WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine – Professional Wheel Repair Machine

High quality professional repairing of alloy wheels of cars and trucks using the WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine. Contact us to receive a free quote for the machine.
Max. swing over bedΦ770mm (30’)
Max. size of alloy wheelΦ720mm (28’)
Adjustable stroke of carrier in X direction100mm
Cross slide travel390mm
Width of the rail300mm
Length of the rail1300mm
Size of the 3-jaw chuck12’
Range of spindle speed50~2000rpm
Spindle speed controlAutomatic
Spindle boreΦ82mm
Taper of spindle bore1:20 (Φ90)
Max. size of tool post25×25mm
Stations of tool carrier4 position
Min. setting unit of motor(Z) long 0.001mm

(X) cross 0.001mm

Moving speed of post(Z) long 8m/min

(X) cross 6m/min

Motor power7.5kw
Machine baseWhole cast iron base
Machine size (L*W*H)2140*1600*1860mm
Packing size2300*1750*2100mm
  • Diamond tool holder
  • Three-jaw manual chuck (one pair of special soft jaws)
  • Ruby digital probe
  • Taiwan’s new generation CNC system
  • Common quick-change tool holder, four-station
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cooling system
  • Full protection (safety protection door)
  • Common tools and toolboxes
  • Dedicated hub curve optimization software

WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe

The WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine comes with a 12 inch jaw chuck. The automatic spindle speed control helps to accelerate the wheel repair process. The maximum spindle speed is around 2000 rpm. It comes with a 7.5 KW motor.

The strong cast iron base of the machine helps to provide stability to the process. Thus, it ensures that there is no shake in the wheel repair process. It helps to improve the accuracy of the process. All the operations of the WRC28 CNC lathe machine are simple and easy to execute. It can be easily learned within an hour.

The automatic lubrication system feature helps to reduce the wear and tear of the bearings. The cooling system helps to remove the excess heat from the alloy wheel during the refurbishing process. It is essential to ensure a high-quality process. Otherwise, there may be some deformation in the wheel due to the rise in temperature.


Features & Application

  • Low cost solution
  • Faster repairing of wheels
  • Cooling system
  • Lubrication System
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