Economic Vibratory Tumbler

The economic vibratory tumbler is perfect for small workspaces and workshops. It cleans parts, removes rust, polishes, deburrs, etc. We also use this for brass bullet shell cleaning and rock rumbling.
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Economic Vibratory Tumbler Information

This model of the tumbler is suitable for compact burnishing, cleaning, and polishing.

Tumbling machines are mostly used for bullet shell polishing, jewelry cleaning, and rock tumbling.

These machines are very small. Because of this, they can treat small batches and small- to medium-sized parts.

New to vibratory machines? This is the perfect starting point!



The economic vibratory tumbler comes with a PU lining/cover. This significantly reduces the machine’s noise. To add, it prevents liquid splatter which protects the workplace as well as the operators.

This machine is budget-friendly, small-sized, and heavy-duty. This makes it the ideal choice for small businesses and workshops.

With the use of deburring media, you can easily remove rust from tools and bolts.

We can use cutting plastic media to remove paint from these products.



Furthermore, we can use dry polishing media to give the product a glossy finish. The best part? The machine does this all by itself! So feel free to wet your hands with something else while it’s running.

On another note, if you’re looking to test results using a vibratory machine, this model is perfect for the job. And once you are satisfied, you can move onto an industrial size.

This small-scale machine can do both wet and dry processes.

The wet processing machine is also called the burnishing compound tumbler.

The burnishing compound tumbler can do some aggressive deburring, smoothening, and sheer polishing. It does so by using many types of media.



This machine has a single-phase electric power of 220 V or 50 Hz. This is the case for most Asian and European countries.

For the customers in North America, they also offer a machine of single-phase 110 V or 60 Hz.

Inovatec Machinery professionally manufactures finishing machines such as these in China.

They have been manufacturing vibratory tumbling machines for the past 20 years.

They are always coming up with new processes and machines to improve the final products. They also do this so that the machine is as cost-effective as possible.



Inovatec’s Machines are 100% ISO9001 certified—the best in China.

Upon your contact, you’ll receive a quick response. You will also receive professional assistance through every step of the process.

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