Wood Barrel Mass Finishing Machine

Wood barrel rotary tumblers are highly efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly. They are ideal for small pieces, bearings, electronic parts, and also precision parts.
Model Capacity Surface Diameter Weight Motor Power Rotary Speed Barrel Size
(JFH) (Liter) L*W*H (mm) (kg) (Kw) (rpm) (mm)
JFH-300 300 1660*800*1120 250 1.5 0-40 1130*710
JFH-600 600 1800*800*1680 400 2.2 0-40 1130*710


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This type of rotary barrel tumbler has two stories of finishing compartments. Each story has two barrels, which means that you get four wooden finishing barrels for one unit.

For the wooden barrels, experts recommend the dry-finishing of both metals and plastic. This machine refines the surfaces of your parts at 28 RPMs. As the barrels rotate, your target parts’ surfaces get rubbed by finishing abrasives.

The finishing is uniform and sleek because parts and media rub consistently.

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Loading Your Target Pieces:

The recommended ratio of pieces to finishing media is five kilograms for every thirty kilograms of wood grains and bamboo.

However, your target quantity will play a primary role when deciding the amount of rolling parts to workpiece ratio to use.

Wood rotary barrel polisher machine

Dry Tumbling Media –  Beech Grain

This type of finishing media is ideal for high-end parts such as gold and more hardened metals such as stainless steel.


Dry Tumbling Media – Bamboo Granule

Primarily comprises organic media such as corn cob grit or walnut shell grit. Organic finishing media are used as a drying and polishing agent – which makes your parts shinier and smoother.


Wood Barrel Tumbling Machine Application and Features:

This batch finishing machine is ideal for finishing almost anything you want. You can finish glass, wooden, plastic, acrylic, copper, stainless steel, or even jewelry parts.


  • Your barrel is not limited to spinning in one direction. It can rotate forward or backward to ensure uniformity in the finishing process.
  • After finishing your parts, you can unload them from the discharge door and sorting the screen. It helps to maintain effectiveness in the finishing process.
  • Grinds big batches of parts exceptionally well because of the in-built grinder, and its incredibly large finishing capacity.
  • The machine also regulates heat in the barrel when the finishing process is in play. It does so through its ventilators, which ensure that there is stable and moderate heat.
  • This mass finishing machine can run non-stop, and it is easily operable.
  • You can customize your wood barrel finishing machine by adding a variable frequency controller to alter with its motor’s speed.

These machines are environmentally friendly. When finishing parts, experts recommend finishing compounds to enhance the final look on the surfaces of your pieces.

The best part of using these machines is that they are noise-free and durable. They also consume lesser costs when running them or even maintaining or repairing them.

wood dry polishing barrel machine handle

wood dry polishing machine door

Cool Features for Your Wood Tumbling Machine:

  • Ideal for all sorts of grinding – rough, fine or even medium level grinding
  • Small-sized parts can be finished to the highest degree – mirror finish.
  • Speed control according to the recommended finishing parameters by experts
  • You can carry out different processes simultaneously, for example, deburring and polishing.
  • Alerts you when the finishing process comes to an end. Each finishing duration is usually timed.
  • The finishing barrel spins bi-directionally to ensure a uniform and sleek finish.
  • You can have a custom feature added – the VFC, which alters your motor’s speed to enhance the final finish easily.
  • You can monitor your finishing speed, electricity power, duration length, and frequency digitally.


Fields Which the Wood Barrel Tumbling Machine Thrives the Most:

You can use your wood barrel finishing machine to finish wardrobe accessories such as buttons, jewelry, etc. You can process the mobile phone and hardware accessories as well.

  • High-end materials such as gold and silver parts
  • Hard metals such as titanium, stainless steel parts
  • Softer metals such as aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts
  • Electronic parts for your PC and mobile phone’s accessories
  • Plastic parts
  • Resin glue and other resin products
  • Acrylic

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