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Inovatec MachineryPolish Your Crankshafts Like a Pro with Equipment from China

Most combustion engines today have crankshafts. They are integral parts of engines. Your crankshafts have significant effects on your engines’ performance.

That is why it’s so important to ensure that your crankshaft is polished correctly before installing it. Also, regular polishing will help your engine maintain its peak performance and its efficiency too.

Inovatec Machinery has been in the last 20 years successful in manufacturing and supplying mass finishing equipment. We deal with mass finishing machines, abrasives as well as finishing compounds.

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The trough vibratory polishing machine is a rapid polishing machine that Inovatec manufactures. It has a rectangular trough polishing chamber. The chamber is incredibly strong. This machine is ideal for long parts.

Most crankshaft parts are usually long and fragile. This machine is suitable for the task, as well as being economy-friendly.

The centrifugal barrel polishing machine is a high-energy polishing machine. This machine can polish your crankshaft parts rapidly and effectively. It is even faster than the trough vibratory polishing machine.

This machine uses centrifugal forces to polish your crankshaft and other parts rapidly. It can finish the polishing process in a few hours, if not minutes.


The crankshaft horizontal polishing machine, as its name suggests, is primarily used to polish crankshafts. It is an industrial machine used by automotive companies for their crankshafts.

It works excitingly. You feed the machine your target crankshafts from one side, and they get out of the other hand, refined.

Types of Crankshafts for Polishing

Racing requires your engine to be at its peak performance. Racing crankshafts are usually lightweight and incredibly sturdy. They are widely made from titanium or stainless steel.

They need to be keen to withstand the power produced by the engine. Using a trough vibratory polishing machine is ideal for this type of crankshaft.

Since motorcycles have combustion engines, their crankshafts also have to be polished for effective and efficient performance.

Motorcycle crankshafts are made out of different types of metals. You can even find ones made of aluminum. Since they are not exceptionally long, you can use a centrifugal barrel polishing machine.

Monolithic crankshafts are best polished using the trough vibratory polishing machine. They are incredibly sturdy for maximum power delivery from the engine.

Inovatec strongly recommends sticking to the trough vibratory polishing machine because they cannot damage your crankshafts or the connecting rods.

If you do not have a strict budget, you can try out the crankshaft horizontal polishing machine.

You should probably stick to the trough vibratory polishing machine when dealing with this type of crankshaft. It is immensely strong because it is not molten. It is heavy too.

To make your forged crankshaft polish even better and efficient, it’s best to use the right polishing media. If you are new to mass polishing, we’d recommend you contact us first for advice on how to carry out the process.

Cast crankshafts can be polished by using the crankshaft horizontal polishing machine because of its strength and finishing speed. Also, using a trough vibratory polishing machine will do a great job.

Just remember to follow the outlined procedures for this process to become a success.

Assembled crankshafts, as the name suggests, are crankshafts whose parts are individually assembled. This means that you can polish individual pieces as you deem fit.

However, before assembling them, these parts undergo rigorous polishing for the best results. The ideal machine for the individual parts polishing process is the centrifugal barrel polishing machine.

You can polish the whole thing using a tub vibratory polishing machine as well.

Crankshaft Polishing Media

There are different metals used to make crankshafts. As such, there are various ideal media for the polishing process.

Inovatec Machinery strongly recommends using synthetic polishing media or porcelain polishing balls. You can also use ceramic polishing media for light deburring and descaling.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is the Minimum Crankshaft Polishing Machine Order that I can Place?

You can order at least one complete unit at a time. There is no limit to the maximum order that you can place. Since we manufacture our machines, many orders will take some time for us to complete.

What is the Difference Between Crankshaft Polishing Media and Deburring Media?

Well, polishing does not require abrasives while deburring does. That is the primary difference between the two.

Is it Possible to Use Ceramic Media for Crankshaft Polishing?

Yes. It is possible to use ceramic media for polishing your crankshafts.

However, it is only possible when your crankshafts have visible burrs. We recommend using plastic media and porcelain polishing media when dealing with crankshafts.

How Long Does it Take for Inovatec to Manufacture Complete Crankshaft Polishing Machines?

A typical machine takes at most 20 days to complete. However, the manufacturing process will also depend on how urgently you need the device. If you need it urgently, we will undoubtedly speed up the manufacturing and delivery process for you.

What is the Payment Method for Inovatec Machinery?

You’ll only need to pay 30% upfront for the manufacture of the machine. You can then complete the other 70% before we ship the device over to you.

Crankshaft Polishing – The Ultimate Guide

Crankshafts are the primary components of combustion engines. They need to be in the best conditions for your engine to function correctly.

One way you can ensure that your crankshafts are in the best working conditions is by polishing them. Here’s what you’re going to find interesting in this article:

  • How you can easily polish your crankshafts for maximum power output efficiently.
  • The main advantages of polishing crankshafts

Keep reading this article to find out more.


1.  What is the Best Way of Polishing Crankshafts?

The most suitable way of polishing crankshafts is by using mass finishing equipment.

Mass finishing equipment involves the use of large-scale finishing machines, tumbling media, and also polishing compounds. Inovatec Machinery can supply you with all these equipment at your command.

There are three mass polishing machines that you can use for polishing your crankshafts.


The first machine is the trough vibratory polishing machine. It polishes effectively and rapidly. It is also ideal, especially if you have a tight budget, and you want to get things done the right way.



It works by vigorously shaking its rectangular polishing trough to create a tumbling effect.

The second machine is the centrifugal barrel polishing machine. It is incredibly robust and completes the polishing process faster than the trough vibratory polishing machine.



It is under the high-energy polishing machines’ category. However, it is quite costly when compared to the trough vibratory polishing machine. Its final finish is impeccable. It has a better finish than the vibratory polishing machine.

The last machine is the crankshaft horizontal polishing machine. It is primarily used to refine the surfaces of crankshafts at an industrial scale. It is also effective and efficient in the polishing process.



Bottom line:

Polishing crankshafts effectively is best done by using the recommended mass polishing machines.


2.   What is Polishing Media Ideal for Polishing Crankshafts?

Crankshafts are made from different materials. You can find aluminum crankshafts as well as titanium ones.

Depending on the material used to make your crankshaft, you can then choose the correct polishing media.

Two polishing media are widely used for crankshaft polishing – plastic and porcelain polishing media.

There are rare occasions when you can use ceramic polishing media – when there are burrs present on your crankshafts’ surfaces.



When you polish your crankshafts thoroughly using the correct polishing media, you make them stronger. Polishing gets rid of corrosion, contaminants, and surface blemishes.



3. How are Racing Crankshafts Best Polished?

Now, most racing crankshafts are known to be strong. They are usually made from aluminum or titanium.

Since they are delicate, the best way to polish them is by using the trough vibratory polishing machine. This machine does not alter with the shape or the dimensions of your parts.

Remember to select the correct polishing media for the best results.


4. How Long Does it Take to Polish Crankshafts?

The polishing duration does not have a standard length. It can range from several minutes to a few hours. Here are some of the factors that determine the length of the process:

The first factor is the polishing machine that you opt to use. The centrifugal barrel polishing machine is way faster than the trough vibratory tumbler.

However, the centrifugal barrel polishing machine is quite costly to run and acquire compared to the vibratory polishing machine.



The second factor is the initial state of the crankshaft? Does it require heavy polishing or light polishing? For heavy polishing, the process will undoubtedly take longer to complete.

The third factor is the polishing media that you choose to use. Ceramic media can only be used when there are visible burrs on the surface of your crankshaft.

Using porcelain media will undoubtedly be faster than using plastic polishing media. Porcelain media is more rigid than plastic polishing media.

The final factor is how you choose to handle your polishing machine. If you mistreat it, for example, by not using the correct finishing speed, the process will take longer to complete.

It will also be inefficient.


5.  How Does the Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine Work?

Firstly, you must understand that the centrifugal barrel polishing machine is under the high-energy polishing machines category.

It uses centrifugal forces to refine the surfaces of your parts. It works excitingly. Check this out:

The machine has four polishing barrels. These barrels are affixed onto one flywheel. Both parties (the barrels and the wheel) rotate to generate optimum centrifugal forces for the process to be complete.

However, the barrels rotate in the opposite direction of that of the flywheel. It is a design intended to ensure the maximum generation of centrifugal forces.

The barrels spin at high speeds. This machine is ideal for rapid finishing.


6.  What are the Advantages of Polishing Crankshafts?

6.1 Enhanced Performance

Polishing your crankshafts improves the performance of your engine. A polished crankshaft delivers power from the engine efficiently and effectively.

6.2 Stronger Crankshafts and Longer Lifespan

Polishing crankshafts is essential because it eliminates contaminants and corrosive agents, which may make your crankshafts weaker over time.

Polishing eliminates these corrosive agents to ensure that your crankshaft is durable and suitable for the power transmission task.

When your crankshaft becomes more robust, it also has a longer lifespan.


6.3 Better Looks and Safer to Install

Polishing improves the looks of your crankshaft. It also gets rid of harmful elements like burrs and scales.

Burrs and scales can cut you and also cause miscalculations in dimensions. It can also cause premature wearing out of parts.


Bottom line:

It is beneficial to polish your crankshafts before installing them and also regularly for optimum engine performance.


7.  What are the Advantages of Polishing Using Mass Finishing Machines?

7.1 Rapid Finishing

When using mass finishing machines, you can polish your parts rapidly. A process that would have taken days to complete can now take only a few hours or even several minutes.


7.2 Mass Polishing

You can refine the surfaces of several parts in a single cycle.


7.3 Uniform Finish

The machine gives you a uniform finish, even in the most intricate corners, which manual polishing means would have rendered unreachable. The devices also do not alter the dimensions or shapes of your crankshafts.

7.4 Easy to Install and Operate

Inovatec Machinery machines are easy to install and operate. They come with an owner’s manual to guide you on how to handle the device.

They also have beautiful control consoles with beautiful interfaces.



Polishing your crankshafts before installing them is essential. Regular polishing, even after the initial installation, is also necessary.

It makes your crankshafts easier to work on and also elongates their lifespan. It also improves their performance during power transmission.

Using the recommended polishing machines from Inovatec makes the process even easier.

You can contact us today for more information about our machines and mass finishing equipment pricing and shipping.

You can also contact us for advice on mass finishing processes. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

You can be sure that we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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