Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

This machine is powerful and beautiful. It is made out of wood - a bamboo drum, meaning it is robust and durable. You can finish your highly valued parts well with this machine.
Description Loading Capacity Dimension Motor Net Weight Rotary Speed
Model pcs L*W*H Kw Kg rpm
CJG480 480 1700*2300*1850 2.2+1.5 1246 Barrel 0-50 Hanger 0-80


DM drum polishing machine drawing

What You Need to Know:

The big rotary barrel finishing machine is eco-friendly. Its primary purpose in manufacture is to finish small parts such as jewelry to make them flawlessly sparkle.

It uses the same working principles as the typical rotary barrel finishing machine. Your finishing machine’s barrel is made out of wooden barrels or even bamboo.

For this machine, the recommended mass finishing abrasives are walnut grit shell and olive shells for polishing. They also get rid of impurities on the surfaces of your high-value parts.


Tips on How to Operate the Big Rotary Finishing Machine

Now, check out the following steps for coarse grinding:

  • You’ll first have to hang your target parts into your machine’s barrel.
  • You can also set finishing speed and time for the whole process.
  • Starting or stopping the operation requires just the push of a button.

Fine Grinding:

  • They are easily operable, and they give your parts that sleek, shiny, and smooth look on their surfaces.
  • You can set and start checking your machine. It would help if you worked by setting the optimum finishing duration and finishing time.
  • Starting the process is as easy as ABCD. You only need to press a dedicated button to start the finishing process.


Outstanding Features From Your Big Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine:

  • The machine can have a maximum of 8 hangers. It can even have 480 metal glass frames.
  • The machine can rotate independently to enhance the final finish of your parts when the drum and hangers rotate.
  • Highly effective and efficient because of the intelligent PLC control of its hangers’ positioning system.
  • Denser Finishing Barrel – meaning an increased lifespan and strength from the bamboo barrel
  • Efficient and rapid loading and unloading.
  • Effective and time-conscious grinding system.

Benefits of the Big Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine:

  • Saves time, energy, and money significantly.
  • Eco-friendly – does not emit dangerous gases or liquids.
  • Significantly quieter than other mass finishing machines
  • Low running, maintaining, and replacing costs.
  • Enhanced productivity


Fields of Application for your Big Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine:

  • Refining the surfaces of high-end parts such as silver jewelry and medical implants such as bone-screws, etc.
  • This machine can carry out both the grinding and polishing of electronic parts.
  • You can also refine the surfaces of umbrellas, different castings, and even polishing machined parts.
  • You can polish your bike’s chain or even motorcycle parts to make them more appealing and functional.
  • You can remove machine marks using this batch finishing machine.
  • You can polish your hardware store parts and agricultural tools to make them beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.
  • You can also finish plastic parts using this batch finishing machine.
  • It also handles incredibly well 3D printed parts by polishing them effectively.
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