Auxiliary Equipment

Leading China Manufacturer of Auxiliary Equipment for Mass Finishing


Inovatec Machinery has over 20 years' experience in mass finishing equipment production. Our OEM service and Engineering design helps thousands of part manufacturers and Resellers to success. We manufactures a wide range of peripheral Auxiliary equipment that facilitate mass finishing. Of course, you can surely get your own design adapt to your production requirement.

These equipment not only makes parts separation but also cleaning and drying. You only need minimal manual work so that improve your workshop productivity.

Inovatec helps your business grow by providing superior surface finishing solution and also financial service. Get an instant quote now.

Economic Centrifugal Spin Dryer

Magnetic Separator

Vibratory Separator

Centrifugal Dryer

Vibratory Dryer

The auxiliary equipment for mass finishing including drying equipment and separation equipment. After mass finishing, parts and media need to separate. Then parts need to dry out for the next process, for example painting, anodizing, electro-plating etc.


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