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Inovatec Machinery Get your Camshaft Polishing Going with Equipment and Media from Inovatec

Inovatec is one of the best manufacturers of mass finishing equipment in China. They have been doing this business for the past two decades.

Camshafts are vital parts of any engine. They are in charge of maintaining the valves. As such, camshafts need to be extra clean and smooth. But how can this be done? The answer is simple: camshaft polishing.


Your second choice for camshaft polishing is centrifugal barrel finishers. A centrifugal machine is heavy-duty and very quick. You may have heard that centrifugal machines can’t polish large parts. However, that is not true.

Instead, a centrifugal barrel finisher is suitable for parts of all sizes. It is a centrifugal disc finisher that cannot handle large parts. It’s essential to make this distinction. A centrifugal barrel finishing machine is excellent for camshaft polishing.


Camshafts are parts that are long, lengthwise. However, you can also find some that don’t fit this description. In any case, it’s dangerous to polish camshafts in a bowl vibratory tumbler. It can damage them.

That is why it’s best to use the tub vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec. These machines are rectangular and are made for long parts like camshafts. Plus, the devices have suspension under them. They protect the contents from damage.

Camshaft Polishing for Different Types of Materials

Motorcycle camshafts are quite small yet powerful. So, they need careful polishing before you can install them in a machine. You especially need to polish it if it’s an advanced camshaft—such as one used for fast cars.

To properly polish these camshafts, select the centrifugal barrel finisher from Inovatec. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, select the vibratory tub finisher instead.

We use hydraulic flat camshafts for both daily commutes and fast cars. The cam is designed in a way that it wears equally on both sides. The hydraulic cam is also much cheaper than the roller cam.

To best polish these cams in a batch, opt for a tub vibratory finishing machine. This option ensures that your cams are not damaged.

As you may know, diesel engines are much larger than the average petrol engine. As such, the camshafts are bigger too. To keep diesel engines sound, they are made of forged steel. But no matter the material, a good cam always needs polishing.

For best results, invest in a tub vibratory finisher from Inovatec Machinery. You may also use the centrifugal disc finisher, but it’s hazardous. So use the tub finisher instead. It is the safest and most effective option.

Cast iron engines are on the less expensive side. They are cheaper than forged steel and cast aluminum. It is why individuals in the automotive industry use cast iron to cut down costs. They also make better profits this way.

But to make the most out of a cast iron cam, it needs polishing first. To polish these in a batch, choose Inovatec’s centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

An automotive camshaft is suitable for a variety of purposes. You can also find performance camshafts made of forged steel, aluminum, and more. The cheaper ones include cast-iron camshafts. But no matter the type of metal, it needs to be polished first.

To polish an automotive camshaft, you may use either of Inovatec’s solutions. These include the vibratory tub finisher, as well as the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

Roller camshafts are very popular in the performance industry. Roller cams also come with lifters to help elevate the position of the valves. It is achieved through needle bearings. Since these cams are high-quality and high-performance, their polishing needs to be the same as well.

To best polish these cams, go for a tub vibratory finisher. These machines will give you a uniform and long-lasting finish.

Camshaft Polishing Media

With polishing, it’s essential to choose the correct tumbling media. With camshaft polishing, you may use synthetic plastic media or porcelain media. However, this depends on what type of camshaft you’re polishing.

Inovatec Machinery – The Camshaft Polishing Machine Manufacturer You Have Been Looking For
  • Camshaft polishing for both everyday commute and performance cams
  • Polishing fro motorcycle camshafts
  • Option to add on a media separator
  • Extensive collection of media to choose from
Frequently Asked Question
1. How is the camshaft polishing media and machine packaged?

All media is packaged in double-layered plastic bags. The machines are put on wooden pallets, then into a wooden box. The boxes are suitable for forklifts.

2. What media should I use for camshaft polishing?

For camshaft polishing, plastic and porcelain media are your best options. They work for pretty much any kind of polishing. However, if you feel as though your parts need something else, Inovatec is here to help.

3. How much power do I need?

Inovatec recommends attaching the machine with a 3-phase electrical line. At a minimum, use a voltage of 230 V.

4. What are the standard payment methods?

Inovatec accepts payments from a variety of sources. These include L/C, Western Union, PayPal, and more.

5. What are some of the nearest destinations?

The closest ports to the factory are the Yiwu, Ningbo, and Shanghai ports. However, they can ship internationally.

Camshaft Polishing – The Definitive Guide

A camshaft is essential to any combustion engine. The cam provides a source of exhaust and the input of fuel.

Thus, it’s necessary to properly polish camshafts. They should look flawless by the end of the process.

Any errors will directly impact the performance of the camshaft.

Polishing camshafts can be a bit challenging. And especially if you’re new to the game.

So, the following guide will show you:

  • The basics of camshaft polishing
  • The advantages of polishing camshafts
  • Why you should use mass finishing machines to polish camshafts

Simply keep on reading to learn more.


1. How can I best polish my camshaft?

To polish a cam, use polishing media, polishing compounds, and a mass finishing machine.

You should consider two types of machines for camshaft polishing.

Firstly, we have a vibratory tub finisher.

The machine has a trough, shaped in a rectangle. It is where you put in your content.

The machine is fast because it is durable. The sturdy motor enables the machine to shake vigorously during the process.

This shaking motion creates friction between the polishing media and the workpieces.



The second machine is the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

This machine has four barrels transfixed to a flywheel.

The machine uses centrifugal force to work, hence the name.

During the process, the barrels rotate in a different direction than that of the flywheel. This unique motion improves the polishing process.

You should use polishing media and compounds for your polishing needs. The powerful machine uses these items to its advantage. As such, it finishes the process quickly.

The best part? The centrifugal barrel finisher is suitable for parts of all sizes.

As such, you can also polish large camshafts.

All in all, use mass finishing machines to quickly and efficiently polish your cams.



2. What polishing media can I use to polish my camshaft?

There are generally two types of polishing media suitable for camshafts.

Firstly, we have porcelain polishing media.

Porcelain contains pieces of ceramic. It is what makes ceramic so sturdy.

However, the ceramic doesn’t make it too harsh. These qualities make porcelain your ideal choice for camshaft polishing.



The second type of media you can use is plastic—or synthetic—media.

Synthetic media is nowhere near as harsh as porcelain.

However, plastic is much lighter.

It is excellent because your machine would not have to use as much energy.

To add, plastic does not crack or break easily.

It also does not give your cams a shiny finish.

You can buy both types of media in different shapes and sizes. These dimensions help the media to reach some of the intricate parts of camshafts.



So, always choose the right size of media.

It’s essential to choose the perfect since. The media needs to be able to reach the smallest corners of your cam.

Choosing more massive media will only cause it to get stuck in the workpiece.

Similarly, choosing very small media will cause it to pass through the cam without polishing it.

Thus, the process is ineffective.

So, keep in mind to always select the right sized media. It ensures everything is properly processed.


3. How long does the camshaft polishing process take?

The duration of the process depends on three things:

Firstly, consider how much damage your camshaft has. The stronger the damage, the longer it’ll take.

The second factor is the type of machine you’re using.

For example, centrifugal machines are faster than vibratory machines.

However, a centrifugal solution is also more costly.

And lastly, it depends on your choice of polishing media.



Porcelain will polish faster than plastic. That is because of its robust and aggressive nature.

Porcelain is also heavier than synthetic media. It will cause your machine to use more energy.

In simpler words:

It’s vital to polish your camshafts. Polish using the recommended materials and machines.

The polishing process depends heavily on how you choose to run it. Your decisions also affect the duration of the process.


4. How can I effectively remove rust from my camshaft?

Rust causes your camshafts to weaken. It also hinders their performance.

Now, removing rust can be both comfortable and challenging.

For strong corrosion, use a powerful type of media—porcelain.

Also, consider using polishing media to improve the process further.

All in all, a vibratory finishing machine is your best choice.

If you use a polishing compound along with the right media, you can effectively remove rust.


5. What are the benefits of polishing camshafts?

As mentioned above, camshafts are integral to engines. The following is the right way to polish them.

Now, there are so many benefits of polishing camshafts.

Firstly, polishing your cam will improve how it performs.

Camshafts aid in the fuel’s input as well as the exhaust.

Any error caused during the process will show in your engine.

Secondly, polishing a cam improves its look.

Your cam will be shiny and sleeker. It will also be easier to install.

Thirdly, polishing a camshaft gives it better defense against corrosion.

Thus, your camshaft becomes stronger.

Plus, polishing rids the cam of dents and burrs. As a result, the engine does not wear or tear easily.

All in all, polish your cams for better engine quality.

It also saves you from a lot of additional costs.


6. What are the advantages of polishing camshafts using mass finishing machines?

There are several benefits of using mass finishing machines for camshaft polishing.

First of all, you can polish your cams in a batch.

Thus, mass finishing is fast and uses less energy.

Secondly, finishing machines give you a uniform finish.

Polishing media helps you reach little nooks and corners in your cams.

Thirdly, mass finishing machines can polish camshafts in a minimal amount of time.

Mass finishing machines can complete multiple batches in a short time. With manual polishing, this would take much longer.

The fourth benefit is that mass finishing machines don’t alter the dimensions of the camshaft.

Even a small dent can result in an inefficient camshaft.

Mass finishing machines prevent your workpieces from touching one another. As a result, there is no part-to-part damage.

There are many other benefits of using mass finishing machines. The ones mentioned above are just some of the main points.

Rest assured, there are more benefits to using a mass finishing machine than there are disadvantages.

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