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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Mass Finishing Barrelling Machine Manufacturer from China

Barrelling machines also called Industrial Rotary Tumbler or Barrel Tumbling Machine.

The metal metals are prone to defects like scratches, rust, sharp edges, rough surfaces, and many more. So, you will need a machine to fix all these defects in a metal part. You can invest in a barrelling machine to get rid of all these imperfections. It is one of the commonly used finishing machines in industries.

The machine requires very less human intervention for its operation, which makes it a popular choice for mass production.

There are three ingredients that are required for the proper functioning of the barrelling machine. They are the media, compound, machine, along with the metal parts.

The application of barrelling machine includes laser cut parts deburring, aluminium die-cast parts polishing, 3d printed parts finishing, tumbling jewelry etc.

Inovatec manufactures different varieties of barrelling machines. Each type of machine is suited for certain types of industries. So, understanding the use of each of these machines will help you to select one accordingly.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

If the quantity of parts is large, then the vibratory finishing machine is the best choice. It is an economic barrelling machine that is capable of deburring and finishing a large amount of parts at a time. It allows you to reduce the finishing cost per component.


The centrifugal barrel finishing machine is a high energy machine that comes with four barrels. It can be used for cleaning, deburring, and polishing of small as well as medium size part.

It allows you to clean and finish high value components in the shortest possible time.


A double barrel rotary tumbler machine supports large part quantity and supports batch processing of parts.


The rotary metal parts polishing tumbler comes with a single barrel design. It is good for cleaning and polishing of parts. It is also an economical solution that is easy to operate and maintain. These machines are available in two shapes, olive shape and the hexagon shape.


The motor in the machine makes the barrel to rotate in its central axis. The metal parts and the media are fed inside the barrel of the machine. It will take more time to finish metal parts when compared to the vibratory finishing machines. It has the capability to finish parts even without the media. So, the self tumbling feature is supported in this machine. It will also depend on the type of parts you are tumbling. All parts cannot be tumbled without the media. The media is a must for certain parts.

Inovatec machinery manufactures barrelling machines of different varieties. The various capacities offered range between 25 liters to 500 liters. The features of the machines will also vary with their capacities.

Some of the popular features include the variable speed control option, built in timer, safety protection features for the operator, economical solution, and robust design. This machine supports finishing parts of different shapes, sizes and structure. It is also capable of removing rust from the parts and helps to give a high quality finish to the parts.


The economic barrel tumbling machine is a cost effective mass finishing option for many industries. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair. Many features that are available in the standard barrel finisher machine will not be present in the economic barrel tumbling machine.

Inovatec machinery manufactures six different models of the economic barrel tumbling machines. They are available in capacities from 50 litres to 100 litres. The features like speed, weight, size, and the motor will vary for each of these models.

The customization option is also available in the economic version. You can get a maximum capacity of up to 1000 litres. The barrels are provided with high quality PU lining that is resistant to wear and tear. It also protects the barrel from corrosion and damages. It supports both forward and backward rotations. It is a low maintenance machine, and it is easy to load and unload part in the barrel.

This machine can be used for laser cut metal parts, forged parts, stamped parts, rust removal from parts, oxide layer removal, die cast parts, and many more.


The low cost and affordability make the double barrel tumbling machine a popular choice amongst many industries. They have been in the market for many years.

The media and the parts are tumbled inside the barrel. This tumbling result in the frictional force between the parts and the media which will help to remove the material from the parts. Thus, the parts will get polished as a result of the tumbling process.

The option of two barrels allows the operator to finish two batches of parts simultaneously in the two separate barrels. So, it helps to save a good amount of processing time. The double barrel tumbling machines are available in two different shapes. They are the hexagon and olive shaped barrels.

This machine is available in three different models. They are the 500 x 2 litres, 300 x 2 litres, and the 140 x 2 litres models. The features like speed, motor and size will vary for each of these machines.

The rugged design of the double barrel tumbling machine ensures that you can use it many times for many years. The digital timer allows processing the parts for a predefined time interval. The machine also guarantees high quality finish to parts in an economical way.

It supports parts of multiple size, shapes, and complexity. It is good for deburring, edge breaking, radiusing, rust removal, and polishing parts.


The wood barrel tumbling is an eco-friendly barrelling solution. It does not cause any kinds of harm to the environment. Inovatec machinery manufactures two variants of the wood barrel tumbler machines. They are the JFH-300 and JFH-600 models. The motor power, barrel size, capacities, and rotational speed will vary for these two models.

The organic materials like beach grain and bamboo granules are the tumbling media used by the wood barreling machines.

The beach grains are used for the dry finishing purpose. It is good for polishing gold silver, brass, stainless steel, copper and many other types of parts.

This machine comes with lots of useful features. The different features provided by Inovatec include the barrel rotation in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions, discharge door, sorting screen, etc. All these features will help to improve the efficiency and productivity of the whole process.

The machine also comes with the built-in grinder barrel, which is easy to use. Proper ventilation is also provided in the grinding barrel. It is also supported by a frequency controller to vary the frequency of operation. You can run the machine continuously for a day without any issues. It is good for polishing plastic parts, glasses, wood, jewelry parts, and many more.


The big barrel tumbling machine is a dry polisher machine. It is an eco-friendly machine made of bamboo barrels and wood. It is designed to ensure that the parts are deburred and polished in the right way to achieve high quality results.

The machine supports up to eight hangers at a time. Each hanger is capable of holding multiple products. The parts to be polished needs to fixed on the hangers for protection.

The maximum number of parts that can be attached at a time is 480 pieces.

This barrelling machine is useful for the fine and coarse grinding of parts. The part surface can be smoothened with the help of coarse grinding. It is a four step process. It includes the hanging of parts attached hanger in the barrel, followed by the addition of oil and the coarse media, set the timer and processing speed, and switch on the machine.

The fine grinding is used for part burnishing and polishing. It also involves four steps. First, you need to remove the hangers from the coarse grinding barrel. You need to place them on the fine grinding barrel. The appropriate lubricants and media need to be added. Set the processing speed and timer and switch on the machine.


The tilt barrel tumbling machine comes in four models. The capacity of these machines ranges from 60 litres to 300 litres. The PU lining, weight capacity, motor speed, and size will vary for each of these machines. The high quality PU lining inside the barrel ensures that there is no collision between the parts and media on the side walls of the vibratory tumbler. Thus, it protects the tumbler walls from damage. Therefore, the machine can be used for many years.

The parts tumbler comes in two designs. They are the hexagonal and octagonal shape. This polishing tumbler machine is capable of supporting both small and medium size parts for cleaning and polishing. It comes with many features. The features include the batch processing capability, rotation options, manual and automatic controls, and noise reduction options. So, you can choose the machine with your desired set of features.

This machine is perfect for cleaning, deburring, and polishing of small and medium. It is useful to remove all types of imperfections from the parts, and you will get high quality parts as the output.

Optional Design & Setting

The olive shaped barrel tumbling machines are also called as the triple action barrels. In this machine, the media is subjected to both axial and horizontal folding. SO, you will get two types of action inside this barrel the folding and sliding. So, this kind of machines helps to process parts faster than the other barrelling machines.

Inovatec machinery has provided four barrels in these machines in two layers. Both plastic and metal be polished easily using the olive shaped barrel tumbling machine. Two big octagonal wooden barrels are also provided with big capacities. This barrelling machines can rotate at a speed of 28 rpm.

Here, the media and parts are made to move from the highest point to the lowest one in a cyclic fashion. Thus, it helps to create a sliding layer that will provide the crushing effect on the parts.

The chemical is fed into the barrelling machine with the help of the prominent dosing pump. This fitting can be used in the flow through compound dosing system and in the recirculation compound system.

The Bosch Rexroth variable speed controller allows you to vary the speed of the machine. It is an economical solution.

Barrelling Machine Media

The friction is something which you need to avoid between the parts when they are inside the barrelling machine. So, media should be used for tumbling parts inside the barrelling machine. The barrelling machine media act as the lubricating agent, thereby reducing the friction between the elements during the tumbling process. Different varieties of barrelling machine media are available in the market. Small size media is useful to get a fine finish on the parts. The large size media can help to shorten the finishing time.

Few examples of the barrel machining media are given below.

  • Plastic tumbling media: This type of media is best suited for soft metal parts. The wear and tear will be less with the plastic tumbling media due to lower frictional force.
  • Porcelain tumbling media: The porcelain media is ideal for polishing parts and come with useful lifespan. They don’t contain any abrasives.
  • Steel tumbling media: The steel tumbling media is a good choice of media for burnishing metal parts. It is used for finishing steel parts. There is no wear tear for this media. So, you can use it for many years.
  • Ceramic tumbling media: The ceramic media is an ideal choice for removing more material from the parts in a short time. It is an excellent deburring media. It is useful for cleaning and finishing large parts.


The right type of tumbling media will help to give the required high quality finish on the parts.

Inovatec Machinery – Leader in Manufacturing and Supply of Barrelling Machines
  • Machines that supports dry barrelling and optional wet barrelling
  • High quality finish on parts with barrelling compounds
  • Good quality Surface finish with minimal labor
  • One stop solution for barrelling machine, compound, and media
Frequently Asked Question
1. Which Barrelling Machine Suits Me Best?

All mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are very good barrelling machines. The machine that suits you will depend on your finish and budget requirements. The machines are capable of handling both hard parts as well as delicate parts.

2. Which Media Type Should I Buy?

The type of media will depend on your polishing requirements. Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of tumbling media. They are capable of handling parts that are made of metals. Metal alloys, plastic, and ceramics manufactured using different types of processes. All these media are capable of supporting different mass finishing processes like cleaning, degreasing, deburring, surface smoothening, and polishing.

3. What Quantity Of Media Do I Need To Use?

Inovatec recommends using a 1:3 ratio between the parts and the media while tumbling. The amount of media required will depend on the capacity of your barrelling machine. So, you can calculate your media needs accordingly.

4. What Is The Life Of The PU Lining?

The typical life span of the PU lining varies between 3 to 5 years. It will depend on your frequency of use and maintenance. You need to inspect the PU lining for damages regularly. If the damage is a small crack, then you can quickly fix it with epoxy glue. If the damage is big, then you need to replace the lining.

5. What Compounds Should I Use?

The type of compound to use will depend on your part type and the media type. It will also depend on the kind of tumbling process, wet or dry tumbling. You can always refer to Inovatec compound selector guide for more information.

Barrelling Machine FAQ Guide

1. How To Select A Barrelling Machine?

Barrelling machine also called rotary tumbler, tumbler polisher or rock tumbler.

You need to select the barrelling machine in such a way that it meets your cleaning and tumble polishing requirement.

You need to select the vibratory tumbler media and compound according to the machine and your type of finish requirement.


2. What Tumbling Media To Use In A Barrelling Machine?

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of tumbling media.

The type of media used will depend on many parameters like part material, part shape, part size, and complexity.

You can get tumbling media of different sizes from Inovatec.

The small size media is good to get a fine finish on parts.

The big size media are suitable for cleaning and deburring.

Inovatec also manufactures media in different shapes like the cone, ball, cylinder, pyramid, tristar, tetrahedron, and many more.

You can select any of these shapes according to your part shape and structure.

You need to ensure that the selected tumbling media can reach all the surface areas of the part without causing any lodging issues.

The different varieties of tumbling media offered by Inovatec machinery are given below.


2.1 Porcelain Media

The porcelain media is capable of doing light deburring.

It is a polishing media and does not contain abrasive materials.

It is usually used in the last stage of the finishing process and is more effective with wet tumbling.



2.2 Steel Media

The steel tumbling media is good for burnishing metal parts.

It helps to brighten the metal surface and bring s the extra shine on the metal parts.



2.3 Plastic Media

The plastic tumbling media is useful for finishing delicate parts like aluminum parts.

The frictional force is very less on plastic media.

So, material removal will also be less.



 2.4 Ceramic Media

If you are looking to remove more material from the parts, then go for the ceramic media.

It is very good for deburring parts.

They are available in different cutting grades.

If you want to remove more materials, then you can use higher cutting grades

You must always ensure that the media that you select can finish your parts properly without causing any damage.



3. How Much Tumbling Media Is Needed For The Barrelling Machine?

The amount of media needed will depend on the total capacity of your barrelling machine.

You need to ensure that you maintain a part to media ratio of 1:3 inside the barrelling machine.

Only then, the barrelling process will be efficient.

You can derive the exact number with the help of the above parameters.



4. Which Type Of Compounds Can Be Used With A Barrelling Machine?

The compounds are added to the barrelling machine to enhance the tumbling process.

There are two types of compounds.

They are dry compounds and wet compounds.


4.1 Dry Compounds

Beech grains are the commonly used dry compound in barrelling machines.

It is useful for polishing gold, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver and other metals.

The bamboo granules are another dry compound.

It will contain walnut grain, bamboo grain, and wood grain.

It is useful to remove the machine line from plastic parts.

Wooden pallets are also utilized to brighten and smoothen the part surface.


4.2 Wet Compound

When water is used for tumbling parts, then the water act as the compound.

The quantity of water will vary for different wet tumbling processes.

If you use more water, then the finishing process may slow down.

It is due to the lower cutting action of the media.

So, if you want more cutting rate, then restrict the quality of water.

You can also use other compounds along with water.

Some of these compounds include the polishing compound that accelerated the polishing process, grinding compounds, and rust inhibiting compounds.


5. What Does A Barrelling Machine Do?

The barrelling machine is the equipment inside which the mass finishing process is carried out.

You need to feed the machine with parts, tumbling media, compounds, and water for the tumbling process.

You can also tumble without water and compounds.

These machines are capable of finishing parts in large quantities.



6. Can You Explain The Working Of A Barrelling Machine?

The machine is fed with parts, media, compounds, and water.

The working bowl of the machine is made to rotate with the help of a powerful motor.

Thus, the rotational force makes the part rub with the media.

It helps to finish the parts in the process.

You will get finished parts at the end of the process.

The processing time will vary with machines and the type of finish requirements.


7. What Is The Reason For Darkening Of Parts Inside A Barrelling Machine?

The darkening of parts inside the barrelling machine happens due to three reasons.

They are given below.

  • Use of wrong compounds can make the part corrode.
  • If the quantity of compound used is wrong, then the part color will change
  • The grease, oil or dirt present in the barrelling machine can discolor your parts


8. What Is The Reason For Parts Sticking Together Inside A Barrelling Machine?

If your parts are flat and thin, then they will stick together if you are doing wet tumbling.

It is the water in the barrel that is responsible for the parts to stick together.


9. What Lubricant Needs To Be Used For Parts In A Barrelling Machine?

If you are doing wet barrelling, then the water is used as the lubricant.

If you are doing dry barrelling, then bamboo granules and beech grains can be used to reduce the friction between parts.


10. How Long Does The PU Lining Last?

The life of the PU lining will be in between 3 to 5 years.

It will also depend on your usage and maintenance.

If you maintain it properly, then you can use it for a long time.


11. What Are The Different Types Of Barrelling Machines Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec manufactures different types of barrelling machines.

The list is given below.


11.1 Single Barrel Rotary Barrelling Machine

Cleaning and polishing of parts are two important processes carried out by this barrelling machine.

The single barrel rotary machines are a cost-effective option.

They are capable of processing a large number of parts and will take more time to finish the parts.

It can polish small batches in less time.

It can remove rust from parts, round off the corners of the parts, and deburr the parts.



11.2 Double Barrelling Machine

Parts, along with media, are tumbled in the twin barrels of the double barrelling machine.

The frictional force between the parts and the media will help to remove the material from the parts.

It is an efficient barrelling machine that is capable of processing two batches of parts at a time.

Inovatec machinery manufactures double barrelling machine with different capacities.

The different features included are the variable speed control, digital timer, safety features for operator protection, and high quality materials.

It can be used for rust removal as well as to attain a high-quality finish on the parts.



11.3 Economic Rotary Barrelling Machine

The economic rotary barrelling machine is a cost-effective barrelling option from Inovatec machinery.

It is capable of cleaning and polishing a large number of parts at a time.

Very less maintenance is required for this version of the barrelling machine.

It will not have many features of the standard barrelling machines to reduce the cost of the machine.

The PU lining is provided for the barrel to protect it from corrosion and damages.

The raw materials used to manufacture this machine are more resistant to wear and tear.

So, you can use it for many years with proper maintenance.



If you are using stainless steel media or parts made of steel, then you need to use a no lining barrel for tumbling.

The machine supports both backward and forward rotational movement.

You can easily unload the media and parts from the barrel after finishing.

The low maintenance feature makes this machine very economical.

You can use this machine for parts made of different processes like laser cutting, die casting, forging, stamping, and many more.

You can also use the economic rotary barrelling machine to remove rust, damages and for polishing and grinding purpose.


11.4 Wood Barrelling Machine

The wood barrelling machine comes with an environmentally friendly design.

Inovatec manufactures different types of wood barrelling machines.

Each of these machines is designed for different functions.

The machine comes with four barrels in two layers.

This machine is perfect for dry tumbling.

The barrels come with big capacities, and they can be rotated at a speed of 28 rpm.

The barrels rotate in the highest to the lowest direction.



There will be a sliding layer formed as a result of the rotating motion of the barrels.

It helps to create a powerful grinding effect.

Bamboo granules and beech grains are the two popular dry compounds used in the wood barrelling machines.

Parts made of gold, silver, copper, brass, stainless steel and other materials can be polished by using the beech grains.

The bamboo grains are a mixture of walnut grains, bamboo grains, corn cob and wood grains.

It can be used for light grinding and polishing of dry components.

You can use the bamboo grains to remove the machine lines from plastic workpieces.

You can also use the wooden pallets to surface smoothening and brightening of the part surface.

The machine also comes with different features that make it user friendly.

The features include the anti clockwise and clockwise rotation and discharge door.

The efficiency of the whole process can be increased with the help of the sorting screen.

The machine also has a built in grinder barrel.

You can run the machine continuously for 24 hours without any issues.

You can use the machine for tumbling parts made of plastic and wood also.


11.5 Big Rotary Barrelling Machine

The big rotary barrelling machine is used for dry polishing.

It comprises of barrels made of wood and bamboo.

So, it is an eco-friendly solution.

It is capable of grinding, cleaning, and polishing parts.

It ensures high quality output when tumbled with the right type of media.

Eight hangers are provided in the big rotary barrelling machine and are capable of holding 480 pieces of parts.

You can hang different types of parts in each hanger.



It allows you to finish different varieties of parts at a time.

The attachment of the parts to hanger also ensure that the parts are protected from any sorts of damages that can occur due to collisions.

You can use this machine for both fine grinding as well as coarse grinding.

The part surface smoothening can be done with the help of coarse grinding.

You need to go for fine grinding if you intend to polish the parts.


11.6 Tilt Rotary Barrelling Machine

The tilt rotary barrelling machine can go up to 300 litres capacity.

The barrel comes with a durable PU lining.

It will help to protect the barrel, parts and media from damages.

It supports cleaning, grinding, and polishing of both small and medium size parts.

They are easy to use and operate machines.



The noise produced during the operation is also less.

The different features of this machine include the timer control, rotation control, speed and frequency controllers.

The barrelling machine is electrical by default.

You can also get the manual control option.

The tilt rotary barrelling machine can deburr, clean and polish both small and medium size parts.


11.7 Olive Shape Rotary Barrelling Machine

The olive shape rotary barrelling machine is popularly called the triple barrelling machine.

The media get folded in axial and straight manner inside the barrel.

So, this sliding and folding action make the media and parts deburring tumbler more vigorously.

Thus, it helps to reduce the overall finishing time of the process.



12. What Are The Typical Uses Of The Barrelling Machines?

You can use the barrelling machine for degreasing, cleaning, descaling, deburring, edge breaking, radiusing, rust removal, descaling, and polishing of parts.


13. What Is The Maximum Load Capacity Of Barrelling Machine Offered By Inovatec Machinery?

The maximum supported capacity is 1000 litres in one of the models.


14. What Is The Use Of Wet Barrelling?

If you use any liquid during the tumbling process, then it is called wet barrelling.

The barrels will come with rubber or wood lining to facilitate the wet barrelling process.

This protection helps to increase the life of the barrel by reducing the friction between the inner walls of the barrel and the parts.


15. What Is The Use Of Dry Barrelling?

The dry barrelling process is used for deburring, cleaning, and polishing of fragile and delicate parts.

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