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  • Motion control and smooth stoppage with motor brakes
  • Multi-layer safety cover for enhanced security
  • Efficient process control through the timer and alert system
  • Durable 12mm HD90 PU lining that is resistant to wear and tear
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Inovatec Machinery Top Quality Industrial Rotary Tumbler Manufacturer from China

The industrial rotary tumbler also called barrelling machine or barrel tumbling machine. The industrial rotary tumbler will be the perfect mass finishing machine for you f you are looking for an economical solution. Inovatec machinery has also provided various options to automate the controls of the machine to reduce the involvement of the operator with the machine.

The industrial rotary drum machine widely used in laser-cut parts deburring, 3d printed parts smoothing, die casting parts pre-plating finishing, etc.

We have got 20 plus years of experience in manufacturing mass finishing machines, media, and compounds. So, we can assure you that you will get the best mass finishing machine in the market.


You can double the amount of production if you invest in the double barrel rotary tumbling machine. It comes with two barrels that allow you to process two sets of same or different types of parts at the same time.


The single barrel octagonal rotary barrel machine is the most cost effective method to finish any type of parts. It will come with an octagonal barrel or a hexagonal barrel and does an excellent job in finishing parts with the help of rotary motion.


The economic rotary polishing machine is the cost effective solution for finishing parts and is targeted towards small scale workshops and industries. The size of the barrel can go all the way up to 1000 litres. It is capable of holding many parts.


The wood barrel tumbling machines comes with barrels made of wood. It is suitable for finishing metal parts like brass, aluminum, zinc, and others. It also supports the burnishing and polishing of wooden parts.


The big rotary barrel tumbling machines are ideally suited for fragile and delicate parts that demand extra care. It can be used to clean and polish parts like spectacle frames, medical devices, door handles, and jewelry parts.


The tilt rotary drum polishing machine will have the barrel in a tilted position. It allows the machine to exert more pressure on the parts for faster polishing. It is best suited for finishing medium and small parts. The entire processing can be monitored by the user from outside.

Optional Design & Setting

The barrel will come in the shape of an olive. The olive shaped barrel is also referred to as the triple action barrel. So, it can process the parts faster than the standard horizontal barrels.

The tilt option of 8 degrees is available on these tumblers. It will help the media to reach hard to reach parts of a surface for finishing.

The Bosch Rexroth VFD is a variable speed controller from Bosch. It helps you to vary the rotational speed of the tumbler. You can vary the speed between 0 to 30 rpm.

Rotary Tumbling Media

The rotary tumbling media is capable of doing the typical mass finishing tasks like deburring, cleaning, polishing, surface breaking, descaling, degreasing, etc. Inovatec manufactures a wide variety of rotary tumbling media. They are available in different cutting grades, shapes, and sizes. So, you can choose one that meets your finishing requirements. The different media type includes ceramic media, porcelain media, plastic media, stainless steel media, and organic media.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing & Supply Of Industrial Rotary Tumblers
  • Supports both deburring and polishing of parts
  • Longer life to parts with the pressure relief feature
  • Economical solution for finishing parts
  • Provides breathing space for parts through the low pressure system
Frequently Asked Question
What Is The Maximum Quantity Of Machines Which I Can Buy?

You can buy as many machines as you want. There is no limit in the maximum number. The minimum order quantity is one pieces. If you are ordering large quantities, then you will have to provide us some time for manufacturing the machines.

How Inovatec Ensure That The Products Don’t Get Damaged During Shipping

We take good care while packing the machine before shipping. So, the machine will be properly packed with all the necessary protective supports to ensure that you get the machine in the best condition.

What Are The Different Payment Options Provided By The Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec supports different types of payment methods. We recommend PayPal, Western Union, and L/C at port. We also accept direct wire transfer.

What Fast Can You Ship The Rotary Tumbler?

It will take 15 to 25 days for the manufacturing of the machine. So, once the manufacturing is complete, we will ship it after running the basic tests to ensure that the machine is good.

Is It Possible To Purchase The Rotary Tumbler From Overseas?

Yes, we ship our machines to different countries. So, you can also place your order and get the machine shipped to your place. It will take around 20 to 25 days to ship the machine, once you place the order.

Industrial Rotary Tumbler Information & Introduction

Are you into a business that involves finishing and polishing of parts?

If yes, then you will be interested in investing in a machine to do the finishing process.

If you are looking for an economical solution to finish your parts, you have come to the right place.

The industrial rotary tumbler is the most economical mass finishing machine.

The industrial rotary tumbler is capable of finishing parts manufactured using a different process like stamping, forging, die casting, 3d printing, and many more.



You can also use the rotary tumbler for rock tumbling.

It is possible to achieve a smooth part from a rough part in 2 to 3 steps using this machine.

It is capable of processing a large number of parts at a time.

So, it will help you to save your valuable time.

The process also helps to relieve the stress from the parts.

The machine runs at a slow speed, which ensures that no damage happens to the parts.

The industrial rotary tumblers from Inovatec machinery supports both wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

The dry tumbling process is good for parts made of wood or plastic.

The wet tumbling can be used for plastic parts.

You can easily find a solution for your finishing and polishing needs from Inovatec.

We not only manufacture and supply rotary tumbler machines but also manufactures high quality tumbling media and compounds that can be used for finishing parts.


Tumbling Barrel Finishing Machine – FAQ Guide

1. What Does AN Industrial Rotary Tumbler Do?

An industrial rotary tumbler machine is a mass finishing machine that is capable of finishing parts in large quantities.

It is also one of the oldest types of mass finishing market, and still, it is popular among many customers.

The machine makes use of a barrel to hold the parts.

The barrels usually come in an octagonal and hexagonal shape.

You can run the machine after loading the barrel with parts and media.

The barrel will start rotating in the speed set by the operator.

The different processes that will happen inside the barrel include deburring, edge breaking, descaling, radiusing, burnishing, etc.

So, you will get the finished part as the output after some time.

It is an economical solution.



The cost of the industrial rotary barrel tumbler is very less when compared to other standard mass finishing machines.

The only drawback is that it will consume more time to process the parts.


2. Can You Explain The Working Of The Industrial Rotary Tumbler?

The industrial rotary barrel tumbler is used to perform the typical mass finishing tasks like deburring, surface smoothening, descaling, edge breaking, and polishing.

So, it is used to make the manufactured parts ready for the next task.

You need to load the barrel with the parts and appropriate media.

You can also use compounds if needed.

Water or any other liquids can also be used in the case of the wet tumbling process.

Once you load everything, then you need to start the machine.

So, the barrels will start to rotate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

The speed of rotation can be set in the machine.

The parts and media will start to slide because of this rotation.

Thus, the media will start rubbing the parts.


The frictional force between the parts and media will result in material removal from the part surface.

It will take some time to get the finished parts.

The efficiency of the tumbler id more if you are planning to finish a large number of parts.

The quality of the finished part will depend on many factors.

It includes the weight of the parts, gravity, media type, rotation speed, and angle of the barrel.

So, you need to ensure that all these parameters match your part to get the desired finish.


3. Are There Different Varieties Of Industrial Barrel Tumblers?

There are different types of rotary barrel tumblers.

The principle of operation remains the same for all the rotary tumblers.

The different models can be sue to the change in the number of barrels or the kind of features offered by different models.

Many industrial rotary barrel tumbling machines support the batch processing feature.

All rotary tumblers which have more than one barrel can do batch processing.

The commonly seen types of industrial rotary barrel tumblers include the in-line machines, single phase processing machines, batch processing machines, and the automated machines.



4. What Are The Components Require To Run The Tumbling Process Using An Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machine?

The industrial rotary tumbler machine, along with media, compound, and water, are the main components required to run a successful tumbling process.

The machine forms the main part of the tumbling process.

So, let us have a look at the different parts of the machine.


4.1 Barrel

The barrel is the working chamber of the machine.

The parts, along with media, compounds, and water, are loaded into the barrel of the machine for processing.

The barrel comes with a durable HD 90 PU lining.

The inside can also be of rubber, neoprene, steel PVC, wood, or vinyl.

The lining is provided inside the barrel for its protection.



It helps to protect the barrel as well as media and parts from damages.

The lining ensures that the media and the parts do not hit against the walls of the barrel during processing.

The barrel come in two types.

They are the open barrel and the closed barrel.

The open barrel tumblers will have a barrel open one side.

The closed side is connected to the drive shaft for rotation.

The closed barrel will have a door.

You need to close the door after loading all parts and media.

The closing ensures that all the contents in the barrel don’t come out during the tumbling process.

So, it will prevent the water spillage and keep the parts and media safe inside the chamber.


4.2 Motor

The motor is responsible for the rotation of the barrel.

It provides the driving force to the barrel.

The motor is connected to the barrel along its central axis.


4.3 Electrical Controls

Electrical controls form an essential section of the industrial rotary tumbler machine,

It allows the user to perform various controls on the tumbler machine.

A set of push buttons are provided in the machine for the operator to make the necessary settings.

These controls can be either integrated along with the machine or will be provided as a separate box that needs to be mounted at your place.


4.4 Media

Media is a vital part of a rotary tumbling system.

It is not possible to do the tumbling process without the media.

The media is made up of different types of materials, along with abrasives.

Their job is to rub on the parts during the tumbling process to give the parts the desired finish.

Inovatec manufactures different types of media in different shapes and sizes.



4.5 Compound

Compounds can be used for wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

Different compounds are used during the tumbling process for different purposes.

Some compounds are used to inhibit the corrosive action of water during the wet tumbling process.

There are compounds that can increase the grinding rate of the process.

Some compounds help to get the extra shine on the parts in less time.


4.6 Water

Water is added to the mixture of media and parts during the wet tumbling process.

It helps to clean the media and parts during tumbling.

It also helps to reduce the frictional force between the media and parts.

You must not use too much water during the tumbling process.

It will make the whole process very slow.

The water also acts as a lubricant in the polishing process.

It helps to remove the excess heat generated during the process.

The water also provides a cushion effect on the parts.

It also prevents the darkening of the parts inside the tumbler through its cleaning action.


5. What Are The Different Types Of Tumbling Processes Supported By The Industrial Rotary Tumbler Barrel?

If you use the right type of process, you can get the best results from your tumbling machine.

It supports two types of tumbling processes.

They are the dry tumbling and wet tumbling.


5.1 Dry Tumbling

If you use no liquid for tumbling, then it is called a dry tumbling process.

So, only media will be used along with the parts for dry tumbling.

The organic media, which include the walnut grit and the corn cob granules, are used in the dry tumbling process.

Sand is another commonly used organic media.


5.2 Wet Tumbling

If you use water or any other liquid during the tumbling process, it is called wet tumbling.

Here, you will fill half of the barrel with parts, media, water, and compounds for tumbling.

The water affects the cutting rate of the process.

If you want a fast cutting rate, then add less water.

More water in the barrel will reduce the cutting rate and slow down the whole process.

If you are planning to burnish parts, then the amount of water must be equal to the total load amount.



6. What Is The Role Of The Media In The Rotary Tumbling Process?

The media plays a vital role in the rotary tumbling process.

It is the media that is responsible for getting the desired finish on the parts.

So, you must ensure that you select the right media for your parts.

Some media are suitable for grinding processes, whereas others are good for polishing purposes.

So, one media alone will not be sufficient for your part.

You will have to tumble your parts with different types of media to get the final part with the desired finish.

You need to ensure that you always maintain a 1:3 ratio between the parts and the media inside the barrel.

If you are using delicate parts, then you will have to add more media than this ratio.

The media will ensure that there is no part to part contact inside the barrel.

It will also ensure that the part does not hit against the walls of the barrel.

It will also provide a cushioning effect to parts.


7. What Are The Different Types Of Tumbling Media Used In The Industrial Rotary Barrel Tumbler?

Innovate manufactures different types of rotary tumbling media.

You can use any of these media for finishing parts.

Almost all media types are compatible with all the rotary tumbling machines.

But, you need to select the media in such a way that it matches with your part and the part finish requirement.

The part may have slots and holes.

So, you need to go for a media that is small enough to go through these holes.

Otherwise, the media will get stuck in the holes, and the finishing will not be efficient.

The large size media helps for the fast cutting action.



The small size media is useful for getting a fine polish look on the parts.

But, small size media will take more time to polish.

Aluminum oxide can be a good media choice if you are not interested in the shape of the media.

If the shape is a point of concern, then you can go for the ceramic media.

It is an excellent deburring media with fast cutting features.

If you are dealing with soft metal parts, then the plastic media is a good option.

They exert less pressure on parts for finishing since they are lightweight.

The plastic tumbling media is commonly used for finishing aluminum parts.


8. How Different Is Rotary Tumbler Machine From A Vibratory Tumbler Machine?

The vibratory tumbler is one of the popular mass finishing machines in the market.

The rotary tumbler is completely different from the vibratory tumblers.

Both are mass finishing machines that are designed to finish parts in large quantities.

The principle of operation is different for these two mass finishing machines.



The rotary tumblers use rotational force to finish the parts.

The vibratory tumblers use vibratory force to clean and finish parts.

So, let us have a look at the major differences between these two tumbler machines.


8.1 Cost

Cost is the deciding factor in any industry.

The vibratory finisher machines are most costly than the rotary tumbler machines.

It is because the vibratory tumbles come with lots of features when compared to the rotary ones.

So, the vibratory solutions for finishing parts are expensive than the rotary ones.

The vibratory tumbler machines work fast, and the media wear rate will be more.

The rotary tumbler machine takes more time to finish the parts due to the slow tumbling process.

So, the media wear rate will be less for rotary tumblers.

The life of the media will be more when used with rotary tumblers.


8.2 Choice of Media

The vibratory tumbler machines make use of the ceramic media for deburring in most of the cases.

The high density and fast cutting rate make ceramic media a popular choice of media for vibratory machines.

It is capable of cleaning, deburring, and polishing hard metal parts.


8.3 Toughness

When it comes to machine toughness, the rotary tumbler machines are more tough than the vibratory tumbler machines.

So, if you are deburring or polishing hard metal parts, then the rotary tumbling machine can be a better choice.

Even though there are lots of differences between these two machines, your choice of the machine must depend on your polishing and finish requirements.

So, choose your mass finishing machine carefully.


9. Can You Share Some Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of The Industrial Rotary Tumbler?

You can make use of the following tips to enhance the efficiency of your tumbling process using the industrial rotary tumblers.

  • You can rinse and clean the machine, media, and parts after completing the finishing process.
  • You can dry the parts after finishing in the air or by using any dryer machines.
  • Always make sure that the total height of the parts and media mixture inside the barrel is between 45 and 60 percent of the total capacity of the machine.
  • It is always a good idea to use the barrel to 1/3rd of its capacity for the best tumbling results.
  • You should have a clear idea on the number of cycles required for finishing the parts. If you are using heavy and bulky parts, then you will need more number of cycles to finish the parts.
  • You should have good control over the rotary speed of the machine. Slower speeds are recommended for an excellent finish. If you tumble it faster, you can reduce the finishing time, but the quality will not be that great.
  • The slide and slope are the two critical parameters in a rotary tumbling process. You need to ensure that the media slide on the slope smoothly. Otherwise, it may damage the parts. So, make sure that the media is in a free sliding mode inside the barrel machine. If not, then you need to make the necessary adjustments.


10. What Are The Different Process Done By An Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machine?

The industrial rotary tumblers are capable of doing the following process.


10.1 Deburring

The process of removing the sharp corners and materials from the part surface is called deburring.

It helps to make the part safe to handle and use.


10.2 Cleaning

Cleaning is the process of removing the dirt, grease, and oil from the part surface.

This dirt is as a result of the manufacturing process or due to the handling of parts.

The rotary tumblers are capable of cleaning the parts properly.


10.3 Polishing

Each part demand a certain level of finish.

The polishing process helps to make the part shine to meet the final polish requirement.


10.4 Blending

Blending helps to remove the machine lines and marks from the parts.

All the marks will be removed from the parts during the smoothening process.


11. Can You Share The Industrial Applications Of An Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machine?

The industrial rotary barrel tumblers are used in many industries and businesses.

The list of industries is given below.

  • Fabrication of metals
  • Shell polishing of brass bullets
  • Cleaning and finishing of jewelry lapidary
  • Construction tools cleaning and polishing
  • Polishing of agriculture equipment
  • Polishing of electronic parts
  • Cleaning and deburring of automotive parts
  • Deburring and polishing od medical device parts
  • Mining equipment cleaning and deburring


12. What Are The Various Benefits Of Using Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machines For Finishing Parts?

The advantages of using industrial rotary tumbler machines for finishing parts are given below.

  • Economical and Fast processing option when compared to the manual process
  • Support batch processing
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Helps to stress relieve the parts to improve the part durability and strength
  • Part more resistant to fatigue after processing


13. What Are The Limitations of An Industrial Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine?

There are many benefits of using rotary tumbler machines.

But, there are some limitations also.

It is given below.

  • The finishing time is more for rotary tumblers
  • Risk of damaging parts if the processing is not done properly.
  • Makes noise while running
  • Difficult to separate the parts from the media after the process


14. Can You Share Some Tips To Improve The Life Of The Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machine?

You can use the industrial rotary tumblers for many years if you maintain it properly.

You can make use of the manual to read and understand the different maintenance instructions.

All the instructions required for the proper maintenance of the machine are clearly mentioned in the manual that is supplied along with the machine.

Let us have a look at the different maintenance activities that can enhance the rotary tumbler life.


14.1 Barrel Lining Check

The PU lining inside the barrel needs to be inspected regularly.

If you see any minor cracks, then you can quickly fix it with epoxy glue.

If the damage is more, then you need to replace it immediately.

Do not use the machine with a torn PU lining in the barrel.


14.2 Monitor the Media Level

Inovatec recommends using media to part ratio of 3:1.

So, make sure you follow this ratio all the time.

It is ok to increase the media amount.

But, never reduce the amount of media in the barrel.


14.3 Drainage system health

There is a chance that the drainage system may get clogged.

So, you should regularly check the drainage system of the machine to ensure that the waste water drains out quickly from the media without any blockage.

Otherwise, the left over residues can create quality issues during the next cycle time.


14.4 Pre-operation Inspection

You must always do a visual inspection of the machine before running the machine.

It is to ensure that no parts in the machine have gone bad or damaged.

It will help to avoid industrial accidents like spillage and outbursts.

It is also a kind of maintenance.


15. What To Look For In An Industrial Rotary Tumbler?

If you are completely new to industrial rotary tumblers, then you will be confused to know what to look for in an industrial rotary tumbler.

You can make use of the factors below to choose the right rotary tumbler for your finishing needs.


15.1 Capacity

The barrel capacity is the most critical part.

The capacity of the barrel must be sufficient enough to meet your finishing needs.

Inovatec manufactures barrel tumbler machines of capacity up to 1000 litres.

So, you can easily get one which meets your requirements.

You can finalize the capacity based on your part quantity and part size.


15.2 Drainage System

The machine must have a good drainage system.

It will ensure that all the waste water and residues get flushed out of the system properly.

It is a must to ensure that the next process happens smoothly inside the machine.

If the waste water remains in the machine, then it will impact the quality of the next batch.


15.3 Design and Build

The industry rotary barrel tumblers come in many designs and features.

So, you should check all the features in the machine to ensure that it is suitable for your finishing purpose.

Some machines will come with features that are not required for you.

So, don’t invest in those machines since you will have to pay more for these extra features which you are not going to use.

If you have any doubt, then you can always contact our experts and get it clarified.


15.4 Compliance and Safety Standards

Your country will have certain safety and compliance standards for industrial machines.

So, you need to double check and confirm that the machine complies with all these standards.

Inovatec design and manufacture rotary tumbler machines complying with all necessary compliance and safety standards.

The rotary machines are known to produce noise while working.

So, you can check the standard to know the tolerable noise level for the machine.

Checking all these will ensure that the machine is fit for use in your area.

If you need any kind of help in selecting the industrial rotary tumbler, you can always contact us.

We are always happy to help.

Send us a message to receive free advice and quote.

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