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Inovatec MachineryPolish Your Brass Cases Like a Pro with High-Quality Equipment

Mass finishing can be extremely intimidating – especially if you are a newbie to the industry. That is why companies like Inovatec Machinery exist. With over two decades of experience in the industry, you can trust us to batch finishing solutions.

Over the years, Inovatec has perfected its skill in polishing brass cases. You can contact us today for an immediate solution to finishing your brass cases.

You can also decide to keep reading this article to get more information about the process.


vibratory finishing machine bowl

Industrial bowl vibratory polishing machines are incredibly robust machines. They can polish your brass cases without damaging them. Since this machine is industrial-based, it means that it can polish bigger batches of brass cases.

It is specially designed to ensure that the polishing process is efficient and effective.

After polishing your brass cases, you’ll need to dry them effectively. Therefore, it means that you have to dry every inch of the brass case – including its cavities and intricate corners.

Thorough drying curbs tarnishing on the surfaces of your brass cases. The process is fairly straightforward, and it does not take long to complete.

You can spend a maximum of 15 minutes drying your brass cases using this machine.


Like the bowl vibratory tumbler, the desktop vibratory tumbler is robust and efficient and effective. The major differences between these two machines are the extra features these machines offer.

They are ideal for small batch polishing of brass cases for shooting enthusiasts. The machine is sturdy and beautiful too.


This machine uses electromagnetic principles to polish your brass cases. It uses stainless steel pins to ensure that every corner and cavity of your brass case is refined. It removes oxidation layers from your brass case surfaces.

It polishes rapidly and effectively.

Different Brass Cases and Their Polishing Styles

These brass cases should be polished using a bowl vibratory polishing machine. When brass cases undergo annealing, it means that their tips will be somewhat softer than usual. They are softened for accuracy enhancement.

The reason why you should use the bowl vibratory polishing machine is that the process is delicate. Just a single mistake is enough to ruin the whole process.

This type of brass case requires the bol vibratory polishing machine or the magnetic polishing machine. When using the magnetic polishing machine, you should use the recommended size of stainless steel polishing media.

Keep in mind that upon completion of the polishing process, the cases should be highly accurate. You’ll, therefore, need to ensure that the polishing process is highly effective.

Similar to the pistol cases, rifle cases can also be polished using a magnetic polishing machine or a bowl vibratory polishing machine. These brass cases are unique because they can also be annealed.

It is, therefore, necessary to be careful with these cases.

Polishing nickel-brass cases is not as straightforward as other brass cases. They are just like regular brass cases only with an added layer of nickel.

For the process to be a success, these brass cases are polished twice. You should polish them once just before plating them with nickel and once again after plating them.

We recommend using the magnetic polishing machine for this process. Its polishing is more precise than other polishing machines.

Like rifle brass cases, smith carbide brass cases can be polished using a bowl vibratory polishing machine. Smith carbide brass cases are a bit bigger than the rifle cases.

All you need to ensure is that all the polishing parameters are correctly set, including your vibratory finishing media.

A standard bowl vibratory polishing machine will comfortably polish the bullet lead. You’ll, however, need to be cautious to prevent possible damage to these parts.

The primary aim of polishing these parts is to enhance their precision.

Brass Cases Polishing Media

Inovatec recommends using stainless steel polishing media to polish your brass cases. Brass is not entirely a hard metal. After polishing, you can decide to dry them using organic media, such as corn cob grit or the walnut shell grit.

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Frequently Asked Question
Which Ideal Polishing Machine Should I Buy for Polishing Brass Cases?

Before buying your polishing machine, you need first to understand your polishing needs. You can opt for a magnetic polishing machine or a desktop vibratory polishing machine for small-batch polishing.

For big-batch polishing, you can opt for the industrial bowl vibratory polishing machine.

How Does Inovatec Package Its Machines for Shipment?

When packaging, our primary objective is to deliver the machine intact. We do so by enclosing them in a sturdy wooden box. These boxes have proven helpful during transportation.

How Efficient is the Brass Polishing Machine on Power Consumption?

The machine is highly efficient. To ensure that your machine remains, we recommend running them on a range of 380 – 480V on a 3-phase power connection.

We strongly recommend that these machines should never be run on a single-phase power connection.

Does Inovatec Allow Installation Payment?

When you want to acquire a polishing machine, we’ll require you to pay 30% of the total amount upfront. After the machine’s manufacturing process is complete, you can then complete the remaining 70% before shipping it over to you.

How Can I Get Rid of Tarnish on My Brass Parts?

Tarnish is usually stubborn when you fail to dry your brass parts thoroughly after the polishing process. The best way to ensure that you’ve dried your parts correctly is to acquire a vibratory dryer.

Brass Cases Polishing – The Ultimate Guide

Range shooting and hunting using rifles have become a popular fun activity among many people today. Many bullets are usually fired during these sports.

It is then necessary to polish your brass cases – which are the most common cases for bullets. They are strong and lightweight.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • How to effectively and efficiently polish your brass cases
  • The benefits of polishing your brass cases
  • The benefits of using mass polishing machines to clean your brass cases

Keep reading this article for more information.


1.   How Should I Polish My Brass Cases Use a Vibratory Polishing Machine?

Brass case polishing can be a relatively easy process. It is also not a costly process. All you need to do is to ensure that you use the correct polishing media for the process.

Apart from that, you also have to know your machine’s polishing capacity. You should not overload your machine – if you overload it, you’ll not get the desired results.


You should also consider using polishing compounds. Now, polishing compounds can be in either solid or liquid form.

After the polishing process, you’ll need to dry your parts thoroughly. We recommend using a vibratory dryer for the drying process.

Effective drying is so vital because it curbs tarnishing of your parts’ surfaces.



2.   Which Polishing Media is Ideal for Brass Case Polishing?

Polishing your brass cases does not require a highly aggressive polishing media. Inovatec Machinery recommends the use of organic media – walnut shell grit and corn cob grit. Apart from polishing your brass cases, they’ll get rid of impurities by absorbing them.

If your brass cases require a somewhat heavy polishing, we recommend using walnut shell grit. It is more aggressive compared to corn cob grit.

For further queries, we suggest contacting us. You can explain your situation to us, and we’ll gladly help you out with a professional solution.



3.   How Can I Polish My Brass Cases Use a Rotary Barrel Tumbler?

Well, polishing your brass cases using a rotary barrel tumbler can damage your parts. We do not recommend this style of polishing brass cases.

Brass cases are not that rigid – once they get dented or slightly damaged, they become useless. Bowl vibratory polishing machines do not encourage part-to-part contacts as the rotary barrel machine does during polishing.

We strongly recommend using either a vibratory polishing machine (either industrial or desktop) or a magnetic polishing machine.



4.   Is it Possible to Dry Polish Brass Cases in a Vibratory Polishing Machine?

Yes. It is possible to do so, as long as the correct polishing requirements are met. However, this style of polishing is not the best – experts do not recommend this style.

Wet polishing will be ideal for this process. It does not take a lot of time to complete. It is highly effective and cost-efficient.


5.   How Long Does the Brass Polishing Process Take when Using a Vibratory Polishing Machine?

The vibratory polishing machine does not take a lot of time to finish polishing your brass cases. The process can take several minutes to a few hours to complete.

The machine’s polishing bowl’s vigorous shaking causes the final finish to be smooth and clean – including the most intricate corners.

You should not over-polish your brass cases – it is highly uneconomical, damaging your parts. Your key focus should be on effectiveness, efficiency, and time-consciousness.


6.   Is it Possible to Polish Brass Cases Using a Magnetic Polishing Machine?

Yes. You can polish your brass cases using a magnetic polishing machine. However, using this machine will require you to polish small batches of cases at a significantly higher cost. It uses electromagnetic principles to polish your brass cases.

However, this machine is incredibly robust. It finishes polishing your brass cases effectively within minutes. With this machine, you can be sure of remarkable finishing results on the surfaces of your parts. It will increase your parts’ accuracy and looks.

It polishes faster than the vibratory tumbler. If you are not on a tight budget, you can try it out – you will not regret its results.


7.   What is Polishing Media Ideal for Magnetic Polishing?

The recommended magnetic polishing media is stainless steel pins. Since the magnetic polishing machine uses electromagnetic principles, you should use the correct stainless steel pins.


Not all stainless steel polishing media are magnetic. When ordering them, ensure that you specify correctly the ones that you need. Otherwise, you may end up having a failed polishing project.

8.   How Can I Effectively Polish Brass Cases Using the Magnetic Polishing Machine?

Polishing your brass cases using the magnetic polishing machine is relatively straightforward. You should ensure that you have the correct type of stainless steel polishing pins as your media.

You also have to remember that the magnetic polishing machine is a small-batch polishing machine. After adding your polishing media and brass cases to the polishing container, you can add some water to enhance the polishing process.

You can then start your machine, instruct it on how long it should polish your brass cases. You should also instruct it on what speed it should use when polishing your brass cases. Once the process is complete, you can unload the parts and dry them effectively.

You can opt to use a vibratory dryer for the drying process – they are highly efficient. You should dry them for 15 minutes to ensure every corner is clean and dry.


9.   What are the Benefits of Polishing Brass Cases Using a Vibratory Polishing Machine?

There are several benefits associated with polishing brass cases using a vibratory polishing machine. Check them out:

The first benefit is that the machine is relatively cheap to acquire, run, and maintain. It is hardy – which makes it ideal for this polishing process.

The second benefit is that the machine gives you a clean and uniform polish – including the most intricate parts.

The third benefit is that this machine does not alter with the shape or dimensions of your parts. It does not encourage part-to-part contacts, which may end up damaging your brass cases.

The fourth benefit is that the machine is time-effective. It does not consume a lot of time to finish the polishing process.

The final benefit is that you can polish your brass cases in big or small batches – depending on your machine’s capacity.

10. What are the Benefits of Polishing Brass Cases Using a Magnetic Polishing Machine?

The first benefit of using this machine is its strength – it is incredibly robust, making it polish your parts rapidly and effectively.

The second benefit is that you can finish large or small batches of brass cases depending on the machine’s polishing capacity.

The third benefit is that these machines come in different sizes – you can acquire either a desktop or an industrial magnetic polishing machine.

The fourth benefit is that the machine is easy to understand and use. It comes with safety features such as a safety on/off switch and a pause button.

This machine can be incredibly useful to you, especially if you know how to handle it correctly.



Polishing brass cases can be intimidating, especially if you are not sure of what you are doing. You can end up ruining your brass cases.

You can use two machines – the vibratory polishing machine and the magnetic polishing machine for the polishing process to be a complete success.

You can also decide to use either organic media or stainless steel media for effective and efficient polishing.

We strongly recommend contacting us in case of any polishing question or hitch during the polishing process.

We’ll be more than glad to offer our professional polishing help to you. You can also order polishing equipment from us for effective and efficient polishing.

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