Organic tumbling media

When To Use Organic Material As Tumbling Media

Organic tumbling media has always been a go-to material for soft cleaning and polishing. It’s a special kind of media that is all-natural. In other words, it’s not synthetic.

In general, organic media falls into the category of dry tumbling media. Corn cob and walnut shells are the most widely used types of organic media. There is also coconut shell media, but it’s not as popular.

Even though they are in the same category, corn cob and walnut media have different uses.

Organic media features

Dry media that is smaller in size is usually perfect for cleaning delicate parts. In other words, it’s safe to use on fine surfaces because it won’t leave scratches. For example, organic media is great for cleaning jewelry. On top of that, it’s effective in cleaning really small parts that would be hard to clean otherwise.

Depending on the grit size, organic media can also effectively polish fine parts and surfaces. It will create a glossy finish on materials like steel and aluminum if it is mixed with a polish.

Another important feature of organic media is its absorptive qualities. As a result, it can soak up liquids — water, oils, or grease — from parts and surfaces.

Corn cob tumbling media uses

Corn cob is a type of dry tumbling media that is safe for cleaning delicate parts. In general, it’s effective in removing dirt and coatings without damaging parts’ surfaces. Most importantly, it won’t leave any scratches.

Also, corn cob media is a friendly option for the environment because it’s biodegradable. On top of that, it’s safe to handle because it doesn’t carry any health risks.

corn cob tumbling media
corn cob tumbling media

There are two main reasons why corn cob media has many practical uses: it’s less abrasive and it can absorb liquids.

Most often, it’s great for cleaning and polishing metal or plastic parts. Also, it can absorb oils and grease from any kind of surface. In other words, it’s effective in drying wet parts. When used for blasting, it can remove paint or other kinds of coatings. As for the life cycle, corn cob media will last for about 15 runs before it will need replacing.

Walnut shell tumbling media uses

Walnut media is a type of soft abrasive that’s made of crushed walnut shells. It can be treated or untreated. Typically, the treated version will come with a polishing compound. Walnut media can also absorb liquids.

walnut shell tumbling media
walnut shell tumbling media

In general, it’s safe to use on delicate surfaces because it won’t leave any scratches. That’s why walnut media is great for cleaning and polishing jewelry. Another common use for it is to remove paint or coatings from metal or plastic parts. In industry, walnut media is common when there’s a need for removing flaws on plastic or aluminum molds.

On top of that, this type of organic media is cost-effective and biodegradable. So, it’s safe for the environment and you can reuse it. But the life cycle is short. Since this is an organic material, it should last for up to 20 runs.

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