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Inovatec Machinery Best in Class Gear Gear Deburring Machine Machine Manufacturer in China

Gears are an essential part of any machine. Any moving parts in machines require gears to make them work properly. You can find gears made of aluminum, stainless steel, and more. However, every gear needs deburring before you can install them.

Inovatec Machinery has been in the mass production business for the past two decades. All that’s needed is to contact them and get your perfect machine.


VB(B) vibratory finishing machine

A vibratory finishing machine provides isotropic surface finishing. The machine uses highly dense media and REM compounds to achieve this. As a result, your gears will have a reasonable friction rate and a longer life.

Vibratory machines are very commonly used for deburring. They are quite durable and come with an interior PU lining. To add, they are cost-effective and efficient.

Despite being vibratory machines, they provide a smooth deburring process. The isotropic finish is vital to excellent performance. Inovatec offers this machine in other varieties, such as the TVB(A) and TVB(B) machines.


The centrifugal barrel machine is especially suitable for big parts. These include automotive gears and racing gears. Choose the right deburring media to go with your machine. As a result, you will get a grease-free, oxidized layer on your gears.

These machines are reliable for all of your finishing needs. If you want to polish a high amount of gears, this machine is perfect for you. These machines are both rapid and effective.

If you’re looking for a high-quality machine and you happen to have a big budget, don’t miss out on the centrifugal solution. The machine also accommodates a variety of gears.


The disc finisher is primarily suitable for small gears, such as watch gears. These types of gears are tiny. Hence, they require careful deburring and handling.

These machines work the same way that centrifugal barrel machines do. However, this machine can only handle small parts, unlike the barrel one. In the centrifugal disc finisher, you can deburr small parts like watch gears, bicycle gears, etc.

The gears and the media go into the disc. Once full, the disc spins rapidly to create friction between the materials. The process removes oxidation and grease from the surface of the gears.


Use a drag finishing machine for highly valued gears. In this machine, you can expect no contact between the gears, which reduces damage.

Drag finishing machines are some of the most modern solutions out there. They can deburr, polish, and finish parts with complex geometry and high value.

These machines are about 40X faster than any other mass finishing machine. However, they are more on the expensive side. Plus, these machines are perfect for performance gears.

Different Types of Gear Deburring

Automotive parts have a lot of gears. Whether it’s the engine or the axles, all these parts use gears to function. However, you can’t make good use of gears without deburring them first.

To deburr these parts, use a general vibratory tumbler. But for fast results, you can also use a centrifugal solution.

Bicycles don’t move without gears. Advanced bikes have more gears than others. However, every gear needs to fit its requirements to work. Thus, the gears need deburring.

Bicycle gears are small. So you can use a centrifugal finishing machine for their deburring. However, use a drag finishing machine for high-end gears.

In a vehicle, engine gears are probably the most useful gears. A car cannot work without an engine. Thus, engine gears need adequate deburring and polishing before you can install them.

The sizes of gears depending on the type of engine. Thus, Inovatec cannot recommend one machine that’ll fit all your needs. However, a vibratory finisher of a centrifugal barrel machine is your best option.

Gears come in pairs. There is always a driving shaft and a driven shaft. Both shafts rotate, but the driven shaft rotates slower than the rotating shaft. We use reduction gears in cases like these; they make the driven shaft move slowly.

Just like any other gear, you need to deburr reduction gears. Depending on your needs, invest in the right machine.

Tractors are powerful vehicles. So the gears need to be just as strong. To make the most out of tractor gears, deburr them properly.

Use a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal barrel finisher for deburring tractor gears.

Watches have incredibly small gear for precision. The more precise the time, the more expensive the gears will be.

For these gears, it’s best to use a drag finishing machine.

Gear Deburring Machine Media

Deburring makes good use of abrasive media since it removes material from the surface. Your first choice should always be ceramic media. Now, you can find ceramic media in different variations according to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is the minimum order quantity for gear deburring machines?

At a minimum, you can purchase one gear deburring machine.

What is the proper media for gear deburring?

The ideal media for gear deburring is ceramic media and high-density ceramic media.

How should I pay?

Inovatec recommends you pay an advance of 30% to confirm your order.

Is the packaging secure for shipping?

Inovatec makes sure every order is packaged properly. Rest assured, you will receive your equipment without any damage.

How long does it take to make a gear deburring machine?

If in stock, your order will ship immediately. But if it’s not, please allow 15-20 days for it to manufacture.

Gear Deburring Machine – The Definitive Guide

Gears are vital to transmitting power in machinery.

So, always ensure that your gears are up-to-date and not worn out.

Newly-made gears often have blemishes, burrs, and scratches.

Their surfaces are also covered in machining marks.

Deburring gears can be a challenging task for those who are new to it.

But the following guide will present:

  • How you can efficiently deburr your gears
  • Why you should deburr gears
  • Why you should use mass finishing machines for deburring

Keep on reading to learn more.


1. How can I best deburr my gears?

To deburr your gears properly, you will need to use mass finishing machines.

Now, there are four machines you can use for this purpose.

First, we have a circular vibratory finishing machine. This machine is very sturdy.

Its strong motor assists it in shaking the bowl.

When the gear parts rub against the media, friction is caused.

Friction is essential to the deburring process. It improves the process significantly.



Secondly, we have a centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

It uses centrifugal force for the process, hence the name.

It contains four barrels connected to a flywheel. All of these parts rotate during the process.

However, these barrels spin in a different direction than the flywheel. This force causes stress on the gears.

Stress on the deburring media causes it to clean off the surface of the gears.

The centrifugal machine is quite faster than the vibratory machine.

However, it is also more expensive.



Thirdly, we have the centrifugal disc finisher. This machine is another type of centrifugal machine.

It also works a bit differently than the barrel machine.

This machine works somewhat like a blender. The disc at the bottom moves rapidly during the process.

The disc creates centrifugal forces with this motion.

The walls, however, keep the forces in check. They act as brakes.

They also make sure the gears deburr evenly.

Just like the barrel finisher, the process is speedy.



Fourth and lastly, we have the drag finishing machine.

This machine is also more advanced than the others. It works 40X faster than any other machine.

To add, it eliminates any part-on-part contact. It is why it’s ideal for deburring watch gears.



This machine works by dragging the gears through abrasive media, hence the name.

Overall, it’s an incredible mass finishing machine.


2. Which deburring media is ideal for deburring gears?

For deburring gears, ceramic media is your best choice. It is sturdy, abrasive, and robust.

You must be wondering:

Should I deburr delicate watch gears with the same media used to deburr engine gears?

Well, you can find all types of ceramic media, based on their abrasive properties.

You can also purchase it in different shapes and sizes. These features make sure every gear is polished consistently.



3. How long does it take to deburr gears when using mass finishing machines?

The duration of the process depends mainly on three factors.

First, consider the intensity of deburring you require.

If there is a lot of deburring needed, the process will be longer.

Secondly, it depends on the machine you are using. A drag machine is the fastest.

And if you require a fast process, you will also have to think about what it will cost you.

The least expensive machine is the vibratory tumbler.

Lastly, you have to consider the working parameters of your machine.

Speeding up the process will not give you desirable results.


4. How can I best deburr bike gears?

Bikes are fun vehicles. However, the gears can start to show problems.

You can avoid problems in your gears if you continuously take care of them.

There is one way to do this: deburring. Burrs only wear the gears down.

They also mess up the dimensions of gears. It renders them inefficient.

For best results, use a centrifugal disc finishing machine.



This machine is ideal because bike gears are not massive gears.

Plus, the machine ensures that the gears have a consistent finish.

In the case that you have expensive gears, use a drag finishing machine instead.

The drag machine is a bit more costly than a centrifugal disc finisher.

However, the drag machine ensures there is no part-on-part contact.


5. What is the process of deburring watch gears?

Watch gears require some deburring too. Tiny burrs on their surface can potentially render them useless.

To add, they will wear and tear quickly.

To avoid this, deburr them using a drag finishing machine.

Watch gears are exact. The more detailed the deburring, the more expensive it’ll be.

Also, make sure that you are not denting or damaging the gears.

Even a slight dent can ruin their purpose.

A drag finishing machine ensures that there is no damage done.



6. What are the advantages of deburring gears?

There are several reasons why you should deburr gears.

Firstly, deburring your gears allows them to transmit power better.

Secondly, deburring gears prevents them from wearing and tearing.

Burrs on gears can cause them to wear out easily.

The burrs can also alter the dimensions of gears, which makes them quite inefficient.

To add, deburring makes gears safer. Newly-manufactured gears can have sharp edges that can cut you.

Lastly, deburring gears improve their quality and use.

It also makes them more appealing to the eye.


7. What are the benefits of deburring gears using mass finishing machines?

Using a mass finishing machine is very beneficial.

Firstly, you can deburr multiple parts at once. It proves just how efficient the machines are.

They save you a lot of time.

Secondly, the machines are very effective and complete the process in a short period.

They can deburr some of the smallest corners of the gears.

Thirdly, the machine will not damage the gears.

Furthermore, the machine separates the gears for you. You don’t have to do this by hand.

These machines have separation sieves that will do this for you. They are adjustable according to the gear sizes.

Mass finishing machines have a lot of benefits.

All of the above points explain just why mass finishing machines should be your go-to solution.

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