Economic Rotary Barrel Polishing Machine

This finishing machine is excellent for explicitly polishing and deburring your metal parts' surfaces. You can find them in different sizes, the biggest being a 1000-liter finishing barrel. The smallest has a 50-liter finishing capacity.
ModelCapacitySurface DiameterWeightMotor PowerRotary rpmBarrel Opening
(WGP)(Liter)L*W*H (mm)(kg)(Kw)(mm)(mm)

DM drum polishing machine drawing

Primary Functions of the Economic Rotary Finishing Machine:

  • Finishes your parts horizontally in a hexagonal or octagonal-shaped barrel
  • Your barrel can have two types of protective inner linings: either PU or rubber lining
  • PU is an incredibly robust polymer – it is resistant to harsh chemicals and aggressive abrasives.
  • Rubber lining is ideal for processes that will generate a lot of heat.
  • Alternatively, you can also work without an inner lining when using a steel rotary barrel. However, barrels with no linings are ideal for steel parts when finishing using stainless steel media.
  • The rotary barrel is not restricted to finishing when rotating in one direction. It can rotate in both a forward and backward direction.
  • You can also unload your parts and abrasives rapidly and effectively once you get the correct inclining angle.
  • With this machine, you can carry out numerous mass finishing applications. You can get rid of rust, deburr, grind, polish, or even remove oxidation layers on your parts.
  • The economic rotary barrel finishing machine is easy to use. It is also cheaper to run and maintain as compared to other mass finishing machines.
  • This finishing machine is not restricted to one standard size. You can have it in the size that works best for you. The largest size has a finishing capacity of 1000 liters.
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