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  • Brings down the Finishing time with Aggressive processing
  • Lowers maintenance cost with the non-consumable nature
  • Apply compressive stress to enhance part life
  • Useful for surface preparation of metals before plating
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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Steel Tumbling Media Manufacturer from China

Over 20 years of history tradition and experience, Inovatec machinery is the key manufacturer and supplier for Stainless tumbling media in China. Therefore, our goal is to help you to return your problem into a commercial success.

First of all, we provide high-quality tumbling media and carbon steel with SS304, SS201, SS420 grade. There are wide selection of media available includes stainless steel ball, ballcone, diagonal shape. Besides, if you want to have a Stainless Steel Shot Jeweler’s Mix, we can also help.

Also, Inovatec Machinery provides vibratory media per your size and shape with private lable packaging. Contact us now for an instant quote

Steel tumbling media is useful to make the part surface shine and burr free. It is the perfect solution for ball burnishing parts. It applies heavy pressure on the parts during the finishing process. You can use it for many years since there is no wear and tear happening to the steel media.


The magnetic pins make it easy to deburr and deflash the holes and slots in part without getting lodged.

The ballcone shape makes it possible to reach the difficult to access holes and slots in part.


The ball shape steel tumbling media is good for ball burnishing process, and it helps to create an excellent shiny finish on the surface.


The steel tumbling media with diagonal shape is useful to reach the recesses and corners with the help of bevelled edges.

Optional Design & Setting

AISI 304 stainless steel ball is the most popular steel media and has got excellent rust inhibition characteristics.

AISI 201 stainless steel ball is an economical solution for polishing parts and needs protection after each finishing process.

The carbon steel ball is a low cost solution that demands proper storage and cleaning after finishing as they are susceptible to rust.

AISI 316 stainless steel ball is the best grade of stainless steel ball and is known for its high corrosion resistance feature

AISI 420 stainless steel ball comes with magnetic features that make it easy to collect and shows mild rust resistance.

AISI 440C stainless steel ball is another magnetic steel tumbling media with excellent anti-rusting properties.

Ball Burnishing Machine

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of mass finishing machines. It includes the vibratory finishing machine, barrel finishing machine, and many more. These machines are capable of doing all the mass finishing process like deburring, degreasing, descaling, deflashing, surface smoothening, and polishing.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Of Steel Tumbling Media From China
  • Polishing and burnishing of die-cast parts
  • Light deburring of stainless steel parts
  • Economical and time saving media option
  • Consistency in Part finishing
Frequently Asked Question
What your MOQ for steel tumbling media?

Our MOQ for steel tumbling media is 100kg. Stainless steel magnetic pins MOQ is 5kg.

How do you make the packaging?

We use 25-kg plastic bag packaging. 1000kg per pallets.

What is the stainless steel media production lead time?

Our production lead time is 15-20 days depends on your steel media size and shape. Usually, small size takes a longer time to produce.

Can you send me media sample before ordering?

Yes, we will send you a small media sample for checking and evaluation.

What is your nearest port?

We ship to Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu Port in 2 days. If you have other locations or warehouse, we also help to make the delivery.

Steel Tumbling Media Introduction

Steel tumbling media is the perfect media for ball burnishing machine. It not only reduces process time, but is also cost-effective. It inflicts pressure on the surface of the workpieces, making it easier to remove the defects. Ball and ball-cone is the most common shape of steel tumbling media.

Carbon steel tumbling media is the most cost-effective tumbling media. But, you will need to treat it with rust inhibitor after each use. Stainless steel tumbling media, however, is rust-and-corrosion-resistant. It’s chemical and physical characteristics remain intact for a long time. Both media are designed for optimal cleaning and polishing.

Like most other tumbling media, it also comes in different grades. At Inovatec, you can find two varieties of steel media including carbon steel tumbling media (201) and stainless steel tumbling media (304).



The stainless steel tumbling media is also referred to as stainless steel shots.

It does an excellent job of burnishing and polishing when used along with the Inovatec vibratory finishing machine or the rotary finishing machine.

The steel tumbling media helps to clean and polish the metal surface in less amount of time.

It is possible to achieve a high level of lustre finish on die cast parts with light deburring with the help of steel tumbling media.

The typical application of steel media includes the polishing of jewelry parts, cleaning and finishing of brass bullets, silverware burnishing, coin polishing and burnishing of metal parts.


Inovatec manufactures multiple grades of steel tumbling media.

The different grades include the 304 stainless steel burnishing media, carbon steel media, 201 stainless steel polishing media, etc.

We also manufacture the 420 grade and the 316 grade of steel tumbling media.

But, these two grades of steel media are not widely used.

The most popular and commonly used grade of steel tumbling media is the 304 grade one.

These steel tumbling media are manufactured in different shapes.

It includes the ball, pins, ballcone, oval ball, diagonal, etc.



The dimensions of the steel media are always accurate because of its case hardening feature.

Many manufacturing workshop make use of the stainless steel burnishing media for burnishing media.

The reason for its popularity is listed below.


  • It is capable of doing typical mass finishing processes like deburring, burnishing, degreasing, cleaning, and polishing.
  • The finishing time of the process is brought down drastically with the help of the acidic compound.
  • The cost of maintenance, handling and storage are less when compared to the carbon steel media.
  • It also helps to reduce the usage of compounds in the finishing process, especially the rust inhibitor one.
  • It improves the wear resistance of the parts because of the compressive stress applied to part while processing.
  • It helps to prepare the surface for plating purpose.
  • It is also capable of rolling down and finishing holes of the metal parts.
  • The non-abrasive nature of the steel media also ensures that the Pu lining of the mass finishing machine is not damaged in the process.



We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing steel tumbling media for finishing parts.

So, you can always expect high quality steel tumbling media from us.

So, get in touch with us today to receive a free quote.


Steel Tumbling Media FAQ Guide

1. What Are The Different Steps Taken By Inovatec To Maintain The Quality Of The Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

We have taken proper measures to control the quality of steel tumbling media in every step of production.

The first manufacturing step is the cold heading.

In this process, the raw metal wires are reshaped into required media shapes.

We use appropriate mold shape to get the desired shape.



Thus, steel media of different shapes like a ball, ballcone, pins, and diagonal shape are molded.

The heat treatment process follows it.

This process helps in enhancing the surface hardness of the media without creating any change in dimensions.



Here, the internal part of the media is kept soft.

Next comes, the grinding process.

The burrs and flashes from the media part are removed in the process.



It is done by heat treatment.

It also helps to remove the oxidation layer from the media surface.

The vibratory burnishing process follows it.

The vibratory burnishing helps to enhance the brightness of the media and also removes debris and dirt from the media.

So, it helps to clean the media properly.

This process will continue for 20 to 30 minutes.



Once completed, the steel media is rinsed with water for cleaning and is loaded into the centrifugal spin dryer machine for drying.

The final step in the process is separation.

We make use of a gauge to filter out the media with the right size.

If the media is bigger or smaller than the gauge size, then it will be rejected.




2. What Are The Different Varieties of Steel Media?

Countries1Cr18Ni90Cr19Ni 90Cr17Ni12Mo23Cr139Cr18


3. What Is The Size Tolerance Of The Steel Media Used For Vibratory Finishing?

We maintain a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.25mm or +/- 0.01 mm for the media.

The media shapes like diagonals and pins do not come under the +/- 0.01 mm tolerance range.

All the shapes of media in all the batches are properly checked after the manufacturing process.


4. What Are The Different Steel Tumbling Media Shapes Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery manufactures steel media of different shapes.

The detailed list of different shapes manufactured by Inovatec is given below.


4.1 Round Shape

The round shape is used for critical applications.

The ball shape steel tumbling media manufactured by Inovatec will have no surface irregularities.



4.2 Barrel Shape

It is the most popular shape among the stainless steel tumbling media.

It may have some microscopic imperfections.

But, that will not have an impact on the finishing process.


4.3 Cone Shape

If you are planning for aggressive material removal, then the cone shape is highly recommended.

Jewelry parts can be polished with the help of small size cone steel media.

The tapered crown and the centre flange makes it possible to give a contact angle on curved surfaces.


4.4 Ball Cones

This shape is very useful for burnishing purpose because of the ball like structure on the one end.



4.5 Diagonal Shape

If your parts come with complex shapes, then you can make use of the diagonal shape steel media for cleaning and finishing.

This shape helps you to reach and finish hard to reach areas in part.

The excellent cutting action is provided with the help of the bevelled edges on the diagonally opposite corners.

The contact area with the part is enhanced through the cylindrical media surface.

It also helps to avoid the lodging issue.



4.6 Oval Ball Shape

If you are looking for a scratch free finish without any dimples, then Inovatec recommends using oval ball shape stainless steel media.

It also makes more surface contact with the parts than the ball shape, and it gives and oscillatory motion effect to the overall mass in the finishing machine.


5. What Are The Different Steel Media Size That Inovatec Can Manufacture?

The smallest steel tumbling media size manufactured by Inovatec is of the size 1mm.

We can manufacture any size above 1mm also.

If you are following the USA standards like the ¼ inch, 1/8 inch, 1/16 inch, we can also manufacture it.

The cost of production for smaller size will be more, and it will take more time also.

The standard sizes which most of the customers prefer are the 2.5mm and the 3.5mm ones.



6. What Is The Price Of Steel Tumbling Media?

The price of steel tumbling media is dependent on various parameters.

It includes the media shape and size.

The cost will be more for the size of less than 3mm because of the ow productivity factor.

The cost is also dependent on the different grades of steel media.

The 201 stainless steel media is less expensive when compared to the 316 stainless steel media.


7. Do Inovatec Manufacture Stainless Steel Media For Finishing Jewelry Parts?

Yes, Inovatec machinery manufactures stainless steel media for cleaning and polishing jewelry parts.

The different media shapes offered for the jewelry part is a blend of various stainless steel media shapes.

Our engineers have developed this unique mixture to provide the perfect finish to jewelry parts by reaching all the deep corners and recesses in part.

The commonly used mixture of shapes are diagonals, sphere, and pins.

The commonly used media size are the 40% 1/8 inch diagonals, 40% 5/32 inch stainless steel ball, and 20% 1/16 inch x ½ inch pins.

The customer can also make the decision on the percentage of each shape and size.



8. How is the Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Packaged Before Shipping?

All the steel media are packaged by considering customer requirements.

In typical cases, a double PP plastic bag packaging is done for the media.

If you need carton box packaging or steel barrel packaging, we can do that too.



9. How To Place An Order For Steel Tumbling Media?

The first thing to do is to confirm the shapes, size and grade of the steel media.

These three factors will decide the price of stainless steel tumbling media.

The next part is the quantity of media required.

It will help us to inform you about the total lead time for production.

If you are planning to order a large quantity, then you can expect some good discounts.

We also need to have an understanding of your end use.

It will help us to manufacture the part with correct tolerance.

If you are planning to use the steel tumbling media for vibratory finishing, then the standard tolerance of +/- 0.25mm is good for you.

If your end use is for bearings, then the tolerance limit needs to be a tight one.

So, strict control in the sizing will be required.

The last thing to confirm is the type of packaging for the shipment.

Typically, we will package the steel media on plastic bags inside a wooden pallet.

We can also use the steel drum package or the carton box package, as per the customer requirement.

If you are planning to resale the media with your brand, then we can also embed your logo and other information in the packaging.


10. What Is Steel Tumbling Media?

The steel tumbling media is made up of stainless steel raw material.

It is a type of mass finishing media used in the mass finishing machines.

It is capable of doing the typical mass finishing processes like deburring, cleaning, degreasing, burnishing, and polishing of metal parts.

So, it will help to bring an excellent finish on the metal surface.

High grade stainless steel is used as the raw material for the manufacturing of stainless steel media.

So, they will have a very long life, and you can use it many times for many years.

They are the ideal choice when it comes to the ball burnishing process.

It is an economical media solution that will also help to bring down the finishing time.

They will apply more pressure on the workpieces.

So, they are capable of strengthening the material by removing defects.


11. What Is The Use Of Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

You can use stainless steel tumbling media for cleaning and polishing of brass parts.

You can use the steel tumbling media in different types of mass finishing machines.

The different process that the steel media is capable of doing is listed below.


11. 1 Deburring

The process of removing the burrs from the part is called deburring.

They are the raised edges on the corners and sides of the part formed due to the manufacturing process.

So, you need to remove them to get the final part.

Stainless steel media is capable of smoothening the sharp corners of manufactured parts.

They will help to create rounded edges.

vibratory-burnishing-stainless-steel-machining-parts (1)


11.2 Deflashing

The process of removing the machined lines from the part is called deflashing.

It is more or less similar to the deburring process.

The undesirable machined marks can be easily removed with the help of the deflashing process.


11.3 Polishing

The polishing process is often referred to as the burnishing process.

It makes the part very attractive to the customers.

They give that extra level of shine and smoothness on the part.

So, you can achieve a mirror like a look at the final part with the help of stainless steel media.

aluminium-die-casting-parts-ball-burnishing (1)


11.4 Cleaning & Degreasing

Degreasing helps to remove the dirt, oil, and grease from the parts.

The dirt and grease get stick to the parts either due to the manufacturing process or due to the handling of the parts.

The steel tumbling media are capable of cleaning the metal part surface.


12. What Is The Importance Of Stainless Steel Tumbling Media In A Mass Finishing Process?

The media plays a critical role in the mass finishing process, so is the case with the stainless steel tumbling media.

It helps to accelerate the mass finishing process in different ways.

The importance of steel media in a mass finishing process are given below.


12.1 Cushioning of Parts

The steel media has the capability to absorb the impact energy from the parts and the walls of the finishing bowl.

Thus, it will provide a cushioning effect to the parts in the bowl.

It also helps to avoid the part to part contact.

So, the possible collision between the parts is avoided.

It is also useful to slow down the movement of workpieces inside the machine for a better finish.


12.2 Balancing Part Size

For an efficient finishing process, there must be a right balance of parts that are loaded in the mass finishing machine.

If you are using large pieces inside the chamber, then the part to part friction will be minimized.

The steel media will help to smoothen and polish the parts in a productive manner.


12.3 Tumbling Action Improvement

The stainless steel media will act like roller bearing inside the chamber of the mass finisher.

So, it helps to improve the tumbling action of the parts.

They ensure that the tumbling action is suitable for both flat parts as well as the curved parts.


13. What Are The Different Types Of Parts That Can Be Used With Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

If you have a metal part that comes with a hardness equal to or less than 304/302 stainless steel material, then the stainless steel media will be the best choice for tumbling.

Some manufacturers also magnetize the stainless steel tumbling media to make the process of separation from the parts easy.

The media is capable of removing the oxide layer and machine lines from parts that are made of brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.

It is very good at removing micro residues from the metal surfaces.

You can also use it on parts that consist of biodegradable materials.


14. How Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Will Act On The Parts For Finishing?

The stainless steel tumbling media alone will not help you to get a good quality finish on the part.

You need to invest in an appropriate mass finishing machine also, which is capable of handling the steel media.

The user loads the machine with the stainless steel tumbling media before powering on the machine.

Water or compound can also be added to it depending on the type of processing.

Once you power on the machine, then the steel media will get energized and will start tumbling.

You can feed the parts for polishing now.

The media will constantly rub the part to remove the material to get the finish.

The final finish depends on the duration of the process and the shape and size of media.

So, you may have to run it long to get the desired result.

If you are not satisfied with the result, then you need to tumble the parts again for some more time.


15. What Is The Best Shape, Size, and Angle For Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

When it comes to media, there is nothing like one size or shape is the best.

The choice of shape, size, and angle is entirely dependent on the part shape, size, complexity and material types.

The standard stainless tumbling media will usually have a blend of different media shapes.

Thus, it is possible to access all the surface areas in part.

We are manufacturing stainless steel media in various designs and shapes that can match the requirements of most of the customers.

Our team of engineers have done proper research on this aspect and came with multiple geometries of media for fast and effective action.

We also support unique media shapes.

The most commonly used steel media shapes include the sphere, ballcone, ellipse, cone, diagonal, and many more.


16. Which Mass Finishing Machine Supports The Use Of Stainless Steel Media For Finishing?

Inovatec recommends vibratory finishing machines to use with stainless steel tumbling media.

The heavy duty motor and the rigid bowl of the vibratory bowl is good enough to support the weight of the steel tumbling media.


17. What Are The Typical Ingredients Of A Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

The basic raw material used of the manufacturing of the stainless steel media is the high quality, case hardened, stress relieved, high carbon steel.

We go with the 302 grade steel for normal cases.

It will weigh around 300 pounds per cubic feet on an average.

This weight helps to provide the cushion effect to the parts and to apply the heavy pressure for improving the part strength.

It also helps to make the process of surface smoothening fast and quick.


18. What Are The Various Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Over Other Mass Finishing Media?

If you are planning to finish metal parts, then stainless steel media is the best choice.

The reasons that make steel media popular for metal finishing are given below.


18.1 Highly Effective

The stainless steel media are highly effective for burnishing and polishing of metal parts when compared to other media types.

The finish output is of very high quality and that too in very less amount of time.


18.2 Proper Cleaning

It does a good job when it comes to cleaning of the metal parts.

It ensures a thorough cleaning with efficient removal for dirt and grease from the parts.


18.3 Time Factor

The stainless steel media is the fastest finishing media in the market for metal parts.

So, you can bring down the finishing time drastically.

Thus, it will make the whole process time-efficient.

No other media can match this finishing speed.


18.4 No Part Damage

If you use the steel tumbling media with the right type of parts, then there will not be any damage happening to the part during the finishing process.

The parts that are weak or poorly manufactured are prone to damages.

Thus, it helps to remove the bad parts from the lot.


18.5 Long Life span

There is no wear and tear happening for the stainless steel media.

So, you can use it many times for many years.

It will help you to save the right amount of money as you don’t have to invest in the next batch of media for many years.


18.6 Less Messy

It is easy to separate and store the stainless steel tumbling media after the finishing process.

Some media may get stuck together or get broken after the tumbling process.

So, lots of efforts will be needed to clean up that mess.

But, steel media does not create any sort of mess.


19. Does Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Come With Any Side Effects?

All media will have some side effects or the other.

The side effects of stainless steel media are listed below.


19.1 Price Of Purchase

Even though the stainless steel media comes with lots of pros, it is costlier than some of the other media.

The fact that you can use it for many years makes it economical in the long run.


19.2 Deal With More Technical Stuff

You need to know certain technical stuff while using the stainless steel media.

Only then, you can run the process efficiently.

So, you will have to take some extra effort to learn this stuff.

But, once you learn it, then the advantages offered are many in the form of cost, time, and finish quality.


20. What Tips To Use To Maintain The Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

You can enhance the life of the stainless media with the help of proper maintenance.

You can make use of the tips listed below.


20.1 Periodic Care

Once the mass finishing process is over, you need to clean the steel tumbling media and dry it before storage.

It will help to improve the performance of the stainless steel tumbling media next time.


20.2 Good Balance Of Media, Parts, And Compounds

You must always maintain a proper recommended ratio among parts, media, and compounds.

Some may have a tendency to reduce the amount of media in the thought process of saving some cost.

But, it will do more harm than good.

The parts may not get the desired finish, and it may collide against each other or hit against the chamber wall due to insufficient media.

So, your process time will become slow, and the finish will not meet the design specifications.


20.3 Flawed Media replacement

You must always ensure that all the individual pieces in the steel media are flawless.

If there is a deformation in shape or size to any o the pieces, then you must remove it from the lot.

You must also ensure that you replace the same media amount,

Otherwise, the quantity of media will become less while finishing parts, which will impact the part quality.

The damaged media can also harm the parts.

So, it is necessary to ensure damage free parts at the end of the polishing process.

If you fail to replace the flawed media, then you will end up compromising the quality of the parts.


21. What Are The Various Industries That Can Use Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

The stainless steel tumbling media can be used by most of the industries who deal with metal parts.

The list of industries is given below.


21.1 General Job Shop

The steel media is a cost effective solution that can be used for quick improvement of parts in a general machine shop.



21.2 Jewelry Industry

The jewelry parts are more prone to impurities when they are stored for a long time.

These impurities can also affect the quality of the jewelry part.

So, you need to polish it to get the old shine back on its surface.

The stainless steel tumbling media can help the jewelry parts to retain their old lustre.



21.3 Automotive Industry

The primary use of stainless steel tumbling media is in the automotive sector.

Its usage ranges from deburring to the polishing of automotive metal parts.

The different parts that are subjected to steel media tumbling include the engine heads, pistons, motorbike wheels, silencers, fasteners, gears, and many more items.

It also does an excellent job of refurbishing automobile parts which are manufactured using a different process like forging and casting.



21.4 Aerospace and Defence Sector

The art strength and durability is of concern in the defence and aerospace sector.

The stainless steel tumbling media helps to improve the strength of the part while polishing with the application of high pressure on parts.

It also helps to generate a uniformly high quality finish on parts used in defence and aerospace.



21.5 Medical Equipment and Devices

There must be zero error when it comes to medical devices and parts.

So, the strength and quality metal parts used in medical equipment can be improved by finishing it with steel tumbling media.

It is useful for parts that are made up of materials like titanium, chrome, stainless steel, cobalt, and many others.



21.6 Motorsport Parts

Motorsport industry demands the best quality parts with a high level of glossy finish.

You can quickly achieve this finish by using the steel tumbling media for polishing the metal motorsport parts.


22. Do Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Cause Any Damage To Brass Parts?

The stainless steel does not damage brass parts.

The operator must ensure that he follow proper instructions while finishing the brass parts.


23. What Are The Various Advantages of Using Steel Media With A Mass Finishing Machine?

The advantages of using stainless steel tumbling media with a  mass finishing machine are many.

The primary benefits are listed below.



23.1 Resistance to Corrosion

The ability of the stainless steel media to remove material in the micro level range from the part helps to prevent the carrion effect from the part.

It will remove the oxide layer from the part completely.

So, it helps the part to develop more resistance against rusting.

It will remove cracks and other imperfections which are susceptible to the oxidation effect.


23.2 Strain Hardening

The stainless steel finishing media helps to improve the hardness of the part under finishing.

The excess force applied by the media on the part makes it 50 to 100 per cent harder than the unfinished parts.

So, it reduces the failure rates of the metal parts.



23.3 Polished Finish

The steel finishing media not only provides strength to the part but also helps to attain a high quality polished finish on the surface.

It does a proper polishing job along with the removal of minor imperfections in part.



24. What Is The Life Of A Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

If you maintain the media properly, then you will be able to use it efficiently for many times.

If your media maintenance is poor, then life will also come down.

The life of the media depends on your usage and maintenance.

But, you will be able to use it for more times than other tumbling media.


25. Is It Possible To Use Stainless Steel Finishing Media With Brass Parts?

Yes, you can use stainless steel tumbling media for finishing brass parts.


26. Is Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Compatible For Finishing Nickel Plated Brass Parts?

Yes, you can use the steel media for tumbling the nickel-plated brass parts.

The tumbling time will be 40 to 60 per cent less than the usual time.

Inovatec recommends to start with less tumbling time and to ramp up with respect to the results.


27. Do Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Support Wet And Dry Tumbling?

Yes, they support both wet and dry tumbling.

But, you will need two types of machine for wet and dry tumbling with stainless steel media.

The results are better with wet tumbling when compared to dry tumbling.

It also depends on the finish you are trying to achieve.


28. Is It Required To Dry The Steel Media Before Storing?

You can store the wet steel tumbling media in a container.

They are not susceptible to rusting.

29.Will Stainless Steel Finishing Media Damage My Parts?

It depends on what type of part you are planning to use with it.

The primary purpose of stainless steel media is brass tumbling.

So, if you are planning to use it with any other material, then you need to check and confirm.

Otherwise, it may damage your part.


30. Do Stainless Steel Media Demand Any Special Lubricants?


No special lubricants are required.

You can use plain water when you are doing wet tumbling.

If you are looking for any special finish, then you can use any compounds also in the media and part mixture.


31. Is Steel Tumbling Media Magnetic?

Yes, the stainless steel tumbling media is magnetic.

So, you can make use of the magnetic feature to collect the media using a magnet in case of any spill on the floor.

There is also magnetic pin media that is specifically designed to show magnetic properties.


32. What Is The Ratio To Be Maintained Among Media, Parts, And Water While Using Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

We recommend filling the 2/3rd capacity of the bowl with brass and around 1 lb of steel finishing media along with ¾ with water.


33. Where To Store The Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

You can store the media at any place.

You don’t have to worry about any rusting since they are not prone to the oxidation effect.

We recommend to keep it somewhere sage indoors so that the media remains clean before using.


34. How Long Does the Steel Media Last?

If you use it properly, then they will last for many years.

They are not susceptible to wear and tear.

It is mainly used to clean and finish brass parts.

Brass is a soft metal.

So, it will not affect the life of steel media.


35. What Is The Typical Processing Time For Tumbling With Stainless Steel Media?

The steel media is designed to tumble with brass.

So, if you are using it with brass parts, then it will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete one full cycle.


36. Is It Possible To Tumble Jewelry Parts With Stainless Steel Media?

Yes, stainless steel tumbling media can be used for finishing jewelry parts.

You can use the stainless steel tumbling media in pin shape to tumble and finish jewelry parts.


37. What Needs To Be Done To Protect Parts From Getting Tarnished After Tumbling With Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

The tarnishing happens on the part due to the carbon deposits from the media.

So, the best way to avoid it to separately tumble the steel media with soap water to clean it properly.


38. What Size Of Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Should I Purchase?

The media size must match with the parts that you are planning to finish.

Inovatec offers stainless steel media in different shapes, grades, and sizes.

So, you can easily choose one that matches your part.

It is not recommended to use large size media for small parts as it may damage the parts.

If you use small media with large parts, then it will take more time to get the desired level of finish.

It is also not good for media life.


39. What Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Shape Should I Purchase?

Inovatec manufactures high-quality steel tumbling media of various shapes.

So, you may find it confusing to select one because of this wide choice.

You need to match the part shape with media shape and make sure that it can reach all the surface of the part for proper finishing.

If you find it challenging to choose one, you can always contact us.

We will help you to make the right media choice.


40. Why My Part Color is Changing After Tumbling With Stainless Steel tumbling Media?

You are seeing the oxidation effect on the parts.

The part color has not changed, but a layer of oxide has masked the part surface.

The stainless steel media is mostly used to finish brass parts.

The brass material is very prone to oxidation.


41. Can The Stainless Steel Media Pass Through The Flash Holes?

Yes, you can use the pin shape media that can pass through flash holes in the part.


42. Is It Necessary To Clean The Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Before The Tumbling Process?

It is not mandatory to clean the media before the finishing process.

But, rinsing the steel media with soap water will ensure that the parts that are subjected to finish don’t get tarnished.


43. What Amount Of Media Is Required To Complete One Cycle Of Finishing Process?

The amount of media required depends on the volume of the tumbler bowl.

You need to ensure that you maintain a 1:3 ratio between the parts and the media.

This ratio can also change for different part shapes and size.


44. Which Is The best Mass Finishing Machine For Using Stainless Steel Media?

The stainless steel media is best suited for rotary tumblers.

You can’t use it with vibratory finishing machines.


45. Is It Possible For Stainless Steel Tumbling Media To Polish My Parts?

Yes, the stainless steel media is designed to polish parts that are made of brass.

The steel media helps to achieve the mirror like shine on brass parts through the finishing process.


46. Which Is Good- Stainless Steel Media Or Carbon Steel Tumbling Media?

The stainless steel tumbling media is far better than carbon steel media.

The cost of handling and storage requirements is high for carbon steel media.

It also needs more maintenance when compared to the stainless steel one.

The efficiency is more for the stainless steel variety.


47. Is It Required To Use A Rust Inhibitor?

There is no corrosive action on the stainless steel media.

So, you don’t have to use a rust inhibitor.


48. Is It Possible to Use Stainless Steel Media On Vibratory Finishing Machines?

No, you can’t use stainless steel media in vibratory tumblers.

The media may get damaged in the whole process.

It is suitable to work with a rotary tumbling machine only.


49. Is Stainless Steel Media Faster Than Other Mass Finishing Media?

Yes, stainless steel media is faster than the other standard mass finishing media.

You can get the best results in a short duration of 2-4 hours in the case of tumbling with brass parts.


50. Is It Possible To Finish Plastic Parts With Stainless Steel Media?

No, if you try using the steel media with plastic parts, then you will end up damaging the plastic parts.

You can go with ceramic media or plastic media for finishing plastic parts.


51. Is It Possible To Finish Steel Parts With Stainless Steel Tumbling Media?

Steel and stainless steel will have the same strength.

So, it is not possible to finish steel parts using this media.

If you try tumbling both, then you may damage the steel parts.


52. What Is The Price Of Stainless Steel Media?

The cost of stainless steel media is dependent on various factors like size, grade, and shape.

It will be costly when compared to other media.

The processing time is less for steel tumbling media.

But, the life of stainless steel media is very high when compared to others.

So, it will be cost effective in the long run.


53. Is It Possible To Deburr Parts With Stainless Steel Media?

Yes, you can use the stainless steel tumbling media for deburring parts that are made of brass.


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