Ceramic Tumbling Media

Ceramic Tumbling Media

Ceramic tumbling media is one of the best general-purpose media. It is considered suitable for several different finishing applications including deburring, polishing, radiusing, cleaning and de-rusting. You can use it with workpieces of any composition or shape. However, it is best suited for hard metal and plastic parts, particularly machine or cast parts that have rough tool marks.

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Ceramic tumbling media comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and angles that can increase or decrease its cutting ability. Being a bonded formulated tumbling media, it is more effective and long-lasting.

Usually, people use different recipes for different industrial applications. However, brown corundum is the most common type of abrasive used in ceramic tumbling media. Apart from the type of abrasive material, various other factors including the grit size and shape, size of the tumbling media, and the compound also contribute to its performance.

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Depending on the application, people use different cutting grades such as fast cutting, medium cutting, light cutting, and slow-to-non cutting, among others. However, the performance will also depend on the type of equipment used for the finishing process.

Usually, tumbling media with large grain size offers fast cutting. But, it also results in dull surface finishing. On the other hand, ceramic media with fine grit produces a surface finish with low RA value.

Ceramic Media for Tumbling:

Ceramic Media for Tumbling Video

  • Long Life
  • Fast Cutting
  • Heavier Than Most Tumbling Media
  • Wide Selection of Size and Shape
  • Polishing to Aggressive Deburring
  • Shorter Process Times
  • Steel and Titanium Deburring
  • Rust Removal on Iron Parts
  • Create a Radius
  • Edge Rounding
  • Remove Machining Marks
  • Removing Slag and Grease on Laser Cutting Parts
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