High Speed Planetary Jar Mill

High Speed Planetary Jar Mill

95% Alumina milling/grinding jars are non-sticky. They have been popularly used for minimal contamination and easy to clean. Each jar set includes grinding jar, lid, stainless steel sealing gasket.

Category : Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines, Mass Finishing Machine

Planetary ball mills are high-tech equipment for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nano-material dispersion, new product development and small batch production.

The product is small in size, full in function, high in efficiency and low in noise. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research units, universities and enterprise laboratories to obtain micro-particle research samples (four samples can be obtained in each experiment), with vacuum ball milling. The can is used to grind the sample under vacuum condition.

The planetary ball mill is equipped with four ball mill tanks on the same turntable. When the turntable rotates, the ball mill tank revolves around its own axis while rotating around the turntable axis for planetary motion.

The grinding balls in the tank collide with each other in high-speed motion, grinding and mixing the samples. The product can grind and mix products with different particle sizes and materials in dry and wet ways. The grinding product can be as small as 0.1 micron.

Equipment Model Voltage Motor Power Inverter Power Revolutional Speed Rotational Speed Ball mill jar specification Quantity
CB04L 220V 50HZ 0.55 kw 0.55 kw 5-450 10-900 50-100ml 2 or 4
CB1L 220V 50HZ 0.55 kw 0.55 kw 5-450 10-900 50-250ml 2 or 4
CB2L 220V 50HZ 0.75 kw 0.75 kw 5-400 10-800 50-500ml 2 or 4
CB4L 220V 50HZ 0.75 kw 0.75 kw 5-400 10-800 50-1000ml 2 or 4
CB8L 220V 50HZ 1.5 kw 1.5 kw 5-320 10-640 500-2000ml 2 or 4
CB12L 380V 50HZ 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 5-320 10-640 1L-3L 2 or 4
CB16L 380V 50HZ 2.2 kw 2.2 kw 5-280 10-560 1L-4L 2 or 4
CB20L 380V 50HZ 3 kw 3.7 kw 5-230 10-460 1L-5L 2 or 4
CB40L 380V 50HZ 5.5 kw 7.5 kw 5-220 10-440 4L-10L 2 or 4
CB60L 380V 50HZ 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 5-180 10-360 6L-15L 2 or 4
CB80L 380V 50HZ 7.5 kw 11 kw 5-180 10-360 6L-20L 2 or 4
CB100L 380V 50HZ 11 kw 11 kw 5-180 10-360 10L-25L 2 or 4


High Speed Planetary Jar Mill Product details:

Jar Mill Cover
Jar Mill Cover

The shell is made of thickened 1.5mm fine sheet metal, with high-intensity milky white spray treatment inside and outside.

jar mill safety control when operation
jar mill safety control when operation

Safety switch. When the machine is running, if the cover is opened, the machine will automatically stop running.

PLC control panel
PLC control panel

PLC intelligent control panel, simple, convenient and more practical.

Easy movement
Easy movement

Universal foot safe positioning, Universal wheel free to move.

Ventilation fan
Ventilation fan

Automatic cooling of the fan in the main machine carbinate

Acrylic window
Acrylic window

Explosion-proof acrylic window, transparent view during machine running.

media for jar mill
media for jar mill

Ball mill media optional material: stainless steel (304/316) ● agate ball (SIO) ● tungsten carbide ball (WC) ● zirconia ball (ZRO) ● corundum ball (ALO) ● PTFE ball (PTFE) ● polyurethane ball (PU) ● Columnar zirconia balls (ZRO)

jar mill tank
jar mill tank

Optional material for ball mill tank: ● Stainless steel (304/316) ● Tungsten carbide (WC) ● Nylon (MC) ● Polyurethane (PU) ● Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ● Polypropylene can (PP) ● Nylon (PA) ● Zirconium Oxide Tank (ZRO) ● Corundum Tank (ALO) ● Agate Ball Mill (SIO) ● Silicon Carbide ● Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank

High Speed Planetary Jar Mill Video

  • Stainless steel Jar, PU jar and Ceramic Jar available
  • 110V 50/60HZ and 220V 50/60HZ power supply, 380V 50/60HZ machine for industry production
  • Speed Control and Timer Control
  • Forward and reverse movement
  •  Series ball mills are small in size, light in weight and low in noise.
  •  It can run continuously in one direction, one-way timing operation, automatic forward and reverse continuous and timed operation.
  • Series ball mill can dry grinding, wet grinding, vacuum grinding, and protective atmosphere grinding.
  • The main belt of the series planetary ball mill has adjustable tightness, which is not easy to slip for a long time, which greatly prolongs the service life.
  • The series planetary ball mill is easy to operate and has a safety switch on the cover, which is safe and reliable. The structure is compact, the shape is beautiful, the weight is greatly reduced, and the whole machine is completely integrated.
  • Lab material particle size reduction
  • Sample preparing and milling
  • Different material homogeneously mixing
  • Precious metal parts deburring and polishing
  • Dental parts polishing
  • Electronic components polishing
  •  Small size, the structure is made of thick steel plate, the shell is made of thick plate, anti-vibration, stable, soundproof, safe, internal and external spray treatment;
  • Using patented oil seal technology and noise reduction materials to reduce noise and improve the comfort of use;
  • Fully automatic processing, no need to debug, simple to use, functional and comprehensive;
  • Low power, low loss, low cost, low failure;
  • Use European standard cone drive wheel, European standard electrical accessories and circuit design, brand inverter, electric and other high standard accessories to ensure quality and service life;
  • Strong impact energy, more uniform discharge, higher precision, stronger crushing ability, finer granularity and faster processing speed;
  • It can set grinding time, intermittent time, moving direction, moving speed, and has power-off memory, emergency stop and overload protection;
  • Long service life and strong safety, which can meet the requirements of long-term and high-intensity experiments;
  • 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, different volume of ball mill can be used universally, increasing the interval of sample processing quality and the range of particle size;
  • More than ten kinds of ball mills of different materials, such as stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane, PTFE, zirconia agate, etc., are available, and the types of grinding samples are more extensive;
  • The sample can be dry-grinded and wet-grinded, and a vacuum type ball-milling tank can be configured for vacuum grinding, pressurizing grinding, and inert gas grinding;
  • Configurable liquid nitrogen cryogenic system for ultra-low temperature treatment (additional function);
  • It can detect the temperature and pressure inside the ball mill carrier (addition function);
  • Up to 4 ball mill can be placed at the same time to grind 4 different kinds of samples, or 2 ball mill cans can be placed symmetrically;
  • Under the same conditions, when multiple ball mills grind the same sample at the same time, each ball mill can have the same grinding effect on the sample;
  • Under the same conditions, each batch of the same sample has the same effect;
  • The application involves a comprehensive range of industries, a wide range of grinding samples, and strong grinding flexibility;
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