredible. The right media reaches even the most complex areas of your helmet.

By manual polishing, we are limited to reaching these areas.

And lastly, finishing machines can polish helmets of any nature. This includes helmets that are intricate or fragile.

For example, full-face helmets have face shields that can break if not handled properly.

For these helmets, always use a tub vibratory tumbler. This machine has sections that will separate each helmet during the process.

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